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Crossword Quiz Answers | Crossword Puzzle Answers 22.07.2017

Crossword Quiz Answers  | Crossword Puzzle Answers 22.07.2017

__-nez glasses
__ Rico
__ beef
Word with bank or board
Woolf's '__ Dalloway'
Where I-15 and I-80 meet
Where charges are entered at the bar
What you might pass, but can't fail, in school
Watched carefully
Vishy __, World Chess Champion before Carlsen
Veal __
Uncertain utterances
Tours to be?
They win audiences over bit by bit
Suffix suggesting wiggle room
Spy-fi employer
Spread on the table
Specialized idioms
Some bounders
Sharp pang
Shakespearean interjections
Separated seed from
School squad goal?
Posh 'Peace!'
Pit stuff
One remaining
One fed on the street
Old doctrinal Lutheran movement
Nonprofit that won a 2007 UNESCO Confucius Prize for Literacy
More bizarre
Mineral involved in much litigation
List with sides
Lifts up
Legendary Shawnee leader
It may be jammed
It began in 2010 with the Tunisian Revolution
Israeli foreign minister during the Six-Day War
Iraq War concerns, for short
Instrument often made of African blackwood
Illicit collection, perhaps
Hidden away
Hair extension
Greek walkways
Gigging group
Forbidding contraction
First black U.S. Congresswoman
False pretenses
Epic salvo of social media missives
English __
Denzel Washington's directorial debut
Crunch and others?
Company with 'It's what you do' ads
Campbell of the 'Scream' franchise
Bus meets, e.g
Briefs brand
Boggy biomes
Bichon __
Belch in 'Twelfth Night'
Actress Thompson of 'Creed'
44-Across, in Andalusia
'The Great British Bake Off' airer, initially
'Breakfast at Tiffany's' director

Words next to an X
Word before or after green
What some caddies carry
Wearer of an 'H'-inscribed hat
U. 2's?
The ___ Store
Sweepstakes exhortation
Sticks in the mud
Sportscaster Rich
Sports stick
Some athletic footwear
Snapchat's ghost, e.g
Smoother, now
Slip preventers
Single-serve coffee holders
Show for which Laurie Metcalf won three Emmys
Shore line?
Sensitive conversation topic
Seminary study
Rockefeller Center muralist
Radiance, in England
Pouring one's heart out at a coffeehouse?
Pluto, to Saturn
Over and under, e.g
Ocean areas
Much-mimicked entertainer
Monastery head
Michael who directed 'The Insider'
Manual sequence
Maker of hospital cuts
Major port near the Persian Gulf
Like H-U-M-O-U-R
Lieutenant of 1970s TV
Lead female role on Netflix's 'House of Cards'
Home to the Museum of El Greco
Fail to be
Exhibit flexibility
Drive like hell
Does not disturb
Dodgers' pursuers
Descend upon en masse
Cry of exasperation
Confident to a fault
Competitor of Mt. Olive
Certain social media notifications
Cartoon avatars on Snapchat
Budgeter's concern
Biting words?
Bit of sports fan paraphernalia
Bistro offering
Big-box store founded in 1946
Big role for Liz Taylor
Being tried
Be adequate for
Baby blue, e.g
Awesome successes
Attempt to establish an online connection
Application to a cut
Ankh-holding deity
Airport monitor
Actor Hunter or singer Hunter
1950s song syllable
'___ Fancy has been quelled': Longfellow
'What is ___?'

Zhivago's beloved
With 53-Down, salve additive
Winter blanket
Weight-to-height ratio, for short
Ways with nos
WaterSense program overseer, for short
Volatile Sicilian fixture
Turn a blind eye to
Traffic cop?
Traditional tales
Top of the Egyptian pantheon
They're worth 6 pts
Tanning spot
Sunshine State seeks restroom attendant
Successfully resist temptation
Stupid jerk
Stand-in schedule letters
Spruced up, perhaps
Spiced yogurt drink
Some Oldsmobiles
Some Japanese spirits
So far
Sniggler's wrigglers
Skimpy skirt
Singer Stefani
Show Me State seeks feline computer expert
Ship made of wood from Mount Pelion
Shaving aisle brand
Sharon's 'Cagney & Lacey' co-star
Seller of tie-in merchandise, often
See 47-Across
See 126-Across
Scala of 'The Guns of Navarone'
SASE, often
Salt facility
Sales pro
Renewable promises
Remote location
Reacts to a heartthrob's appearance
Queen who established the Spanish Inquisition
Problem for Bourne
Priestly Dumas character
Pre-med prereq
Potential plant
Portofino's surroundings
Political cartoonist Thomas
Plane figure
Piracy haul
Photographic film coating
Pelican State seeks hired thug for shallow body of water
Passes through a membrane
Palmetto State seeks dumpster-diving vigilante
Off in the ozone
Nyctophobes of sci-fi
Not-so-skimpy skirt
Nice friend
Muse of astronomy
Mountain lions
Mother: Prefix
Marked for inclusion
Malek of 'Mr. Robot'
Lusty woodland residents
Listless feeling
Like many music releases
Lets up
Legal claim
Last word of many a Trump tweet
Land of Opportunity seeks newly relocated merchant to increase competition
Lacking movement
King Abdullah II's home
Jargon ending
Japanese paste
Invoice verb
Inner Hebrides island
Hold capacity
Ho Chi ___
Hitching hope
Hero by another name
Heart of Dixie seeks vinyl-loving hobo
Headquarters of the Siberian Cossacks
Has a knack for
Haleakala National Park location
Hair line
Gush wildly
Grammy-nominated 2011 Lady Gaga song
Gooey treat
Girder type
Geometer's diamonds
Future CEO's degree
Fries, say
French silk
Fly off the handle
Fixes badly?
Far and away
Encircled by
Elizabeth I's house
Dog also called a Persian greyhound
Diamonds, e.g
Derby derriere
Counterpart to trans
Corner joints
Comfy slip-ons
Co. with a fleet of brown trucks
Clashes between cattlemen
Chopin composition
Cal Ripken Jr., notably
Bus map dot
Bunch of steps
Brooklyn hoopsters
Bringer of news
Bit of cocoa
Before, in poems
Bear in the air
Bay State seeks costumed cheerleader in a kilt
Aussie runners
Astronaut Cooper, familiarly
American marsupial
Act the shark
ABA members
ABA member
1000 milligrams of vitamin C, e.g
'Totally wicked!'
'The Nazarene' writer Sholem
'The Hound of the Baskervilles' milieu
'If U ask me…'
'Consider that a gift'

Wines and dines
Warren Buffett and others
Wall St. debuts
Viking artifact, e.g
Urge with flattery
Unload, in a way
Ungrammatical words of denial
Turn topsy-turvy
Textile from Chantilly
Tend to the batter
Suffix with home or bed
Stick around
Sprayed in self-defense
Some toothpastes
Some portfolio holdings, briefly
Singer James who was portrayed by Beyonce
Showoffs on stage
Secretary of State Tillerson
Sch. near Harvard
Ryan of 'Barry Lyndon'
Rob of 'Parks and Recreation'
Reduced to bits, as potatoes
Preminger who directed 'Exodus'
Poor dog's share, in rhyme
Part of a Cub Scout pack
Outlaw Clanton
Outdoor fish market's attribute
Oscar night rides
Nat ___Wild (cable channel)
Mouse-controlled image
More, on a score
Mercury or gallium
Make sure of
Log splitter's hammer
Loch in tabloids
List-ending abbr
Letters on a chit
Let up, as a storm
Land bordering the Caspian Sea
Killer serves
Howling mad
Hors d'oeuvre spread
Horror director Craven
Hazardous household gas
Gum or rubber
Guesstimate phrase
Groening who created 'The Simpsons'
Gossip column couple
Geek Squad caller
Foxx of 'Sanford and Son'
Exchanges vows with
Electronically scored Olympics event
Eject, like a volcano
Ebenezer Scrooge and Scrooge McDuck
Dennis the Menace's dog
Dealer in hot property
Components of many board games
Command to a junkyard dog
Comes into play
Color commentator's tidbit
Chip away at
Chain whose product names may include umlauts
Center ___ (hockey rink area, and a hint to this puzzle's theme)
Can't tolerate
Brit's 'Bye!'
Bow-toting god
Book title's place
Be human, so they say
Be a wheelman for, say
Bay of Fundy phenomena
Batting coach's concern
Balboa's creator
All-purpose vehicle, briefly
Aircraft and pharmaceuticals, to the U.S
1993 peace accords city
'Me too!'
'Gay' city in a Porter song

World's fifth most populous island
Word seen twice on Ptolemy's constellation list
Word on a buffet restaurant window
Will hazard
What runs through strikes
What might follow a misstatement
Weekly pub regular, perhaps
Wander off logically
Visionary in vain
Unglamorous preparations
Top dog
They might hold "regrets only"
Symbols of Minnesota
Subject of Mailer's "The Fight"
Spot in the Dutch Caribbean
Splinter group
Source of campaign financing
Sounds displeased
Rocky Mtn. state
Restraining order
Radiated visibly
Purveyor of the Lily's Blackboard blog
Pronounces by exhaling
Place to place a $2 place
Place that might be wrongly entered as ATLANTA
Person who sounds vinegary
Opposite of "in the dark"
On the contrary
NOW cause
NOW cause
Not much of a sport
Nose __ (autoanything.com offering)
National park including Mount Whitney
Metaphor for a blabbermouth
Lets the outside in
Let go, on a farm
Legalese future tense
Left the ground for a bit
Kind of kernel
Just enough for enjoyment
It resembles X
It might be driving on your head
Go no further
Frequent theme in Japanese pop culture
Frequent droppers
Frequent buyer of cucumbers
Floral section
First pronoun in "O Canada"
Excitation exclamation
Dr. Oz, genealogically
Crash investigator
Counter conclusion
Bk. records
Birth of a notion
Betraying nervousness
Barricade of a sort
Autograph request, often
At least once
Ancestor to all
All-purpose solution
All Access streamer since 2014
A beaver once topped its label
1990s faddists aloft
"__ steals my purse steals trash": Iago
"Angels & Demons" locale

Whine and cry
Tina of TV
Teamwork inhibitors
Tall Aussie bird
Takes legal action
Table scrap
Soda container
Smoking wood
Sleeper's breathing problem
Single squad car
Santa ___ winds
Rubbed raw
Romanian money
Reversal for a driver
Ready to come off the line?
Quite small amounts
Quickly deleted email
Park and Fifth
Oral traditions
Only partner?
One with trying times?
Note on the scale
Network type
Negative Quebec vote
Mythical war god
Mythical love god
Must, slangily
Mother x 3
Mother x 3
Mother x 2
More sudsy
Modify to fit again
Male or female
Loosen up
Longest river in Europe
Long, slender fish
Like occupied bathroom stalls
Large coffee vessel
Knickknack holder
Kermit, notably
In a wise manner
In a piercing manner
Historical period
Ham it up, in a theater
Had a phobia
Gun a motor
Group character
Geographical measurement
Frequently, in old poetry
Fortune-teller's cards
Far from tidy
Drifting chunk of ice
Decisive moment
Cornell's city
College instructor (abbr.)
Christianity's savior
Choir member
Chatter endlessly
Car battery parts
Called a cab
Bro's sib
Biblical suffix
Beach mounds
Army bed
Approximation words
Alligatorlike reptiles
'Psycho' setting
'Let me think …'

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