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Crossword Quiz Answers | Crossword Puzzle Answers 26.06.2017

Crossword Quiz Answers  | Crossword Puzzle Answers 26.06.2017

Writer Zora __ Hurston
Work on a script
Will-signing needs
Volcanic debris
USAF truant
Twilled fabric
Tetley products
Take notice of
So last week
Singing sensation Boyle
Sent a dupe letter to
Riveter painted by Rockwell
Right-angle shape
Reporter's question
Perot of politics
PDQ, in the ICU
Parcel (out)
Oozy stuff
One dressing to be noticed
On-the-sly romantic meetings
Oklahoma tribe
New Balance competitor
Muddy barnyard abode
Moccasin or loafer
Lustful deity
Lowest dresser compartment
Looker that's usually blue or brown
Like much of Maine's coastline
Law enforcement shocker
Job with an oil change
Japanese soup noodle
Innocent sorts
In accordance with
Hard-to-resist impulse
Grazing area
Good news on Wall Street
Go through entirely
Furry 'Star Wars' creature
Floor plan division
Finn's friend
Fiction's opposite
Fashion's Chanel
Falls back
Empty hallway sound
Electrical unit
Driver's protest
Dr. Watson outburst
Court assistant
Cosmetics giant
Confection not as sweet as the 'milk' variety
Clock setting for MI and MO
Chekov's 'Star Trek' rank: Abbr
Ceremonial act
Cellphone revitalizers
Cars for stars
Canadian gas sign
Campus mil. group
California's Big __
Cake mix giant
Bush Labor secretary Elaine
Budgetary excesses
Book name
Barbecue coatings
Bank acct. IDs
Aware of, as a scheme
App symbol
Alien crew in sci-fi films
Affectionate touches with one's lashes
Actress Farrow
Actor Stephen
'You made that up!'
'Ring around the collar' detergent

___ Wednesday
With 25-Down, alchemists' quest in a book released on June 26, 1997
What the Titanic did, famously
Went on dates with
Units in stables
Turkish pooh-bahs
Toy block brand
Tennis umpire's call
Swear (to)
Surgical knife
Subject of a long sentence?
Star of the film version of the book referenced in 15-Across/25-Down
Specialist's vocabulary
Soldier who's gone missing
Small program
Singer Fitzgerald
Shakespeare's 'The Winter's ___'
Self-centered sort
See 15-Across
Run out, as a subscription
Person in a detached state?
Persistently torment
Passenger-screening org
Palindromic Nabokov title
Open's opposite
Office head
Of similar character
Not quite closed
Not go straight
Nine-digit fig. on a Social Security card
Money back
Lion in 'The Chronicles of Narnia'
Like volleyball that's played jointly by men and women
Like the posture of humans
Letters on a schedule meaning 'We'll let you know'
Letters before gees
Lawyers' org
Jay once seen nightly
Hoity-toity type
Hit 2017 Jordan Peele thriller
Golf peg
Goes 'Ah-choo!'
Given benediction, the old-fashioned way
Fund, as a chair
Father: Fr
Exemplify humanity, say
Evidence for determining paternity
Distinctive atmosphere
Deadly snakes
Crafty person at a wheel?
Coup d'___
Contest award
Comparative suffix
Comparable to a pin, in a phrase
Coming from two speakers
Column's counterpart
Cold fall
Cause to be cherished
Bill who's a science expert
Big stinger
Big party
Biblical verb ending
Be in a sorry state?
Alphabet chunk after D-E-F
Advance, as money
Abandoned European capital
'___ and the King of Siam'
'The Descent of Man' author
'Cat on ___ Tin Roof'

Willy with a chocolate factory
Wedding exchange
Toothpaste type
Tissue layers
The Concorde, for one
Swipe over a checkout laser
Star of TV's 'Westworld'
Spouse's family
Songwriter Porter
Smorgasbord offering
Ship of 1492
Rust or lime, for example
Really hate
Prom chaperones, usually
Preordained occasion
Popular sunning spot
Pop singer Mars
Paver's goo
One, for Juan
Occupied the throne
Nation between Can. and Mex
Lively party
Like the smell of burning plastic
Like most indoor plants
Lift up
Letter after upsilon
Lend a hand
Inert gas
In addition
Imaginary line through the Earth
Idyllic spot
Hired bully
Herring's kin
Henry VIII's dynasty
Hay units
Hay storage site
Have unpaid debts
Haddock's home
Goal of negotiations
Flip decision
Favoring neither faction in a dispute
F. Scott Fitzgerald's wife
Crowning points
Competed in a bee, in Britain
Come to a close
Combo's engagement
Clearasil target, informally
City of northern England
Chaney of horror films
Cavalry base
Cattle call
Card worth one or eleven in blackjack
Canonized person
Cabernet Sauvignon or Malbec, e.g
Book makeup
Blast, so to speak
Bartender's mixer
Aromatherapy place
Archipelago part
Alternative to Dem. and Rep
7UP, in bygone ads
1981 hit for ELO
'Slip Slidin' Away' singer
'I cannot tell ___'
'Gladiator' star

Wrist bone
Words before 'trap' or 'high standard'
WNW's opposite
Window shopper, essentially
Uses a pacifier or straw
Town in Indiana or Louisiana
To-his own link
Thriving, healthwise
Things in janitors' closets
Swear words by Boy Scouts?
Sundry assortment
Sports venues
Spherical hairdo
Southwest plain
Some deer
Small mountain pool
Shoed digits
Send out, as matter
Sat through again, as a film
Sacred wading bird of the Nile
Run leisurely
Rose's sticker
Ricin suppliers
Repeat word-for-word
Ram of astrology
Prepare to pray
Place for the setting sun
Place for Anna and the King
Pictures on skin, informally
Period around Dec. 25
Part of a pig's foot
Paint thinner
One who goes for the gold?
One way to cook eggs
One side of a debate
One of many in a movie
One of 18 on a golf course
One continually taking shots?
Old TV's '___-Team'
Nocturnal fliers
Neutral middle vowel
Moth attractor
Little map on a big map
Like a cloudless night
Lg. and sm. kin
Kind of clef, voice or sax
It's more, proverbially
It's better than better (with 'the')
Informal store-inventory units
Husk relative
Historic fur trader
Guitar part
Getting things going
Friend's opposite
Freetown currency
Financial penalty
Far from thrilling
Eyelid inflammation
Excessively sentimental
Emcee's opener
Do away with
Disorderly or untidy
Crosby and Stills' mate
Cream of the crop
Command to a dog
Coiled toy
Clinches, as a sure victory
By mouth
Burned residue
Brown shade
British mother
'___ and restrictions may apply'
'Land' of a film musical
'Hey' relative

Word that can follow the first parts of 20- and 58-Across and 11- and 29-Down
Word before talk or rally
Winter hrs. in Denver
Whole bunch
Where stevedores toil
Wavy lines, in comics
Was worthy of
Was chauffeured
Typically buggy software version
Tyke's taboo
Two-legged source of red meat
Tribal healer
Transactions at Belmont
They're slipped into slippers
Symbol of immunity on 'Survivor'
Swear to be true
Straps on Santa's sleigh
Showy annual flower
Ruby of 'A Raisin in the Sun'
River of Dresden
Resistance units
Repairs, as a Wimbledon court
Ready for a tenant
Put one's John Hancock on
Prefix with wife or way
Places to graze
Place to drain pasta
Pandered to
One-inch putt, say
One-eyed Norse deity
One subject to arrest
Occur before, historically
Novelist-publisher go-between
Mudville player count
Move like a mudslide
Makes modifications to
Like two of a dog's legs
Like some lengthy TV episodes
Like a 43-Across game
Lena of 'Hollywood Homicide'
Launch an insurrection
Laine with Grammys in three categories
Klum of 'Project Runway'
Jobs of Silicon Valley
Home to some cypresses
Heretic factions, perhaps
Have down pat
Genesis of an invention
Foldable abode
Fitbit unit
First chip in the pot
Easily crumbled cheese
Double-handled bag, typically
Dog-days complaint
Dinghy propeller
Develop a liking for
Cup-filling limit
Clears after expenses
Classic arcade name
Choose to forfeit
Channel for armchair athletes
Carson City's locale (Abbr.)
Brooks with a dual role in 'Spaceballs'
Brief squabble
Boys after baptisms, often
Big name in golf and tennis wear
Ben & Jerry's quantity
Bathwater temperature tester
Await a decision
Artful deception
Any score, at the top of the 10th inning
Alternatives to moonroofs
'I wanna have it!'
'Halt, matey!'
'Animal House' getups
'1812 Overture' sound

Writer's alias
Wood-shaping tool
Western rifle brand
Used to be
Use scissors
Urban district
Unable to sit still
Turn __ (become)
Traffic tie-ups
Thick soup
Tall story
Tack on
Sunrise direction
Sultan's group of wives
States without proof
State leader: Abbr
Squirrel snack
Spill the beans
Sound from a 32 Across
Soap __ (daytime drama)
Soaks in the tub
Shakespeare's river
Rocks found in mines
River sediment
Public persona
Prepare for the cold, as a car
Prayer ender
Playwright George Bernard __
Pin the blame on
Pilot a plane
Perfume bottle
Pat of "Wheel of Fortune"
Openings for coins
Nevada city
More frosty
More elegant
Moral wrong
Military no-show: Abbr
Memorable times
Memo heading
Make amends
Make a knot in
Luxury boat
Italian salami city
Is entitled to
Insurance seller
In the center of
Humble home
Hole-punching tools
Highest poker cards
Guys like Wyatt Earp
Grocery workers
Glass sheet in a wall
Ginger cookies
Frozen precipitation
Female hog
Female deer
Cruise stop
Corrosive chemical
Convertible sofa
Comment from a canary
Chauffeur-driven vehicle
Catch fire
Buy a pig in __
British chap
Black-and-white cookies
Big name in motor homes
Add decorations to
6-pt. football plays
"__ voyage!"
"That's life"
"Mona __"
"It wasn't me!"
"Be serious!"

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