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crosswords puzzle answers 31/12/2016

crosswords puzzle answers 31/12/2016

___ lab (place for an angiogram)
Website with 'The Next Big Thing' videos
Vivaldi's birthplace
Turn loose?
The TV network in 'Network'
The 'P' of P. G. Wodehouse
Term of endearment
Stuck at a lodge, say
Strips to pieces?
Some next of kin
Says 'But I don't wanna!,' say
Removes as superfluous
Publishing order
Preservers of plant specimens
Pottery Barn stock
People on the wrong end of a landslide
Peace Palace locale, with 'The'
Part of a not-so-clean slate
Part of a basketball court
Oscar composition, mostly
One standing in an alley
One of about 3,412 in a kW-h
Not around the bend
Noble Italian family name shared by three popes
Nice thing after getting the cold shoulder?
Manhattan topper
Manatee's order, whose name comes from Greek myth
Losing side in the Battle of Marathon, 490 B.C
Live-streaming problems
Like evidence gathered in some stings
Knowledge of fine arts
Justin who directed 'Star Trek Beyond'
Join, as two pieces of metal by application of heat and pressure
Hypothetical miracle material
Hopped up
Gave it the old college try
Exposed part of a deal
Enamel finish?
Dome light?
Delivery of supplies by air, in a way
Court coup
Cosplay and fanfic are parts of it
Classification system used in some banks
Circus ring?
Chain of seven countries
Boy's name that's a hardware item
Bad actor
Analogues of circuit solicitors, informally
An emoticon is a simple form of it
Alternatives to rumps
A maverick doesn't follow it
A 43-Across may end one
1997 adventure/horror film that takes place in the Amazon
'To the best of my recollection …'
'Hardly a surprise'
'Golden Boy' writer – See more at: http://crosswordpuzzleanswers.net/clue/New-York-Times-Crossword-Answers—Dec-31-2016#sthash.HP47Q51Q.dpuf

___ pork (Chinese restaurant dish)
Yuletide purchase, perhaps
Words with dare or tear
When it's dark, in Dortmund
West Wing worker
Wd. unit
Viscount, e.g
Used a strop on
University of Maine town
Total, e.g
The Ponderosa, e.g
That's a wrap
Terry Collins manages them
Take a spin
Supporting arguments
Studio with a Pegasus logo
Stressful spot
Squishy chairs
Sprawl lazily
Spanish noble
Souvenir shop buy
Sound from cornets
Somewhat, informally
Some 35mm cameras
Small annoyance for Smaug?
Sinuous swimmers
See 102-Across
Season for le Tour de France
Schoolteacher hanged in 1776
Rustling sound from a Kansas field?
Royal from 112-Across
Ristorante beverage
Rib cage location
Respiratory woe
Red of comedy
Prepared for a shock
Place for piracy
Pipsqueak on parole?
Photographer Leibovitz
PC corner key
Party platter assortment
Overthrow, for example
Org.'s kin
Org. for females since 1855
Opposite side
Ones in crow's-nests, perhaps
One of Perry's reporters
Old crone
Noted spokescow
Ninny's lack
Nicholas Gage memoir
Matthew of 'The Americans'
Marshal Dillon's portrayer
Mare fare
Mamie Eisenhower and Herbert Hoover, by birth
Makeup of some Mediterranean groves
Major Calif. newspaper
Lustful deity
Loaves and fishes, in a Bible story?
Like missile trajectories
Like a port
Letters eight before omicrons
Letters eight after omicrons
Letter's counterpart
Laszlo of cosmetics
Landon and others
Jacks and jennies
Invader of the Balkans
Insecticide, in a way?
Insect appendage
Indy 500 racer for 35 consecutive years
Impressive to behold
Hurler Hershiser
Home of the Wichita Mtns
Helipad site
Have a hankering
Happy as ___
Hangs around
Gas, for one
Futbol cheer
Forceful push
Flax seed capsules
Fence-crossing spot
Felix's roomie
Extreme rancor
Eurasian deer
Epps of USA's 'Shooter'
Entry in le dictionnaire
Easily broken duck decoy?
Earthy pigment
Disney collectible
Detail map
Deli choice
Cunning move
Crayola color renamed 'peach'
Cowl wearer
Colombian drug lord Pablo
Collectible cars
Co. commander
Clean Water Act org
Calls for
Brings in
Bob's wife, on 'Bob's Burgers'
Bethlehem product
Beginning for boy or girl
Bayh of Indiana
Banks, often?
Balance part
Avenue border, perhaps
Attention-getting calls
Anti-apartheid activist Steve
Angry orations
An insect, for instance
Afghan constitution?
About six trillion mi
1, from Fla. to Me
'Yeah, sure'
'What's this!'
'This is terrible!'
'Stand' band
'If I may interrupt…'
'I almost forgot…'
'Chocolat' director Hallstrom
'Bewitched, Bothered and Bewildered' musical
'Beat it!'
'…baked in ___' – See more at: http://crosswordpuzzleanswers.net/clue/Wall-Street-Journal-Crossword-Answers—Dec-31-2016—Pike's-Peak#sthash.TT53O2aQ.dpuf

Wild, disorganized fight
Where men skate for money
Welcome wreath in Hawaii
Was shot while perfectly still
Valium producer
Use a divining rod
Things in trunks
Things carried to class (with '3')
They're extended during proposals
They get pushed around in offices
Taj Mahal locale
Symbol of matrimony
Stunned feeling
Son of Rebekah
Skim milk?
Sends, as a letter
Rub harshly
Quick joke
Place of residence
Phone number with no letters
Perfection standard
People are not themselves when on this
Ore hauler
One of the Bobbsey twins
One in the spotlight, briefly
Noted historical period
Natural burn medication
Native who's a Hawkeye
Move like a crab
Movable, in a store
More shy and hesitant
Mom and pop
Mine entrance
Manageable on the high seas
Male heir
Longtime 'All My Children' role
Like Gabriel or Michael
Like a tyrant
Life altar-ing words?
Letter after beta
Kabuki costume belt
In international waters
How the euphoric walk
How a large mob moves
Hair goop
Gets one's bearings
Get ___ of (trash)
Fuel for the road
For the second time
Filled beyond full
Fifty percent of nine?
Fail to share
Eye part
Events before the finals
Definitely not close
Debbie Downer et. al
Corrosive acid
Cool, a few decades ago
Cook's wear
Constructive places?
Common cooler
Certain Cretan
Cap with a propeller
Buddhist's enlightenment
Bright star of Cygnus
Brat's kin
Body section of many sculptures
Be hitched?
Agenda detail
Above the horizon
'The Dream Life of Balso ___'
'So, what else is ___?'
'Not yet final,' legally
'Andy Capp' cartoonist Smythe – See more at: http://crosswordpuzzleanswers.net/clue/Universal-Crossword-Answers—Dec-31-2016#sthash.2i9tyNRy.dpuf

___ Gardens (London attraction)
___ amandine (fish dish)
Zapped with a stun gun
Writer's malady
Vientiane's land
Unknown factors
Uncle on 'Seinfeld'
Tools with circular cross-sections
Swimmers' repetitions
Store inventory (Abbr.)
Sound from a radiator
Shopaholic's binge
Ship's christening spot
San Antonio tourist draw
Rubik's Cube maker
Rival of UPS and FedEx
Response to 'Who's there?'
Realtor-hosted event
Ran on TV
Prince William, as a student
Prefix with physics
Practically all Masters Tournament golfers
Pertaining to military chutists
Passbook holders' investments
Parakeet's meal
Overhead rails
Oscar Madison, notably
Oater 'Scram!'
Number on a sticker
Nosebag tidbit
Moviedom's Dr. Zaius, e.g
Monopoly payments
Many campaign ads
Makes no changes
London lav
Log-in name
Less than slim, as chances go
Lemonade vendor's spot
Just lying around
Jan. 1 song word
Introduce to the mix
In need of a GPS, maybe
Holmes of 'Batman Begins'
French textile city
Fluoride-promoting org
Fishing lure
First section of a form, perhaps
Finch family member
Farm equipment giant
Fail to keep pace
Evening, in ads
Enjoy a bunny slope, say
English class, for short
Economic upturn
Ear-related prefix
Don't just sit
Disney classic starring Spike the dog
Debtor's letters
Coin-in-a-fountain sound
Classic construction toy
City on the Arno
Cinnabar, to mercury
Carried with effort
Can't stomach
Caesar's partner of early TV
Caesar or Waldorf
Business letter abbr
Brillo alternative
Breakfast drinks, for short
Birds that preyed on elephants
Belfry dweller
Awards for hit singles, perhaps
Angle symbols, in trigonometry
Ain't correct?
Added booze to
'The King and I' setting
'Take this!'
'Life of Pi' director Ang – See more at: http://crosswordpuzzleanswers.net/clue/USA-Today-Crossword-Answers—Dec-31-2016#sthash.GGxGE3im.dpuf

__ Center (Atlanta tourist attraction)
You're instructed to "beat it" in "Eat It"
Word with etymology similar to "feud"
Word in an endocrine system diagram
Word from the Greek from "fine language"
Woman in white in 100+ ads
With 24 Across, ill-fated grocery debut of 1985
What Katharine Hepburn called herself
What clubs hit you with
What Aqua Chem is made to remove
Tried to sell
Together again
They're cured for heroes
They might range from green to red
Symbol for an object
Surfboard storage site
Square since the '80s
Spousal __
Spot hiked by Twain in "A Tramp Abroad"
Source of brilliant bands
Some investment criteria
See 27 Across
Sarcastic shout of nonsuccess
Sale announcement of a sort
Program executors, for short
Point (to)
Oversee a port transfer
Out now
Orange sauce in French cuisine
Name of two "Bridge of Spies" co-writers
Name associated with honesty
Mexican progenitor
Metaphorical floor
Merest hints
Legendary turncoat knight
Kick oneself for
Italian progenitor
Is swooning over
Insincere agreement
In public
Ilsa, to Rick
Harry Potter novels et al
Gosling collaborator in "The Big Short"
Golf attire staple
Film often shot in stages
Earliest-born Oscar actor ("Disraeli," 1929)
Diversionary tactic
Depict as innocent, say
Choice to minimize clashing
Check from an act
Certain wind shield
Caterer's discard
Cast off
Bulls' traditional rivals
Bring pessimism into
Banjo sequence
Awarder of America's oldest pro-sports trophy
As recently as
Ankle tickler, maybe
Angel's opposite
American acquisition of 2001
Activity for stunt coordinators
"Take it away!"
"How often have I __ beneath rain": Faulkner
"Fire" brigade? – See more at: http://crosswordpuzzleanswers.net/clue/Newsday.com-Crossword-Answers—Dec-31-2016#sthash.qCPQ1Qtb.dpuf

___ diagram (logician's tool)
Where a merit badge might go
Warren denizen
Vertical graph lines
Vatican A-lister
The old man
Test pilot's realm
Tea servers
Sum up
Subj. studied by Neil deGrasse Tyson
Sportsman in some Hemingway novels
Spanish red wine
Soggy spot
Snake's target, perhaps
Snake's target, perhaps
Seventh Greek letter
Sealed off
Scientist Brahe who had part of his nose cut off in a duel
Retreat with whirlpools, perhaps
Place of pressure
Phrase of gratitude often seen in abbreviated form
Pet rock, e.g
Parental imperative
Org. of school supporters
One of the Marx Brothers
One of equal standing
Not well-made
NBA center inducted into the Hall of Fame in 2016
Native American leader
Mythical Greek vessel
Moscow ballet company
Mideastern pilgrimage
Mello Yello competitor
Many an MIT undergrad
Make a faux pas
Lump of goo
Low-hanging fruit at the ends of 21-, 23-, 28-, and 33-Down
Loses altitude
Lone Star State battle site
Letters after a lawyer's name
Lead singer of the Pussycats
Krispy ___ (doughnut place)
It might get you up a bunny hill
Hosts, briefly
Great ___ (Atlantic island)
Goofy person
Golden Arches sandwich, once in a while
Gershwin of note
Fort ___ (area in California)
Force on Earth, briefly
Fax forerunner
Duck prized for its down
Dianne of 'Law & Order'
David who directed four Harry Potter movies
Cryptanalysis org
Chow down
Chinese leader who met with Nixon
Checked a box, perhaps
Character in many a tweet
Chanel fragrance for men
Buildup in some mouths
Bounce on the infield
Barely beat
Bad thing to draw
Back muscle, briefly
Apple introduction of 1998
Ancient written artifacts
'What's up?'
'That's the stuff!'
'That's so cool!'
'Shoot over a message later!'
'Ish' – See more at: http://crosswordpuzzleanswers.net/clue/The-Washington-Post-Crossword-Answers—Dec-31-2016#sthash.FGgv9l0M.dpuf

__ platter
__ block
Wreck locator
When, in Act IV, Juliet drinks the potion
What stars have
Volcano center?
Throw into the mix
They're hard to put down
Tests using Snellen charts
Taverna liqueur
Sushi choice
Structural pieces
Spray holder
Spectrum band
Specialty docs
Site of monkey business
SFPD ranks
SFPD alert
Rough going
River to the Severn
Riata twirler
Resolute policies
Part of an inheritance
Ovid, for one
Orbital maneuver
One working on keys
Not much
Next to
More expensive
Market array
Joshua tree habitat
John follower
In with
In order
Iconic building with 'point' offices
Home of the Herb Alpert Sch. of Music
Head of the Sorbonne?
Get a winter coat?
Food __: after-eating drowsiness
Fleet destroyed by the Protestant Wind
First volume of a Beverly Cleary series
FDA output
Express, say
Eagerly unwrapped
Cries of surprise
Cornerstone word
Comedy team staples
Come down hard
Clued in
Caravaggio masterpiece that pictures Pontius Pilate with Jesus
Bridges of Los Angeles County
Brandt of 'Breaking Bad'
Bought back
Benjamin portrayer
Basic Latin word
2009 A.L. MVP Joe
1969-'70 Broadway musical that ends with a fashion show
'__ Weeks': classic Van Morrison album
'You're skating on thin ice'
'Years of Minutes' author
'The O.C.' and 'Gossip Girl'
'The lie that enables us to realize the truth': Picasso
'Nausea' novelist 

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