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Crossword Quiz Answers | Crossword Puzzle Answers 05.06.2017

Crossword Quiz Answers  | Crossword Puzzle Answers 05.06.2017

Winter roof-rack item
West, to Juan
Wedding reception headache … and what the starts of the answers to starred clues constitute?
Vietnamese New Year
Top-selling Toyota
Time of day
Suffix with mod- or gran-
Sputtering sound
Speaker's podium
Snacked on
Slow tempo
Slangy 'Sure'
Sight that elicits 'Shark!'
She sheep
Salt Lake City collegian
Robber, to a cop
Responds to, as a tip
Productive city for van Gogh
Price hike: Abbr
Port on a PC
Org. created the same year as the first Earth Day
Opera offering
One of six in this clue
Nigerian city that's Africa's most populous
Nav. leader
More distasteful
Many a multiple-choice test answer
Look lifeless, as flowers
Lime cover
IRS deadline mo
India's first prime minister
Indent key
High, as ambitions
Gymnast Comaneci
Generate via exercise, as a sweat
Ford failure
For a special purpose
Fast tempo
Eyebrow shape
Driver's lic. issuer
Decorative old-style collar
Country singer Yearwood
Color distinction
Close by
Classic Jaguar
Child in a kitchen
Charged aggressively
Candy sold in pairs
Buy eagerly, as goods on sale
Bush of Florida
Bumped into
Big-headed quality
Auditing pro
Atlantic Ocean, to Brits
Annoy playfully
Amorously pursues
Alma mater of many Oxford students
Alaska's is the largest of the 50 states
After-tax amount
African antelope
20-volume ref
*TV addict with a remote
*Sub in the dugout
*Largest of the Quad Cities
*Car section under the passenger compartment
'Snowy' bird
'S' on a tee
'Is there more?'
'Bowwow!' cousin – See more at: http://crosswordssolver.net/clue/L.A.-Times-Daily-Crossword-Answers—Jun-5-2017#sthash.a3HAyqxJ.dpuf

Without purpose
Wash oneself
Walks in water up to one's ankles, say
Vow from a bride or groom
Very thin, as clouds
Useful item for finding a lost pet
U2's lead singer
Trucker on a radio
Tragic clown in 'Pagliacci'
The 'one' in a one-two
Stackable cookies
Soothing succulents
Some whistle blowers
Sign between Cancer and Virgo
Shed old feathers
Rice dish
Pursue, as in tag
Prepare, as tea
Paternity identifier
Part of 'business,' phonetically
One-cent coin since 1909
Oil cartel
Norway's capital
Never left the bench, say
Longtime news inits
Like a sorry-looking dog
Letter after 22-Across
Letter after 'ar'
Leave standing at the altar
Lasso loop
Lacking sense
Inventor Whitney
In the thick of
How some ground balls are fielded
Highest possible grade
Hard-to-hit pitches
Greek H's
Greek counterpart to Mars
Figure of speech
Email address ending for a student
Elton John/Tim Rice Broadway musical
Early radio transmitter
Dummy at a protest march
Download for a Kindle
Deep-frying need
Craggy peak
Common Market letters
Common game in a school gym
Classic art subject
Citrus peels
Casual calls
Campus bigwig
Busy bee in Apr
Brief brawl
Blue hues
Blade in a sporting match
Biblical brother with a birthright
Ballet footwear
Bad thing to blow … or what each of the circled letters in this puzzle represents
At least
As required, after 'if'
Apply gently, as cream
Alka-Seltzer sound
A sensible sort
11-Down symbol
102, in ancient Rome
'___ whillikers!'
'Xanadu' band, for short
'Ver-r-ry interesting!'
'Tickle Me' doll
'The Farmer in the ___'
'Shame on you!'
'Raiders of the Lost Ark' star – See more at: http://crosswordssolver.net/clue/New-York-Times-Crossword-Answers—Jun-5-2017#sthash.i660zZ5b.dpuf

Wedding settings
TV's DeGeneres
Test the weight of
Tack on
Stress-relieving resorts
Straying from the proper course
Sound from a sty
Settings of four series in a CBS franchise
Semitransparent gem
Ruler division
River through Lyon
Recipient of much Apr. mail
Promote the sale of
Printer cartridge contents
Pageant winner's headgear
No longer bright
Mine output
Military control, for short
Might succeed, and what the starred answers do
Mamie's husband
Major artery
List-shortening abbr
Like some revealing skirts
Like many a negligee
Laugh sounds
Language suffix
John Smith, often
Intel product
How some ground balls are fielded
Hole for a lace
Hit's opposite
Grade determiner, often
Get gas
Genesis name
Gallbladder's neighbor
From Brunei, Bhutan or Bangladesh
For every
Focus (on)
Feature of the Texan flag
Explosive letters
Eliot Ness, notably
Donna Summer's music
Does an usher's job
County northeast of London
Cost for a hand
Convertible driver's option
Conduct a census
Close angrily
Challenges for dry cleaners
Bond, for one
Bit of snow
Bit of ointment
Bib moistener
Assn.'s kin
Army address
Answer an invitation
Anna's sister in 'Frozen'
Addictive drug
39-Across collection
1871 Verdi opera
*Stool occupant, perhaps
*Shark, maybe
*Physical location?
*Person who gets the picture
*Expert at drawing?
'___ la vista!'
'___ corny as Kansas in August' ('South Pacific' lyric)
'We're on!'
'The Mikado' town
'Pardon me…'
'Li'l Abner' creator
'A Dream ___ Wish Your Heart Makes'
'…man ___ mouse?' – See more at: http://crosswordssolver.net/clue/Wall-Street-Journal-Crossword-Answers—Jun-5-2017—Chances-Are#sthash.YvdafZ6y.dpuf

Word in supersonic speeds
Woeful word
With a fresh start
Winter hrs. in Peoria
Weigh station visitor
Typical Happy Meal eater
Trims to fit, perhaps
To whom a soul may be sold
Tick away
They're covered by midis
The first liquid laundry detergent
The bearded Smurf
Taylor of 'American Crime'
Surrounder of the Vatican
Super Monkey Ball creator
Spoken-word competition
Source of prophecy
Sound from a lion tamer
Snobbish sort
Slip 'N Slide attachment
Roll after landing
Rascally kids
R2-D2 or WALL-E
Quitting hour for many
Products of planning sessions
Potatoes purchase
Planes in the Pearl Harbor attack
One who 'says,' in a game
O'Hare's airport code
Nikkei Index currency
Movie series with the Force
Mother of Chaz Bono
Model in a bottle, maybe
Makes unwanted advances to, say
Like some surgery or exams
Like rectangular-shaped diamonds
Krupp family city
Jai ___
Ingredient in homemade pie crust
Green-skinned mentor in 57-Across
Grand Lodge group
Gets value from
Geena of 'The Exorcist'
Forceful blow
Flipped, as a house
Faucet word
Far from stuffy
ERA part
Entree go-with
Egyptian queen, informally
Drop in the ocean?
Drives a bumper car, say
Do a spit take
Delivery door spot, often
Curtis who ran with Wallace in 1968
Creatures in Darwinian theory
Controller of the pupil's size
Contract detail
Contemporary of Bela in horror
Component of concrete
Comic book fastener
Colorful aquarium fish
Chickens on many egg farms
Challenger to Trump in 2016
Canada's national tree
Boardroom VIP, briefly
Beneficiaries of the 19th Amendment
Basra native
Barn roof attachment
Austen novel made into a movie
Atkins Diet taboos, briefly
At a snail's pace
Archaeology class outing, maybe
Acid used in fertilizer production
2012 addition to the MLB playoffs
1980 chart-topper for Blondie
'Portnoy's Complaint' author Philip – See more at: http://crosswordssolver.net/clue/USA-Today-Crossword-Answers—Jun-5-2017#sthash.G0yDVa0Q.dpuf

___ up (becomes hazy)
Where low-priority stuff is placed
Water craft
Warner sibs?
Ump's call
UCLA's 'L'
Take the top off
Survey choice
Spread outward, as fingers
Some short sculptures
Some Indians of nobility
Sheep's 'Humbug'?
Seethe with anger
Say 'I want no involvement in this'
Sao ___, Brazil
Sailor's sea biscuit
Really need a rubdown, e.g
Ready (with 'all')
Quality that arouses emotion
Problems for mortgage lenders
Pointed woodworking tools
Play divisions
Pace for a horse, sometimes
Mushroom 'seed'
Moses' brother
Miss America crowner?
Like villains
Like some sports
Kind of moth
Key on a keyboard
Italian wine town
It may put a twinkle in your eye
It comes between New Yankees?
Hipbone section
Highway department's winter supply
Helper on Capitol Hill
Group of stage performers
Group of seven (var.)
French fries-to-be
Express vocally
Explosive stuff
Evening in Venice
Ends a discussion
Emulate a kangaroo
Eggs, in a lab
Dull photo finish
Dull impact sound
Detested thing or person
Deep, gloomy anxiety
Deep opera voice
Critical time of 1944
Construct, as a skyscraper
Coffee order, sometimes
Church section
Calendar unit
Bullets, briefly
Broke into a wide smile
Bonanza finds in mines
Belle of the ball, for short
As directed beginning
Appease fully
Another keyboard key
Actor Guinness
Acid neutralizer
A large coastal eagle
A carpenter can drive it
'___ the Explorer' (children's show)
'Take this'
'Keep your wits ___ you'
'Before,' in old poetry – See more at: http://crosswordssolver.net/clue/Universal-Crossword-Answers—Jun-5-2017#sthash.ikDzaptg.dpuf

Without assistance
Wind-direction indicator
Wildly excited
Went by bus or cab
War's opposite
Used a loom
TV sports channel
Train stops: Abbr
Things of value
Take place
Take a break
Surgeons' facilities: Abbr
Spiny houseplants
Speed contest
Sailor's "Hello!"
Ruby or diamond
Rock-band sound boosters
Rock that's mined
Roadside stopover
Report-card marks
Repeated rumors
Removed from a blackboard
Rants and __
Rabbit relative
Quilt piece
Puts frosting on
Protection from harm
Prefix meaning "against"
Point of __ (opinion)
Poems of praise
Plants pulled from gardens
Parcel (out)
Overly diluted
Operatic solo
Municipal building complex
Mayor, council members, etc
Makes changes to
Make simpler
Like a lot
Letters before tees
Lawn material
Impolite look
High-calorie cake
Happen next
French friends
Fraction of a min
Fishing pole
Eject, as a geyser
Disney of Disneyland
Decide to take part
Debate where voters ask questions
Day-__ (fluorescent paint)
Curved parts of feet
Clock dial
Chicago airport
Changes the color of
Cape __, MA
Camper's shelter
Bring under control
Black-and-white cookie
Beloved ones
Be worthy of
Auctioned off
Arrange into stacks
Appear to be
"__ jungle out there!"
"What's __ for me?"
"No talking!"
"Long time, __"
"Let's get out of __!"

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