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crosswords puzzle answers 31/10/2016

crosswords puzzle answers 31/10/2016


___ Mawr College
___ bin Laden, 2011 Navy SEALs target
Year: Sp
Word with finger or America
Word that fills both blanks in 'This ___ is your ___'
Woman in 'The King and I'
With 5-Down, present time
With 27-Down, foe of the Forty Thieves
Western plateau
Twin city of Raleigh
Toy gun pellets
Toboggan, e.g
Tire filler
The 'm' of e = mc^2
Something thrown at a bull's-eye
Sierra ___ (African country)
Setting for 'The King and I'
See 6-Down
See 34-Down
Salt, chemically
Route displayer on a dashboard, for short
Removing surgically
Pusher's customer
Psychic power, informally
Policy experts
One cubic meter
Oak or elm
New York City mayor de Blasio
List-ending abbr
Like some textbooks
Like a Monday crossword puzzle, relatively speaking
Left behind
Laid down the first card
June preceder
June 6, 1944
Jekyll's alter ego
Item of apparel often worn backward
Italian cheese
Head: Ger
Grocery section with milk and yogurt
Give off
German 'a'
Gas in commercial signs
Funny Bombeck
Flowed back
Empty ___ (parent whose children have all moved away)
Dictionary offering: Abbr
Cry to an attack dog
Crazily fast
Complain, complain, complain
Commercial lead-in to Pen
Classical music halls
City between Dallas and Austin
Carnival attraction
Brother of Cain
Bottom-of-the-bottle stuff
Big feature on a donkey
Barley beard
A pitching ace has a low one, in brief
1990 hit that samples the bass line from Queen/Bowie's 'Under Pressure'
1988 #1 hit for UB40
1986 hit for Talking Heads
1971 hit for Marvin Gaye subtitled 'The Ecology'
1941 film 'citizen'
1920s standard with the lyric 'Sugar's sweet, so is she'
12, on a grandfather clock
'___ Lay Dying'
'___ going!'
'The Time Machine' race
'Old boys' network' meeting places
'30 Rock' or '3rd Rock From the Sun'

Wight, for one
Walking corpse
Vegas casino named for an Egyptian city
Tree that may be tapped
Took to task
Three-time All Star Felipe
Strong suit?
Strong suit
Sources of metals
Slasher film weapon
Sentry's command
Scary-sounding lake
Safari park, for example
Plays the ponies
Photographer's flasher
Pete's Wicked and others
Online business
Old stunt reality show, and a feature of the other three long Across answers
Occult star
O'Neill works
Nod, say
Night flyers
Night flyers
Newspaper section
Muscat residents
Military band musicians
Making eavesdropping impossible
Magic men
Luncheonette list
Killer whale
John of TV's 'Sleepy Hollow'
Israel's Golda
Important age
Humphrey of 'Beat the Devil'
Hockey legend Bobby
Hither and ___
Hawaiian shindig
Hawaii's Mauna ___
Have a hunch
Haunted house haunter
Hangman's loop
Hammer end
Hairy Halloween costume
Gross, so to speak
Greek god of war
Glasgow girl
Game period
Fanciful collars on Elizabethan costumes
Evil opponent
Dutch cheese
Do the wrong thing
Diamond Head setting
Deli spread
Continental currency
Comic strip worker
Chap from Cheshire
Cemetery section
Cash register section
Blow one's top
Bangkok tongue
Ball's TV co-star
Bakery buys
Attend without a partner
Atmosphere makeup
Addition answers
A way off
1962 chart topper for Gene Chandler
'You can't stop me!'
'Norma ___'
'Crocodile Rock' singer John

Word with 'neat' or 'control'
Wind instrument
When Sept. ends?
What caused Dracula to go the doctor?
Weaver's equipment
Way to begin
Wanna-___ (copycats)
Voting nay
Visitors to baby Jesus
TV watchers
Those preparing for a break
They've got your parts covered
Stockholm citizen
Scotland's ___ Islands
Saddle afflictions
Reward for waiting?
Remote access?
Put forward as truth
Psyche component
One of three fairy-tale bears
Ocean stopping points
Nonlethal weapon
New bride's title
Napped leathers
Mas' mates
Many college degs
Make, as money
Mafia chief
Lose a staring contest
Little amphibian
Like a calm spirit?
Lebanese capital
Lawyer's objection
Kind of station
It causes you to lose one hr. of sleep
Hard to see through, as fog
Give a new title to
Get involved in a different sort?
Gather some wool
Frighten one's Halloween staff?
Expensive pub order
Elegantly and stylishly fashionable
Drive-___ restaurant
Director Spike
Crested parrot
Cordwood units
Cook in an oven
Consumers of products
Confused noise
Confused mixtures
Confidential matter
Compass heading, sometimes
Climb upward
Cigar residue
Came in first
Black, poetically
Bit of ointment
Betting numbers
Banish from an apartment
Anti-apartheid party, for short
After-school bake sale org
'You Send Me' singer Sam
'To ___ is human …'
'Born as'

Work over
Words from a therapist
Word before pad or pool
Way in
Water sources
Vietnamese New Year
Trick-or-treat time (and an anagram of 17-, 29- and 49-Across)
Trendy urbanite
Tolstoy's '___ Karenina'
Tesla or newton
Take a chance on
Swampy area
Start to freeze?
Source of theatrical fog
Sign over, as land
Roseanne's mom, on 'Roseanne'
Racetrack shape
Prince of Broadway
Presiding officials
Optimistic, as an outlook
Old Testament queen
Not optional
Mottled horse
Metro map point
Marquee gas
Many an Olympic gymnast
Lose on purpose?
Little shaver
Like the Lilliputians
Like one who errs, so they say
Lester Holt or Scott Pelley
Legislation requiring the wearing of flat shoes?
Last Oldsmobile ever made
Io or gypsy
Invitation letters
In ___ (unresolved)
In a dreadful manner
Icicle site, perhaps
How some videos go
High points
High point
Had down cold
Gives a boost to
Freedom from stress
First female U.S. attorney general
Express alternative
Equine feature
Dogie catcher
Dissenting vote
Disney's boy detective
Deserter from a pod?
Create, as a carpet
Conversation starter
Coal or oil, e.g
Circusgoers' sounds
Chemical in Drano
Cheer for the matador
Cafeteria mishap
Brainy sort
Borg, Lind or Nobel
Bollywood garment
Baseball executive Epstein
Bard's 'before'
Austen novel that inspired 'Clueless'
Audi competitor
Armed conflict
Ark's landfall
Anjou relative
27-Down body style, perhaps
'___ in favor . . .'
'The Good Earth' heroine
'The Elder' of Rome
'Silas Marner' novelist
'Not so fast, Ms. DeGeneres!'

__ time (never)
__ apart (dismantled)
Writing utensils
Way of walking
Voice-mail signal
Uses a shovel
Uncles' spouses
U-turn from NNW
Trampled (on)
Swordplay weapon
Suffix for mountain or auction
Sticky stuff
Sports complex
Southwestern tablelands
Shine softly
Scrooge's exclamation
Scolding sound
Rolled out of bed
Retail chain for cats, dogs, etc
Rental dwelling: Abbr
Remove the rind from
Really like
Ranted and raved
Racetrack postings
Pull apart, as paper
Prohibited thing
Pool stick
Played a trumpet
Picnic pests
Pickling solution
Pass, as legislation
Papa's partner
Novelist __ Tan
Negative responses
Minor quarrels
Military no-show, for short
Midterm or final
Midleg joint
Memorable times
Loch __ monster
List with soups and salads
Large coffee brewer
Help with, as a crime
Go bad
Girl in Wonderland
Gambling game like lotto
France's capital
Forwards a Twitter posting
Fly like an eagle
Female choir voice
Dog's tail movement
Discuss a possible solution
Complete collection
Chicago airport
Carrots, on snowmen
Bosc or Bartlett
Bonnets and berets
Blackjack player's request
Begins, as a project
Barber's expertise
Bank offerings for car buyers
Author's secret collaborator
Atlas page
Ate a formal meal
All-purpose door unlocker
About 66 percent
24-hr. bank device
"Halt, __ goes there?"
"Explain that again"
"Dr." of children's books

___ 'n Bits (dry dog food brand)
Yang's opposite
What you are, to the Stylistics
What you are, to Neil Diamond
What you are, to Michael Jackson
What you are, to Johnny Cash
What you are, to Death Cab for Cutie
Weak, as an excuse
Walrus weapons
Unit of energy
Turn down
State confidently
Spot on the tube
Sock pattern
Slow on the uptake
Slippery swimmer
She played Adrian to Sylvester's Rocky
Setting setting
Seeks an answer from
Satire feature
Sans ___ type
Reduced by
Pub picks
Pooh-poohing words from Pooh Bear
Poker pot starter
One-named supermodel
Neb. neighbor
Music show hosts
Mete out
Manuscript miscues
Like two peas in ___
Like some history
Like Easter eggs
KP duty, for example
Kennel sound
In ___ (occurring naturally)
Hearty bowlful
Has ___ (is connected)
Halloween purchase
Greek cross
Grades K-12, for short
God with a hammer
Gibson garnish
German automaker
Fuel efficiency letters
Frozen dessert chain
Final approval
Fill to excess
Equally awful
Do some housecleaning
Do a downhill run
Distillery tanks
Determined to achieve a goal
Cowardly Lion portrayer Bert
Comic actor Hart
Broadway award
Brain scans, briefly
Big rig
Beyond repair
Ancient symbol
A bit fishy
'___ ’em!' ('Attack!')
'It must've been something ___'
'Heads ___, tails …'

Young lady
Words before 'Tricked you!'
Western writer Bret
Untamed equines
Tooth anchor
Tomb Raider's __ Croft
Syllables from Santa
Stick around
Stein filler
Stack for the bookkeeper to pay … or, literally, what 20-, 33- and 40-Across' first words constitute
SeaWorld orca
Scarlett O'Hara's home
Santa's landing spot
Rural storage cylinder
Rio Grande feeder
Rajah's mate
Radiator problem
Poles and Serbs
Poet Lazarus
Pinch from a chef
Pig's foot part
Peruvian peaks
Perfect for wading
Pained cry
Not doing much of anything
Nocturnal flier
N'awlins sandwich
Musk of Tesla Motors
Music room system
Model Nordegren once married to Tiger Woods
Met by chance
Med. care option
Mai __
Like sheep sans wool
Leif's father
Italia's capital
IRS examination
Insect nest with tunnels
Imagination output
Halloween goodies
Guerrilla Guevara
Guatemala gold
Go berserk
Get away from, as pursuers
German article
For fear that
Fly high
Female 33-Across
Exxon merger partner
Equal to, with 'with'
Eggs in a lab
Eden tempter
Dough in a wallet
Clip joint?
Catch, as a crook
Bovine skin once used as a painting surface by Native Americans
Border on
Basil or rosemary
Baseball family name
Baba who outwitted thieves
Actor Mineo
'What time __?'
'The Little Red Hen' denial
'Pet' with Smiley and Winky versions
'Not great, not bad'
'Know what __?'
'Cautionary' account

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