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crosswords solver 28/09/2016

crosswords solver 28/09/2016

__ code
__ child
Young boys
World power inits. until '91
World Golf Hall of Famer Karrie
Tucker of country
Tosca's 'Vissi d'arte,' e.g
Three-lane, vis-? -vis two-lane
Taxing trip
Tappable cellphone images
Superman's makeup?
Star adored by many
St. with a panhandle
Special forces mission
Singer McEntire
Semicircular church section
Salem-to-Portland dir
Put the spark back into, as a relationship
Polar explorer
Place for a pedicure
Pathetic, as an excuse
Original thought
One who might go to bat for you?
Old-time bandits
Old Mideast alliance: Abbr
Nova Scotia hrs
Narc's quarry
Modern witch's religion
Metallica drummer Ulrich
Mess offering
Many a Syrian
Magical start
Magic charm
Lotion additive
Like some history
Leg muscle
Leader with a .edu address
Klein of fashion
January warm spell
It may help with a mop
In addition
Hurling or curling
Home of the NCAA's Bruins
Goes out
Gain experience (from)
Fred's dancing sister
First host of 'The Tonight Show'
First extra inning
Evening in Quebec
Delta rival, as it was once known
Dallas Mavericks org
Come to a point
City SW of St. Augustine
Chinese or Japanese
Cambodian cash
Butter-on-hot-griddle sound
Buddy of Kermit
Brits' boob tube
Bowl-shaped cookware
Big party
Bi- halved
Beehive State
Automation prefix
Autobahn auto
Approx. repair cost
Anonymous holiday gift giver
Animal symbolizing the 25-Down
Airline to Jerusalem
Air marshal's possession
'The Time Machine' race
'The Mod Squad' role
'Piano Man' man
'Miles Smiles' trumpeter
'I Dream of Jeannie' star – See more at: http://crosswordssolver.net/clue/L.A.-Times-Daily-Crossword-Answers—Sep-28-2016#sthash.VsdvIVpj.dpuf

__ Antoinette
Z, __ "zebra"
Wise one
Weeps loudly
Victor's cry
Use a shuttle
Starts a poker pot
Squad-car sounds
Smartphone ancestors: Abbr
Small singing group
Slippery fish
Simple, as a process
Sheep of the zodiac
Scandinavian capital
Really angry
Range of view
Racetrack postings
Put back on the wall
Prepare for testimony
Prefix for cycle
Poker pair
Point-and-click tool
One seeking damages
Olympics race measures
Not plugged in
Norse Zeus
Natural satellite
Microsoft woe
Makes illegal
Main Street, __ (Disneyland area)
Less exciting
Kitty or doggie
Kind of golf club
Israeli airline
Isolated place
Incoming plane stat: Abbr
In the midst of
In need of directions
Hunter's garb, for short
Hoopsters' org
Guys in a regatta
Great joy
Fuel from mines
For all to hear
Fill to excess
Feline of the zodiac
Easy run
Earliest stage
Drinks slowly
Detach, as from a habit
Cuts with an ax
Cozy corner
Couldn't stand
College's URL ender
Clothing store category
Clears after taxes
Cartoon "Ouch!"
Campus teacher, for short
Camera attachment
Brews, as tea
Billiards bounce
Be worthy of
Be disloyal to
Bart, to Homer
Arrived at
Armed conflict
AMA members
Airport boarding area
2012 Affleck film
"All kidding __ . . .' – See more at: http://crosswordssolver.net/clue/Newsday.com-Crossword-Answers—Sep-28-2016#sthash.eWu78TI5.dpuf

Zoning unit, maybe
Wrap up
Word before ringer or heat
Where the Clintons met
When many magazines are published
West with 21 Grammys through 2016
Way off
Vote of approval
Use a skillet
Turnpike charge
Tried mightily
Toughen, as steel
Tip, as one's hat
The whole schmear
Terrier type
Sword's superior, proverbially
Suffix with Oktober
Spaced out
Sombrero feature
Slip preventer
Sends to the Hill
Seized vehicle, informally
Secure a ship
Sarcophagus site
Rosebud's rider
Right-hand person
Prepare to study
Potter's need
Play roller derby, say
Plant with fronds
PC alternative
One on your side
Norse god of thunder
Neighbor of Teddy on Mount Rushmore
Needing ibuprofen
Need ibuprofen
Muscat's land
Mayberry tyke
Little shavers
Like a cliche
Light blue shade
Irregular edge, as of stationery
Ireland's biggest-selling solo artist
Ink cartridge color
Hook's henchman
Hasty escape
Goalie's stop
Go wide of
Go back on a promise
General Bradley
Full of passion
Flooring material
Flock member
Evidence of decomposition
Events with concerts and livestock exhibitions
Eucalyptus-eating 'bear'
Eton, to Harrow
Dissenting religious belief
Danny who played Walter Mitty
Cuba libre mixer
Crunch targets, for short
Commuter's cost
Come in third
Clark of 'American Bandstand'
Cheesy munchie
Cat cartoonist B. ___
Carried with difficulty
Build up, as a fortune
Boxing ref's ruling
Blunted Olympics blade
Abrasive that's largely corundum
38-Across, e.g
'Vette alternative
'Java' trumpeter Al
'Goodnight' girl of song
'Buy It Now' site – See more at: http://crosswordssolver.net/clue/USA-Today-Crossword-Answers—Sep-28-2016#sthash.hOMuev3p.dpuf

Wraps up
Where one asks to be hit
Where many deals are made
What an eclipse can do
Water source
VHS alternative of old
Vertical ship posts
Upstate New York city
Turn the air blue
Trip to Mecca
Sweater material
Swab composition
Stratocaster attachment
Sport invented by Native Americans
Some desert growths
Sing like a canary
Simple wave makers
Santa's reindeer, collectively
Santa ___ (California city)
Sailing on the ocean
Rock worth money
Responded in court
Religious maxims
Provide, as with a quality
Pollen and dust, notoriously
Passage ceremony, e.g
Organize anew
Not fully closed
Non-offensive expletive
Make good use of recess
Like some humor
Like Salvation Army goods
Like a rainbow
Legendary QB nicknamed the 'Snake'
Kinky yen
Johnny in gray
Japanese martial art
It's served in spots
In-flight info, for short
Human shark
House of usher?
Hard to tap one's toe to
Gave cough medicine to
Gangster's gun, in B-movies
Frosts, as a cake
Fourposter, e.g
Flat-topped hill
Fish-eating hawk
First half of a swanky California neighborhood
Enlightened one, in Buddhism
Engaged in a childish comfort
Emulate a tailor
Crumbs from a meal
Convenient wallet filler
Compass heading, sometimes
Common degs
Calf, on the range
Blockbuster event no more
Before, long before now
Author also known as H.H. Munro
Athlete with deep pockets
Art piece in a park
African republic on the Red Sea
Acid that will make you see things
Absolute greatest (Abbr.)
'You get the picture'
'Sir,' in colonial India
'Micro' add-on, in libraries – See more at: http://crosswordssolver.net/clue/Universal-Crossword-Answers—Sep-28-2016#sthash.qBVO6qTO.dpuf

Will matter
Way up on a mountain
Water filter brand
Virtual reservation
Stephen of 'V for Vendetta'
Spider-Man foe
Some building contractors
Skin-and-bones type
Sierra runner
Show place
Scrabble tile, essentially
Running pro
Rink maneuver
Pulled down
Pollen collector
Place for a hero
Pasta alternative
Parrot's cry
Paris's ___ d'Orsay
Painter's kit
Org. with a Queens sports complex
Org. for teachers
One might be tipped
Obama traveled there in March 2016
Not working, perhaps
Neighbor of Ukr
Native environment
Most reasonable
Melburnians, e.g
Mauna ___
Masseur's bottleful
Little brother, often
Like some sale mdse
Like some cowards
Lamb's pen name
It's taken into account
It may be cast
Into pieces
Hill and Baker
He-man's pride
Having a high alcohol content
Gonzaga University location
Give notice
Gadget's title: Abbr
Fully appease
Free from affectation
Fix a clog, say
Film sheet material
Essen exclamation
Eddard Stark's heir on 'Game of Thrones'
Drug addict, e.g
Drive, e.g
Did in
Create a scene, perhaps
Confined, like this puzzle is, thanks to the edge answers
Compact car, perhaps
CIA forerunner
Child of Japanese immigrants
Charge for hand delivery?
Cerebral aqueduct
Cave painting pigment
Caroline du Sud, e.g
Carmaker Ferrari
Capital on the island of New Providence
Canonized femme: Abbr
Business with net gains?
Bunker fill
Bud holder
Brunch choice
British Honduras, now
'Rhythm of the Night' songwriter Warren – See more at: http://crosswordssolver.net/clue/Wall-Street-Journal-Crossword-Answers—Sep-28-2016—No-Way-Out#sthash.F2Z1ssgy.dpuf

___ curriculum
___ Bunt, villainess in 'On Her Majesty's Secret Service'
Work toward
Word with prickly or alligator
Women's shoe feature
Whistle-blower, e.g
What to expect when you're expecting
What a spoiler may spoil
What 'whisky' is to 'whiskey': Abbr
Super ___ (toy water guns)
Suffix with acetyl
Subject of some 2015 border control measures
Stepped (on)
Starter home?
Specialty skillet
Sources of vitamin C
Something the U.S. government bans the sale of
Something that sticks out in a church?
Sign to continue straight
See 58-Across
See 55-Across
See 5-Across
See 43-Across
See 41-Across
See 32-Across
See 25-Across
See 10-Across
See 1-Across
Quartet minus one
Put bandages on, as wounds
Pro side of a vote
One of the six official languages of the United Nations
One guarded in a duel?
Novelist Jean who wrote 'Wide Sargasso Sea'
Murder : crows :: ___ : turkeys
Mozart was the first major composer to write specifically for it
Longtime Dallas Cowboys QB Tony
Like the posture of human beings
Like black rhinos
Laugh without restraint
Is licked by
Instrument with 18+ strings
Holding office
Heading in a baseball box score
Go out with
Gives up
Get around
French 'to be'
Former Mississippi senator Trent
Etta of old comics
Commercial light
City north of Lisboa
C. Everett ___, 1980s surgeon general
Broken, as promises
Bird with a forcepslike bill
Back when, long ago
Artery: Abbr
'There! I did it!'
'Don't use that ___ with me!'

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