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crosswords solver 20/09/2016

crosswords solver 20/09/2016

Zoo critter with striped legs
Yellow 'Despicable Me' character
Word before 'Pizza' or 'River,' in film
Wood-finishing tool
Washington MLBer
Use a broom
Touchdown approx
Tennis do-over
Tennessee senator __ Alexander
Stand-up routine
Sphere in a library
Social faux pas
Slide down the slopes
Sleep audibly
Shop __ you drop
Shoe company with a cat in its logo
Send back, as to a lower court
Seasonal bug
Seagoing mil. training group
Retired newsman Donaldson
Response to a clever put-down
Ref's ruling
QVC rival
Qualifying race
Point __ return
Poet Khayyám
PlayStation maker
Place for meditation
Pilothouse wheels
Part of AAA: Abbr
Mount in Exodus
Motto for the cautious … or a hint to the starts of 17-, 28-, 37- and 45-Across
Mexican revolutionary played by Brando
Lucky break
Lubricate again
Lots and lots
Long, narrow mollusks
Letter that opens with a click
LAPD alerts
Intense personality
Hurled weapon
Hotel divs
Headache treatment
Hawaiian floral rings
Gracias, across the Pyrenees
Gentle touch
Genetic info letters
Doone of Exmoor
Contractor's fig
Concerning, on memos
Collarless shirt
Clever Bombeck
CIO partner
Cheering syllable
Capek's robot play
Camper driver, for short
Bus. get-together
Brass instrument played like a trumpet
Bed with high sides
Balkan native
Baaing mom
And so on: Abbr
Adjusted sales figure on which some royalties are based
Actress Hagen
1990s veep
'The Joy Luck Club' novelist
'The Heart of the Matter' novelist Graham
'Sure, I'll give you a ride'
'Marvelous' Marvin of boxing – See more at: http://crosswordssolver.net/clue/L.A.-Times-Daily-Crossword-Answers—Sep-20-2016#sthash.XXgAkv6K.dpuf

___ of the Apostles
___ contact
What a chef might call each dessert featured in this puzzle, literally or figuratively
Walloped to win the bout, in brief
Units of resistance
Uncles, in Acapulco
Tiny bell sounds
Teacher's plan
Sugar ___
Strip of fabric used for trimming
Steamed-for-hours, aged-for-months concoction of treacle, brandy, fruit and spices, set afire and served at Christmas
Singer with the site imaginepeace.com
Severe and short, as an illness
Set traditionally handed down to an eldest daughter
Sam Cooke's first #1 hit
Salade ___
Rock's ___ Inch Nails
Pushing conventional limits
Positive R.S.V.P.s
Pass's opposite
Ones who are splitsville
Mop & ___
Mini, e.g
Lowdown, in slang
Low ground, poetically
Locale for urban trash cans
Layers of sherry-soaked torte, homemade custard and fruit served chilled in a giant stem glass
Lauder of cosmetics
Latches (onto)
Land of Blarney
Kill, as an idea
Kardashian matriarch
J.Lo's daughter with a palindromic name
Ice cream and sponge topped with meringue and placed in a very hot oven for a few minutes
Habitual customer's order, with 'the'
Growing luxuriantly
Glass fragment
Give off, as vibes
German kingdom of old
Gates of philanthropy
Fabric purchase: Abbr
Error report?
Ending with neo- or proto-
Ed of 'Up'
Drive mad
Dreadlocked ones, informally
Designs with ® symbols: Abbr
Constellation units
Command-Z command
Comical 'Dame'
Come to a close
Club game
Clothes presser
Chew the fat
Boxer Max
Blade in the pen
Actress Watts
'___ and answered' (courtroom objection)
'West Side Story' seamstress
'Square' things, ideally
'Kilroy ___ here'
'I dare you!'
'Hesitating to mention it, but …'
'Git!' – See more at: http://crosswordssolver.net/clue/New-York-Times-Crossword-Answers—Sep-20-2016#sthash.zWKoKgzJ.dpuf

Writer Gaiman
Without ___ in the world
Washington baseballer
St. Nick's day
Showers love (upon)
Salty part of a margarita glass
Run out of gas
Rms. for rent
Rebecca of the WNBA
QB's miscue
Presidential helper
Prepared for refinishing
Poetic unit
Part of a winter warmer
Off in the distance
NYSE debut
Neighbor of Algeria
Modest response to a compliment
Model whose last name is Lanzoni
Major musical work
Likely answer to 'Who broke that window?'
Like some apples and grapes
Like many valedictorians, classwise
Like a poor excuse
Length of a certain term
Kyle Field athlete
John Hughes's directorial debut
Impressive selection
Iditarod need
ID for the IRS
Heinz rival
Gold-medal-winning runner Zatopek
Glee club member
Fowl female
Formally change
Five-sided plate
Europe's tallest Ferris wheel
End-of-semester ordeals
Dutch city with a famous export
Dr.'s org
Does as told
Clarinet's cousin
Clandestine engagement
Celebrities' surroundings?
Burn soothers
Burn soother
Bring up
Biweekly tide
Beyond cold
Begins a journey
Beethoven-Haus locale
Be concerned
Barracks no-show
Balkan native
B.B. King's music
Athletic contests
Andy Taylor's boy
Alanis Morissette's role in 'Dogma'
1982 Jeff Bridges sci-fi film
'La Dolce ___'
'Back to the Future' time machine – See more at: http://crosswordssolver.net/clue/Wall-Street-Journal-Crossword-Answers—Sep-20-2016—A-Few-Extra-Squares#sthash.6dJ9cO56.dpuf

__ 1 (speed of sound)
West Florida city
Very eager
Try out
Totally engrossed
Thumbs-up votes
The Dalai __
Surge in real-estate sales
St. Louis landmark
Spicy Asian cuisine
Spark of inspiration
Spaghetti or ziti
Space shuttle's path
Selling point
Seer's deck of cards
See eye to eye
Russian's refusal
Roll-call response
Reduce drastically
Person growing crops
On the Pacific
Not as much
National bird
Moral principle
Make revisions to
Lion sounds
Judge's attire
Japanese wrestling
Hoofbeat sound
Hindu mentor
Happen next
Gush forth
Grizzly, for one
Goes it alone
Gives a hoot
Four-run homer
Folklore brute
Floor models
Evergreen tree
Dull in color
Drags from behind
Difficulty, for short
Deep black
Coup d'__
Computer mishap
Colored parts of eyes
Coke competitor
Charged atoms
Cargo quantities
Campfire residue
British prep school
Boxing match
Bonnets and berets
Bold and loud
Apollo 11 destination
Adhesive substance
Actor Alda
2012 presidential candidate
11:50 a.m. or 12:50 p.m
"With all __ respect . . ."
"Quickly," in a memo
"It's my turn now"
"I really enjoyed the party!"
"Goosebumps" author R.L. __
"Golden touch" king
"Argyle" footwear
"Are not!" reply – See more at: http://crosswordssolver.net/clue/Newsday.com-Crossword-Answers—Sep-20-2016#sthash.m9rEW7zg.dpuf

What a cook must do, sometimes
Walking unsteadily
Uncannily strange
Type of modern lab
TV monitor?
Tunes in
Travolta danced to it
Thomas Jefferson, religiously
They're all created equal
They may be socked
Takes off
Take offense
Suffer, as from the flu
Start of a common musical phrase
Slip away, as time
Site of Muhammad's tomb
Separator of family names
Revealing lots of skin
Rapids contained in some rivers
Place for the first couple
Pivot around a pole
Perfume with smoke
One of four with 30 days (abbr.)
Make with the waterworks
Make sense (with 'up')
Legendary actress Sophia
Least wild
Kind of test
Kind of opposition
It was founded by Saul
Inept goof
Indoctrinated, in a way
In-flight info
In the style of
Important sports stats
Hotel amenity
Home of King Kong
Hardly healthy-looking
Flip out
Expensive mushroom
Employee badges, essentially
Ellington and Wellington
Early president
Drunk, in slang
Dogie collar?
Crusher or breaker relative
Coffee alternative
Body of water
Bit of smoke
Bird that may be spotted
Best suited
Begin, as darkness
Become decent?
Be a snitch
Artistic carnival worker
Another body of water
Animal's fur
Andean animal
Alphabetizes, e.g
Air freshener scent
Acquired family member
Absolutely positive
Absolute requirements
'___ Brockovich'
'You' verb
'New' prefix
'La Boheme,' e.g
'Joltin' Joe' or 'The Babe,' famously
'Do the Right Thing' pizzeria owner
'Anti' kin

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