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crosswords puzzle answers 08/12/2016

crosswords puzzle answers 08/12/2016

What Stephen King's editor provided for a 1986 novel?
Villain in some fairy tales
They may be bookmarked
Subj. group with a noted gender imbalance
Spirited horse
So yesterday, say
Small dog, informally
Singers who go from 'sol' straight to 'ti'?
Shipping containers on Italy's longest river?
Schwarzenegger, informally
Rebuke to a traitor
Rains lightly
Prefix with squad
Prefix with -sect
Play loudly
Pitcher of milk?
Perfectly precise
Part of a gauge
Out of service?
One of a dozen?
Old-timey 'not'
Old shirt, perhaps
Octave's follower, in some poetry
Not so stuffy
Not knot?
Midwest hub
MASH supply
Mahmoud Abbas's grp
Lou Gehrig's Disease, for short
Like some accounts
Like many mosaics
Last monarch of the House of Stuart
Jeweler's eyepiece
Jesus, for one
Intense dislike
Hot, as a basketball shooter
Hoppy quaff, for short
Groundbreaking 1990s ABC sitcom
Getting the job done
Funny Youngman
Flight part
Engine type
Either twin actress on 'Full House'
Dharma teachers
Datebook abbr
Course list
Comedians who do material on the Freudian psyche?
Clarice's org. in 'The Silence of the Lambs'
Carrier name until 1997
Button with two vertical lines
Birthplace of Galileo
Bend out of shape
Band that used a pay-what-you-want model to sell their 2007 album
Apple offering
Annual mystery-writing award
Admiral killed at the Battle of Trafalgar
'Young 'uns, yer cuzzins are here' and others?
'When the ___ Over' (1967 Doors song)
'There is no greater evil than making light of the ___': Lao-tzu
'Poor Richard's Almanack' collection
'Let's not get too excited now'
'Downton Abbey' maid
'Dancing With the Stars' co-host Andrews
'Casino' actor Joe – See more at: http://crosswordpuzzleanswers.net/clue/New-York-Times-Crossword-Answers—Dec-8-2016#sthash.WcxgESXS.dpuf

Where Phelps won his 23rd gold medal
Welcoming word
Weasel-like animal with fleas?
Unappetizing mush
Try them on for thighs?
Tropical fish
This answer has five letters
Texting during the movie, e.g
Taking in
Staff leader
Space to move around
Sequel of 1871
Reply to a schoolmarm
Reddish brown
Rally cap sporter
Rainforest resident
Questlove trademark
Put into place
Pumice source
Pole toiler
Play places
Perfect places
One looking to blow up broncos?
Number that's added
Mouse with a bow
Making out with a masked hero?
Like Optimas and Sonatas
Like loafers
Knight clubs
Kim of 'True Grit'
Just the same
It's on the house
It ends in early Nov
In a different way
Great-great-great-great-great-grandfather of Noah
Grandmother of 47-Across
Glowing bit
Gender-specific possessive
Gender-specific possessive
Gateway Arch makeup
Free of impurities
Flock tender
Filmmaker Riefenstahl
Eric Clapton hit
Downton Abbey meal
Difficult to make out
Diana Rigg's part on 'The Avengers'
Development period, at times
Deli buy
Current location
Crimson booer
Crash against
Course pro
Conveyed nonverbally
Common memoir subtitle
Coleridge's 'France,' e.g
Codeine, e.g
Choice in el departamento de desodorantes?
Causing shivers, perhaps
Become burnt out on
Be decisive
Back cover
Any of 28 in a Monopoly set
Almond's kin
Adrenaline trigger
Act the wolf
1990s Fran Drescher sitcom
1950s sitcom 'My Friend ___'
'Seasons of Love' show
'Don't ___ stranger!' – See more at: http://crosswordpuzzleanswers.net/clue/Wall-Street-Journal-Crossword-Answers—Dec-8-2016—Inside-Tracks#sthash.RVwv5oSU.dpuf

Wooster's bane
Where many unions are formed
What researchers write
Was on the bench
Violent mob rampage
Vidal's Breckenridge
Valuable holding
Unskilled farm laborer
Totally in love
Things checked in grocery stores
Thing created when sitting
Teenager's skin condition
Take out on romantic dates
Suffix for extremists
Storm drain cover
Small cave
Seeing things through a factual lens
School org. founded in 1897
Removes wrapping
Relative of yours and mine?
Really cheap liquor
Producer of sweet stuff
President William McKinley's wife
Place for fresh eggs
Pajama halves
Pair split in Vegas
Overly decorative
Older than old-school 'before'
Old Houston football team
Observed the national anthem
Newlywed, right after the reception
Moral failure
Minty herb
Mideast's Gulf of ___
Make a donkey instead of a monkey, e.g
Lots, to a semi truck driver?
Longest division of geological time
Like many roads
Like a major general
Leveling tool
Last place finisher, obviously
Indication of hard manual labor
Hilo feast
Having less slack
Gymnastics legend Korbut
Green copper finish
Get narrower toward the end
Gadget used on potatoes
For each one
Food sticker
Fixes beforehand, as the outcome
Fit for plowing
Festive, playful fun
Feature of a pancake ad, often
Fastener that looks like U?
Extremely small
Exalting hymn of praise
Emulate a basset hound's ears
Eliminate from a chalkboard
Double on the set
Delicious letters on a menu
Day-___ (fluorescent paint)
Cranberries' homes
Chicken-king link
Certain math subject, informally
Boring performance
Bit of baseball news
Bit of advice
Bird that gets a leg up?
Baltimore is one
Arranged to be parallel (Var.)
50 Cent's genre
'Be quiet!'
'… or ___!' (threat) – See more at: http://crosswordpuzzleanswers.net/clue/Universal-Crossword-Answers—Dec-8-2016#sthash.S5jB9boJ.dpuf

Zero, in soccer
Winter blanket
What Rockstar or Red Bull provides
What one needs to win the game found in 17-, 28- and 45-Across
Washington state air hub
Volcanic spew
Viper family members
Vacation in a camper, say
U.S. security offering
U.S. mil. award since 1918
Twistable snack
Torah holder
Throughout one's body
The bossy Stooge
TGIF part
Sycophant's answer
Swimming pool rep
Spotted big cats
Silent affirmative
SHO subsidiary
Religious doctrines
Refrigerator forerunner
Playground game
Place for a cooling pie
Pianist Dame Myra
Partner of abet
NYC sports venue
Net holder
Needing straightening
Musk's electric cars
Mover's rental
Most massive dwarf planet
Microscope slide creature
Lode yield
Learning by repetition
Keyed in
Joe McCarthy attorney Roy
It's 72 at Augusta National
It may be framed
Involuntary movement
In debt to the pot
Ill temper
Grain of sand, to a pearl oyster
Gawk at
Funhouse array
Emotional shock
Emeril catchword
Duct tape's many
Drops the ball
Documentarian Burns
Destination of many a sliced drive
Dead-___ job
Counsels to the president, e.g
Cotton Club locale
Conductor's address
Component of natural gas
Companion of red beans
Combined, as unlike breeds
Coffee-to-go need
Classic muscle car
Carbo loader's fare
Breakfast fare
Blacken on a barbecue
Big bird of the Outback
BBs and shells
Bar member (Abbr.)
Ballpark attendees, collectively
Anonymous Jane
Accessory for Miss Piggy
A Maritime Prov
A bit soused
24-hr. cash sources
1960s pop group the Shangri-___
'Terrible' phase
'p,' on sheet music
'Humble' residence – See more at: http://crosswordpuzzleanswers.net/clue/USA-Today-Crossword-Answers—Dec-8-2016#sthash.6na7Zu8y.dpuf

__ Martin (007 auto)
Visitor-center handout
Vehicle without wheels
Turkish topper
Total fabrication
Tiny pest
Those opposed
Theresa May, politically
Takes, as a bough
Take by surprise
Taco filling
Stirs up
Stash away
Sooner State city
So far
Smiley dots
Sixth-day arrival
Shaped like a rainbow
Rig mishap
Revue performances
Pixar robot
Phone message, for short
Petty argument
On the fringes
Not many
Not duped by
No longer fizzy
No longer at risk
Neat trick
Navigational aid
Mosaic piece
More than fill
Like brine
Late dinnertime
Irons of films
Inventory valuation method
Into trouble with
Incumbent upon
Hybrid model
Horse-opera dwelling
Head toward
Have no choice
Gridiron org
Greatly removed
Fizzling sound
Feudal laborer
Epsilon follower
Economical in words
Director Brooks
Delta deposit
Concert-hall litter
Certain morning newsperson
Campus group
Calligraphy line
Blender selection
Big birds
Beetles, for instance
Arduous trip
Appeal earnestly
Anders Celsius development
"Pipe down!"
"No, really!"
"Garfield" guy
"Argo" setting – See more at: http://crosswordpuzzleanswers.net/clue/Newsday.com-Crossword-Answers—Dec-8-2016#sthash.fUCQk5pR.dpuf

Unlawfully pressured
Trolley sounds, in 'Meet Me in St. Louis'
Tinseltown industry
Thunderbird fancier, perhaps
Tetra- times two
Teenage infatuation
Taoism founder
Taj ___
Staying power
Sporty '60s Pontiac
Smelly-sounding Central European river
Skeletons in one's closet
Skate, for example
Shower attention (on)
Secretariat, in retirement
Scruffy part of the body?
Public school that's an eponym for a collar style
Professional org. that supported the passage of Obamacare
Postings at LAX
Popular Mercedes-Benz line
Poetic words of praise
Part of the PTA (abbr.)
Org. for RVers
Nonsense syllables preceding '-di' or '-da' in a Beatles song
New Agey glow
Music icon Bob who wrote the song suggested by the starts of this puzzle's theme entries
Mischievous Norse god
Millennium Falcon pilot
Marx, Malone, or Malden
Man-to-man alternative, defensively
Livens (up)
Later, maybe
Las Vegas casino magnate Steve
Kids' alphabetic clapping game
Island chain?
Greek goddess of the rainbow
Grandchild of Eve
From ___ (running the gamut)
Former TV news anchor Paula
Flush, and then some
Fifth book of the New Testament
Fido's collar attachment, briefly
Feature of a mallard's foot
Facebook endorsement mechanism
Exposes, in a way
Eat away at
Drug smuggler's unit
Defamatory remark
Crustaceans prized for their claws
Crunchy diner sandwiches, familiarly
Counts' British equivalents
City on Puget Sound
City of song where Dionne Warwick hoped 'to find some peace of mind'
Budget alternative
Bones parallel to radii
Blood's sworn enemy
Big Ben, for one
Biblical figure with a salty wife
Believability on the street
Bacterium that gets bad PR during some food recalls
Affect emotionally
'___ & the Women' (2000 Richard Gere movie)
'The Equalizer' star Washington
'Shop ___ you drop!'
'Great' body of water responsible for much New York lake-effect snow
'Frasier' character played by Moose – See more at: http://crosswordpuzzleanswers.net/clue/The-Washington-Post-Crossword-Answers—Dec-8-2016#sthash.6X7BQ27c.dpuf

World Cup skiing champ Lindsey
Word with box or light
With 41-Down, tries for a long pass, in football lingo
With 40-Across, NPR broadcast since 1979
Webmail option
Upsilon follower
Uno plus due
Traffic enforcement devices
Tokyo-born artist
Timer drizzler
Throws the first pitch
They may be hard
Text command
Take out __
Starz rival
Son-gun connection
Some retirement acct. holdings
Simple home
Shows up
See 59-Across
See 38-Across
Rueful word
Really bad
Quick snack
Pretentious sort
Polynesian capital
Plant studied by Mendel
Place in the woods
Peter of Herman's Hermits
Parting mot
Old Testament prophet
Nobelist Wiesel
Mussel habitat
Museum guide
Menu possessive linked to the Qing dynasty
Make a run for it
Made dinner at home
Love Is On makeup maker
Lat. or Lith., once
Lacquer ingredient
Kellogg School deg
Hunt's TV co-star
Historic Potomac estate
Give to charity, say
Gets the mist off
Get-out-of-jail card?
Future foretellers
Fruity coolers
Former Senator Lott
First or last quarter … and, literally, what can be found on either end of 18-, 22-, 38-/40- and 49-Across
Find fault
Eight British kings
Duck mascot company, on the NYSE
Covent Garden solo
Copy exactly
Connect with
Citi Field squad
CIA predecessor
Carson forerunner
Bygone Ford
Bright sign
Agenda listing
Action scenes
66-Across source
32-Down contents
'Time's Arrow' author
'Nothing to it!'
'Next subject'
'Life of Brian' comedy group

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