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crosswords solver 19/09/2016

crosswords solver 19/09/2016

__ Hold ’em
Wood-shaping tool
With 48-Down, mediocre
Wicked one
When right turns are sometimes permitted
What kids ask on a long trip, on TLAP Day?
What George Washington could not tell, according to folklore
Verbal exams
Urgent distress signal
Upper crust groups
Two of a kind
Tries a bite of
The color of tropical seas
Taxpayer ID
Tax agcy
Swashbuckler Flynn
Story surprises
Spyglass component
Specialized market segment
Sitting at the dock of the bay
Shove off
Ship-fouling organisms, on Talk Like a Pirate Day?
Ship's right-front section, on TLAP Day?
Sends to the Hill
See 23-Across
Rowboat propeller
Rio Grande city
Ring of light
Recipe amts
Rank above cpl
Post-WWII babies
Playfully shy
Oregon Trail wagon pullers
Online auction site
One tickling the ivories
Old anesthetic
Minnesota's state fish
Massage facility
Like a smooth-sailing clipper ship
Lights-out tune
Key lime __
Human trunk
Horse hue
Giants slugger Mel
Food storage area, on TLAP Day?
Flatfish sometimes served stuffed
Fictional Tom or real-life Diane
Enjoy, as television
Doctors' org
Dockworkers' org
Dissenting vote
Director Ang __
Dire fate
Deadly snake
Dangerous wind for small boats
Cry of fright
Cold northern region, on TLAP Day?
Chess castles
Bill for drinks, on TLAP Day?
Be indebted to
Barbecue rod
Balloon filler
All in favor
Agrees to
Actress Lollobrigida
Actor Sharif
5-Down of __: French heroine
'You're gonna need a bigger boat' movie
'The Sopranos' actress Falco
'Alas … ' – See more at: http://crosswordssolver.net/clue/L.A.-Times-Daily-Crossword-Answers—Sep-19-2016#sthash.z7kV9kdY.dpuf

___ Men ('Who Let the Dogs Out' band)
___ Island Red (chicken variety)
___ Curry, 2015 and '16 N.B.A. M.V.P
___ Arena, home to the Kentucky Wildcats
___ Arbor, Mich
Word with Comfort or Holiday
Wine: Prefix
They can bring tears to chefs' eyes
Surname of the only M.L.B. brother trio to play together in the outfield
Summer hrs. in Colorado
Suffix with north
South American range
Socially maladroit sort
Soak (up)
Secluded valley
School health class, informally
Request in an invitation
Redwood or dogwood
Rear of a ship
Pub potables
Pioneer in photocopying
Pinball foul
Passing a ball to a scorer, e.g
Part of a hosp. with oxygen tents
Palindromic file extension
One-named singer with the 1985 hit 'Smooth Operator'
Necklace for one in a hula skirt
Most important part of a carrot or turnip plant
Mine: Fr
Men-only parties
Long-armed banana lovers
Lip shine
Last Ivy League school alphabetically
Justice Kagan
Juliet's love
Joy of 'The View'
Innocent sort
In one's Sunday best
In favor of
In a frenzy
Grads-to-be: Abbr
Gives a darn?
Football helmet attachment
First president to visit China
Feel lousy
Drug for tripping
Digitize, as a document
Digital video file format
Deviant, in slang
Detective fiction genre
Designer Saarinen
Custardy dessert
Cub Scout leader named after a character in 'The Jungle Book'
Classic TV game show … or what 18-, 25-, 55- and 66-Across are, in a way
China's ___ Zedong
Bring to naught
Black ___ (deadly African snake)
Bite-size Krispy Kreme offering
Aunt: Sp
Actress Merrill
1996 Michelle Pfeiffer/George Clooney romantic comedy
1995 Hugh Grant/Julianne Moore romantic comedy
1984 Molly Ringwald coming-of-age comedy
1981 Alan Alda/Carol Burnett comedy
'Zip your lip!'
'The X Factor' judge Cowell
'Ready, ___, go!'
'On top of that …'
'Medium hamburger and a Coke,' e.g
'Go me!'
'Beat it!'
'Absolutely!' – See more at: http://crosswordssolver.net/clue/New-York-Times-Crossword-Answers—Sep-19-2016#sthash.NC6UrBJI.dpuf

Worm on a hook, for example
Warrior who may wield a katana
Use a yardstick
Unlike this puzzle ans
Trade restriction
Tax-filing mo
Take ___ of faith
Superman foe ___ Luthor
Stayed out of sight
Stalactite's spot
Spotted with color, as a horse
Singers Acuff and Orbison
Singer McEntire
Shipping destination
Represent, as in legal matters
Quarterback Dawson
Poorly made, in slang
Pirate's training for combat?
Pirate's prisoner watcher?
Pirate's preferred method of payment?
Pirate's favorite reveling cry?
Pirate's favorite animals for ship's mascots?
Nation between Iraq and Afghanistan
Milk, in Marseille
Mechanic's workplace
Making a choice
Makes longer
Long John Silver was lacking one
Leave $20 for a $12 lunch, say
Lawn material
Lacking locks
Join a sit-in, say
Jack's value in blackjack
Ivy, for one
Immune system component
Hunting dog
Hit show letters
Handled wrongly
Gives, but not as a gift
German exclamations
From Riga, say
Fraternal order with lodges
Flu symptom
Ferrari or Fiat
Fail to notice
Fail to include
Expert in the field
Ellipsis trio
Egg-shaped wind instrument
Doesn't guzzle
Dense crowds
Country music's Atkins
Cloth woven from flax
Chops into small cubes
Cellist Pablo
Campaign loser
Brew popular in Britain
Brew popular in Britain
Boxer Sugar Ray
Applies frosting to
Applied science pro: Abbr
Ankle bones
'___ Kapital'
'Speed-the-Plow' playwright
'If you say so'
'Barbara ___' (Beach Boys song) – See more at: http://crosswordssolver.net/clue/Wall-Street-Journal-Crossword-Answers—Sep-19-2016—Talk-Like-a-Pirate-Day#sthash.jzQZCWJc.dpuf

___ oblongata (brain part)
Zorro's marks
Wide's partner
Way past voting age
Victorian, for one
Vast frozen expanses
Use a needle and thread
They often deliver good news
The 'L' of XL
Teamwork inhibitor
Some socks
Some simple math signs
Slithering sea creatures
Simple shelters
Rush down in vast quantities
Runway figure
Ratty or flea-bitten
Quick snap
Prepare to stop crying
Montezuma, for one
Member of the family, often
Martin with an Oscar
Marina sight
Leave white tracks
Killed, gangster-style
Key in Florida
Indian social class
He's there late in Red Square
Hawaiian giveaway
First syllable of a simple game
Event with lots of bucks
Easy wins
Dude kin
Discouraging or dissuading
Directory contents
Digital novel
Dashboard abbreviation
County fair animal
Convenient places to shop
Computer attachments
Come to mind
Charged particle
Certain skin cream
Certain mast (var.)
CBS logo
Busy bother
Booby trap component
Bit of dust
Before, in poetry
Bedroom separator, often
Be seductive, in a way
Bank heist units
Baffled on the Pacific?
Article of faith
Arrange tidily
Army shelters
Andean land
All-out attack
'Santa' tail
'I can't believe my eyes!'
'Gladiator' setting
'Don't give up!'
'Certainly!' – See more at: http://crosswordssolver.net/clue/Universal-Crossword-Answers—Sep-19-2016#sthash.C71Ze1UD.dpuf

Where you live
Whence the phoenix arose
What virtually all gasoline contains now
Wall St. wheeler-dealers
Tour Hawaii, say
Thing with growth rings
Texas Hold ’em prize
Tends to the sauce
Taoism founder (var.)
Supermarket section
Suffer in the heat
Stains on one's reputation
Sound represented by an upside-down 'e'
Socially inept sort
Riot control weapon
Richard of 'Chicago'
Ricci of fashion
Quick-witted one
Prohibition ___
Places to perch
Place for valuables
Pit stop item
Patronized Lyft
Outcomes of many chess games
Once-illegal cigars
Old, but new again
Not too brainy
No longer hung up on
Newbie socialite
Narrowly defeated
Move, in broker lingo
Mix in
Mirren of 'The Queen'
Magician's prop
Macrame feature
Lion tamer's accessory
Like some notebooks
Jetsam of Dec. 16, 1773
Instrument for a Marx
In a frenzy
Hunter's trap
Home with a dome
Had a taste of
Gutter site
Greet at the door
Go at a snail's pace
Give the OK
Gather wool
From the top
Fries and slaw, for two
Foundry waste
Floored it
Dungeon restraints
Drink from a flask
Dojo instructor
Deodorant soap brand
Deep devotion
Curry favor with
Crystal-lined rock
Convention choice
Color commentator's offering
Cambodia neighbor
Bug, as a phone
Billboard chart entry
Bell-shaped bloomer
Arkin of 'Argo'
50+ org
2015 nuke deal signatory
'Zip it!'
'Sounds like a plan!'
'On the Beach' novelist Nevil
'Forever' stamp letters
'Born from jets' automaker – See more at: http://crosswordssolver.net/clue/USA-Today-Crossword-Answers—Sep-19-2016#sthash.3ebiF73I.dpuf

WWII submarine
Worker's supervisor
Whole-grain sandwich's exterior
War's opposite
Very stylish
Tiny piece
Suit to __ (fit perfectly)
Strong desires
Stop by briefly
Sow's squeal
Solar system's center
Small snack
Small ice-cream containers
Small horse
Show up for
Scratches up
Say out loud
Redeems, as a check
Raise, as a child
Pushes up
Playful prank
Placed in the mailbox
Out of whack
Nonstick cookware coating
Muscle spasm
Make void
Leave out
Lamb's father
Kris Kringle
Jockey's strap
January and June
Horse's gear
High-spirited horse
High-fiber breakfast sweets
Gift-box decorations
Get in touch with
Garden in Genesis
Flying toy with a tail
Floor-washing implements
Feels regret about
Eyelash flutters
Eight-piece band
Egypt's capital
Dieter's puffed snacks
Crisp party snacks
Cozy inn, informally
Color gradations
City districts
Char, as a steak
Catches sight of
Cat's cries
Bulky PC screens
Build, as a house
Black-and-white cookie
Birds' twig homes
Asparagus servings
Antidrug cop
Alternatives to coffees
Affirmative replies
24-hr. bank device
'60s stereos
"Old MacDonald" refrain
"My country, ’tis of __"
"Green" prefix
"Bedtime" tale
"Ali __ and the 40 Thieves" –

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