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Daily Crossword 24/10/2016

Daily Crossword 24/10/2016

Worry about something, slangily
What snowbirds seek in winter
What fries are fried in
Ukr. or Lith., once
Trampled (on)
Surprise win
Steak orders
Since Jan. 1, in accounting
Sicilian volcano
Sets free
Second fairy tale word
Scrooge's 'Nonsense!'
Savage sort
Salty expanses
Richard of 'A Summer Place'
Ready-to-send correspondence
Reacts facially to a bad joke, say
Radio City Music Hall design style
Quik maker
Press conference format, briefly
Potpie veggies
Pal of Piglet
Org. with a PreCheck Program
Old Roman robe
Network with regular pledge drives
Most doubtful
Morn's counterpart
Mission Control org
Mecca's peninsula
Long-legged wader
Little lie
Liqueur holder
Letter-shaped beam
Last word of a verbally cited passage
Jamaican music genre
Indy service areas
Ideal party thrower described by the first words of 17-, 27- and 49-Across
Hydroelectric facility
Heat in a microwave
Future D.A.'s exam
Freeway off-ramps
Folksy account
First fairy tale word
Facts and figures
Ex-Florida governor Bush
Electric guitar effect
Degs. for choreographers
Dad, to grandpa
D.C. big shot
D-Day French city
Cutoff point
Cursory looks
Cockpit figure
Cloak-and-dagger org
Chopping tool
Center of power
Calm under pressure
C to C, in music
Bygone phone feature
Buster Brown's dog
Burns with hot liquid
Bright signs
Benevolent fraternal group
Bar mitzvah toast
Assailed verbally, with 'out'
Animated bug film
Actor Foxx
'80s-'90s crime boss John
'__ Ben Adhem'
'Mamma __!'
'I'm __ human'
'Handle __ care'
'Doctor Zhivago' heroine
'Do __ others … '
'Bewitched' witch
'… near and __ my heart'

Waste conduit
Virginia city known for its shipbuilding
Used oars
Trial run
Stats for sluggers
Speak grandiloquently
Spanish Mrs
Skippy rival
Shoe material
San ___ (Silicon Valley city)
Ruminated (on)
Recipient of many checks dated Apr. 15
Really dislikes
Procedure for solving a mathematical problem
Problem after a trans-Atlantic flight
Presided over, as a meeting
Prefix with -ceratops
Place to enter a PIN
Physically fit
Pair of cymbals operated by a foot pedal
One often seen standing just outside a building's entrance
Old Spice alternative
Oil-drilling apparatus
Not feeling so hot
Norse god of war
Musician Reed
Music from the '50s or '60s, say
Mr. ___ of 'Pride and Prejudice'
Money in Yemen
Molars usually have four of these
Mine cart contents
Manuel ___, former dictator of Panama
Maker of the EOS and PowerShot cameras
Lash mark
Kids' building toys
Italian-style sauce brand
Inhabitant of Kanga's pouch
In ___ (unborn)
Humane Society successes
Highly classified
Having eaten enough
Gridiron gains: Abbr
Gibson who directed 'The Passion of the Christ'
Gentle heat setting
Gas company selling toy trucks
Flow of narcotics
Final stanza of a ballad
Feature of the earth's axis that causes the seasons
Dashboard-mounted gadget, for short
CPR experts
Coffin stand
China's ___ Zedong
Cheer for a torero
Cabbagelike vegetable
Bro's sibling
British ref. work
Bridle strap
Breakfast-time TV fare that usually includes the ends of 17-, 28-, 36- and 44-Across
Best of the best
Aware of
Argentine dances
Anything below 7 on the pH scale
Anderson Cooper's channel
All hands on deck
Actress Hathaway
'___ hands are the devil's playthings'
'___ Gotta Be Me' (Sammy Davis Jr. song)
'Be there soon'
'As I see it,' in texts

___ account (never)
XXVIII doubled
Word paired with 'neither'
Witchy woman
Whole bunch
Twinings product
Tripper's drug
Trio after Q
Tricky delivery
Those holding power
Thaw in preparation for cooking
Tends (toward)
Taxpayer's ID
Summer hrs
Street ___ (urban acceptance)
Sparrow's snack
Sleazy newspaper
Shared with, as an audience
Set of parts with assembly instructions
Second Amendment rights org
Satiric comic Mort
Rare delivery
Puts out
Puts in a zoo, perhaps
Provide commentary
Printer's need
Prayer response
Paperless journal
Once again
Office delivery
Notion, in Nantes
Musician/producer Brian
Michelangelo's 'David' and Rodin's 'The Thinker'
Mandy of 'This Is Us'
Make a lot
Machu Picchu builders
Like parquet floors
Light soups
Lawrence Peter Berra, familiarly
Latecomer at a full house
Lamb's mother
Greek god of war
Grandmother of Enos and Enoch
German exclamation
Friendly TV extraterrestrial
Freud topic
Foot part
Flow from Kilauea
Fish story
Fish stories
Figure behind a catcher
Fawn's mother
Emotional delivery
Crafty Aesopian character
Clouds from cans
C.S. Lewis realm
Burlesque bit
Break in the action
Book collecting several novels
Back muscle, for short
Allowed to completely slip one's mind
Air freshener target
Afternoon break
'You ___ Here'
'You can't make me!'
'The Luck of Roaring Camp' writer Bret
'Seems good enough'
'Exodus' author Leon

Yemeni port
Words before 'date' or 'trap'
When dark comes o'er the land
What a pilot might announce, briefly
Volcano in Sicily
Varied assortment
Things to exterminate, to many
Supplies with better weapons
Small band
Slow, musically
Sky box?
Sine ___ non
Signs of things to come
Rub the wrong way
Raker of chips
President who was the son of a president
President on the $1,000 bill
President associated with peanuts
Prefix for 'sonic' or 'violet'
Police car's alarm
Place for dead presidents?
Part of a Monopoly set
Painter Degas
Opera highlight
Occasional needle point?
Nest egg feature
Muslim pilgrimage
Museum exhibit
Maple bar or apple fritter
Make over
Like a vampire's face, stereotypically
Jeans name
Jason's mythical ship
It's a drag in fishing circles
Homecoming guest, briefly
Hither companion
Hello or goodbye
Gift on 'The Bachelor'
Far from long-winded
Fail to tread lightly
Explorer ___ de Leon
Ethiopian's neighbor
Entangles, as in a net
Eight, on a sundial
Drop, to an editor
Dress in India
Dispatch, as a dragon
Dietary, in ads
Dickens' Heep
Dealer's handful
Clothing designer Perry
Classroom assistant
Church parts
Chop finely
Checkers maneuver
Calla lily family
Bun warmer
Broke off
Break bread
Barristers' accoutrements
Baker's dozen?
Asparagus unit
Ages and ages
After-dinner confection
Affirmative action?
A head
100 dinars
'Mona ___'
'Be it ___ so humble …'

Wiggly dessert
Uses a scope
Unselfish sorts
Turn topsy-turvy
Trampled (on)
Theater award since 1956
Teen fave
Take forcibly
Swirl in a stream
Suggest strongly
Suffix with familiar or final
Subatomic particles
Step onstage
Steep-walled formation
Souvenir tops
Slot for mail
Singsong syllable
Shears sound
Settled in a coop
Seek a well site
Rich German cake
Repeats precisely
Remove from the schedule
Pumpernickel purchase
Proved false
Part of a full house
Overhaul, as a ship
Openly challenge
One-on-one hockey play
Nation of Hispaniola
Mr. Bubble bubbles
Moved like a dragonfly
Most common Scrabble tile value
More rainy
Mel known as 'The Velvet Fog'
Matchup of beefy grapplers
Malt-based beverages
Make amends
MacFarlane of 'Family Guy'
Lipstick mishap
Like lasagna noodles
Leave clueless
Kindergarten recital
Kept an appointment with
Jamboree shelter
iPhone graphic
Information on a pet tag
Home to caribou and musk oxen
Heaviest fencing weapon
Grand ___ Opry
Gets value from
Gain popularity on Facebook
Firehouse tool
Fend off
Fashionable, like Austin Powers
Fact checker's find
Does as directed
Descend to Davy Jones' locker
Dairy Queen order
Crosswalk site
Computer seen in cybercafes
City in West Yorkshire
Buried historic cache
Bud's comedy cohort
Big gulp
Become invalid
Bargain basement containers
At any point
Anti-leather org
Act portion
Accommodate a paparazzo
'Well done!'
'Stormy' seabird
'OMG!' of yore
'Independence Day' invader
'Help wanted' listings

__ Canaveral, FL
Young horses
Wild animal's home
Walked back and forth
Waitperson's rewards
Uses scissors
Untruthful people
Trim the lawn
Traditional saying
Throat-clearing sound
Thick soup
Teheran's nation
Teapot topper
Tasting like an omelet
Sports complexes
Southwestern building material
Solo sung in a 58 Across
Small mistakes
Small bays
Signs of the future
Sharp flavor
Serious crime
Rough guess
Rival of Crest toothpaste
Restore to health
Ready, willing and __
Poisonous snakes
Poem of praise
Place of safety
Pets that purr
Paddled boat
Orange's exterior
Online message
Musical tempo
Musical drama
Motor-club letters
Marine reef material
Male movie star
Male gofer
Make a mistake
Made amends
Like a lot
Lightest in color
Just out of the oven
In plain view
Ice-cube utensils
Historical periods
Grocery vehicle
Follow orders
Film's female daredevil
Film awards
Female on a magazine
Fat for frying
Falls behind
Defeated in a pool race
Cried like a kitten
Cotton __ (carnival snack)
Corner of a square
Convent residents
Char, as a steak
Capital of Norway
Bullring cheers
Brings to a close
Blot with a paper towel
Bit of a constellation
Bicycle wheels
Auto service job, for short
Attach, as a seatbelt
Arrests, slangily
Alternatives to suspenders
After-dinner morsel
"Me neither"

What the star of the show takes
Way, way off
Undertake, with 'out'
The 'I' in IV
Takeout order
Summer time
Stopped the flow of
Spin around
Speed test
Scandinavian rug
Sagan of 'Cosmos'
Put a new price on
Purchase for a victorious god?
Purchase for a mythological warrior?
Purchase for a mythological messenger?
Purchase for a mythological king?
Perfect, e.g
Passenger problem for a pilot
Others, in Latin
One with a beat
One of the five taste sensations
Normand of the silents
Member of a baseball All-Star team, for short
Long vowel indicator
Loiterer in a food court, perhaps
Lincoln, for one
Like a downsized company
Lets have the last word
Larsson who created Lisbeth Salander
Lapdog, for short
Kipling's 'Gunga ___'
Its capital is Hobart
Henri de Toulouse-___
Headwear for British bishops
Headache helper
Has a mortgage
Gut feeling?
Friend, to Françoise
Freudian topics
Free as ___
Florida's Miami-___ County
Fishing, perhaps
Decorated Murphy
Crème de la crème
Cliffside dwelling
Christian name?
Carry away, in a way
Boxer 'Marvelous' Marvin
Bad lighting?
Arctic Circle dweller
Animal house
All excited
Advice for some losers?
Actor Keach
ABC News exec Roone
Abbr. in a help wanted ad
1994 Costner role
'The Time Machine' people
'Hold it right there!'
'Garfield' dog
'Boola Boola' singer
'À votre ___!'

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