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Crossword Quiz Answers | Crossword Puzzle Answers 20.08.2017

Crossword Quiz Answers  | Crossword Puzzle Answers 20.08.2017

__ nationaux: French tourist attractions
__ gibbon: zoo animal
__ Gay: WWII bomber
__ compos mentis
__ City, Iraq
[It's gone!]
Zhou __
World's largest island country
Wisconsin city on Lake Michigan
Wikipedia policy
When some late risers get started
What Tubby brushes with?
Voting coalition
Used a dugout
Transient with a bindle
Top note in a common triad
Tiny colony defender
Thumb drive port
They have ideas
The Willis in Chicago, for one
The Beavers of the Pac-12
Text ender?
Tenth American president
Tatting fabric
Task for roadies?
Tariffed goods
Starting blocks user
Spirit of Saint-Louis?
Spiced rice
Some MIT grads
Skin product enhancement
She, in Capri
SEC Network owner
School interlude
Safari sight
Require treatment, perhaps
Regional asset
Red, yellow or white veggie
Red coin?
Radii, e.g
Quarter of a bushel
Potential replacement sites
Popular tablet
Polish, in a way
Pocatello locale
Planted pips
Places to get in shape
Pkg. payment methods
Percussionist's answer to 'When do you practice?'?
PC options
PC dial-up upgrade
Parisian parents
Pak of the LPGA
Ore refinery
One of the U.S.'s 435
Novelist Umberto
Not bottled
NBC skit show
Mr. T's troop
Model act
Mideast nation: Abbr
Mexican marinade
Little, in Lille
Like certain gases
Layer in ecclesiastical governance
Laura of 'Jurassic Park'
Labyrinth site of myth
Janus-inspired stringed instrument?
Instrument carved from the Tree of Knowledge?
In shape
Idle in sketches
Hollywood faves
Hi-hat for high society?
Have faith in
Harper Valley org
Group once led by Meir and Rabin
Goes for the gold
Glyceride, for one
Give out
Get more out of
Genesis and Dreamcast
Former Cubs slugger
Force into ignominious retreat
Flamenco shout
Face on a fiver
Expert's conclusion?
Envisioned being
End zone celebrations
Deprived (of)
Delivery on deliverance
Dark genre
Damascus denizen
Creamy French cheese
Concerning kidneys
Cold-weather wear
Classic O'Brien 121-Across film
Chinese tea
Cascade components: Abbr
Calendar abbr
Britain's Penny Black and Two Penny Blue
Black or yellow pet
Bit of criticism from Ravi Shankar?
Bit from a bottle
Biblical brother
Bar opening?
Ballpark figs
Baja bar
Author Harte
Arizona desert
Airer of old MGM films
Admits, with 'up'
Actor/stuntman Jackie
A.L. East squad
'50s pol Stevenson
'__ cloud in the sky, Got the sun in my eyes … ': Carpenters lyric
'Water Music' composer
'The King and I' group
'Science Guy' Bill
'Now I get it!'
'MASH' milieu: Abbr
'Just Do It' logo
'I'm Dying Up Here' airer, for short
'Cheese!' consequence

___ Python
World leader who proclaimed 'Women hold up half the sky'
Words before fat and lean, in a nursery rhyme
With 117-Down, Mesabi Range output
Wine-and-cassis drink
Wine's aroma
Want ad letters
Tot's 'Lemme up on your shoulders!'
Tony winner Hagen
Title Seuss creature
Through with
Third one's a harm?
Thick coat on a cold day?
The Red Baron and others
The lowest of the low
The Gabor sisters, e.g
The first pope, to French speakers
The first 'A' in Reddit's A.M.A
The Destroyer, in Hinduism
The crystal in some crystal balls
Tennis's Steffi
Tea times: Abbr
Talk smack about
Take the heat from?
Storied also-ran
Some home printers
Small inlet
Slippery sort
Simple, as a question
Sierras, e.g
Sidney who directed '12 Angry Men'
Short and detached, in music: Abbr
See the world
See 53-Across
See 112-Down
Seats by the orchestra pit, perhaps
Roll up
Repair shop figs
Re: ___ (suitor's subject line)
Re: ___ (stingy date's subject line)
Re: ___ (song lyricist's subject line)
Re: ___ (sales agent's subject line … with an attachment)
Re: ___ (prison librarian's subject line)
Re: ___ (film director's subject line)
Re: ___ (duster's subject line)
Re: ___ (celebrity physician's subject line)
Ransom note writer
Radiuses' neighbors
Prefix with liberal or conservative, but not moderate
Poker player's tic, perhaps
Place to say 9-Down
Pithy observations
Perfume compound
Peanut butter choice
Part of a locust tree
Paris's Musée d'___
Online help
One is usually set by a chair
Old-fashioned gunfight locales
Novelist Seton
Not even close
Northern Montana tribe
Must pay
Must have
Municipal regs
Motorcade unit
Monastery figure
Moaning Hogwarts ghost
Mesa ___ National Park
Matisse, e.g., stylistically
Marriott competitor
Mark Zuckerberg when founding Facebook, e.g
Main forces?
Lowly worker
Lone Star State sch
Lilylike plant
Like the people who invented golf
Like some training
Lee of Marvel Comics
Kind of diagram
Inspector Clouseau's employer
Heavenly hunter
Hansen of a 2016 Broadway hit
Hairstyle rarely seen in the military
H. H. Munro pseudonym
Gucci or Givenchy, e.g
Greek gods' drink
From the top, to a musician
Formally chooses
Fleet on Fleet Street
Film excerpt
Expert on meters and feet
European capital
Eliminated by a ref's decision
Dwellers on the Arabian Peninsula
Deseret News reader, e.g
Den, often
Dalmatian, e.g
Cubbie or Card
Couch potato
China setting
Catering staple
Carrier to Seoul, for short
Bathday cakes?
Baseball exec Bud
Back up on disk
Astronaut after whom Buzz Lightyear was named
Apply to
Apple product discontinued in 2017
An official color of the Miami Dolphins
Actress Arquette
25, 27, 29, etc
'You bet!,' in Yucatán
'Turn up the A/C!'
'Stop!,' to a cop
'Selma' director DuVernay
'Is that even possible?'
'Down,' at a diner
'Are you some kind of ___?'
'A Navel' artist, 1923
$$$$, on Yelp

___ vehicle (do a hauler's job)
___ of Capri
Washing machine cycle
Was sore
Volcanic output
Tool that punches holes
Thing to do before you raise
State-sponsored gambling game
Staff assistants
Spirit or style
Some Halloween offerings
Some Bosnians
Singing John
Sing loudly and forcefully
Scottish head warmers
Saint who founded Scholasticism
S. ___ (Neb. neighbor)
Run on at the mouth
Rise in the skies
Putter or driver
Put 'X' in a box
Prefix with 'inflammatory'
Practice for a prize fight
Popular cookie brand
Not just upset
Matisse or Rousseau
Many, many millennia
Make over
Like many barn roofs
Late singer known for purple
Larynx ailment
Juvenile newts
It was curtains for Polonius
It runs around a building
It gets the brush-off
Island west of Great Britain
How some TV shows are available
Get-together for football players?
Fully closed, as a door
Forgets to include
Fish-eating eagle
Finally loses one's patience
Feature of a loaf of bread
Fabric colorer
Donkey relative
Do a tire store service
Did nothing
Continental cash
Collar, as a perp
Chalkboard necessity
Certain hospital unit
Central New York city
Campus VIP
Calculating computer part?
Bygone Peruvian
Bullets, briefly
British bathrooms
Bread type
Be that as it may
Asian cuisine
Allow temporary use of
Alaska native
Airport screening org
'Well, ___-di-dah'
'Tight' in some product names
'Throw in the towel,' e.g
'Right now!'
'Jolly old' saint
'Get real'
'… ___ the twain shall meet'

___ globe (desk adornment)
___ Elton John
___ Cooper (British car)
Yellow-brown shades
Winter coating
Watt, ampere or tesla
Visitors to Earth, for short
Utah's state animal
Turing portrayed in 'The Imitation Game'
Spelling of '90210'
Soon, to bards
Sits one out
Shout to a torero
Relinquished one's seat
Razor-thin iPad model
Ran like heck
Puts up, as a tower
Program for early PCs
Prefix with gram or meter
Play for time
Place to schuss
Pirate's potation
Pillow prettifier
Piece from Elia
Personal ad verb
Pedometer tally
Parallel lines never do this
Occasion to use water cannons
Nonglossy finish
Natural sunburn soother
Muesli morsel
MS-13 or the Latin Kings
Mouth, slangily
Modern data storage option
Mideast gulf city
Many an al-Jazeera viewer
Make the first auction offer, say
Major export from 19-Across
Magma, after surfacing
Literary criticism, of sorts
Like an old bagel
Life of Riley
Liberia's flag has one
Letters on the Pinafore
Letters on the Gerald R. Ford
Lesley of '60 Minutes'
Just sitting around
In a listless manner
Imus and Limbaugh, for two
Ice fisher's creation
Holder of a legal claim
Handles roughly
Had a feeling
Growler or schooner filler
Galley blades
Founder of a theater-district eatery
Easily duped sort
Downey who portrayed Jackie Onassis
Doubleday of baseball lore
Does some basting
Deliberately ignore
Corn throwaway
Colorful blooms, for short
Clapping SeaWorld animal
Camera or eye part
Baseball's dead-ball ___
Atlas figure
Armless, headless statue, perhaps
Alliance recently joined by Montenegro
'___ we meet again . . .'
'___ the season . . .'
'The Simpsons' bus driver
'It's not worth talking about'
'Hansel and Gretel' appliance
'For the Boys' support grp

__ Valley, CA
Wolfed down
Whom the Thunderbirds fly for: Abbr
What stuffing might be made from
Verboten things
Urban fleet
Toast topper
Tin soldier's weapon
Tightens, as a belt
Tie the knot
Theater installations
Swahili's language group
Steakhouse menu phrase
Stadium enclosures
Small bouquets
Sloping type, for short
Skin designs, informally
Shed feathers
Sharp in perception
Seer's deck
Scott's knight
S&L products
Rt.-hand person
Rome attractions
Ring around a lagoon
Ren Faire weapons
Recording-studio effect
Reasons for overtime periods
Rate of movement
Progress slower
President after Grant
Potato-peeling GIs
Point a finger at
Place for a lace
Pieces of the pie
Penny-__ (trifling)
Opt (to)
O'Brien of TV talk
Noisy fights
No longer funny
News-service initials
Must, so to speak
More achy
Mixology lessons
Milk by-product
Metal in some solders
Mammal around the Aleutians
Male turkeys
Mai __ cocktail
Lower oneself
Lots and lots
Lit. genre
Linen fabric
Lean one
Keaton Oscar role
Is a mixologist
In the dark
Hound's trail
Hole-punching tools
Here, to Herodotus
Have confidence in
Has no ability to
Harry Potter pal
Hard-kicking big bird
Hangs on the line, say
Gymnast Mary __ Retton
Golden Globe winner for "Girls"
Gloomy atmosphere
Give a shout-out to
Georgia's capital, slangily
Fries or slaw
Freezer fixture
Fliers in a skein
First TV superstar
Fire-breathing boss
Feed, as a furnace
Fast-food servings
Fail to mention
Examines, informally
Europe's tallest volcano
Electrical units
Eighth of a gallon
Easy task
Drive-__ window
Dress designer Ricci
Dirt-road grooves
Director Brooks
Composer Erik
Cold War spy org
Code-breaking org
City near Brigham Young
Charismatic glow
Catty remark
Carefree capital of song
Captain of the "Golden Hind"
Can empathize
Brown shades
British gent
Belgrade native
Barn-dance seat, perhaps
Baby shower gift
Author of detective fiction's "Golden Age"
Attach, as a button
Artist Magritte
Arthur __ Stadium (US Open venue)
APB responders
Analyze, as ore
Actress Taylor
Actress Hedy
Absorbs, with "up"
A Trump son
6 Down component
'60s ex-president's letterhead
"__ sow, so shall . . ."
"To a . . ." poem
"The Man With the Golden Gun" actress
"The Man With the Golden Flute"
"The Golden Greek" magnate
"The Golden Girls" star
"The Golden Bear" golfer
"That's all __ wrote"
"On Golden Pond" Oscar winner
"Messenger" molecule
"Green" prefix
"GoldenEye" theme singer
"Golden" king of myth
"Don't play," on a score
"Caught ya!"
"American" territory

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