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Daily Crossword 16/10/2016

Daily Crossword 16/10/2016

With 79-Across, 2003 N.L. Cy Young Award winner
Wind with keys
What there oughta be
Vintage autos
Vacation spot
Using currency
Uncle in a McCartney hit
Typical fast-food offering
Trims the lawn
Tossed in a chip
Throat tissue
Tax form IDs
T-storms may delay them
Street __
Stray caretakers
Stimpy's chum
Stick in a parlor
Soon, in verse
Something to soak in
Soda can feature
Snack chip
Smoked salmon
Shoes may be left on them
Setting of Camus' 'The Plague'
Senate minority leader
See 51-Down
Securing strings
Scratching post users
Sault __ Marie
Russian city northeast of Kiev
Round fig
Resort NE of Los Alamos
Relinquish amateur status
Reacted to a late night out
Put behind bars
Puddy tat's quarry
Pond growth
Polite refusal
Pizza parlor lure
Piña __
Patriot Silas
Ozarks, e.g.: Abbr
Org. associated with long lines
Only president who was also chief justice
One way to fly
On the bad side (of)
Norse war god
Nocturnal mammals
Natasha's no
Must pay
Movie mogul Marcus
Middle March
Metaphor for the good life
McGarrett's force, familiarly
Lois' 'Superboy' counterpart
Literary motto words
Like some dress patterns
Legally prohibits
Leading position
Lane co-worker
Land, say
Land that anagrams 39-Down
Lake that anagrams 43-Down
It may be herbal
In medias __
In full view
Immoral profit
I follower
Hot tub feature
Honey brand
Hits involving trots
Hill workers
Hanging on by a thread
Golfer's thrill
Give some slack, with 'on'
Frozen drinks
Frozen dessert
Former 37-Down
Fence pieces
Fair-haired sci-fi race
Explorer of new territory
Expected result
Discomfiting displays
Dianetics creator Hubbard
Derogatory statement
Deceitful lure
Dash instrument
Cry close to the ears
Criminal element, with 'the'
Country poem
Connecticut town on Long Island Sound
Compensate for prior laziness, perhaps
Clever remark
City south of Salem
Cinematic FX
Case in Eng. class
Business issue
Broken down, say
Broke a Commandment
Blanc with many voices
Bird on Canada's dollar coin
Bindle carrier
Bible transl., e.g
Bergman and Borg
Bedside toggle switch
Baggage porter
Auburn rival, familiarly
Algonquin kin
AFC South, e.g
Abbr. on Cold War maps
2016 Olympics golf gold medalist Justin __
1955 labor merger gp
'__ difference'
'The Shining' word with two mirror-image letters
'That's more than enough!'
'Terrible' tsar
'Recapping … '
'Point Break' FBI agent Johnny
'Of course'
'It's __ good sign'
'Go Anywhere. Do Anything' vehicle
'Exodus' novelist
'Duh!' evoker

___ Taylor (apparel store)
___ Kringle
___ donna
You might wish upon it
Words before a chivalrous act
What Artemis is the goddess of
What a pianist uses for triple-time pieces?
Was humiliated
URL start
Unleavened cornbread
Unit of force
U.F.O. pilots
Turn inside out
Try to win
Torque symbol
Title for Palpatine or Amidala in 'Star Wars': Abbr
Thrice, in prescriptions
The 'palm' and 'olive' of Palmolive
Term of address with a tilde
Temperature unit
Team V.I.P
Strict disciplinarian
Strange and unsettling
Something to shoot off
Something not picked up at the beach
Skater boys?
Shampooing, e.g
Ridge with a gentle slope on one side and a steep slope on the other
Rhyme for 'door' and 'more' in the first verse of 'The Raven'
Revision that satisfies both author and publisher?
Retirement community restriction
Result of a Morton's factory explosion?
Related in a different way
Rehnquist's successor as chief justice
Reaction to a puppy video, say
Reaction to a foot rub
Privileged time period?
Polynesian inn locale, maybe
Place to rub elbows?
Place to buy handmade goods online
Pet food brand
Partner in crime
Part of D.A.: Abbr
Orwellian hoi polloi
Orchestra section
Ones making lots of bucks?
One starting
Nutrition amts
Novelist Pierre
Nov. honorees
Neutral tone
Neighbor of Den
Nary ___
N.Y.C. org. that operates 24/7
Mulligans, e.g
Money in 74-Down
Model for an artist, maybe
Mine craft?
Mens ___
Malicious fictional computer
Makeup of many a tribal council
Make sense
Make or break, e.g
Magna ___
Lose it
Like the coda of 'Hey Jude,' seemingly
Like much of Chile
Like 'alumna': Abbr
Kind of challenge
Jog the memory of
Japanese honorific
Is annoying
Hemsworth of 'The Hunger Games'
Gun supporters
Got room service, say
Goodyear's carefully guarded secrets?
Gone flat?
Giving chicken soup or a foot rub, informally
Give a heads-up
Get in the loop?
Full of sound and fury
For free
Follower of John
First in command?
Feudal superior
Fall times: Abbr
Eng. or hist
El ___
Ecological role
Director's circle?
Diamond's Lou
Dependent (on)
Dating site?
Covert 'Hey!'
Country with the smallest national capital in the European Union (about 9,000 people)
Country whose capital is known to natives as Baile Átha Cliath
Count in Lemony Snicket books
Comics exclamation
Color used by teams from both San Jose and Jacksonville?
Blouse, e.g
Bleak assessment of a situation
Be inclined (to)
Athlete on Time's list of the 100 most influential people of the 20th century
Amer. money
49-Down, with each letter shifted one place later in the alphabet (coincidence?)
12 9 11 5 20 8 9 19 3 12 21 5
1/, 2/, 3/, etc
'Would you like me to?'
'The Price Is Right' airer
'Stay' singer Lisa
'Principia Discordia' figure
'Mr.' of 'Star Trek'
'Hey, whatever pays the bills'
'God Bless America' composer
'Da ___ G Show'
'… ___ he drove out of sight'

Worth one star, maybe
Word after cold or ginger
Where Elis are educated
Two, on a par-4 hole
Twice-monthly tide
Took from the deck
Tidy up
Takes the plunge
Swimming pool cover
Summer Olympics swords
Subway fare
Stereo forerunner
Skimobile surface
Sidekick played by Johnny Depp
Show with pavilions
Shape of some clamps
Send packing
Seasonal ailment
Sealed tight
Risk a citation
Render weaponless
Regiment runaway
Provided temporarily
Prepares, as cabbage for slaw
Pothole's place
Poet Pound
Plastic with a chip
Pick up vibes about
Outback hopper, briefly
Old rival of Sinclair and Flying A
Most downhearted
More cozy
MGM's lion
Margarita ingredient
Maneuvered a soccer ball or basketball
Make a scene?
Made a meal of
Like locker room humor
Largest flying boat ever built
Klutzy move
Horn-honking Marx
Home Depot buys
Hairpin curve feature
Guitar attachment
Grow dimmer
Golf student's concern
Get hitched quickly
Geodesic structures
Genetic messenger, for short
Former Egypt-Syria merger (Abbr.)
Flat-topped formation
Facebook connections
Extends across
Embossed cookies
Election Day lists
Dwarf with eyeglasses
Does a greeter's job
Design with acid
Deli counter device
Creep through the cracks
Contemporary of Laver and Nastase
Confused situation
Christmas Eve service
Central event in 'My Cousin Vinny'
Causes a 25-Across
Buster Brown's bulldog
Business bigwigs, briefly
Burrito tidbit
British racetrack city
Bart's teacher Krabappel
24-hr. cash source
'___ Boot' (1981 war thriller)
'The Hurt Locker' setting
'Nothing but net' sound
'Leatherstocking Tales' hero
'2 Broke Girls' chef

__ half bad
Youngest of Olympus
Wintry coating
Whole-wheat alternative
What powers some cars
What follows "aka"
Up to, in ads
Two-Oscar Tracy
Twenty Questions category
Tummy trouble
Treaty subjects
Transcript stat
Tooth exterior
Toaster waffle name
Toad features
Tiny biter
Tick off
Three-note chord
Tankard filler
Taker of instant pictures
Student driver, usually
Strauss of jeans
Spider-Man's cocreator
Sounds of regret
Sounded like cattle
Some long-term investments
Smartphone filler
Slap sound
Shows ill will toward
Showing little emotion
Sax range
S'more ingredient
Rowing blade
Robe fabric
Rhineland region
Radiation detector
Quarterback Manning
Put up with
Put pressure on
Prefix for classical
Poplar trees
Pointer's beam
PD district
Parts of ski boots
Of municipalities
No longer current
Nicaragua neighbor
New Orleans campus
Multi-barreled weapon
Most born in August
Mil. delinquent
Meadow mother
Mani-pedi offerer
Make public
Make eyes at
Luggage screening org
Legally permitted
Lasting mark
Lacking stiffness
Lacking frills
Lab heater
Lab culture container
Kiddie-jacket closers
Karaoke performances
Japan's third-largest city
Italian port
It may stick to your ribs
Israeli general Dayan
In the past, in poetry
How much tuna is canned
Homecoming attendee
Hoglike mammal
Have a feeling
Has a yearning
Hardwood tree
Hair salon sound
Go on foot, so to speak
Get it for less
Formerly used heating fuel
Forget to mention
Flies on one's own
Feel concern
Fail to pronounce
Expression of relief
Electrical measure
Eggnog season
Economist Greenspan
Drum sound
Dreadlocks wearer
Doctrinal suffix
Dined on
Coupon user
Cote comment
Come __ of the rain
Coffee dispensers
Cobbler's patient
Clans' patterns
Church centers
Childish comeback
Certain seasonal numbers
Centennial starter
Casual top
Broadcast again
Blots on the landscape
Batting practice setup
Bank business
Austen novel
Attack with snowballs
Aster cousins
Artist Matisse
Arizona river
Alternating-current producer
African antelope
Actor Laura or Bruce
A daughter of Lear
"My turn"
"Like a Rock" singer Bob
"Just you wait, __ 'iggins . . ."
"If all __ fails . . ."
"Hop on Pop" author
"Hands off!"
"Auld Lang __"
"Argo" org
"All finished!"
" 'Tis" memoirist

___ out a living (just got by)
___ chi (martial art)
Witchy crones
Whom all contenders are chasing
War horse
Utilized a doorbell
Type of salad or tragedy
Two light chasers
Titled peer of the realm
Three light chasers
Three light chasers
Thai bills
Swiss border lake
Suffix for extremists
Succumb to gravity
Signaled an actor
Shrek, e.g
Settled on a sofa
River to the Mississippi
Punster's skill
Parting notice, briefly
Part of a sacrifice, sometimes
Opening for an anchor cable
Makes operable again
Makes hesitant sounds
Make unwanted comments (var.)
Lying under covers
Less acute
Length x width, for a rectangle
Just the right amount
Jeweler's collection
James Cagney film classic
Itty-bitty bit
It's wrapped in India
In the manner of
Hair slickener
Fraction of a newton
Eyelid affliction
Eye drop
Enlightened Buddhist
Engine supercharger
Encircles or fortifies
Due east on a grandfather clock
Does an IRS job
Distribute cards
Diamond Head's locale
Crosswise, on a ship
Collection of miscellaneous pieces
Coastal cities
Classic literary detective
Cheater's sound at test time
Charged particles
Ceremonial elegance
Cashew, e.g
Campus military org
Bondman of old
Black, in poetry
Bit of color
Beatty of TV and film
Be remorseful
Be in session
Animal's abode
And others, for short
Ancient Greek theater
Amos or Spelling
Alcohol type
African antelope
Act of political backscratching
Abominable Himalayan
'Iliad' warrior god
'Cut bait' alternative

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