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Crossword Quiz Answers | Crossword Puzzle Answers 04.09.2017

Crossword Quiz Answers  | Crossword Puzzle Answers 04.09.2017

Yappy dog, e.g
Works hard
Unanalyzed info
Trail behind
Toy block brand
Tit for __
Student swimmer's aid
Stringy, as meat
Stephen King's telekinetic high schooler
Spooky-sounding lake
Son of God, in a Bach cantata title
SoCal cop force
Short car trip
Señora Perón
Santa __, California
Row of foundation bushes
Roast roaster
River, in Mexico
Ridiculously silly
Prefix with verse
Painting gadget
Open, as a Chablis
One way for a jailed suspect to get out
One devoted to a single profession
NYC airport on Flushing Bay
Nike logo
Move, in realty ads
Mork's planet
More than zero
Lumberjack's tool
Lone Star State
Like a dental exam
Letters in a certain bachelor's ad
Leftover for Fido
Kick out of office, as a dictator
Jam holder
Itty-bitty bit
Italy's largest island
Irish New Age songwriter
Inventor Whitney
Immerse in salsa again, as a chip (only do this if you're 50-Down!)
Holy female fig. in a Renaissance painting
Historic cold period
Hawkeyes' home
H.S. junior's exam
Group after boomers
Gas for signs
Former Neet rival
Foolish one
Feel regret over
Early ball game score
Considered appropriate
Coax (out), as a genie
Chicken or cowed
Campus mil. unit
Came home in a cloud of dust
By oneself
Big name in little trains
Biblical garden
B __ bravo
Antonym of post-
Aid to the poor
34-Across filler
'__ Beso (That Kiss!)': Paul Anka song
'__ be surprised'
'Young Frankenstein' seductress
'The butler __ it'
'Chill! It's Labor Day!'
'Chill! It's Labor Day!'
'Chill! It's Labor Day!'
'Better a witty fool, than a foolish wit,' e.g
'Ain't happenin'!'
'Actually, you're right'
'… at the __ ball game!': song lyric

___ Gibran, author of 'The Prophet'
Wyatt at the O.K. Corral
Word accompanying a head slap
What an old shirt may be used as
Welcome sight?
They're mined and refined
Syrup brand used in making pecan pie
Stat for A-Rod or Hammerin' Hank
Snow ___ (kids' winter construction)
Snack (on)
Smallish battery
Sign for a sold-out show
Scene not used for the final version of a film
Rimshot instrument
Rickey or gimlet ingredient
Recede, as the tide
Pound : U.K. :: ___ : Russia
Platform for loading ships
Places for mani-pedis
Parishioner's bench
Org. that defends individual rights
Oil company with a triangular logo
October birthstone
Noun go-with
Neither urban nor suburban
National auto body repair chain
Mythical 100-eyed giant
Miso bean
Member of an elite Navy team
Mauna ___ (volcano)
Like wool on bare skin, typically
Letter-shaped track in metalworking
Latticework strip
Laid down the law
Is ready for one's star turn, say
Iroquois foes
Hit the slopes
Hearty brews
Hanker (for)
Hangmen's loops
H.S. exam graded on a five-point scale
Fixated on, as an idea
Fill a position
Fast, sharp-breaking curveballs
Falsetto-voiced Muppet
Epic poem written in Homeric Greek
Email button
Ed with the 2017 #1 hit 'Shape of You'
Drunk motorist's offense, briefly
Do-over in tennis
Dickens's ___ Heep
Degs. held by Bloomberg and G. W. Bush
Decorative vase
Cry before 'I know!,' in a classroom
Cookout, briefly … or a hint to the ends of 17-, 23-, 52- and 58-Across
Consumer products giant that makes Tide, for short
Children of armed forces personnel, slangily
Bundle of papers
Bro's sibling
Bottom-line expense
Birds that waddle
Bird feeder material
Atlanta-based cable inits
Anything-goes party
Ankle bones
8:00-11:00 p.m. on TV
1992 Tarantino crime thriller
'King Kong' and 'Citizen Kane' studio
'Goldilocks' bear with the hardest bed

___ Fernando Valley
Where the bets are rarely off
Where teens are licensed
Watery silk fabric
Unleash upon
Two regarded as a pair
Tupperware item
Teacher's target
Tax Day month
Summer mo
Suffix with 'salt' or 'carb'
Suffix with 'manner'
Stated further
Spanish aunt
Some wrestling meets
Soccer venues
Small fly-catching bird
Singer Diamond
Sets the pace
Script contents
Render out, in baseball
Religion of India and Nepal
Rambler mfr., once
Race distance, sometimes
Play the flute
Opposite of exciting
One of the Great Lakes
On top of that
Old phone company worker
Not straight
Marinara necessities
Make corrections to
Make amends
Luau serving
Like ___ of sunshine
Like luxury hotel suites
Like a dirty fireplace
Like a cartoon 'Private Eye'
Least wet
Japanese wrestling
It can give you the chills
Home computer network
Hefty serving of ribs
Hawaiian greetings
Hanging vines in a rainforest
Goof-y sound?
French priest's title
Field-clearing tool
Fashionable Manhattan nabe
Fashion magazine
Extreme rage
Entryway, of a sort
Emblems on Native American poles
Do more cutting in the film room
Certain seasoning from Jamaica
Canvas cover
Bill of fare
Be a tattler
Artificial spread
'___ La Douce'
'The ___ Ranger'
'The Raven' poet
'Poly' add-on
'Let's try something ___'
'Ladies and gentlemen,' for one
'It's better to burn out …'
'It seems to me that sorry seems to be …'
'If I leave here tomorrow, would you …'
'Ant-Man' star
'A Christmas Carol' expression

Wyatt of the Wild West
Worthy of a fashion magazine cover
Wolf pack's prey, perhaps
With nothing out of place
Whom Horton heard
Whole mess
Way to a loft
UV blocker's rating
Tugboat blast
Treats at boardwalk stands
Transporter of gasoline or chemicals
Tot's ride, for short
Tip jar inserts
There's no escaping it
The Pac-12's Bruins
The least bit of
Stubbed extremity
Storied spy Mata ___
Stir up, as curiosity
Sniveling beast of Oz
Sliced fare at salad bars
Skybox site
Silverman of 'Wreck-It Ralph'
Shrinks in fright
Rice-based beverage
Raise to a high rank
Quarterback ploy
Pop singer Mama ___ Elliot
Not in the buff
Neighbor of Pisces
Mower's shelter
Minimal manpower
Links rental
Like Tussaud creations
Like fraternity letters
Like Death Valley
Like a cigar bar's atmosphere
Letter after beta
Knocker's proclamation
Jimmied, say
Itinerary abbr
It may get you kicked out of a casino
Having a string-bean physique
Group in a loft
Got along
Goo in a 'do
Golden-years fund, briefly
Gem that can diffract light
Fundamental, and a word that can follow the first parts of 20-, 31-, 41- and 52-Across
Flatten with a bulldozer, perhaps
Do an autumn chore
Dizzying designs
Dietary protein unit
Consults a crystal ball
Clouds, as the mind
Chowder morsel
Channel for investors
Ceres or Eris
Causing a ruptured eardrum, maybe
Caddie's suggestion, at times
Bum out
Bubble shape
Blowhard's trait
Bird on Mexico's flag
Bill's time-traveling pal of film
Beauty contestant's asset
Be behind the success of
Batman's deeds
Basketball maneuver
Aquafina alternative
Apple's answer provider
Annoy pettily
2009 movie that grossed almost $2.8 billion
'That's awesome!'
'Shake!' offering
'Ole!' or 'Hooray!'
'In that case . . .'

__ snap (type of cookie)
__ Scotia, Canada
__ Cod, MA
__ and crossbones (pirate flag)
Yale or Princeton
Weather report charts
Unwrap, as a gift
Trip odometer's initial reading
Tightly stretched
Thomas __ Edison
That man's
Tax form IDs
Sudden impulse
Steam room
Spot of land in the sea
Soccer score
Slangy suffix for switch
Sight and smell
Shape of an egg
Second showing on TV
Scornful expression
Sailors' short coats
Roll-call response
River through Egypt
Right away, in memos
Political support of regular people
Organization for people 50+
One of the Great Lakes
Ocean vessels
Not doing anything
Minimum amount
Makes mistakes
Look after
Licorice-flavored herb
Lamp covering
Kept from entering
Just slightly
Jogger's pace
Japanese martial art
Intense anger
In __ (lined up)
In the __ (long ago)
Honolulu's island
Home's upper storage area
Firstborn child
Fill in __ blank
Employee's end-of-week shout
Crimson and scarlet
Coupes and convertibles
Copy-machine powder
Clock reading
Circles and triangles
Church steeple
Charming Southern woman
Canyon sound
Canoes and kayaks
Brief memos
Black-and-white cookie
Bike's wheel
Big Apple cops' org
Barn's upper level
Aviation-related prefix
All over again
Agree (to)
Acquire molars and canines
"Wise" birds
"Tender" beef cut
"Same with me!"
"Be quiet!"

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