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Crossword Quiz Answers | Crossword Puzzle Answers 03.07.2017

Crossword Quiz Answers  | Crossword Puzzle Answers 03.07.2017

__ of commerce
__ hasty retreat
You, to Yves
With one flat, musically
Walk-__: bit parts
U.S. intelligence org
Texter's gratitude
Teller's comedy partner
Tarp, e.g
Tack on, as tax
Suffix with human
Southeast Asian language
Soapmaking supply
Serves food to
Santa Fe's st
Refreshing break
Reason for unbalanced books
R. Kelly hit whose last title word is aptly rhymed with 'sky' in the lyrics … and a hint to the starts of the other four longest puzzle answers
Pulled into piles, as leaves
Place setting disc
Pianist Claudio
Perform on stage
Opposite of WSW
On __ knee: kneeling
Old King Cole was a merry one
NBA great Bryant
Monster's loch
Melted yellow square on a burger
Mediocre grade
Little newt
Like desperate circumstances
Law of the jungle, in the Old West
Largest living primate
ID on an auto title
Hot seasons
Hockey venue
Hi-__ graphics
Guacamole fruit
Golf hole meas
Freezer cubes
Flip of a hit single
First-string squad
Field-plowing site
Elvis __ Presley
Election Day mo
Competes to get
College focus
Celtic language
CBS forensic series
Causes pain
Bridal bio word
Bow-and-arrow wielders
Bill with cocktails
Bee home
Baldwin of '30 Rock'
African virus
Actor McGregor
61-Across: Ger
1973 Helen Reddy chart-topper
1867 territorial acquisition dubbed 'Seward's Folly'
'You've Got Mail' ISP
'The Clan of the Cave Bear' author Jean
'That's not true!'
'Star Trek: T.N.G.' counselor
'Lord Jim' author Joseph
'Let me think … '
'Hometown Proud' market chain
'Beats me,' in texts

___ tea (summer drink)
___ of Troy
___ Bell (restaurant chain)
Yemeni or Omani
Writer ___ Allan Poe
With 41-Down, 'Alice's Restaurant' singer
U.S. city less than 150 miles from the International Date Line
Tupperware top
Tokyo's land
Theater district thoroughfare
Thanksgiving entree
Superman's love interest Lois ___
Superboy's love interest ___ Lang
Spitting bullets
Source of pain, in kidspeak
Solidly built
Slightly cracked, as a door
Skin soother
Sign outside a sold-out show
Shorthand writer
See 59-Across
Sean of 'The Lord of the Rings'
Say 'I don't' to instead of 'I do'?
Say 'HEY YOU!,' e.g
Rick's love in 'Casablanca'
Result of a melting icicle
Republicans or Democrats
Problem with a sock
Pioneering high jump maneuver of the 1960s
Physique, informally
Personal interview
Pat of 'Wheel of Fortune'
Part of a Happy Meal
One who might expel a student
One of 50 on the U.S. flag
Not guzzle
Neatnik's opposite
Minnesota baseballer
Mine car load
Luke Perry or Jason Priestley, once
Lose, as fur
Like good Scotch
Like a jury that can't reach a decision
Jack's fairy tale foe
Item in a restaurant basket
Irritated state
Illegal payment
How Lindbergh flew across the Atlantic
Himalayas setting
Hail Mary, for one
Gives a grand speech
Gets an F
Fish eggs
Enjoyed a buffet
Ending with church or movie
Depend (on)
Cry after an errant golf shot
Captain America carries one
Capital of Morocco
Brewery containers
Belles of the ball
Award refused by Marlon Brando and George C. Scott
Atlanta-based cable channel
Appropriate word found in 36-Down
Ancient region on the Aegean Sea
Air Force smart weapon
1956 Dean Martin/Jerry Lewis comedy
'Weapon' with foam darts
'Elvis ___ left the building'
'Atlas Shrugged' author Ayn
'Apollo 13' director Howard

Upturned, as a box
Torch feature
Tea Party star Sarah
Surfer's noserider
Superlative suffix
Stretch of history
Strabismus, familiarly [1]
Spreadable cheese
Spot for computer icons
Sports official
Sound from the stands
Sommeliers' handouts [2]
Some hosp. workers
Smooth transition in music
Sleeper on a train
Sense of self
Sea dogs
Rural storage
Rapper's entourage
Pub order
Piebald horse
Picnic pest
Peer in an Ibsen play
PC connection type
Oil cartel
November 11 honoree
Nation west of Egypt
Musial in Cooperstown
Mother of Kourtney, Kim, Khloe and Rob
Mathletes, stereotypically
Little salamander
Life story, for short
Letters between mus and xis
Lawn owner's bane [3]
Landlord's collections
Kutcher of 'The Ranch'
John who plays Churchill in 'The Crown'
Its HQ is the J. Edgar Hoover Building
It's bound for the classroom [3]
It merged with Exxon in 1999
Honey bunch
Hollywood award
Green spots in the desert
God of love
Gobble up
Get up
Future tulip
Flying colors?
Enjoy the rink
Doofus [1]
Diva's delivery
Diner sandwiches
Congregation holders
Congregation answers
Color that can precede each half of each [3] answer
Color that can precede each half of each [2] answer
Color that can precede each half of each [1] answer
Chessman that can be promoted
Caterers' containers
Bush nickname
Bearded antelope
Bartender's bowlful
Ballpoint fill
Alternative to paint [2]
'___ was saying…'
'___ mind?'
'Ring around the collar' brand
'My Heart Skips ___'
'Adam Bede' writer George
'…the bombs bursting in ___…'

___-walsy (friendly)
Words with 'sleep' or 'step'
Words before 'the minute'
Willy Wonka's creator
Whitney's inventions
What a freshly defeated fighter can do
Type of antelope
Twin in the Old Testament
Tide variety
They're numbered for directors
Stuffed shirts
Staggers forward
Sprayed with water
Some charge cards
Solo in 'Carmen,' e.g
Sewer rodent
Roast cut
Result of a hung jury
Pseudonym introducer
Proverbial place of drudgery
Planning to, informally
Part of a telecast
Ozone-depleting chemical (abbr.)
Opposition member
Oft-smoked seafood delicacy
Native of very old Peru
Mover and shaker
Moral compass
Milano moolah of old
Menial laborer
Make like a lion
London hrs
Little kid
Letters sent via PC
Lean, skinny and long
Large dance party
Kiddie literature pooch
Jeans maker Strauss
Japanese cartoon art form
Inscribe with acid
Incredibly, they are related to cockroaches
Horse strap
Hoped-for visitor at a seance
Go commando?
Get quite rough, as lips
Genie's job
Former President William Howard
Flow in a circular current
Fever-causing illness
Enter unlawfully
Department store section
Dazed and confused on an ocean liner?
Correct text
Climbing vine
Chorus from a pen
Cambodian currency
Bowlike curve
Boat mover
Bit of monkey business
Become a twisted mess, as hair
Ansel, Samuel or Abigail
Animal similar to a raccoon
Already a congregation member
Absorb's opposite
'Forget it!'

___-G suit
Zeroes out
Word before cone or crab
Wind ___ (pilot's problem)
Whisper sweet nothings
Viking of the comics
Vail or Aspen, to a skier
Tram loads
Touch upon
Tommy John surgery site
Thumb one's nose at
The Auld Sod, poetically
Take an axe to
Systems in man caves
Suffer humiliation
Stupid sort
Stash overhead
Stars that flare up, then fade
Sprung up
Slap with a summons
Skin So Soft maker
Sitcom with a famous 'outing'
Shaded recess
Seeming eternity
Seeks directions, say
Render unreadable, in a way
Q&A part
Post-Pilates feeling, perhaps
Post-op stop, for short
Place name from which 'Cajun' comes
Optimist's declaration
Not nearly as many as 14-Across
Nonreactive, as helium
No longer fizzy
New York's East River, technically
Movie star's double
Mincemeat ingredient, perhaps
Maze word
Many a message from Trump
Makes ecstatic
Makes a monkey of
Listings on Monopoly deeds
Like a scratched space shot
Lampshade shade
Kunis of 'Ted'
It may be assumed or dropped
Is concerned
Hindrance to teamwork, perhaps
Hazmat-monitoring org
Govt. property org
Goes unused
Give a deep massage to
George Orwell's alma mater
Fave food for Homer Simpson
Egg farm flock
Early weapon material
Dupes in inboxes
Door ding, e.g
Crest containers
Common lab animals
Coin many suggest phasing out
Chaplinesque figures
Celebrity tourney, perhaps
Campaigner's blunder
Bird mummified by Egyptians
Bear with a too-soft bed
Any of Mel Blanc's many
Allay, as fears
Acts the bootlicker
Abarth automaker
5-Down agents, e.g
25-Across terminus, often
'You and who ___?'
'Punkin' covering, in poetry
'Missile Command' game company
'Match Game' host Baldwin

__ tai (cocktail)
__ and proper (overly formal)
Yellow citrus fruit
White-petaled flower
Warning signal
Underground drain system
U-turn from WSW
Tilt a bit
Surprise police action
Store-sign gas
Stand up
Spot of land in the ocean
Sources of coal
Small rivers
Scornful expression
Santa's home
Rips apart
Resorts with hot springs
Reputable, informally
Regarding, in memos
Postpaid envelope enclosure: Abbr
Portions of corn
Poet's "before"
Pet-adoption centers
Out of whack
Not well-lit
No longer fresh, as bread
Necklace fastener
Music recordings before CDs
Mudhole-loving African beast, for short
Most meanspirited
More spine-tingling
More flimsy, as an excuse
Mom's boys
Male singing voice
Make docile
Luau necklace
Licorice-flavored herb
Letters after kays
Keep from happening
IRS-form experts: Abbr
Hockey puck shape
Hay-bundling machines
Get a smile out of
Frogs' pond perches
Fix one's hair again
First part of a play
Fireplace residue
Etiquette book author
Essay in dailies
Dog biscuit shapes
Distribute the cards
Curved part of the foot
Cowpoke's stray calf
Coke or Pepsi
ChapStick, for example
Bullets, for short
Building's location
Black-and-white cookie
Biblical hymn
Bellhop's employer
Be in first place
Animal fat for frying
Affront to, in headlines
24-hr. cash devices
"__ Sir or Madam . . ."
"That makes sense"
"Half" prefix for final

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