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crosswords solver 25/09/2016

crosswords solver 25/09/2016

__ Army: Palmer's fans
__ Alto
Youngest ever Nobel Prize laureate __ Yousafzai
Yeshiva reference
Yeshiva reference
Work the crowd
With 96-Across, bad thing to be caught in
Where to see runners
Where many races are run
Way out
Wave parts
Vocal syllable
Versace headquarters
Uses a keyboard
Unexpected, in a way
Underworld river
Touches the clouds
Tips that are often dropped
Stud starter
Storied firefighter Red
Starbucks offering
Stadium section
Spaniel, for one
Sound of disapproval
Societal problems
Snow house
Serena Williams has been its year-end #1 player since 2013
See 35-Down
Saudi money
Rock singer Mann
Remington of '80s TV
Reaction to an insult, maybe
Pulls a Charmin shenanigan, briefly
PreCheck org
Prankster's cry
Place for skeletons?
Place for emoji
Pesky swarm
Per unit
Peace Nobelist Root
Parlor order
Palindromic plus-size model
Overtime causes
Oscar winner Poitier
Online handle
Odor source
Not bright, as colors
Newspapers, radio, etc
Nebraska native
Name on the range
Morales of 'Criminal Minds'
Model S automaker
Microsoft : Cortana :: Apple : __
Many are named for presidents
Many a Jordanian
Mama of pop
Mai __
Magic, on sports tickers
Madness may involve one
Lye, in the lab
Like some justice
Legendary fighter
Layered haircut
It starts at love
Istanbul coins
Ice cream alternative, casually
Hunting guide of a sort
Home of Spaceship Earth
Holey bread
Hit the runway
Hanging out, say
Group concerned with aging
Gobbles up
Gloria of pop
Get together
Get going
Fragrant necklaces
For example
For a specific purpose
Flu symptoms
Flower from the Greek for 'star'
Flier with striped wings
Fanta size
Family members?
Exercises on a path
Ex-Cub Sandberg
Equine color patterns
Elec., e.g
Don Juan's love
Dished (out)
Dallas-to-Memphis dir
Crop in a lab, say
Crime scene barrier
Corporate identifier whose symbol is common to nine other puzzle answers
Cookout leftovers
Comics read vertically
Combat vet's affliction
Column of numbers
Coffee shop amenity
Click sources
Choker part
China problem
Cherry throwaway
Cast lead-in
Campus cadets' org
Call of the wild
Burdens for horses
Bread sometimes dipped in dal
Blue books?
Bistro bigwig
Bauhaus artist
Bathroom fixture
Bass part
Barcelona-born surrealist
Ashamed admission
Anxious med. condition
Alternative to Samoas
25-Across CEO Musk
'__ do it!'
'We'll always have __': Rick, to Ilsa, in 'Casablanca'
'Utopia' author
'The Princess Bride' co-star
'Take your time'
'Social Studies' author Lebowitz
'Oh, puh-leeze!'
'My Way' lyricist
'King Kunta' rapper Kendrick __
'I Am __': recent Jenner documentary
'Full Frontal With Samantha Bee' channel
'Fueling Good' gas brand
'Four Quartets' poet
'Do the __!'
'A long time __ in a galaxy … ' – See more at: http://crosswordssolver.net/clue/L.A.-Times-Daily-Crossword-Answers—Sep-25-2016#sthash.PL8NVKWO.dpuf

___ speed
___ of Glamis, title in Shakespeare
___ Hari
___ Chigurh, villain in 'No Country for Old Men'
Young swan
Word after liquid or fixed
Whole ___
Where to buy certain Christmas decorations?
Wardens enforce them
Van Susteren formerly of Fox News
Under the wire, so to speak
Uncommon spelling for a common greeting
TV spinoff of 2002
They get wetter as they dry
They come straight from the horse's mouth
The Bulldogs of the S.E.C
The Bosporus, e.g.: Abbr
Thatching material
Text on an iPad, say
Test one's metal?
Sword fight sound
Sugar suffix
Subzero, maybe
Sound of a pebble hitting water
Sign from a third base coach, say
Shepherd's pie bit
Setting for many New Yorker cartoons
Set off, as a security alarm
See 79-Down
Saint for whom a Minnesota college is named
River through Seoul
Refrain syllables
Really feels the heat
Powerless group?
Pluto flyby org
Party handouts
Partner of live
Part of the inner ear
Part of STEM, for short
Overly indulge in
One whose life is in order?
One who's dunzo
One holding many positions
Olympics events rarely shown in prime time
Nephew of Cain
Neighbor of N.Y
Nearly dried-up Asian sea
Narrow arm of the sea
Moving well
Movie Hall
Mirror buildup, at times
Mild form of corporal punishment?
Merely superficial
Many web advertisements
Lot of fun, informally
Look lecherously
Long tale
Link with
Line at the side of a photo
Late author Wiesel
Lament after being backstabbed
King who's a friend of Oprah
It takes months to complete
I.Q. test name
How many college textbooks are bought
Hoped-for result of swiping right on Tinder
Hoopster observing Ramadan?
Home of the Pampas: Abbr
Hobo at the wheel?
Golfer Michelle
Glossy fabric
Gently jabbed
Gangster Luciano performing a risqué prank?
Galápagos Islands' country
Frequent Winter Olympics setting
Flatow of NPR's 'Science Friday'
First name in fashion
Evil spirits
Erroneously hit 'reply all' instead of 'reply,' say
Enliven, with 'up'
Emotionally, if not physically
Electric ___
Early PC platform
DVR choice
Drops a line
Dollar competitor
Dangerous backyard projectile
Dancer's leader
Crack up
Country whose name becomes its language when you drop its last letter
Corp. money pros
Contemptible sort
Commercial cow
Cockpit datum: Abbr
Classic word game
China display
Cheering done in a plaza?
Channel with 'Family Feud' reruns
Change with the times
Carried chairs
Captains on The Atlantic, briefly?
By and large
Build-it-yourself auto
Brownstone feature
Bringing up the rear
Bridge words
Bottom line
Bottom line
Big fan of the 'Lord of the Flies' author?
Beer ___
Bakery buy
Baked with breadcrumbs and cheese
Ankle-exposing pants
Actress Swinton
Actor Milo
Accident-investigating agcy
75-Down around a saint
1982 #1 hit with the line 'Watch out boy she'll chew you up'
'___ linda!' ('How pretty!,' in Spanish)
'___ been thinking …'
'Wild Thing' rapper
'Walden' writer
'Scooby-Doo' girl
'Rumor has it …'
'It's worse than you can imagine' – See more at: http://crosswordssolver.net/clue/New-York-Times-Crossword-Answers—Sep-25-2016#sthash.1VrUntif.dpuf

___ fast (caught in a race)
You-here separator
WWII sub
Wartime motivators
Warmed the bench
Virtually guaranteed, as a victory
Viewed anew
Treetop dwelling
Stash away
Some cheap hooch
Skimpy beach attire
Sheets of cotton
Semiaquatic salamanders
Race track shape
Put ___ show
Protractor's measure
Presidential nickname
Present occasions
Prefix with 'state'
Poppa's significant other
Par ___ (French airmail)
Overthrow, e.g
One-celled creatures (var.)
Noncommittal answer
Net work?
Moe, famously
Make possible
Mai ___ (rum cocktail)
Lord of literature
Lip-___ (mouths the words)
Large bay window
John Hancock, famously
It gets roasted
Is a keynote speaker
Historic time
H.S. biology topic
Go up and down, as an apple
Gazed steadily and impolitely
Game with matchsticks
Fireplace stands
Fairy-tale bridge minders
Even the score
English exam finale, often
Detested rodents
Corrosive in cells
Confuses and entertains
Christmas drink
Cheese fanciers
Chasers, at times
Charlotte team
Catcher's offering
Caribbean, e.g
Camembert's kin
Cabin location, often
Brief quarrel
Botanical swelling
Blurred, as a signature
Bits of food
Bartender on TV's Pacific Princess
Barfly's binge
Barbecue offering
Baker's sweet
Arboretum item
Andean land
A single time
19th letter of the Greek alphabet
10 of calendars, briefly
'___ does it!'
'You don't mean me?'
'Stupid me!'
'Dallas' role – See more at: http://crosswordssolver.net/clue/Universal-Crossword-Answers—Sep-25-2016#sthash.nKdi6yMT.dpuf

__ buco (veal dish)
With 53 Down, carnival performer
Wispy clouds
Wintour of fashion
Wearing boots, perhaps
Walked (on)
Vocal cords, so to speak
Virtuous one
Unfit for farming
Uncle Remus title
TV, newspapers, etc
TV filter
Treasure seeker's find
Timeline segments
Time on a marquee
Tickled pink
Thin mud
Tech support customers
Tacks on
Sudden twitch
Successful on one's own
Stamp purchase
Splits apart
Sow chow
Sort of seaweed
Some deer
Soft tennis shot
Smelter delivery
Skin-cream additive
Sisters of Greek myth
Single-beat symbol, often
Sherlock's female adversary
Seine city, in song
See 78 Across
Safari head
S.O.S rival
Rotisserie rod
Risk a ticket
Prefix meaning "outer"
Prefix like uni-
Pool-hall cube
Political columnist Molly
Poet Angelou
Play for time
Pennsylvania port
Passports, for instance
Parts of some portfolios
Paramount franchise
Out of energy
One way to mark errors
Once more from the top
Offer one's view
Offer on eBay
Off-the-wall sound
Of punishment
Of liters and kilos
Novelist Follett
NFL or NL team nickname
Move gingerly
More innovative
Mineral in spinach
Metaphor for time
Many Louvre paintings
Make known
Make a run for it
Make a faux pas
Made it home
Loud, as a crowd
Leg muscles, for short
Land on the Caspian
Knew intuitively
Italian article
Inventor Howe
Inflatable party rental
High schoolers with many friends
Having much land
Hang out
Handled clumsily
Halifax, Nova __
Grind, as teeth
Gracefully slender
Goes bad
Gallop or canter
FBI guy
Fast-food beverage
Excitingly fashionable
Europop and polkas
Endangered Asian cat
Embassy issuance
Economist Greenspan
Easter-egg event
Easter flower
DVR button
Divest (of)
Disney mermaid
DiCaprio's love in "Titanic"
Davis of "Thelma & Louise"
D.C. subway
Cupid alias
Cuisine with green curry
Couple's reaffirmation
Country singer Tillis
Common London forecast
Common computer typeface
Clear thinking
City of Tuscany
Chose, with "for"
Campaign funding orgs
Calls upon
Brings in
Bread machine cycle
Bouncy tune
Boggy area
Boating blade
Blacken on a grill
Bent over, as a page corner
Beetlike vegetables
Bean's clothing competitor
Ballpark instrument
Bagel-like roll
Attach, as a patch
At lunch, say
And others: Abbr
Advantageous aspect
Actress Ladd or Lane
Actor McKellen
A Bolivian capital
3-D scans
2016 presidential candidate
"You might see me doing that"
"Yeah, right"
"The Mikado," e.g
"Skyfall" studio
"Mad Men" channel
"In my opinion . . ."
"Gimme a refill"

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