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Crossword Quiz Answers | Crossword Puzzle Answers 12.07.2017

Crossword Quiz Answers  | Crossword Puzzle Answers 12.07.2017

__ rule
Wood cutter
Whopper, but not a Big Mac
Where heros are made
What might make a Cardinal an Oriole
VIP with a corner office, perhaps
Urbana-Champaign 'Fighting' team
Triangle side
Take over for
Take it easy
Southwest, e.g
Some summer births
Showy April bloom
Shish kebab holder
Sexy dance moves
Sergeant's address
Safari find
Reader at Mass
Puppy bite
Prepare to shoot with a Canon
Plots of land
Place for fuzzy navels
Pigs out (on), briefly
Out in a hammock?
Oasis visitors
Not hidden
Not as well-done
NFL six-pointers
Neruda's '__ to Common Things'
Must have
Much sushi- and sashimi-grade tuna
Mrs. Smith's rival
Mister Rogers
Mil. no-show
Med. imaging procedure
Maker of chips
Major Hindu deity
Maine college town
Ma's strings
Liston opponent
Like __ in the headlights
Lawn roll
Kazan who directed Marlon in his first Oscar role
Homeric outburst
Guatemala gold
Group lawsuit … and what each answer to a starred clue is?
Gray area?
Fiddling emperor
Eschew the doorbell
Empire St. paper
Dynamic leader?
Drummer's sound after a one-liner
Crunchy breakfast
Crème de la crème
Corp. symbols
Contemptuous looks
Bullring cry
Bridal bio term
Birdseed buffets
Balkan first-timer in the 2016 Olympics
Animated internet pics
Airfield fixtures
*Year-end hurdle
*Excursion that may require permission slips
*Evacuation exercise
*Annual kids' competition aired by ESPN
'You said it, sister!'
'There's nothing to do'
'Just sayin',' in texts
'Jeopardy!' fare
'It's not news to me … '

Word derived from the name of a Belgian town
Where a congregation congregates
Wheel adornment
What may have a dog leg to the left or right?
What good comics do
Video game with a square ball
TV's 'Top ___'
Troop group
Tournament pass
They might emerge on hilltops
T.S.A. screening
Sticky strip
Southern Slav
South African golfing great
Sci-fi princess
Rock's Jethro ___
Relative of a musette
Prefix meaning 'half'
Please ___ (invoice stamp)
Part of EGBDF
Overnight flight
One on a U.S. penny
Moon unit?
Modern-day remake of a W. C. Fields film?
Modern-day remake of a Robert De Niro film?
Modern-day remake of a Bing Crosby film?
Member of the first family
Make litterproof?
Long march
Little red monster
Like cheap toilet paper
Lands on a couch, say
Kuwaiti leader
Kind of boid that catches the woim?
Jessica of 'Fantastic Four'
It's stuck on a grill
Indians' home: Abbr
Half of a towel set
Guy with a lot of bookings?
Grumbly 'Are you still sleeping?' response
Goat coat
Give it up, so to speak
Gentle tune
Gardner who wrote 'The Case of the Negligent Nymph'
French vineyard
Fine cotton
Film lovers may run in it
Feeling of anxiety
F.D.R., Churchill and Stalin's last meeting place
Emo emotion
Cut above the flank
Computer that accurately predicted Ike's 1952 election
Completely busted
Carson not known for his monologues
Canine command
Brief blow
Bouncer's checks, for short?
Be abrasive
Barracks barkers: Abbr
Apply, as lotion
App customer
Animals that provided hair used in Chewbacca's costume
Aches (for)
A peck in a park is one, for short
… and something to eat while watching the remakes
'That so?!'
'Bloody' queen
'As if!'
'All in the Family' mother

___ de mer
Wish for le roi
Wanted poster listing
Up to the job
Unfavorable for flora
Turn in the park
Travel papers
Top of the world
Sudan splitter
Stylist's stuff
Stiff drink
Spaniards' spending
Smoothie choice
Silhouette on a highway sign
Shot in a dentist's office
Sch. nicknamed the West Point of the South
Retiree's military uniform?
Real doozies
Ready for skinny-dipping
Quarterback Brett
Prosecution presented through poetry?
Popular time to go to la plage
Pimlico runner
Piano pieces
PC's brain
Part of a homicidal bridal ensemble?
Org. with a Trafficthief database
Ninny's lack
Mother of Horus
Lincoln or Ford
Like old audiobooks
Knives wielded by deadly snakes?
Knight work
Kind of musical wonder
Kilauea output
Jewish holiday
Jet stream heading
Ingredient in saltimbocca a la Gryffindor?
Industrial tub
Hydrocarbon ending
Home port of the USS Niagara
Home city of the Big 12's Cyclones
Grumpy co-worker
George's 'Gravity' co-star
Gem unit
French film award
Etching agent
Elongated fish
Earth Day month
Dribble catcher
Drake's genre
Dortmunders' denials
Disturbingly different
Crew tool
Concubines' quarters
Competition with stakes
Chesapeake Bay swimmer
California mission founder Junipero
Bullring beast
Brand with Gym2Pool activewear
Battery number
Bar tenders?
Badlands sight
Ashton Kutcher's 'That '70s Show' role
Any of six on a cube
Antipasto bit
Alternative to the Dow
401(k) cousin
'Stupid ___ stupid does'
'Foreign Affairs' author Alison
'Deathtrap' wife
'Buy you ___?' (bar offer)

___-serif (font)
Work away
Word with 'generation' or 'gender'
Woolly Andean creatures
Where Farsi is spoken
Waco-to-NYC dir
Version for testing
Unexpected obstacle, in hosiery
Type of voice in a choir
Thought that could save one's life
Succeed in life
Story setting, e.g
Soup variety
Some is spam
Smaller amount
Small restaurant
Smacks hard, as a slider
Slowly, on a music score
Silly and irrelevant
Saudi Arabian bills
Sash of the Far East
Repairs clothing
Reciter or quoter
Quite a ways
Pond film
Plaster of paris
Place for a dirty fork?
One admitted to rehab
Not too many
Not spoken
Not duped by
Most dilapidated
Molecule part
Mogadishu native
Meat and veggie dish
Mass gathering place?
Luthor who hates Superman
Love poetry Muse
Loose-fitting wrap of India
Look at
Line made by a tailor
Like some bulls
Large continent
Lady from Madrid
Just edges, in a race
June 6, 1944
It's sometimes turned over
Invoice abbr
Hailed vehicles
Guy, informally
Gives hope to
Flying saucers, e.g
Fireplace residue
Eclectic assortment
Dull pain
Desert beast
Costa del Sol attraction
Coral formation
Continental money
Coins, collectively
Close-Douglas thriller
Catchall abbr
Capital of Norway
Buenos ___
British bringer of gifts
Beady counters
Barbecue rod
Baker's necessity
Arranged dates
Antique auto or English county
Abnormal collection of blood

Zoosk.com hookups
Word with sandwich or soda
Word of impatience
Wise king of Israel
White House nickname
UNLV part
Uncalled for
Tom of 'The Seven Year Itch'
They did bin Laden in
Theme park near Orlando
Take up, as a cause
Swinton of 'Michael Clayton'
Stir-fry vegetable
Stable fare
Spots on a 6-Down
Some HDTVs
Some fragrant cakes
Soak satirist Dorothy?
Snowballs and spitballs, to kids
Six-Day War weapon
Sister of Rachel, in the Bible
Salon job, informally
Results of chafing
Reason to take Maalox
Rare sight at a topless beach
Protective barriers on roofs
Pro-war sorts
Post-op area
Place for an easy chair
Partner of Siskel, then Roeper
Oscar winner Kingsley
Online chuckle
Navigator's chart
Nashville music mecca, familiarly
Move like a crab
Mooch, as a cigarette
Monopoly deed figure
Miner's helmet attachment
Low-level clouds
Lounge around
Lithium-___ battery
Like zero-alarm chili
Like a concert CD
Largest New Deal agcy
Kicked in
Item in Zak Starkey's kit
It doesn't fly on the Sabbath
Invited to one's penthouse, say
Hawkeye Pierce's branch
Gives Xanax to, e.g
Gimlet garnish
Get ready for the OR
For whom the Edgar was named
Enjoy monkey bars
English horn's cousin
Elevate novelist Joseph?
Electoral College blowout
Do-it-yourselfer's purchase
Deserving an X rating
Cry from Bill the Cat
Cropped up
Corday's victim
Competitor of HP and Acer
Command novelist Norman?
Churn out whoppers
Charmers' snakes
Bother, to the Bard
Bombard playwright Arthur?
Be under the weather
Arthur Ashe Courage Award, e.g
Antioxidant berry in smoothies
Alcoholic-sounding ice cream flavor
4×4 vehicle, for short
1945 flag-raising site, briefly
'The Hot Zone' virus
'Same here'
'Encore,' literally
'Best Song ___' (One Direction hit)

Wall Street traders, for short
Uncredited, as a quote: Abbr
Typing speed stat
Trail to bike or hike
Toledo's state
Thumbs-down vote
Tasting like lemons
Sty female
Speech starter
Spam folder contents
Spain's capital
Shaker filler
Set down
Select group
Risk-it-all wager
Reach in total
Ragu competitor
Quintet count
Prefix for bytes or bucks
Perform superbly
Pakistan neighbor
Paints sloppily
Outer layer of wood
Olympian's award
Oil cartel
Nursery dirt
Nonessential extra
Mr. Spock's planet
Move like a kangaroo
Moby-Dick pursuer
Minor argument
Masseur's employer
Male in a meadow
Lug around
Love, in 50 Down
Loafer, for instance
Light bulb measure
Letter before iota
In those days
Homer's toon neighbor
Hat-wearing Seuss character
Glowing review
Give breakfast to
From this day on
Freeway access
Family member
Explorer __ de León
Dockworker's venue
Director Kazan
Dentist's direction
Cook in a wok
Clothes-dryer debris
Clock-radio sound
Cleveland's lake
Cave-dwelling animals
Carried, as by wind
Capital of Italia
Burst of lightning
Bottom file-drawer abbr
Boring tool
Bluffing game
Big brawl
Be durable
Be bratty
Barbecue serving
Banquet meal choice, often
Apple throwaways
Add more film to a camera
Accumulate, with "up"
59 Across ritual
"__ shalt not steal"
"__ Misérables"
"Mighty" trees

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