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crosswords puzzle answers 13/01/2017

crosswords puzzle answers 13/01/2017

__ nus: barefoot, in Bordeaux
Yokum cartoonist
Where much tie-dyeing takes place
Urban air problem
Unlike new clothes
Turbaned Punjabi
Tone down
Time change?
Tiller opening?
Taxi alternative
Smoothie fruit
Simba's mate
Selective Service classification
Scotch datum
Room service challenge
Rear deck
Perfume staples
Pack animal?
Org. with a square-rigger on its seal
One of Disney's official eleven
Ointment additive
Move like honey
Modern-day Mesopotamia
Many a flower girl
Lived and breathed
Like Wrigley Field's walls
Like some pond growth
Legally prohibit
Kitchen bar
Kind of sandwich or soda
Jungle swinger
Judicial seat
Judd matriarch
Jennifer Saunders' 'Ab Fab' role
It may need a boost
Instrument heard in the Doobie Brothers' 'Black Water'
Indian tourist mecca
House meas
Homeowner's account, perhaps
Hilarious one
Heavy weight
Garage service
Friend of Jerry and George
Forum infinitive
Football squad in white jerseys, typically
Earthy shade
De Valera of Ireland
Commonly anchored shelter
Cola named for its intended effect
Camera that uses 70mm film
Cabo's peninsula
Blush-inducing H.S. class
Blue Devils' rival
Blacksmith's need
Array of options
Acknowledge, in a way
'Mean Girls' actress
'It'd be a dream come true'
'Don't have __, man!'
'Dies __' – See more at: http://crosswordpuzzleanswers.net/clue/L.A.-Times-Daily-Crossword-Answers—Jan-13-2017#sthash.3MGtNsyI.dpuf

Type of insurance
Two-time Masters champ Ben
Try to convince
Trigger on a trap
Touched down
Time and again, in verse
There's usually one for the principal
Strong desires
Spot to drop off on a ship
Spending limit
Slap the cuffs on
Reference containing insets
Receiving customers
Rapid rail transport
Psyched up
Pickle preference
Paul Anka's 'Eso ___'
One side of a defunct wall
On the dot
Occasion for a card, for short
Nautical spine
Nastase of tennis
N'awlins subs
Mo. that honors veterans
Media event featuring a cop and an arrested suspect
Made off with
List shortener
Kudrow of 'Friends'
Items made of precious metals and natural gemstones
It may be forwarded
Iranian language
Institution featured in 'The Breakfast Club'
In spite of that
Hypoallergenic makeup brand
Holiday Inn alternative
GPS readings
Golfer's selection
Go one better than
Gets closer to
Get to one's feet
Garage job
Frozen drink brand
French stars
Former California fort
Flat substitute
Fixated captain of fiction
Fed. division responsible for law enforcement
Do once worn by Michael Jackson
Disdainful chorus from the bleachers
Depended (on)
Daring exploit
Cursory look
Courses that are hard to fail
County Kerry's isle
Clip or cave follower
City south of Gainesville
Casey Jones, for one
Car wash challenge
Calico coat
Boorish sort
Bleacher bum, e.g
Be on the fence
Baseball VIPs
Avian cry
Apple messaging program
Alley ___
Addressee on some postal deliveries
'That's not true!'
'My word!'
'Game of Thrones' network
'Carmen' showstopper
'Carmen' or 'Elektra' – See more at: http://crosswordpuzzleanswers.net/clue/The-Washington-Post-Crossword-Answers—Jan-13-2017#sthash.BRcju6yB.dpuf

Where Jacob Zuma is pres
Where Heyerdahl went to school
What's keeping me locked out
Web language
Very narrow margin
Van Gogh's sibling/supporter
TV marketplace
Tourist draw
The bulk
Tedious task
Tax assessment
Tap trouble
Superficial appearance
Stumbling block
Steinbeck character
Spill over
Small ducks
Short verse
Set upright
Savanna grazer
Revered figure
Revered figure
Rack up
Porto italiano
Phased-out Canadian coin
People asked for readings
Party leader
Pantry visitors
Opposite of pro-
Novelist Cross
Minor misstatement
Mideast's Gulf of __
Metric measure
Metaphor for childhood
Maneuvered for advantage
Liqueur flavor
Lines of admiration
Late bloomers
Indy Jones phobia
Iberian sauce
Hot-air machine
Help-desk sign
Half-square shapes
French bank
Fishing gear of a sort
Fields of study
Family nickname
Family member
Excited about
Ending for sit
Ending for sit
Early bloomer
Dubbed ones
DC collegian
Crescent tip
Comment to a role model
Cold-weather runner
Clothier concern
Chapel fixture
Cellphone feature
Casino conveniences
Capital south of Quito
Biblical beasts
Australian naturalist
Aphrodite's boy
"That's it"
"That's it"
"Fantastic Four" star
"East of Eden" director – See more at: http://crosswordpuzzleanswers.net/clue/Newsday.com-Crossword-Answers—Jan-13-2017#sthash.CtmqVYrh.dpuf

Wreck entirely
Work a needle and thread
Withdraw formally from a union
Unsympathetic rejection (with 'short')
Unimpressive soccer score
Type of locomotive
Two things you should always refrigerate
Two things you should always refrigerate
Two things you should always refrigerate
Turnip type
Turn down a little, as lights
Tourist city of northern India
Tallies at Camden Yards
Spanish hero El ___
Some source material for the Gospels
Send off from
Second showing on the tube
Rhyme with a punch line
Quite average
Provide backtalk
Prickly patch
Persona's opposite
Online revenue generators
Officially verified one's attendance
Number of fingers to signal a fastball
Mythical god of war
More than wants
Make ___ for (justify somehow)
Make oneself useful
Like Vassar, now
Like salt mixed in water
Lacking gloss, in photos
It can bathe people in warmth
Is paid to be someone else?
Inner connection?
Indian 'sir'
Impressive college degree
Human cream puffs
Gradually make a bank withdrawal?
Frigid animated film?
Frightful phantom
Friend in Paris
Football complement
Elaborate, dressy parties
Eight pts
Egyptian river
Dynamite stuff
Did a cat's job
Demons that victimize female sleepers
Debate side
Damage superficially
Crack investigators?
Cogito-sum link
Chum south of the border
Child's response to 'Are not!'
Center court sight
Bounce back, as sound
Bollywood cover-up
Blvd. and st. relative
Be generous
Baseball offic
Backspace over
Assist others in a criminal activity
Alligatorlike reptile
Accumulate, as interest
'Teen' attachment
'Mighty' partner
'Friday Night Lights' setting in Texas – See more at: http://crosswordpuzzleanswers.net/clue/Universal-Crossword-Answers—Jan-13-2017#sthash.cTCOj2Or.dpuf

Word in Hillary's campaign slogan
What old gramophone records were made of
Wedding role
Vegas show that ran for 15 years
Trestle fastener
Top rating from Moody's
This puzzle's offensive answer (censored)
Take a turn
Sweater's spot
Suit yourself?
Stahl of '60 Minutes'
Sharon of 'Cagney & Lacey'
Second person?
Saharan springs
Russian spirit, briefly
Reading break?
Possible source of nocturnal noise
Polished off
Picture of sorrow?
Pic on a pec
Pianist at Rick's Cafe Americain
Philosopher William of ___
Pays attention
Parapsychology power
Neighbor of Michigan's Bay City
Moral authority
Missal stand's place
Members of a school
Making less mess
Maggie's big sister
Mag mogul's nickname
Loses layers
Lose flexibility
Like some court records
Like a composition book's pages
Leave one's seat, maybe
Leave one's seat, maybe
Leader who rejected Nasserism
Japanese appetizer
Insubstantial lock
In short supply
Home invader
Holds up
Harrow blade
Grounds for excommunication
Go (for)
Frankie's 'Beach Party' co-star
Fermented flavoring
Essential part
Dreamer's outfit?
Does a farrier's task
Cuban component
Cry at a magic act
City on the Illinois River
Cheetah mascot of Cheetos
Carefully consider
Break off
Become slippery, perhaps
Archetypical action hero
Animal that sounds like you?
Alley in Hollywood
Affected emotionally
1918 worldwide health threat
'You there?'
'Runaway' singer
'A man's ___ is his signature': Mae West – See more at: http://crosswordpuzzleanswers.net/clue/Wall-Street-Journal-Crossword-Answers—Jan-13-2017—Four-Letter-Words#sthash.EDWKuhi6.dpuf

___ and violins (music pun)
Zimbalist of old TV
Wrap (up)
Word before or after state
Without any filler
What a meow may mean
Very much
Updated art?
Title role in a 1993 film … which sounds like a prize the film won
Things to do after dinner
They're 'family'
The first one was a modified Ford D-Series truck
Sweet pitcherful
Start to malfunction
Some French votes
Secret ending
Running event
Ricoh rival
Require (of)
Recreational sites not designed for walkers
Record stat for major-leaguer Rickey Henderson
Real stinker
Pride : lions : parliament : ___
President who said 'If you want to see your plays performed the way you wrote them, become president'
Plague, with 'at'
Part of the works
Painter's primer
One of the renters in Steinbeck's 'Tortilla Flat'
Newsstand offering, informally
New homeowner's feeling, maybe
Lou who wrote 'Exporting America'
Like high school and college students of the '80s-'90s, e.g
Like Hansel and Gretel in the forest
Jazzman Montgomery
Is a bad loser, say
Instrument with a bent neck
Important word to a marriage counselor
Here-there connection
Handle preceder
Grammy-nominated 2011 Lady Gaga album
God for whom a weekday is named
George Dickel product
Fr. title
Founder of the American Shakers
Family name in Sir Walter Scott's 'The Bride of Lammermoor'
Editorial reversal
Dug stuff
Diorama, maybe
Defraud, in slang
Competitive and outgoing, say
Character who dies at the end of 'Little Women'
Change with the times
Burkina Faso neighbor
Bonus upon signing, e.g
Big name in shapewear
Bead producer?
Bank deposit
Author with a restaurant at the Eiffel Tower named for him
All-nighter, maybe
After the hour
@fakechucknorris, for one
28-Down, e.g
'How Sleep the Brave,' e.g – See more at: http://crosswordpuzzleanswers.net/clue/New-York-Times-Crossword-Answers—Jan-13-2017#sthash.4rggpLsW.dpuf

___ contendere
Wrinkly hybrid fruit
Worldly woes
Words to an 'old chap'
Watt or fermi
USN rank
Twist the arm of
Turnpike fee
Triangular part of a house
Trevor of 'The Daily Show'
To a large extent
Title for Rabbit or Fox of folklore
Tendency toward disorder
Take forcibly
Symbol of sainthood
Suffragette Carrie Chapman
Stethoscopes' detections
Stereotypical dog name
Sounded, as a tugboat horn
Social worker's offering
Smelter shipment
Slayer of 1-Down
Shout with some ovations
Shoe number
Scrabble's lowest point value
Scholarship consideration
Rosetta Stone discovery locale
Reporting to
Remove from office
Puniest piglet
Protons' places
President pro ___
Prank pullers
Orange Muppet
Marine mammals hunted for their coats
Love Bug and Batmobile, for two
Like old rolls
Like a hermit
Learner's permit holder, often
Leaping parasite
Is welcomed by the doorman
Intense suffering
Ill-fated brother in Genesis
Honky-tonk activity, and a description of the first parts of 20-, 34- and 41-Across
Greek diner wrap
Great merriment
Got by somehow
Gas in garish signs
Gallery tripod
Former cohost of Strahan
Fishhook with a handle
Fashionista's field
Document proving a paid debt
Deuce topper
Daytime dramas, familiarly
Crimefighter Ness
Court clown
Correct, as an injustice
Computer peripheral, say
Comparison word
Cheney's successor
Cavity filling option
Blue-green shade
Blue state?
Bill depicting the Treasury Building
Battle with lances
Bark from 3-Down
Anti-censorship org
1994 Jodie Foster title role
1953 Leslie Caron musical
1/640 square mile
'Mamma ___!'
'Like a Rock' singer Bob
'Heart of Gold' singer
'Hamilton' highlight
'Green-eyed' emotion
'Garfield' drooler
'Enchanted' girl of kid-lit

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