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Crossword Quiz Answers | Crossword Puzzle Answers 22.06.2017

Crossword Quiz Answers  | Crossword Puzzle Answers 22.06.2017

__ stick
__ blank (was stumped)
Words of regret
With 46-Across, quit working
With 41-Across, corporate status symbol … and a hint to the circled letters
Wave back?
Walter White's Pontiac model in 'Breaking Bad'
Univ. aides
Tornadic Looney Tunes spinner
Tiny, made tinier
Tennyson's '__ Arden'
Staff member?
Small cap
Slice-and-dice product suffix
Sizzling Tex-Mex dish
Seeks information
See 54-Across
See 38-Across
Rubbish bin
Register printout
Rapper-turned-actor in 'NCIS: Los Angeles'
Princes, but not princesses
Perceived Hollywood oversight
One of many on a sweater?
Noah's firstborn
Next up
Never used
Muppet master
Morning orders
Modeled for a portrait
Mentalist's gift
Marshy hollow
Luau fare
Lamp gas
Joyful dances
Indy racer Danica or sportscaster Dan
Home city of Canada's Globe and Mail newspaper
Hindu title
Headshot, e.g
Have a growth spurt
Hardly a neophyte
Gold standard
Giant in Cooperstown
Genuine, for real
Five Nations tribe
Fashion flap
Fam. member
Emetic drug
Eliza Doolittle's creator
Drop to the canvas
Didn't say __: had no comment
Crimean War leader
Crib cry
Craggy peak
Cock and bull
Character who debuted in 'First Blood'
Camera named for a goddess
Cake grain
Big East hoopster
Bagless vacuum pioneer
Airline since 1948
Advice to sinners
35th pres
'The Big Bang Theory' astrophysicist
'Rich men sin, and __ root': 'Timon of Athens'
'Beetle Bailey' pooch

Who said 'The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others'
Where the Robinsons were lost on 1960s TV
What'll give you a leg up?
Typical Scottish Brexit vote
TripTik, e.g
Transfer, as in a bucket brigade
Symbol of silence
Stopped lying
Spanish welcome
Some 1960s protests
See 60-Across
Protected, at 58-Down
Prison guarded by Dementors
Pre-Red head
Possesses, once
Popular tech review site
Poker tournament fee
Place for a frog
Palindromic tennis champ
Out of order
One flying during the holiday season, informally
Olympic skater Slutskaya
Nursing, say
Name attached to a North Carolina '-ville'
N.B.A. long shots
Mr. Rogers
Menace with four-inch teeth
Loop loopers
Like some colossal bores
Like Consumer Reports
Katniss's partner in 'The Hunger Games'
Jump the gun, e.g
Juliette of 'Chocolat'
Joins hands?
John Irving's 'A Prayer for ___ Meany'
Japanese chess
Israeli resort city
Inquire about
Initiates badly?
Honeydew producer
Heaved 'ho'?
Grin broadly
Going south
Fond of hiking, camping, etc
Enjoy Wilde or Wilder, say
Either co-star of 'Paper Moon'
Doctor of letters?
Daredevil Knievel
Confront one another head-on
Christians' ___ Creed
Children's author Hoff
Book of the Bible after Amos
Balaam's talking beast
Ancient Norse work
1, 2, 3 or R
'Whoa, slow down there, partner!'
'That's the way the cookie crumbles'
'Je t'___'
'I like the way you think!'
'Frozen' princess
'Feed your lawn' brand

Why some people visit an aquarium?
Walk steadily
Totally fleece bluesman King?
Texter's 'If you ask me…'
Tater Tots trademarker
Targets of browser blockers
Suffer from the heat
Some NFL highlight reel features
Sites of some sales
Recipe direction
Reason to cancel a Peruvian pack train?
R&D locale
Pound sound
Pooh's pal
One telling you how to go?
On the side of
Nation on the Mediterranean
Musk product
Mouths off
Many a marathon champion
Make out
Literary middle name
Like venture capital investing
Lee who managed the Cubs and Phillies
Leaves time?
Lake Titicaca's locale
Killer of Paris
Interminable wait
Important time
Honshu city popular with steak fans
Groundbreaking implement
Geometry measure
Free of friends
Eschew ignorance
Enterprise inits
Does in forests
Difficult situation
Dealt with budgetary bloat
Dealership document
Current event?
Cabbage roll?
Bugler in the wild
Brite Liner brand
Breyers competitor
Big name in Internet telephony tech
Backwoods brew
Article of faith
Apt. count
Amazon field
Alerts akin to BOLOs
Agcy. that won the 1969 Nobel Peace Prize
2013 film nominated for Best Picture
1998 home run race participant
1983 title role for Barbra
'Yippee, that delicious Chinese brew!'?
'Tricksy spirit' of drama
'The Fountainhead' cover name
'Sherry' singer
'Get off my lawn!' shouter
'Bonanza' or 'Rawhide'

___ off (irate)
___ and crafts
Yr.'s 8,765.8
Words at the top of some lists
Woodwind with a wide range
Where wax can build up
Where sin was first introduced
What Baron Munchausen spun
Weeper of myth
Tube with two electrodes
Troutlike fish
They turn into days
Survive longer than
Sunshine unit
Stages a Civil War battle, today
Squeezed the juice from
Spanish national hero (with 'El')
Silver salmon
Ship's nose
Shankar tune, e.g
Severely unkempt abode
Raquel of 'Fantastic Voyage'
Raindrop sound
Pretentiously trendy
Pocket breads
Peter of raggae fame
One in a conger line?
One drowning in red ink
Notable period of history
Mob enforcers
Middle of the month
Lobster catcher
Like a beauty pageant winner, e.g
Least decent or most lowly
Large sports enclosure
Joined together, as groups (with 'up')
Interrogator's request
Historic spy
Have a thing for
Groups of two
Group of war ships
Glittery rock music genre
Fruit that's rounded at the bottom
Fishy thing to be to keep asking 'Say what?'
Fishy lament from a last-place team?
Fishy admission from a D student?
Female opera star
Fabric ridge
Evening in Venice
Drug offender's prison alternative
Drug in tabs
Down Under gemstone
Discharge, as molten lava
Cuts along the grain
Curled upper-lip look
Crumbly, friable soils
Constructed or crafted
Common nickname for Theodore
Circular sealing gasket
Calorie-counting plan
Busy time at fast-food restaurants
Behavioral scientist's major, briefly
Basso solo
Author Rice
Armistice Day conflict
'___ the twain shall meet'
'Lake ___ of Innisfree'
'Great' dog
'Bed-In for Peace' notable
'All ___ being equal …'

Year-end temp
Whodunit writer who created Perry
Volcano feature
Vegging out
Ursula, the first 'Bond girl'
Trendy, as clothing
Trendy berry in smoothies
Threw wide, say
Texter's 'Didn't need to know that'
Texas Hold ’em fee
Subject of an FBI warning on a DVD
Stingray kin
Solid yellow billiard ball
Snake's hollow tooth
Side dish cooked in a seasoned broth
Saloon instrument
Result of brainstorming
Repo man's seizure
Quarterback sacker, perhaps
Predator of seals
Plantation family of fiction
Part of a wall frame
Part of a Clue board
Pandora's boxful
Over the time limit
Orchard machine
Not clearly stated
Nail salon offering, briefly
Monopoly token or Parcheesi pawn
Mix, as musical influences
Minstrels' instruments
Mediator's skill
Masonic Lodge's meeting place
Lord's home
Like top sirloin, typically
Like some inaccurate clocks
Like Cirque du Soleil performers
Level or bevel
Letter between Delta and Foxtrot
Leave defenseless
Leave 50 percent, say
Known in advance
James who sang 'At Last'
IMDb.com listings
Icky buildup
Hourglass filler
Having a bug
Harbor craft
Gorilla or lemur
Gives off
Flow back
Fizzy drink
Fig. on a PC spec sheet
Drill instructor, informally
Dorothy Gale, to Em
Distinctive flair
Dental care brand
Daredevil's apparent lack
Cropped up
Cpl., e.g
Counts, as votes
Common street name
Coin in circulation since 2002
Cheese in a Greek omelet
Big name in toy trucks
Big name in jeans
Be contingent (on)
Battle of Normandy city
Attack from all sides
At the summit of
Argue, as a court case
'You're something ___!'
'Star Wars' series sage
'Rainbow' fish
'Push-up' garment
'Not so fast!'
'Just as I suspected!'
'Draw me' challenge

__ facto
Youngest of the Jetsons
Wrap up a win
Wooer, from the French
With hidden agendas
Wild thing
Wet lowlands
Very bright
Venerable beer brand
Syrian __ Republic
Switch add-on
Swell time
Swedish supergroup
Striped pet
Splatter catcher
Spill a secret
Spam-sending software
Sound at shearings
Slot-to-fill abbr
Slacked off
Shaq's claim to fame
Sandra's "Speed" costar
Salt, symbolically
Roundish projection
Recent USNA grad
Rays blocked by sunscreen
QVC rival
Provide a rude awakening
Primary "couleur"
Poetic feet
Pile up
Picnic trash
Phileas Fogg emulator
Parting song heard in "Sleepless in Seattle"
Part of HUD
Pac-12 school
Onetime Volvo rival
Once existed
Off-white shade
Object of admiration
Netanyahu nickname
Neighbor of Gr
Native Canadian
Name on 53 gold albums
Monks' leader
Mishandle on the diamond
Middle muscles
Melville title character
Livestock holder
Lettuce variety
Lesser song on a 45
Invitation stipulation
Indonesian isle
Incantation starter
Huff and puff
Guitar's key changer
GM subscription service
Flat-topped terrain
Drinks on draft
Consumer protection org
Chestnut horse
Certain shelter
Budget-friendly, in brand names
Bit of grass
Because cash is at stake
BBC sitcom, for short
Bart's grandpa
Barbecue nugget
Author Ellison
Arafat's successor
43rd POTUS
"Sticky" sweet
"Nota __"

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