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Daily Crossword 14/10/2016

Daily Crossword 14/10/2016

Urban __
Typical artist's apartment
Two-run homer situation
Turtles, sometimes
Took charge
Tapestry thread
Talked into, with 'on'
Storied cauldron stirrer
Shoeless Joe Jackson portrayer in 'Field of Dreams'
Set of data within an atmospheric analysis?
Sergeant Bilko, to friends
Saturn models
Samoan capital
Recording device
Rain forest region
Quilting party
Quarterback Tony
Put on
Protection against Mr. Decay Germ, in old ads
Product with a Simpsons set
Prefix with friendly
Pisa possessive
Pet that needs a sitter?
One of the Coen brothers
Old TV parts
Offered a view
Ocean bird
Occupants of a well-insulated nest?
Musicians given to tippling?
Mother of Perseus
Math branch concerned with surfaces
Marquis de __
Many Alaska maps
M's favorite agent
Louisiana genre featuring the accordion
Like 'executrix,' e.g
Last Olds models
Is next to
How perfume is sold … and this puzzle's title
His stories inspired 'Guys and Dolls'
Grain-based treat
GPS info
Gets rid of
Future ENT's exam
Former PBS 'Mystery!' host
Fit and muscular
Fifty percent up front?
Extractable natural resource
Doughnut order from a king?
Continued violently
Commercial exchange fee
Certain footrest
Calyx part
Cabinet dept. formed under Carter
BOAC competitor
Biblical seductress
Beyond slender
Beltway VIPs
Andy Panda creator
Amtrak option
Ames native
'__ non sufficit': the world is not enough
'You've Got Mail' co-star
'Understood, Cap'n'
'Beauty is bought by judgement of the __': Shakespeare
'10538 Overture' gp

Where the Taj Mahotsav festival is held
Where Spike Lee earned his M.F.A
Wasabi go-with in sushi meals
Typical 'S.N.L.' start
Two or three sets, say
Tribe whose name means 'long tail'
Threat of a strike, in labor negotiations
Things that might be batted at a ball
Things that may be compressed
Terse and unadorned, as writing
Subj. of many antiglobalization protests
Something you can control the volume with?
Something not many people laugh at
Some 'CSI' figs
Shavit with the 2013 best seller 'My Promised Land'
Round containers?
Purchases at a golf pro shop
Purchase at a golf pro shop
Place to play with toys
People who are in them are out, in brief
Part of MSG
Part of MGM's motto
Online addresses, in part
Ones ranking above knaves
Not realized
Not identifying with one's assigned sex
Not assured at all
Little: Fr
Little treasure
List heading
Lacked options
Kind of wave
Info in a Yelp listing: Abbr
Floral symbol of patience
Fashion mogul Gunn
Excluded category in the Paleo diet
Either half of a 1973 'duel'
Either director of 'Inside Llewyn Davis'
Dessert so-called for its portions of flour, butter, eggs and sugar
Cream song with the lyric 'Dance floor is like the sea, / Ceiling is the sky'
Contends (for)
Connections to the sternum
Comedian Maron
Clément Marot poem 'A ___ Damoyselle Malade'
Blew it
Bit of evasion
Bet (on)
App with over 200 free stations
1851 Sojourner Truth speech
'___, boy!'
'You cheated!'
'You can figure as well as I can'
'Ur hilarious!'
'Me?' follower
'Don't you doubt me!'
'Babalú' bandleader
'… but I could be wrong'

Winter Palace occupants
Vase's cousin
Univ., e.g
UK flyers
Town known for salt
They play for time
The Village Voice awards
The Pac-12's Sun Devils
Takes advantage of
Springfield businessman
Sondheim musical including 'The Ballad of Czolgosz'
Soft metallic element
Showered attention (on)
Shakes of the head
Seminar experts
Saldana of 'Guardians of the Galaxy'
Rossini's '___ voce poco fa'
Rainforest squeezers
Quotable catcher
Place for recyclables
Pipe material
Phrase of commitment
Only well-known English word from Finnish
One of the Osmonds
One of a human's two dozen
On account of
Muscle Shoals is there
Melber of MSNBC
Manning on the field
Made less wobbly
Made a cacophonous sound
Longtime Italian hot spot
Kama ___
Juicy book
Jeremy of the Brooklyn Nets
Itty-bitty scrapes
Is blessed with
Immigrant's class, for short
Hypothetical future conflict, briefly
Hosp. areas
He hit #1 in 1952 with 'Here in My Heart'
He hisses
Guided, as a butler might
Growler grog
Free ad
False move
Eyelid issue
Eel eggs
Eats well
Donahue of 'Father Knows Best'
Curtain material
Culinary creation of 1912
Control, metaphorically
Clipping caller
Charles Schwab rival
Boutros-Ghali's successor
Blind poet
Became prominent
Bandage material
Arp art
An athlete may break it
Add gradually
Ace high beater
Abbr. on some emails
A piece of the pie?
A la King?
'The Matrix' hero
'Sands of ___ Jima'

Weed out
Used to own
Upon which medals are pinned
Toward the setting sun
Surface layer
States frankly
Spotted, as a horse
Small restaurant
Sad in France?
Rear end
Prefix with 'postale'
Plains dwelling of old
Perform a certain DIY auto chore
Pants fold
Org. with high-flying missions
Org. of many spies
One job for a plumber
Molecule components
Makes a choice
Make a promise
Little ones
Kind of park
Keats offering
It's page after page of places
It's often a coating for steel
It features a convenient sink
It buzzes around flowers
Instruction from a dentist
Industrious insects
In most need of cleaning and repair
How to get news
Hidden, as fingerprints
Heavy drinker
God-America link
Glasgow miss
Fraudulent operation
Food scrap
First word of a threat
Firmly fix, as in cement
Event seeking donations
Emulate a seamstress
Eastern or Mountain
Douglas ___ tree
Desperate or calamitous
Course taken after trig, often
Couple no more
Corporate department
Cookbook command
Common deli order
Comic strip cry
Come to
Church altar platforms
Chip you can't eat
Chicago-to-Orlando dir
Central Texas city
Capitol Hill pol
Call, as a game, briefly
Become a broke bloke
Beauty's unlikely love
Awkward goof
Attribute to a cause
Asian language
Advertising award
'You ___?' (butler's question)
'Green' emotion
'Bolero' composer
'Aye, aye!'
'Aah!' accompaniment
'… one giant ___ for mankind'

Winter driving mishap
Winona of 'Black Swan'
White House lawn rollers
Westerns director Leone
Went right or left
Upper crust
Tries for a role
Took video of
Timmy's dog, on classic TV
They're heard in herds
Swollen in spots
Strong blow
State sport of Texas
Shekel spender
Share a view
Senegal's capital
Seizes suddenly
Seaman's affirmative
Rescue request
Reflex-testing joint
Recites vows with
Rechargeable battery type
Quit running
Quaint street game
Profs' aides
Prankish person
Porker's grunt
Pelvic bones
Package shipped overnight, perhaps
Nudges, as one's memory
Not genuine
Muskogee resident of song
Moves on the waves
Moisturizer in tissues
Mardi Gras souvenirs
Live online broadcasts
It may get swiped, then returned
How some bonds are bought
Hedge trimmer's sound
Heart's upper chambers
Head off
Hang in there
Gravy Cravers pet food brand
Friar of Sherwood Forest
Forming an angle
Forbidden acts
For real, for short
Fender bender memento
Favorable factors
Fateful March date
Egyptian Museum city
Earn the gold medal
Dubai denizen, most likely
Despise deeply
Designer Cassini
Declare blameless
Cry one's eyes out
Clear data from
Choir part
Carved green stone
Carol-singing season
Call a halt to
Bratty comeback
Battery terminals
Bart Simpson's grandfather
Atlas close-ups
Armchair athlete's channel
Architectural renderings
Anthony Quinn title role
Alias-indicating initials
Act the henchman, say
1972 hit for T. Rex
'The Hunger Games' missile
'That stings!'

Where some flowers are found
Where Silver Dollars are eaten
Very hard to see
USC aides
Unlikely to insist on anything
UN member since 1949
Umbrian pilgrimage site
Tooth partner
Talks about a close-vote aftermath
Taiwan, for short
Syndication category
Swedish supergroup
Sporty VW
She may be on her toes
San Diego State team
Refuses a reduction
Prehistoric creatures, for short
Prefix for body
Predetermined path
Photo within a photo
Patriots' passes
Other than that
Options on some quizzes
Opposite of paleo-
Nothing more than
NHL teams, e.g
MST state
Modicum of laughter
Metrical tribute
Marshal Tito's birth name
Malty beverage
Make mention of
Mackerel kin
Looney Tunes regular
Long past its heyday
Little Red Book reader
Latin meaning of "video"
Kind of commentary
Just chill
It's SW of Buffalo
Inside scoop
Indignant states
Help-needed announcement
Full of zeal
Field of study
Fictional French fencer
Ferret cousin
Feed Fluffy for a friend
Expounds on a military task
Ending for 76 or 49
Ecuadorean encouragement
Ease up on
Early PC platform
Crude ones
City on Lake Michigan
Certain scout's interest
Certain garden guardian
Breed from Wales
Breaks up
Balloon compartment
"__ be sad if . . ."
"The Aviator" Oscar nominee
"Plus more of the same"
"Outta here!"
"No treat for you!"
"Glee" boy
"Apocalypse Now" setting
#4 baby girl name for 2015

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