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crosswords puzzle answers 14/05/2017

crosswords puzzle answers 14/05/2017

___ up on (conspiring against)
___ Gunderson, sad sack on 'The Simpsons'
[That's painful!]
You might find one under a Christmas tree
Yoga equipment
Wings, to zoologists
White House worker
Where you might stop before going home
Where teams that have little-to-no chance of winning are found
What old couches tend to do
Waters and Kennedy
Was belligerent
Vulgar sort
Vinick's portrayer on 'The West Wing'
U.S. heartland
Treated with malice
Transform, as larvae
Tool for talking online
Threaten to fall
Think over
They provide backing for churchgoers
They may be unforced
Theft preventer … or theft encourager
Syringe sensations
Suburb of Minneapolis
Start of a boast
Smooth transition
Sinus suffix
Singer/reality TV personality Aubrey
Sight at a red-carpet event
Sibelius's 'Valse ___'
Setting for John Ford's 'My Darling Clementine'
Searcher for 'the lost village,' in film
Sarah Palin, by birth
Russian film director Tarkovsky
Roadside stop
Rescues a foundling, say
Relative of a brasserie
Reindeer moss, e.g
Rapper with the 4x platinum album 'Views'
R&R by oneself
Profiting from the misfortunes of others
Prince Buster's genre
Power machine in woodworking
Poison victim's remedy
Phoenix event
Peter out
Person pretty far up the corporate ladder
Part of a dead man's hand
Part of a chain
Org. that delivers
Onetime tool for talking online
One using 32-Across, e.g
One of the Nixon daughters
No longer in the company, say
News highlights
Neglected one, stereotypically
Necklace parts
Mushroom makers
Mezzo-soprano, for female voices
Many profs
Many 'Star Trek' characters, for short
Line to a pilot?
Lavish with attention
La preceder
Juicy bits, in slang
Item for a cafeteria worker
It lacks locks
Inhabitant of the ocean's benthic zone
Indulging (oneself) in self-satisfaction
Hybrid citrus
Huey, Dewey and Louie, e.g
Home of Zeno and Parmenides
Home of the highest point in Africa
Heathrow facilities
Having correct opinions
H.S.-level exam
Grand pooh-bahs
Gliding step, in ballet
Full of lip
Fox neighbor
Fishing item
First-year law student
First word in a Shakespeare title
Figures out
Fidel's brother
Fictional woodcutter
Dropped out
Director Guillermo ___ Toro
Did a cobbler's job on
Dexterous one
Cult leader killed in the Waco siege
Cry to a sled dog
Credit card provider, e.g
Creature also called a catamount
Contribute to a radio show
Contraction lacking just a 'v'
Coming-out words
Colossal head sculptors
City SSW of Seattle
Cherished by
Chaucer's tongue
Charts again
Brings up a menu with a PC mouse
Brangelina was one
Boneless cut
Blind side protector, usually, in an offensive line
Battle-torn Syrian city
Apple of Discord thrower
Angel dust
Aisle's head?
Actor Don
Accountant's list
405, to Flavius
'Who ___?'
'Told you so!'
'The Late Show' airer
'Is that so?' – See more at: http://crosswordpuzzleanswers.net/clue/New-York-Times-Crossword-Answers—May-14-2017#sthash.VdWbbwrS.dpuf

Word in a Shakespeare title
Word describing the 'Four' Beatles
Wispy, high-altitude clouds
What a tree produces
Wed again
Verbal exams
Unit of hope or sun
Type of entrance payment
TV setting
Trifling detail
Toward the rear, at sea
Swirl before going down the drain
Stretched out under covers
Start to vibrate?
Sound abbr.?
Snifter's contents
Ship, as a pronoun
Ship's setting
Ruminant's chew
Roast pig side dish
Repugnance or hatred
Receive a paycheck
Quickly deleted email
Public discussions
President's run
Planned building setting
Place to kick back and get smeared with mud
Place for an iris
Parallelograms with four equal sides
Painter's choices
One-celled organism
One with a long sentence
Old Iranian ruler
Not devoted to religion
North Pole feature
Most highbrow
Mine stuff that's good to find
Md. time setting
Make easy enough for a child to understand
Maintained, as an opinion
Long step
Locket shape, often
Like the Chicago Cubs' outfield
Lightly gallops or runs
Karma believer
It's frustrating when out of reach
Hanging open
Greek cheese
Gray area?
Good at dodging questions (var.)
Garment label
Flower parts
Flat-bottomed garbage boats
Fencing maneuver
Exorbitant interest charge
Drains, as of strength
Display poor posture
Dec. 31, notably
Debate side
Church section close to the altar
Chevy rival
Chef's topper
Certain socks or sweaters
Cause of a disappearing coastline
Boxing legend Muhammad
Beginning or genesis
Before, in romantic poetry
Become a conquering hero
Beat by a hair
Backyard building
Any planet, to a bard
Air France flier, once
'___ of Good Feelings'
'You've Really Got ___ on Me' (Miracles song) – See more at: http://crosswordpuzzleanswers.net/clue/Universal-Crossword-Answers—May-14-2017#sthash.O3si9lh2.dpuf

Within earshot
Wine bottle sealer
Violinist Bull
Trapper's prize
Tesla or DeLorean
Terhune title dog
Swim like a toddler might
Sunbather's goal
Stan's partner in classic comedies
Sports org. for Duke and Syracuse
Some KFC pieces
Sibling's nickname
Seaport of Brazil
Rolltops, e.g
Put through hell night, say
Player in a playpen
Patient one of the bible
Palindromic 'before'
Page of 'X-Men' movies
Oz creator L. Frank
One in a cabal
Ness who pursued Capone
Native American emblem
Mythical bird that preyed on elephants
Most Foreman wins, for short
Milan-based fashion house
Meatloaf servings
Manning of the gridiron
Lucky four-leaf find
Like state-of-the-art gadgetry
Like dessert wines
Like a subway during rush hour
Like a Freudian complex
Leave clueless
Krazy ___ (comics character)
JUGS Gun technology
In the proverbial cellar
How the euphoric walk
Horatio who created Tattered Tom
Hold in high esteem
Have another go at
Half a matched set, perhaps
Guaranteed winner
Green around the gills
Goalie's stat
Go on stage late, perhaps
Go hither and yon
German dadaist Max
Garbage hauler
French textiles city
Fraternity man's wear
Folks at family gatherings
Flout a noise ordinance, say
First in line to the throne
Far from willing
Ernie of the PGA
EMS destinations
eHarmony.com linkup
Dueler in 'Hamilton'
Dog's acute sense
Cowboys quarterback Prescott
Competitor of Simmons and Serta
Competed like Joey Chestnut
Colorful parrot
City west of Daytona Beach
Capp's '___ Abner'
Capital on the Nile
Burl with a 1959 Oscar
Bagel order, perhaps
Amazon's business
1964 Hitchcock thriller
'___ takers?'
'___ Bums' (Brooklyn Dodgers)
'Without a doubt!'
'We have the same problem!'
'The ___' (bar order)
'Et tu, Brute?' day – See more at: http://crosswordpuzzleanswers.net/clue/USA-Today-Crossword-Answers—May-14-2017#sthash.LrdO8MbY.dpuf

WWII vehicle
Wranglers alternative
Words to a hitchhiker
Woodpecker's hangout
Without assistance
Window framework
Where a lap ends
When many head to lunch
Vocalist Ronstadt
Vexes with reminders
Vail headgear
Used as a dinner table
Usage fee
TV host DeGeneres
Toy for a kiddie cowpoke
Toward the dawn
Tough spot
Tiresome task
Tiered sweets
Think alike
Things to learn first
Tate Modern attractions
Talk at length
Sups in style
Suffix for racket
Subtle distinction
Stylist's shop
Squirrel or pack rat
Some HDTVs
Soda can opener
Slow tempo
Sleeping soundly
Serbian tennis great
Sealed up, as a carton
Schedule for later
Sandwich served with sticks
Salsa ingredient
Russia's __ Mountains
Runs in
Rude awakening
Request to remain
Relinquishes formally
Reason to recalculate
Puget Sound crosser
Practice for a 56 Across
Point of view
Poetic time
Poet Angelou
Plundered goods
Places for pampering
Photo blowup: Abbr
Philosopher Descartes
Persian Gulf land
Perch precariously
Part-time correspondent
Part of speech
Owl in Harry Potter novels
Oscar role for Hoffman
Org. supporting flossing
Org. for hunters
Ones in class
Old Testament monarchy
Off the mark
Not exceeding
Musical set in Buenos Aires
Movie counter candy
Monastery leader
Mini-__ (convenience store)
Mesh with the group
Member of the Corps
Low point
Loses interest in
Long tresses
Long sandwich
Legendary tales
Legendary outlaw archer
Lectern locale
Just shy of shut
Internet connector
Horn of Africa resident
Hoops great known for his "Attaq"
Home of Galileo Airport
High school subj
Heroic act
Hawaiian veranda
Hamster's home
Google or Bing
Go on to say
Get really angry
Garden center purchase
Fill with fright
Feathered flier
Fall parade participant
Easy to connect, as a computer
Draw off
Diver's device
Dishwasher contents
Destructive spree
Deal with
Customer inconveniences
Cropped up
Cockpit communicators
City near Pompeii
Chose, with "for"
Charlemagne's realm: Abbr
Called balls and strikes
Buddy Holly played one
Bubbly rock
Brown or Auburn: Abbr
Brit. lexicon
Bountiful harvest
Bottled models
Blend together
Beach house view
Back down
Aware of
Asian peninsula
As a result
Apollo 11 astronaut
Apart from that
Annoying ones
Aesopian source of gold
A long time ago
"No bid"
"Love Story" author
"Home on the Range" beast
"Deck the Halls," e.g
"Bolero" composer
"Bleu" hue
"Bad" cholesterol, for short
"Assuming that's true . . ." – See more at: http://crosswordpuzzleanswers.net/clue/Newsday.com-Crossword-Answers—May-14-2017#sthash.KwapGl5b.dpuf

__ Pie
__ Biscuit, product debut of 1912
__ bean
X, at times
Words after 'jolly' in an iconic ad
Word of possession
Where Anheuser-Busch is BUD
What seems like forever
Website charge
Wall builder
Venezia casino winner
Tycoon, e.g
Transcript info
Toy, perhaps
Title of honor
This and this
Takes action
Sun blocker
Stage award
Something to build on
Slowly, in music
Simpson trial figure Kaelin
Sharp group
Russian refusals
Ruin, weatherwise
Rock genre
Ripped off
Rich, and then some
Resort of a sort
Progressive movement
Prayer leaders
Pond denizens
Ping-Pong shot
Part of NATO: Abbr
Pac-12 team
One way to split
One of Chekhov's 'Three Sisters'
One digging hard rock?
One brought to a potluck
On one's game
Offer to pay
Novelist Seton
Not as much
NATO founding member
NASA nods
Move, at Coldwell Banker
Modeled, say
Metro barrier
Medical research org
McGregor of 'Trainspotting'
Map feature
Map abbr
Mandatory bet
Major pain
Maestro Solti
Locks in a barn?
Kid's plea
K.T. of country music
Just like that
Jones many keep up with?
Jimmy on sausage labels
It's on the house
Invite to one's loft, say
Indian tourist city
Hollywood Walk of Fame symbol
Heron cousin
Greet with a beep
Gas across the border
Fill with merchandise
Fey in American Express ads
Familia girl
Exerciser's accessory
Encounter stiff competition
Dummy Mortimer
Do-it-yourselfer's buy
Do wrong
Diva Te Kanawa
Creamy sauce
Cost of living?
Construction units
Compact supplies
Comics resident of the Okefenokee Swamp
Chicago exchange, briefly, with 'the'
Certain bond, briefly
Caused by
Briefcase fastener
Brass, e.g
Boater or bowler
Blush relative
Bind, in a way
Big beef
Biblical verb
Bete __
Best Buy buy
Beatnik's 'Gotcha'
Beatles' 'White Album' song whose title follows 'If you want me to'
Baseball or football
Author Chomsky
Arranges strategically
Apt time to recognize this puzzle's honoree
Antipasto fish
Antacid name since 1872
Affaire de coeur
76-Down brand
'50s-'60s sitcom nickname
'The Wreck of the Mary Deare' author Hammond __
'MIB' characters
'La Bohème' role
'Kisses, dahling'
'In my opinion … '
'Good Eats' host Brown
'Fiddler' meddler
'Double, double toil and trouble' time
'Ben-Hur' studio

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