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Daily Crossword 20/10/2016

Daily Crossword 20/10/2016

___ Baiul, 1994 Winter Olympics figure skating gold medalist
World Cup chant
Worker with hides
Word with bar or blanket
Window treatment
Where some long runs take place
What all politics is said to be
What a physiognomist studies
Venture (forth)
Turn white, maybe
Tree with 'helicopter seeds'
Time out?
The last of the Pillars of Islam
That tropical entry could not have captured first place in the fruit competition, palindromically
Tending to wear away
Superficially injure
Strengthen, with 'up'
Stevenson villain
Spot of ___
Some servers
Silence fillers
Second cousin?
Science class, informally
San ___ (resort locale)
Sam of 'Jurassic Park'
Rx overseer
Resulted in
Prefix with cycle
Praise that's not prose
Peter the Great, Mother Teresa and Bob Marley, palindromically
One who has trouble passing the bar?
One turned on by a rock star?
One for the money?
Official pronouncement
Offensive words
Never to be repeated
Music direction meaning 'with the bow'
Monopoly expense
Many lab rats
Luke's Jedi mentor
Long in Hollywood
Last word in the Gettysburg Address
Kia subcompact
Jesse who lost the governor's race to Ronald Reagan in 1970
It's a long story
Home Depot competitor
Henry Purcell's 'Dido's Lament,' e.g
Help for one with serious allergies
Got together for a party?
Goes back
Go with
Gets by
Ferrara who directed 'Bad Lieutenant,' 1992
Cause of some cries from the crib
Cardinal feature
Can't take
Advanced high school class, informally
1960s western starring Clint Eastwood
14-legged crustacean
'We're on!'
'Topaz' novelist, 1967
'The Persistence of Memory' artist
'Supposedly, some Australian birds can participate in the America's Cup,' palindromically
'Star Trek: T.N.G.' crew member
'My concealment of that footwear was so unfortunate,' palindromically

Yann Martel book about a professional baker?
Word on a Ouija board
What a haruspex finds omens in
Uncrustables ingredient
Tour guide, often
Title character in Tim Burton's 'Corpse Bride'
Tablet fillers
Sylvia Plath book about a Southern lass's mayo?
Sulky sort
Spud spot
Spinnaker's cousin
Spacious apartments
Something to shoot for fun
Skirts for the modest
Sinclair Lewis book about Down East driving?
Shearling she
Shade alternative
Scrollwork shape
Salon stuff
Saint who translated the Bible into Latin
River near Blankenstein Castle
River near Balmoral Castle
Ring master
Right after
Rat race victims
Rainforest phenomena
Proposes as a price
Prone to mischief
Pan handler?
Not quite smart
Name in the 'Hail, Caesar!' credits
Mel's 'Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome' co-star
Locks up, as a victory
Jazz great Tjader
Its Cimarron Co. borders four other states
It has many stops
In-flight entertainment, for some
In a minute or two
Harper Lee's 'Go ___ Watchman'
Hardy's 'Pure Woman Faithfully Presented'
Hardly guzzle
Gives a sedative, say
Filmography listing
Family tree word
Everglades waders
Dr. Seuss book about a Vatican piggyback ride?
Doing it may get you a ticket
Digestion aid
Digestion aid
Dictator's aide
Cop movie staple
Comment after a trip
Color quality
Center performance
Careless mistake
Cardinal's kin
Brand with an Oil Drop Man mascot
Be unwittingly annoying
Bar code
Back muscle, familiarly
Available if needed
Are in store for
Anomalous craft
'___ been real!'
'Just a girl who claims that I am the one,' in a 1983 hit

Wee salamander
To's partner
The avant-garde's Yoko
Tequila's origin
Tennis court divider
Spherical hairdo
Spaces between teeth
Some shouts of joy
Simple change for a 20
Sharp, harsh cry
Send, as merchandise
Romanian currency
Relative of 'Skoal!'
Related maternally
Readied beforehand
Put in order of significance
Popular cookie
Plains roaming grazers
Overstuffed quip (part 3)
Overstuffed quip (part 2)
Overstuffed quip (part 1)
Operatic solo
Once-___ (quick appraisals)
Oar holders
Much-kicked body part
King, to his subject
Iraq's neighbor
Inappropriately inquisitive
In a furtive manner
Human resources person, often
Hold spellbound
Grand ___ (wine label words)
Flippered performers
Expansive Asian desert
Evening party
Effect of time
Dry to the bone, as earth
Do a checkout chore
Disarranging or disheveling
Deteriorate, as rock or shoreline
Cross the threshold
Conquers with superior force
Composer of 'Bolero'
Comply with
Clairvoyant's claim, briefly
Chest drawer?
Campus military org
Brother of Jacob, in Genesis
Breezing through, as a test
Believer in only one god
Beer bash barrel
Barber's quick cut
Baptism basins
Bald, as tires
Baby's first word, sometimes
Australian hopper, informally
Attire for Caesar
Affleck's Oscar-winner
Act as lookout, e.g
A few bricks shy of a load
18-wheeler, e.g
'___ your pardon?'
'The Sopranos' actress de Matteo
'Sooey!' comeback
'So that's it!'
'In ___, veritas'
'American ___' (TV program)
"Tis a pity!'

Young 'uns
Young 'un
Water-softening compound
Valuable card in blackjack
Took a chance
Tolstoy or Durocher
Titled women, in Britain
Susan of 'L.A. Law'
Starbucks size
SOS part, supposedly
Some athletic events
Solid yellow billiard ball
Singer James or Jones
Silly goose
Showing no remorse
Show to which 'just the facts, ma'am' is misattributed
Roller coaster features
Retriever, for short
Remain unused
Really enjoyed
Prepare, as a printing press
Poe's 'gold-bug,' e.g
Place off limits
Path less traveled
Opposing vote
One might eagerly wait with this
Not quite right
Nose-in-the-air type
Move bit by bit
Morsel in an aardvark's meal
Model Campbell
Milquetoast's antithesis
Military meal
Mall tenants
Make well
Lip-smacking good
Like Jack Sprat's diet
Letter before iota
Letter before 9-Across
Legendary Himalayans
Language that gave us 'kayak'
Instrument for Chopin etudes
Innie or outie
Have faith in
Halloween decoration
Grounded Aussie avian
Get grayer
Fly like an eagle
Flared dress style
Fit for a king
Figs. on driver's licenses
Fedora feature
Edgar who painted ballerinas
Duck-billed mammals
Drag to court
Crow with nine Grammys
Circus setup
Broad neckwear
Bobbie Gentry's '___ to Billie Joe'
Boat motor type
Blighted urban area
Bit of body art, for short
Barbed, as a remark
Auntie, to Mom
Area producing an agricultural surplus
Anna Sewell horse tale
A/V part
2014 Peace Nobelist Yousafzai
'___ luck?'
'___ 'er rip!'
'Tokyo,' to 'Kyoto'
'Selma' director DuVernay
'People tell me . . .'
'Fear Street' author R.L
'Be silent,' in music

Zimbabwe's capital
Yuletide greenery
Word on the state capital list
Was noticed
Verne's being
Unrelished duty
Twice-monthly tide
Trophy shape
Thames town
Suit material
Some tubes with ridges
Significant stretches
Show of political support
Sheen, in product names
Satellite stations
Restraining order
Really go
Real peach
Rather colorless
Qatari, for one
Proof of consent
Pronoun for the Bard
Prepares to send back, perhaps
Popular potted plant
Poked fun at
Poetic feet
Plays with
Part of AD
Part of AD
Oil Market Report publisher
Official Olympics timekeepers
Now ready to perform on
Nothing more than
Name on the cover of "Show Boat"
More frilly
Molasses meas
Metaphor for simplicity
Longhorn rival
Lodging places
Lodging place
Lawn adjunct
Labor Department org
Just beat
Frat letter
Family nickname
Fairway flaws
Expensive strings
Dwell unceasingly (on)
Dry, as in zin
Do some basting
Did market work
Darkeners, at times
Custer adversaries
Curlicue cousins
Criticism, so to speak
Convert to an e-book
Commercial reading system
Cleverly done
Cat food flavor
Big name in pro tennis
Audio gear
Asks in earnest
Anticrime acronym
Academic pds
A, as in Innsbruck
75-pound birds
"Sorry, no warranty"
"Mazel __!"

With 7-Down, sermon site
Where rds. meet
Use to one's advantage
Unlikely to come unglued
Turn off
Thing on a string
The Seine's __ Saint-Germain
States as fact
Start of 'A Visit From St. Nicholas'
Spice Girl Halliwell
Source of the Romance languages
Sound after a punch
Sitcom that starred a singer
Shows disapproval, in a way
Shoe fastener
See 12-Down
Scene of biblical destruction
Regatta racer
Put away
Pose anew, as a question
Personal guide
One of a pair in 'Waiting for Godot'
Obama's birthplace
Nike competitor
Next Dodger after Fernando to win the Cy Young Award
Member of the reigning NBA champs
Make subservient
Lavatory fixture
Join with heat
Jaguars, for instance
Iris ring
How some games are won, briefly
Hosp. areas
Historic Manhattan jazz club
Him, to Henri
Green of 'Penny Dreadful'
Graf rival
Gentleman, at times?
Garlicky spread
Game with wild cards
Frat address
Fed. employees
Far from friendly
Energetic spirit
Designer Wang
Dawn goddess
Crude shelter
Common base
Comedian who said, 'I have a lot of beliefs, and I live by none of ’em'
Cloud above a peak
Birthstone for some Scorpios
Big talker
Big name in the bags aisle
Bavarian count opener
Basic resting place
Animal's gullet
Ancient Icelandic text
Actor Russell
(In) brief
'To see __ is a picture': Dickinson
'Joke's on you!'
'How to Get Away With Murder' airer
'Biggest Little City in the World'
'A Queens Story' rapper

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