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crosswords solver 15/09/2016

crosswords solver 15/09/2016

Work that may be imposed with a prison sentence
Words after save or take
Wartime award
Warning sign in the Rockies
Truly impress
Torah cabinets
Take for a sucker
Super __
Storied monsters
Speaker's stand … or what each set of circled squares graphically represents
Some skinny jeans
Sloth and envy
Short fiction
She played Jackie on 'Nurse Jackie'
Screen image or screen idol
Sauce made with pine nuts
Roll dipped in wasabi
Refuse to, with 'at'
Quetzalcoatl worshipers
Puget Sound city
Plugging away
Pennant contest
Part of an autumn stash
Part of a Wall St. address
Outlook messages
Observation with a sigh
Meadow drops
Many an Indian fan
Many a beach rental
Mama bear, in Baja
Little fellow
Links hazard
Like a neglected garden
Language of Pakistan
Lamb nurser
Lacks choices
Kwik-E-Mart clerk
Kitchen amt
Jazz lovers
Jasmine __
It's on the record
Humorist Barry
Host of 'Late Night Joy'
Honda Fit competitor
High-__ image
High waters
Herbal seed used in smoothies
Heated contest, in more ways than one
Fur-loving de Vil
First name in scat
Fill with joy
Feverish bouts
Eleventh hour
Drawn tight
Course with leaves
Computers that travel well
Bugs' voice
Bitter green in mixed greens
Big name in golf clubs
Beach toy
Banks with a statue at Wrigley Field
Aquafina rival
Algerian seaport
Airline known for tight security
Age of Reason philosopher
Afghan capital
Abundance in the cheerleading squad
29-state country
'Still … '
'Otello' composer – See more at: http://crosswordssolver.net/clue/L.A.-Times-Daily-Crossword-Answers—Sep-15-2016#sthash.OT5GSzzJ.dpuf

Visa offering
Veto in the French legislature
Trio who released the 1994 album 'Under the Pink'
Trap #3
Trap #2
Trap #1 to solving this puzzle
Trains for an N.H.L. game, say
Time for a grease monkey
Tense talk, often
Taste of Mexico
Tab material
Stops to get a massage
Stew ___
Steered, today
Squire message
Shop houses
Roved unpredictably
Roster in 63-Across
Rifts in the family, say
Resist in the White House
Reigns at a music hall
Regal volume
Reform transportation secretary
Procured for many big 2000s comedies
Pot ___
Pipes purchase of 2001
Pan sound
Paid purchase, perhaps
Nights that high schoolers obsess over
Nepal V.I.P
Nailed, for short
Medical points, e.g
Manila alternative, in a guessing game
Mane seen around the farm
Logs through water
Lima expense
Isabel of mathematics fame
Insets may be filled with them
Ink of elite type
Hose purchase
Hips that can move quickly
Heads seen on Halloween
Hassles in a bowling alley
Harm in Democratic politics
Harem show on HBO
Hadji group, briefly
Gilded smoothly
Gaiter locales, for short
Freight of ancient Greece
Folgers concern
Eager (to)
Drainage, e.g
Dairy unit
Curie's partner, once
Croat who won an Academy Award in 1999
Courses that get you down?
Clan from the ocean
Causal negative
Anoint in the western Pacific
Abhors material for making toys
'Loco' sort
'Geared!' – See more at: http://crosswordssolver.net/clue/New-York-Times-Crossword-Answers—Sep-15-2016#sthash.i05dpq47.dpuf

Where Petruchio meets Katherina
Went unused
Was inventive
Ticket imposition
Takeover attempt
Supreme authority?
Staffer at a Skye hotel?
Square of Miracles city
Spiny-leaved plants
Smiley on PBS
School subj
Salsa choice
Ripe quality
Radio broadcasters
Polonium discoverer
Polo piece
Parish leader
Organ bank section?
One may be related to you
Nut case
Neatnik's horror
Name shouted by Joey Starrett in a 1953 western
Mound item
Mirage machines
Made for the hills
Like lords
Lamb pseudonym
Klutz's lack
Kirkuk currency
Key near G
It's good for gondoliers
Iron production
Inspiration destination
ID tags on turbans?
Gray matter?: Abbr
Gran Canaria, por ejemplo
Gofer's assignment
Gofer's assignment
Go under
Geom. solid
From Bangkok or Beijing
Flutes, e.g
Flirty person
Filthy film
Father Time feature
Didn't ignore
Deck quartet
Criticize savagely
Course pro?
Corp.'s fiscal guru
Colombian port
Carolina singers
Big name at the 1976 Montreal Olympics
Belt at the bar
Attempt to equal
Advice from a relationship counselor, perhaps
Adamant refusal
Abductee's holder
'Faster Than Lightning ' autobiographer
'Coming Home' star – See more at: http://crosswordssolver.net/clue/Wall-Street-Journal-Crossword-Answers—Sep-15-2016—Leading-Men#sthash.T1stf7Uh.dpuf

Vertical, while sailing
Untidy condition
Trailed no one
Too bizarre to understand
Threw rocks at
Thing worn at Aspen
Successfully market used goods
Speaks like the Lord?
Somewhat off
Society page word
Reptile that will put the squeeze on you
Refers to
Quits a job
Program interrupters
Popular savings vehicle
One of two on an automobile
Old lab burner
Not to be missed, as a TV show
Not suitable for use
Nitrous ___ (laughing gas)
Mr. Clay before he was Muhammad
More likely to deceive
Major U.S. network
Lofty degree
Like glass windows
Late actor Ledger
Kind of ray
It's the best policy, it's said
Increase (with 'up')
Household pet
House on campus
Holiday tune
Highly illogical situations
He preceded Jack as president
Grimacing look
Greek cheese
Grazing expanse
Gave stars to
Flower cluster
Feed a party
Fastball speed detector
Fabric with a wavelike design
Essential oil from roses
Do an impression of
Disney mermaid
Depth charge target
Defensive spray
Common Hawaiian dish
Commandment violation
Cheese and bread go-with
Certain pint
Cease to exist
Capitol Hill person
Capital of Belarus
Campus military org
Browning achievement?
Broadway musical '___ Mia!'
Bring about, as suspicion
Big picture?
Before the due date
Be bombastic
An essential vitamin
Ambulance sound
Afternoon drink, for many
Adorable one
Accustom, as to hardship
'___ only money'
'No ___, no fuss!'
'Lymph' follower
'Is that ___?'
'… or ___!' – See more at: http://crosswordssolver.net/clue/Universal-Crossword-Answers—Sep-15-2016#sthash.n8jsvizV.dpuf

Volatile stuff, for short
Vermont resort
Typical office expense
Title bestowed on John and Jagger
Tick by
The munchies, for instance
TBS talk show
Symbol of defiance
Subtle quality
Some bills
Singer/actress Lotte
Singer Carly __ Jepsen
Scenery chewer
SAT venue
SAT section
Sassiness, for short
River to the Caspian
Privy to
Predator of seals
Player of Obi-Wan
Paths to hangars
Pakistani tongue
Muscular fitness
Mrs. Jupiter
Moonwalker Cernan
MLB execs
Milne baby
Mila of "Black Swan"
Midmonth day
Loyal subject
Lake source of the Mississippi
ID confirmer of a sort
Guildenstern, in "Hamlet"
GSUSA unit
Govt. security
Fruity compounds in beer
Flower in some fragrances
Flatten, as flannels
First-discovered asteroid
Financial market average
Fancy jug
F as in "f-stop"
Exit hastily
Do not exist
Disney head
Diamond, long ago
Curry favor with
Coy smile
Confused state
Clever commenter
Clever comment
Clarifying phrase
Cameo stone
British sculptor
Brita alternative
Black & Decker rival
Big name in wrap
Big galoot
Before now
Bee product
Be boastful
Bank deposit of a sort
Balky beast
Aruba's group
Add fuel to
23rd Psalm affirmation
"Shane" star – See more at: http://crosswordssolver.net/clue/Newsday.com-Crossword-Answers—Sep-15-2016#sthash.yAknjuPO.dpuf

___ noire
___ nitrate (blood vessel dilator)
___ Friday's
With 57-Across, 'It's all so confusing to me!'
Will Smith biopic
Where to find Blue Jays and Orioles, briefly
West of Hollywood
Wayne western of 1970
Vinyl purchases, for short
Vegas crime show
Under the weather
Typical opening?
The sun, in Seville
Terminal abbr
Sundial letters
Spanish uncle
Some religious artworks
Simba, for one
Signs of success, on B'way
Sights for sore eyes, in the Sahara
Showing, in a way
Showing chutzpah
Serengeti grazer
See 17-Across
River to the English Channel
Reply of feigned innocence
Pay stub info, briefly
Oz visitor
One of Goldie's 'Laugh-In' costars
Olive stuffing
No beauty
More nuts
Mild smokes
Make ends meet?
Main course
Long story
Like runs on a diamond, usually
Like many a couple
Lightbulb, in comic strips
Largest Catholic fraternal org
It may take your breath away
Hoarse sound
Heavy hammers
Hardly stars
Hamburger serving
Greet roughly
Glass of public radio
Giant slugger Mel
Fitting for a furnace, perhaps
Doing some postal work
Dir. from Milan to Munich
Dear fellow, to a Brit
Classic detergent brand
Busy as ___
Baker and Beale (abbr.)
Autobahn auto
Auction bid, at times
Atlanta cable inits
Annual, as Mediterranean winds
Annual campus celebration
'___ we done?'
'Waking ___ Devine' (1998 film)
'Slippery' tree
'Me too'
'Er … um …'
'70s film that garnered Best Actor and Best Actress Oscars

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