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crosswords solver 12/09/2016

crosswords solver 12/09/2016

Worse-than-one's-bite quality
Weapon in Clue
Water down
Wall St. debut
Volleyball barrier
Two-base hit
To-do list entry
Title venue for Hemingway's old man
That, in Spain
Subtle look
Study all night
String-around-your-finger toy
Sounds from sties
Soon, to a bard
Slow movement
Slip for a tardy student
Since, in a holiday song
SeaWorld star
Scans for injured athletes, briefly
Salinger's 'With Love and Squalor' girl
Sailor's word of obedience
Roe source
Ring over an angel
Put off bedtime
Prefix with care
Piece of pizza
Perfumer Lauder
Partners' legal entity: Abbr
Palindromic pop group
Pageant title with 51 contestants (the 50 states plus D.C.)
Out of town
Online TV giant
OB/GYN procedure
Most TV 'operas'
Makes a difference
Madison Ave. bigwig
Lion groups
Like the Arctic, compared to most of the planet
Leave rolling in the aisles
Kindle download
Keats or Byron, e.g
Jai __
Is blessed with, as talent
Information that ruins the ending
Illness characterized by a red rash
Hiding spot for a cheater's ace
Gallery collection
Four-note lights-out tune
Former fast planes
Former AT&T rival
Fifi's friend
Explore caves
Electrified atoms
Decorator's wall prettifier
Debate issue
Crustacean catcher
Creator of Finn and Sawyer
Costner/Russo golf film
Cooking appliance
Collectors' albums … and a hint to six puzzle answers
Chihuahua uncle
Buffalo hockey player
Brewery product
Bladed gardening tool
Basilica recess
Bank claim
Backyard bash
'Olde' store
'Mutiny on the Bounty' captain
'I won't tell __!'
'Defending our rights' org – See more at: http://crosswordssolver.net/clue/L.A.-Times-Daily-Crossword-Answers—Sep-12-2016#sthash.Bdf3absf.dpuf

___ the Explorer
___ Strauss & Co
___ as a dog
You might be stuck with these when traveling in the Southwest
Wheel's center
What comes before the storm
What a lipstick print signifies
Waste pile
Up to, informally
Under ___ pretenses
Two steps above cpl
Tree secretion
Top of a royal flush
Take care of
Symbol of slipperiness
Sergeant's superior, slangily
Sacred image
Remove, as a currency from a fixed rate
Punctuation mark akin to a semicolon
Plus quality
Place to say 'With this ring, I thee wed'
Photo caption following a major weight loss
Peels some fruit?
Particular points
P.G.A. part: Abbr
Ozone problem
Offering from a casting director
Of the highest quality
Music producer Brian
More like a fox
Monopoly game's B&O and Reading: Abbr
Modest swimming garment
Mideast chiefs
Mariner in a whale of a novel?
Mani-___ (salon offering)
Man who might tip his cap
Londoner or Glaswegian, informally
Increases the number of commercials?
Ill humor
Hands (out), as money
Group of like-minded voters
Garage sale disclaimer
French friends
Finds buyers for smartphones?
Ecologically oriented org
Dislike intensely
Diamonds, slangily
Describe in greater detail, with 'out'
Cures the backs of feet?
Cuba or Aruba
Crankcase attachments
Clothes unwrinkler
Church recesses
Bushy part of a squirrel
Brand for Fido
Bond girl Adams
Body of water between Dublin and Liverpool
Bette who won a Golden Globe Award for 'Gypsy'
Baby back ribs source
Asks Warsaw residents their opinions?
Art Deco artist
Apartment dweller's payment
Anatomical pouches
Agenda units
Actor Morales
Abbreviation on a pound sign?
1965 Yardbirds hit
'We try harder' company
'Tall' stories
'R-E-S-P-E-C-T' diva Franklin
'My Country, ___ of Thee'
'I am the greatest,' e.g
'Close but no ___' – See more at: http://crosswordssolver.net/clue/New-York-Times-Crossword-Answers—Sep-12-2016#sthash.1bPrU3Ku.dpuf

Yoked team
Wyoming mountain range
Wilma Flintstone's husband
Where Simone Biles won gold
Web designer's language: Abbr
Watering can parts
Watchdog warning
Valuable vein
Vain activity
Unit of atmospheric pressure
Tofu base
The common connection shared by the answers to the asterisked clues
Sum of eins and zwei
Spot of land in la mer
Sound from a sty
Sheer, informally
Sewing machine activator
Send over the edge
Sch. fundraiser, often
Rubbed the wrong way
Ride-requesting company
Reply from the congregation
Recipe instruction
Psychiatrist, in slang
Price holders
Plopped oneself down
Outstanding athlete
Outing for the Bucks or the Bulls
Ones who were elected
Not flabby
Molecule part
Microscope part
Meal for Oliver Twist
Makes known
Longtime Chinese chairman
Like some cuisines
Lair for a bear
Indian lute
In the past
Impulse-transmitting cell
Have a bite
Guessing pastime played 'with my little eye'
Gambling center near Lake Tahoe
Firm hold
FDR's Scottie
Exxon's sister brand
Evergreen of the Southwest
End for east, west, north or south
Ductwork opening
Coral formation
Chemically inactive
Challenging puzzle
Capital of Italia
Burr and Copland
Bud bearer
Bubbling hot
Bottom line figure
Begun liking
Area of downtown Manhattan
Affleck of 'Argo'
*Whistle-blower at the beach
*They're really going places
*Their work is picking up
*Ones who work for peanuts?
*Homes for some squirrels
'___ You Babe'
'___ of Two Cities'
'Everywhere you want to be' card – See more at: http://crosswordssolver.net/clue/Wall-Street-Journal-Crossword-Answers—Sep-12-2016—What's-the-Connection?#sthash.jJY7dchj.dpuf

Vein glory?
Using trickery
Unwanted welcome
Ultraviolet index factor
Type of cause
Turn over ___ leaf
Trailer, briefly
Toyota of old
Things issued before people's 'big day'
Thick-skinned behemoths, briefly
Telling sign
Superlatively slippery
Snake that puts two and two together?
Sleep cycle acronym
Skin lotion ingredient
Scratch, as furniture
Royal flush card
Relative of 4-Down
Raise, as young'uns
Profit ender?
Private organization?
Pollen-bearing organ
Pepsi, for one
Oregon city
Opera star
Nobody's fool
Move forward
Metric unit of volume
Lockable fastener
Lily variety
Like Mr. Claus' cheeks
Like city residents
Lifted, as an anchor
Judge, at times
Involve deeply
Indeterminate long time
Implant snugly
Icicle sites
Hue fit for a duck
Hardly haute cuisine
Ferric ___ (rust)
Dislike, and then some
Crosswise to a ship's middle
Cookbook abbr
Continental cash
Computer shortcut
Cobbler's need
Clarinet kin
Cashless deal
Bunt that moves one along, briefly
Bulb's place
Buddhist discipline
Big name in building blocks
Basker's quest
Aggressive poker bet
Affirmatively allege
Aden's country
Ad ___ (improvises)
Accused's need
Accepts a proposal
Academic challenge
'Iliad' deity
'Ahem' alternative
'… happily ___ after' – See more at: http://crosswordssolver.net/clue/Universal-Crossword-Answers—Sep-12-2016#sthash.oBUhx6jU.dpuf

What you wear
What an emoji conveys
Unconcerned with ethics
Top spots
Toil in the galley
Tinstone, to tin
The munchies, for one
Terrarium pet
Swing or rock
Superman foe Luthor
Stoic Greek
Stat considered in Cy Young voting
Spruce up, as walls
Soaked, like tea bags
Short operatic piece
Sets as a price
Roger who played 007
Red-carpet event
Rectors' assistants
Pot pie spheroid
Pool table material
Pond gunk
Poet Khayyam
Pie-in-the-sky sort
Often octagonal park structure
Oasis locale
NYSE counterpart
Northern Spy, e.g
Nickname for Jr.'s son
Net-grazing serve
Nation south of Italy
Name of three O.K. Corral gunslingers
Ms. reviewers
Money in 25-Down
Mob scene
Lubbock native
London lav
Like grapes, to dogs
Like a dirty chimney
Letters on a tire
Leering sort
Joanne of 'Red River'
Insider's offering
In fighting shape
Hydroelectric projects
Hit the road
Golden Fleece craft
Giga- times 1,000
Fudged the facts
Foe-turned-ally of Balboa
Fall from grace
Equips with mail
Emanation from Babel
Early tourney round
Dust-dwelling arachnid
Dunham of 'Girls'
Did a blacksmith's job
Crow's-nest spot
Control, as one's appetite
Classroom stand-in
Clarifying words
Celestial hunter
Campaigners' goals
Breeding ground
Bartlett's abbr
Baby's syllable
Avant-garde composer Satie
Apply hurriedly
Antipasto ingredient
Antipasto ingredient
Antipasto ingredient
Antipasto ingredient
'___-Pan' (Clavell novel)
'You game?'
'You asleep?' response
'Livin' La Vida ___'
'I agree!' – See more at: http://crosswordssolver.net/clue/USA-Today-Crossword-Answers—Sep-12-2016#sthash.NKjEIFKL.dpuf

Vocal range that means 'high'
Valuable violin, familiarly
Traffic cone
Toothpaste type
Sugar-and-pecan confection
Strawberry Fields's co-dedicator
Stitched up
Stand against
Srta. across the Pyrenees
Shade providers on the Wilkes plantation, in 'Gone with the Wind'
Restaurant chain owned by the Seminole Tribe of Florida
Rendezvous of a sort (abbr.)
Quaint society column word
Purple minus blue
Popular Starbucks flavor
Polaris Sportsman and Yamaha Grizzly (abbr.)
Part of a Mayberry address
Part of a gym set, for short
Pair plus one
Ophthalmological woe
Old MacDonald refrain
More contrived
Mishmash abbreviation
Many an employee of the Big 4
Makes through effort
Mad ___ wet hen
Letters on many Utah-bound luggage tags
Laughlike syllables often said sarcastically
Largest antelope
Jerry involved in a 2016 merger with Rupert Murdoch
Jai ___
It may be steel-cut
It hangs around museums
It came before the huevo … or did it?
Independent counsel who reported on a certain blue Gap dress
Huitzilopochtli worshipper
Heroic exploit
Ham it up
Giant computer unveiled in 1946
Get high
Evolve, in a way
Egg-shaped tomato variety
Early evening soiree that might be wasted on a teetotaler
Driving need?
Debunked procedure to avoid harm from nuclear fallout
Darkly clad post-punk teens
Dagger of yore
Con games
Central Florida city that's home to a national forest
Bro's sib of the opposite sex
Barbie's longtime beau
Atlas's fleet
Animal's calling card, so to speak
365 days + 5 hours + 48 minutes + 46 seconds
1987 Beatty/Hoffman turkey
1983 movie in which Al Pacino utters the line, 'Say hello to my little friend!'
1960s Culp/Cosby adventure series
'The ___ of Pooh' (Eastern philosophy bestseller)
'The World of ___ Wong' (1960 Nancy Kwan movie)
'See ya later, alligator!'
'Argo' setting

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