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Crossword Quiz Answers | Crossword Puzzle Answers 16.07.2017

Crossword Quiz Answers  | Crossword Puzzle Answers 16.07.2017

__ cheese sandwich, popular Augusta National menu item sold for $1.50
Wrote, as music
Wrapped up
Wise ones
Wife of Aeneas
West Coast NFLer
Way to hit?
Water collectors
Virtual human companion
Up against it
Unsettling look
Twists in a bar
Trig ratio
Trendy coffee order
Transfers, as a T-shirt design
Tiny messenger
Timed perfectly
Taoist force
Tandoori bread
Surface for stretching
Stock maker's flavor enhancer
Spray sources
Spot in a newspaper
Spanish royalty
Something to say to a dentist
Snow __
Short-lived Mormon state
Shoestring hassle
Rouge ou blanc
Record, in a way
Rain storage tank
Pueblo people
Product of ocean evaporation
Poppycock, with 'a'
Poker phrase
Pisa party?
Personalized music media
Peak in Thessaly
Out of whack
Ones handing out cigars, stereotypically
One of dozens, for millions
One of Chekhov's 'Three Sisters'
Old yellers
Not just any old
North Pole feature
Nerve junction
Name that might pop up during a breakfast conversation
Musical Keys
Muscle-to-bone connectors
Mr. Spock forte
Move up and down
Mixed martial artist Rousey
Mayo is in it
Manual reader
Make busts, say
Like many a postcard scene
Like 45 records
Lightning particles
Leave no room in
Knowledge of spiritual matters
Kind of radial tire
Kate of 'Th1rteen R3asons Why'
Kampala is its capital
Just beat
Jason's shipbuilder
Japanese noodle dish
Impulse-conducting cell
Imminently dangerous situation
Idiomatic bits
Hook wigglers
Hollowed out
Had the nerve
Gush on stage
Gross fraction
Grinch creator
Girl in Byron's 'Don Juan'
GI morale booster
Get back (to)
Fundamental rules
Fries, usually
Five-time Kentucky Derby winning jockey
First Turkish president __ Atatürk
Fertile Crescent waterway
English novelist Charles
Deli delicacy
Contractor's details
Company that merged with Konica
Common soccer score
Come together
Classic VW
City on Lake Michigan
Christianity's __ Creed
Chihuahua neighbor
Cheering deafeningly
Changing of the locks
Champagne choice
Casually arrive, in slang
Caribbean islander
Bridges, in Venice
Brews for socials
Breakdown of social norms
Big party
Big mouth
Biform beast
Berkeley school, familiarly
Behold, to Brutus
Base runners?
Bad person to share appetizers with?
Artist's talent
Add pizazz to an ad, say
Achilles' heel
1986 #1 hit for Starship

'The NFL Today' analyst
'The Fog of War' director Morris
'Need assistance?'
'Land ho!' prompter
'Bus Stop' playwright
'Bewitched' character

___ an independent (eschewed the party label)
Zagreb's country
Word before Cong or Minh
What you should do 'if symptoms persist'
Western ___ (college course, informally)
Weisshorn and others
U.S. rebellion leader of 1841-42
Traditional Chinese forces
Summer position for a college student
Stereotypical Deadhead wear
Spanish bloom
Son of, in Arabic names
Slept with, biblically
Singer DiFranco
Shipping route
Shield border
Scott of 'Joanie Loves Chachi'
Rope fiber
ROFL alternative
Roasted: Sp
Rhett Butler's final two words
Resident of Tatooine in 'Star Wars'
Recipe direction
Reasons to say yes
Ran off
Quarrel (with)
Put into words
Presidents' Day event
Polish rolls
Places to get looped
Place to pray
Picking up a quart of milk, say
Partially edited version of a movie
Palm piece
Pai ___ (Chinese gambling game)
Overcome an embarrassment
Orange avenue in Monopoly
Oral tradition
One of 16 works by Brahms
One challenged by a sentry
Old-style warning
O.K., in Okinawa
Nursery rhyme destination
No longer fast?
Nighty-night wear
Nice thing to hit
Nary ___
Nail polish brand
Mull over
Mufflers and such
Mister, in New Delhi
Met soprano Berger
Med. school subject
Male duck
Make brighter, as a fading tattoo
Lose steam, with 'out'
Like some thinking
Like most things in 'Ripley's Believe It or Not!'
Kind of question
Kind of pad
It's Irish for 'We Ourselves'
It might absorb a blow
Hosp. staffers
Hong Kong's Hang ___ Index
Having an effect
Gorilla watcher Fossey
Gold rush city of 1899
Get off at Grand Central, say
Geneva and Beirut
French nobleman
Fly-fisher's line joiner
Five Norwegian kings
First name in courtroom fiction
Fifth-century pope known as 'the Great'
Excuse for not turning in homework
Elementary school trio, briefly
DVD button
Dried (off)
Discouraging words
Dealer's query
D.C. athlete
Cpl., e.g
Couturier Cassini
Concentration, to a British chemist
Company lover?
Carolina ___
Captain von Trapp's betrothed
Captain Nemo's creator
Bush or Clinton, collegiately
Bunny chasers?
Bring home the bacon
Bottle for oil or vinegar
Boomers' offspring
Bird bills
Awful idea
Author Anaïs
As good as it gets
As a joke
Artist who designed costumes for 'Ben-Hur'
Area far from port
Architect Gehry
Apple debut of 2001
Alternative to wind
Actress Kazan of 'My Big Fat Greek Wedding'
Actor Reeves
Actor Gillen of 'Game of Thrones'
45 player
19th-century French landscapist
1970s TV cool dude, with 'the'
12.01, for carbon: Abbr
'___ Just Seen a Face' (Beatles tune)
'___ first …'
'Thanks ___ God!'
'My ___' (1979 hit by the Knack)
'Miss Julie' opera composer, 1965
'Mad Money' network
'Life According ___' (Emmy-winning documentary)
'It's on me!' … or a hint to this puzzle's circled letters
'Hidden Figures' actor
'Beowulf' and others
'Anyhoo,' e.g

___ erectus
Wind indicator
Was bugged in winter?
Unit of force
Type of household pet
Type of dancer or boot
Tug-of-war requirement
Sturgeon's eggs
Start to clear a cribbage board
Some ladies' wear
Sign of foreboding
Scatter, as a crowd
Savings vehicle, briefly
San Simeon-to-Fresno dir
Roller-coaster cry
Repeated dance syllable
Recipe amt
PUNCH LINE: gummy bear
PUNCH LINE: Guardians of the Galaxy
PUNCH LINE: … jalapeno business (var.)
Post-op recovery period
Poetic Allan Poe
Plan to lose weight
Per ___ (yearly)
One of the strike zone limits
Nurses' duties
Natural wax producer
More than suggested
More humble in spirit
Mock or jeer
Mambo legend Puente
Makes statements
Light providers
Kitchen range
Jacob's Old Testament brother
Italian wine area
Irritates greatly
Informal 'certainly'
In just a short while
Have a feeling about
Garlic mayonnaise
Garden tool
Foreign Legion cap
Famous man of fables
Eye problem
Eye lustfully
Epsom and table
Ending for 'mountain' or 'sonnet'
Deplete (with 'up')
Corporal or sergeant, e.g
Clear jelly for molds
Christening or baptism, e.g
Chief or primary
Certain active volcano
By way of, on street signs
Border lake or canal
Book typos
Beer varieties
Beards that a farmer grows
Bard's river
Babysitter's unruly kid
Attempt all over again
Ask, as a question
Acid type
Absolutely infuriates
'The Waste Land' poet
'Stat' relative
'Please let me go!' e.g

Weigh station visitors
Weather map feature
Unwanted vegetation
U.K. lexicon
Two-thirds of DIY
Travel as Mir did
Tie-___ (like some 67-Across)
The Big Board, briefly
The bearded Smurf
Tellers of fish stories
Takes part in a rebellion
Suffix with home or bed
Spills hot coffee on, say
Shirts with slogans
Seeger of folk
Sargasso Sea spawners
Plugging away
Play for a patsy
Places for rubber duckies
PC key below 'Insert'
Patronize Amazon.com
Pair in a 'dead man's hand'
One of the Oyls of 'Thimble Theatre'
Oater pursuit group
Nutty as a fruitcake
Net plus tare
Mythical goat-men
Motocross wheels, briefly
Mince and Boston cream
Madonna-and-son depiction
Look through a keyhole
Locale of a tiny 'hammer'
Line-___ veto
Lawrence of Arabia's mount
In the thick of
Id counterpart
Iberian Peninsula river
How fish may be packed
Hook's henchman
Heal, as bone
HDTV screen feature
Has in mind
Grain used in brewing Coors Light
Gavel pounder's demand
Garbage-hauling vessel
Fruit in fruit cocktail
Fruit for a twist
Forgiveness, as to draft evaders
First principle of Kwanzaa
Feeling of unease
Feature of an unrifled firearm
FBI director fired by Trump
Expel from law practice
Exit hastily
Enjoy the kiddie pool
Emeril catchword
Drop in the mail
Did another take of
Dean of 'Lois & Clark'
Dark clouds, to some
Cry following an errant drive
Cross-shaped Greek letter
Cries out loud
Comstock's bonanza
Complete Topps series, e.g
Cheer at the corrida
Burger-joint beverage
Bit of subterfuge
Behave like a brat
Barfly, for short
Bakery allure
Arkin of 'Argo'
Anderson of rock's Jethro Tull
All settled up
100 percent effort
'One more thing . . .'
'Must-see' review
'Mitla Pass' author Leon

__-Ball (arcade game)
Yemen's capital
Whitish gem
Wagering spots: Abbr
Verbal shrug
USN bigwig
Two-band, as radios
Toil away
Timeline slice
Tax prep pro
Tampa neighbor
Takeout order
Take too far
Take long steps
Take effect
Taj Mahal city
Sweat spot
Sushi selection
Sudden attack
Statement in logic
Stare at
Space shot finale
Somewhat improper
Solemn vow
Skirt edges
Singer Abdul
Shrimp cousin
Sealy alternative
Sculptures, e.g
Sculpting medium
Scale deduction
Russian drink
Rock plateau
River formation
Right-angle shapes
Really enjoys
Pull from behind
Post- opposite
Poetic planet
Poetic dusk
Pea holders
Pass by
Ore ending
Opposite of ultra-
Opinion piece
Operatic excerpt
On the level
On the level
Not of the clergy
Neptune's domain
NASA affirmative
Munich Mrs
MLB number
Mid-March day
Melon cover
Maraschino covering
Luau figurine
Lively energy
Little toymaker
List of the best
Like the ocean
Lake near Reno
Itinerary abbr
Insurer with a duck
Initial chip
Inc.'s cousin
Idyllic spot
Hopping mad
HMO participants
Happen again
GOP elephant creator
Golfer's count
Golfer Mickelson
Gets it wrong
German Elizabeth
Genesis twin
Gear teeth
Garlicky mayonnaise
Garden pest
Gains altitude
Friendly touch
French diarist
Folk wisdom
Floor models
Flapjack chain
Feel concern
Family nickname
Family nickname
Fails to be
Excellent, slangily
Emulate bloodhounds
Electronic read
Drive forward
Driller's deg
Destroyer letters
Declare untrue
Cry of delight
Cruise quarters
Crisp snack
Cozy place
Charity event
Cartoon frame
Campers, for short
Bulb holder
British guy
Brewpub letters
Bout ender
Blacken on a grill
Bird: Pref
Bills for drinks
Bearlike marsupial
Battlefield healer
Bake sale grp
Auction exclamation
Arizona city
Anti-leather org
Agree to take part
Agassi of tennis
Actress Hedy
Academic period
100% behind
"Sesame Street" rating
"Rodeo" composer
"Poison" plant
"Nova" airer
"My treat"
"Modern" prefix
"Jungle Book" snake
"Farewell, François"
"Aladdin" prince

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