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Crossword Quiz Answers | Crossword Puzzle Answers 09.09.2017

Crossword Quiz Answers  | Crossword Puzzle Answers 09.09.2017

__ jar
Workout spot
Whisper from a cheater, maybe
Went deep
Venus, when appearing as the morning star
Unlikely GoFundMe supporters
Trattoria staple
Traditional March 14 servings
They started the Arab Spring
Theater originally lit with oil lamps
The first 'A' in A.A. Milne
Thanksgiving, e.g.: Abbr
Table for __
Springfield bar
Space for a ship
Singing voice, informally
Self-gratifying pursuit
Safe havens
Put on
Play loudly
Place for the undecided?
Pittsburgh's __ Park
Picking up
Pharmaceutical giant
Percussion instrument
Paradise in 'On the Road'
One taking a fall
Napkin holders?
Minor employment needs, in some places
Maestro Doráti
Longtime NBC hit
Lob paths
Little bit
Like the flame at Graceland
Like some chatter
Like Pentatonix performances
Lena of 'The Unbearable Lightness of Being'
Law groups
Knight who co-founded Death Row Records
Joan of Arc, for one
Jack's links rival
Helpful program for frequent fliers
Hawked stuff
Hardly fresh
Great Plains st
Give under pressure
Fr. title
Fill up
Father's ceremony
Enter covertly
End with force
Dancers seen in strips?
Coty subsidiary that makes nail polish
Contemporary of Plácido
Close buds
Brandy statistic
Blow away
Barrier for Sisyphus
Almost reaches
'Way to go!'
'Ungainly fowl' of poetry
'Not true!'
'I'm amazed!'
'Good first step'

Words of praise
With 10-Down, go wild
Valencian dishes
Too slick
Timorese, e.g
Time for many TV talk shows, informally
They have sgts
Team in Houston
Take another direction
Starting point for a hole
Start of a billet-doux
Son-in-law of Chief Powhatan
See 57-Across
Roadway finisher
Richest part
Refinery container
Recharge, so to speak
President Clinton hosted one in 2000
Pool cover
Person with a mental bloc?
Pandora and Spotify
P.G.A. Championship airer
Oxford designation
One getting depressed on the road
Minority group
Means of keeping musical time
Loyalty, old-style
Like night and day
Like hall-of-fame inductees, typically
Like a wet noodle
Knocked out
Kind of walk
Its artists do many sketches, for short
It may prey on a ray
Is dormant
Intuition about something soon to happen
Inspiron maker
Government org. impersonated in many phishing scams
Goof off
Football stat: Abbr
Fire on from above
Faced with courage
Edible part of a mesquite tree
Drag accessory
Difficulty picking up subtleties
Deli case display
Date preceder
Crow, for one
Counterpart of a blitz
Comparative indicator
Collette of 'United States of Tara'
C. S. Lewis's symbol of Jesus
Business concern
Big headache for a company rep
Became excited
Alternative to Pandora or Spotify
Also say
A star might go on one
2016 campaign topic
2-3 or 1-2-2, in basketball
'___ ohev otach' (Hebrew for 'I love you')
'Well, I'll be!'
'We agreed to it, so you'd better deliver'
'The Governator'
'Sudden Death' star, 1995
'Little Birds' author
'Ain't gonna happen!'

___ about (around)
Yemen capital
Where you might be kneaded
Wallaby predators
View from Mount Vernon
UV stopper
United Nations Plaza display
To a great degree
Tin Man's need
Till bills
Tell tale item
Take, as testimony
Specialized vocabulary
Some jackets
Some bow ties
Some are inflated
Sketch show that featured Rick Moranis and John Candy
Simon & Garfunkel album, and a hint to what can precede and follow the halves of the starred answers
Sentry's shout
Semester tester
Roll call response
Role for Michael Caine and Jude Law
Relaxing place
Radar, e.g
Projecting bay window
Points a finger at
Place for a lace
Pieces for coloraturas
Perform miserably
Participant in protein synthesis
Painter's base
Online troublemakers
One or more
On many occasions
Old bank giveaway
Number on a trophy
Neck of the woods
Must for D.C. visitors
Movie character voiced by Seth MacFarlane
Move up the corporate ladder
Mir launcher
Melber of MSNBC
Margarita rim garnish
Mao colleague
Lusty look
List of candidates
Like many motorcycle jackets
Like Congress
Leia's love
Knicks star Anthony, familiarly
It may move you
Hypotenuse, e.g
Hurricane harbingers
Hospital unit
Hoity-toity types
Henry Fielding's last novel
Hebrew for 'to the skies'
HBO rival
Hardly commonplace
Gutter site
Group in a shell
Grilling tool
Green on JetBlue, perhaps
Great American Ball Park team
Game in which each team has one or two innings
Gag reflexes?
Flamboyant accessories
Fitting brand for kids
Filbert trees
Feature of a violist's sheet music
Execute camels, e.g
Exam for future U. students
Exam for future attys
Egg size
Easily available
Dundee denial
Desert dangers
Deli choice
Dairy department unit
Create a ruckus
Comforting person
Chef's topper
Cagey answers
Bruins legend
Born as
Blueprint detail, briefly
Bitty bits
Bench presser's pride
Bart's bus driver
Balance sheet listing
Back on the Bounty
Attire for Mario and Luigi
Asian Buddhist
Ascot events
Art supporters
Arouse, as interest
Antler branch
Advice to soldiers on patrol
Activist singer from Dublin
Act of faith?
1998 Masters champ Mark
*Wimbledon highlight
*Task for TSA agents
*Magazine lead
*Good sport's forte
*Golf ball striker
*Galaxy, e.g
*Envelope inscription
*'And that's that!'
'Troublemaker' singer Murs
'No clue'
'Maude' creator
'Let's do it!'
'Just ___!'
'I want to be alone'
'Girl Gone Wild' singer
'Far out!'

Worthless metal
What Jaime Sommers was
Veranda, in Pearl City
Type of round, flat bread
Type of measurement 'system'
To negative travelers, expansive views are ..
The hungry, negative travelers ..
The Bible's truth
The 'mother' of deposits
Super slow, negative travelers ..
Strong passion
Stockholm native
Stairway parts
Sports commentator Musburger
Soon, in old poetry
Smell horrifically
Slathered frosting all over
Simple joke
Shinto temple gateway
Shakes, as the police
Russian ruler, once
Ready and qualified
Race of Norse gods
Psychology topic
Pride member
Present, as a question
Pound of flesh
Plaster of ___
Plane patrollers
Opposite of wax
Neighbor of a Barbadian
More, in Mexico
Monk of Tibet
Mineral formed from silica
Matador's milieu
Make a move
Liquid measurements
Knight's title of respect
Israeli port
In the past
In any way
Ideal ending?
Hypothetical cure-all
Give over to, as land
Full of excitement
Fruits of the blackthorn
Fizzy beverages
Falling out
Extreme happiness
European mountains
European defense grp
Dog feature
Dish cooked in a pot
Definitely not nigh
Dash or panache
Cygnet's father
Cut off from all others
Country matriarch
Computer operator
Chew out
Burned to ashes
Bridges of Hollywood
Belief in one causal principle
Bee's relative
Be the lead performer in a film
Alternatives to flowerpots
Accumulated knowledge
'Pardon ___ dust'
'Geraint and ___'
'Brief' carryall

___ on (put trust in)
Yellow Monopoly bills
Word before firma or alba
Word after cutting or leading
Wood of the Rolling Stones
Up and about
Tree trimmer's excision
Transplant, in a way
To the point
Thunder Bay's prov
Subjects of sob stories
Striker's bane
Seacrest's partner in TV talk
Scrapbooker's adhesive
School founded by Henry VI
Satisfies, as thirst
Religious recluse
Rags-to-riches author Horatio
Praised, as for valor
Pod newborn
Plantation of fiction
Pinto or fava
Personalized beer holders, perhaps
Peaty wasteland
PC key with an arrow
Part of 7-Down
One of the Carpenters
Oktoberfest group
Motion detector, e.g
Monica with nine Grand Slam titles
Missile housing
Mineral used in insulation
Make goo-goo eyes at
LSU mascot
Lotte who sang Kurt Weill songs
Lo-cal Miller brew
Like a tightrope
Letters on a chit
Landfill emanation
Killing time
Keep, as a garden
Kazan who directed Brando
Ivan the Terrible, for one
Iroquois Confederacy tribe
Home run hitter's asset
Gloria with the signature song 'Conga'
Garlicky topping for fish
Fudd of cartoons
French Quarter city, informally
First name in scat
Fire off
Dutch dairy export
Domingo delivery
Dickens' Miss Trent
Deli scale figure
Decoration for heroic service
Danes of 'Homeland'
Cupid, to the Greeks
Crater's edge
Company that developed nylon
City north of Des Moines
Cap'n Crunch, for one
C major chord, e.g
Breakfast-in-bed need
Bornean ape, for short
Blot on a pitcher's record
Becomes less cordial
Bay Lake, Florida, theme park
Bad-mouthed, slangily
Atlantic City amusement park
Any of Jupiter's 60+
Android screen image
Adler of Sherlock Holmes stories
'Open sesame!' speaker
'McSorley's Bar' painter John
'Great unwashed'
'Bill ___ Saves the World' (Netflix series)

__ car
Youngest of a Yorkshire literary trio
Yarn-shop lineup
Wisecracks and zingers
Wine brewed like beer
What to aim at
What covers Sinatra on many album covers
Wasn't true
Washington's ne'er-do-well Dutchman
Very, to Vivaldi
Vampire Aristocrats, in Dungeons & Dragons
Two-handed face
Symbol of Scotland
Summer-suit accessories
Stands at conventions
Spread mate
Site of San Diego's Lemur Walk
Shoestring source
Sacramental symbol
Rising figure?
Range getting scoured
Puts into words
Pretty-but-poisonous plant
Presents with a ring?
Polka-band staple
Polishing team: Abbr
Pilgrimage destinations
Pekingese or Bavarian
Opposite of "highly"
Oblong edible
Not at all ludicrous
No paragon of polish
No longer pressing
Millions of Angelenos
Merrill Edge offerings, briefly
Many a river's destination
Made good on
Lisa Marie's acting ex
Large manufacturer of car brakes
Keep plugging away
Jamaican guy
It may be a hip design, informally
Interferes with
Essential attraction
Daughter of Titans
Courtroom clearer, perhaps
Couple in a canoe, maybe
Control-tower figure, for short
Compounding base
Cause of coastal erosion
Carried off spiritually
Big name among smart speakers
Art on some sopranos' stationery
Acct. statement, at times
A third of "vierundzwanzig"
797-episode franchise
2008 compilation album that includes "GoldenEye"
"__ kept flocks . . .": Genesis
"The Bridge of San Luis Rey" setting
"Quant __" (personally, in Paris)
"Case closed"

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