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crosswords puzzle answers 30/12/2016

crosswords puzzle answers 30/12/2016

___ Bete (honor society member, informally)
Wand wielders
Turpentine source
Too small, possibly
Ticket prices?
Thomas who is known as the Queen of Memphis Soul
Swimmer in cloudy water
Sub ___ (confidentially)
Stadium whose first home run was hit by Mickey Mantle
Spreadsheet filler
Sports drink suffix
Source of riches
Smooth finish
Skyline points
Site of the Cedar Revolution
Show adoration
Shep Smith's channel
Sears buyer of 2005
Right triangle ratios
Richard who won a Tony for playing Don Quixote
R&B group with a series of 1970s hits, with 'the'
Post-W.W. II rival of Stalin
Possible rap sheet entry
Player with the most seasons (10) on a World Series-winning team
Obsessed with
Nickname for U.S. president #30
Mock-innocent question
Military movements
Market town in Surrey
Man and others
Make use of
Lots of characters?
Lingerie fabric
Like some passcodes
Like cloak-and-dagger operations
King's collaborator
It's soft and sweet
Infantry division
Hatch in the Capitol
Has a rough time?
Good person in a parable
Gilbert and Sullivan's 'Princess ___'
Fountain drink containing grape juice and vanilla ice cream
Fish in 'The Old Man and the Sea'
Fancy wine vessels
Families share them
Dread line?
Dorothy and Auntie Em, for two
Disreputable periodical
Defeat by playing mental games, with 'out'
Dash gauge
Buttonless garment
Bovine product mascot
Big Apple power supplier
Appliance in a fast-food restaurant
Alan who played the title role in 'Rasputin'
'Zero Dark Thirty' org
'Try now, pay later' products
'O, I am fortune's fool!' speaker
'Isn't that so?,' to Rousseau
'Gorillas in the Mist' writer Fossey
'Goodness gracious!' – See more at: http://crosswordpuzzleanswers.net/clue/New-York-Times-Crossword-Answers—Dec-30-2016#sthash.wLyRTys8.dpuf

___ libre (Mexican wrestling)
Yiddish plaints
Sign ruled by Mars
Shipping menace
Sea plea
School group
Sale stipulation
Rude spectator
Romeo's follower
Rock guitarist Steve
Ring shout
Ring great
Region of southern Mesopotamia
Quaint salutation
Puts the pedal to the metal
Political ideology
Pinball propellers
Pat Roberts's constituency
Parting words
Particle in a charged state
Packing a wallop
Other side
One of us
One for the history books
Now, in Nicaragua
Noted Dakota resident
Most of D.W. Griffith's oeuvre
Minimum amount
Mete out
Marion Cotillard's Oscar-winning role
Manual counterpart
Karate levels
Jewish Community Ctr. forerunner
Incense remnant
Humanitarian rocker
Hit the sauce
Haymaker target
Hard wear
Gramercy Five leader Shaw
Frederick the Great's kingdom
Forest female
Fielding stat
Fender connection
Faye's 'Mommie Dearest' role
Farmers' association
Enjoy Alta
Decrees from mullahs
Debussy work
De Niro's love interest in 'The Intern'
Corp. bigwig
Consider carefully
Connection problem
Checks on one's clothing
Charlize's 'Sweet November' co-star
Caustic stuff
Car sticker
Calls on
Brings up
Becomes bitter
Aussie animal
Arthur's father
Amoeba's shape
*Words from a not-ready-to-make-up spouse
*Protein-rich side dish
*1955 hit for Julie London
'Wouldn't that be great!'
'Old MacDonald' sound
'Elementary' airer – See more at: http://crosswordpuzzleanswers.net/clue/Wall-Street-Journal-Crossword-Answers—Dec-30-2016—Final-Exam#sthash.udpKh1Uz.dpuf

Your take or mine
Your brother's boy
Work a jimmy
Winning-everything link
Where many of the elderly are young
What one needs to give, to yield
Wear down
Trios times three
Took down a peg
Thing between levels
Stout's sleuth
Spy org. in Virginia
Sound of a generic cheer
Some workers make a dash for it
Some paving stones
Some fruit providers
Some cocktail garnishes
Some breads or whiskeys
Small kitchen sets
Situation for a tie?
Shall not, older than old-school
Roofing tile
Regulated, healthy routine
Quick pool excursion
Point the finger at
Places of excessive public attention
Paints used by the masters
Multiple guiding beliefs
More than slightly irritated
Money in Japan
Meeting that people hope gets spiritual?
Made like a majestic eagle
Like some ripe apples
Like much of April
Jacob's father-in-law
It can get you past a deadbolt
Hydrox competitor
How to save money on dining
Hippie's adversary (with 'the'
Heavily trafficked German river
Harmless little pranks
Great Lakes city
Grassy plain with few trees
Golfing legend Ed
Game one of any series
Fruity rumor mills?
Former Spanish currency
Fire truck equipment
Far from busy
Failed firecracker
Explosive stuff
Ending of some websites
Elemental variant
Eagles along a coastline
Do-others link
Cut that gushes
Cooking tool
Changes one's selection
Catchall abbr. for omitted items
Capable of giving one the creeps
Bullets on a poker table
Boat landing place
Black-and-white sea bird
Ax that rocks
An hour of sleep, e.g
Allied nations
'___ death do us …'
'The Untouchables' leader Eliot
'Take this'
'Mayday! Mayday!'
'I do,' is a common one
'And ___ There Were None' – See more at: http://crosswordpuzzleanswers.net/clue/Universal-Crossword-Answers—Dec-30-2016#sthash.V52jL34R.dpuf

Word in a bailiff's order
Word before cotta or firma
Wisconsin city on Lake Michigan
USA Today offering
Typesetting settings
Tweet that goes viral?
Tribal symbol
Transports by 42-Across
Toyotas discontinued in 2016
Tosses out
Theater sign word
The Colosseum, for one
The Buckeyes' sch
Telescope part
Take the advice of
Surrounded by
Sun-baked brick
Storage structure
Steers clear of
Stands for speakers
Stallion's mate
Sharp turn
Scatters about
Sandler who sings 'The Chanukah Song'
Ride to the airport, maybe
Refuse to grant
Red who fought Kuwaiti oil fires
Recede, at the beach
Punch server
Pound with snowballs
Pastrami purveyor
Oversized first-aid kit item?
Out of the office
Of the same sort
May birthstones
Marathoners' statistics
Like Lord Voldemort
Like honey
Leave the single life
Inflicts harm on
In a judicious way
Hefty book
Grazing grounds
Grasshopper's rebuker, to Aesop
Giver of support
Ford a stream, say
Follow a Simplicity pattern
Folklore meanie
Fills to the gills
Fan mail recipient
Exposer of the Wizard of Oz
Ensuring utter failure
Drummer's pair
Drooling dog of the comics
Does perfectly
Does a valet's job
Dinner host's invitation
Deafening noise
Cover-up for Caesar
Cost to mail barbed wire?
Convoy vehicle
Collectible in a cabinet
Carry on, as a campaign
Canned meat brand
Bring to mind
Brewery offerings
Breaks down, as food
Box of batteries?
Boots-wearing cat of kid-lit
Bingo players' buys
Act the loafer
Abandon the cause
A drummer keeps it
'The Little Mermaid' milieu
'So that's how it is'
'Frankenstein' torch bearers
'Don't miss it!' review – See more at: http://crosswordpuzzleanswers.net/clue/USA-Today-Crossword-Answers—Dec-30-2016#sthash.r2K3IoxL.dpuf

__ it (flees)
Work shift
Word on the South Asian nation list
Where some sophs sleep
Western state, for short
VIP appurtenance
VIP appurtenance
Unidentified guy
Under a spell
Uncle of Joseph
Trusted one
Travel around
Train of thought
Toon baker of gravelberry pies
Symbol of Ireland
Subatomic matter
Source of shade
Sound shocked
Sound of comfort
Some PX customers
Sheriff's facility
See 54 Across
See 28 Down
See 20 Across
See 10 Down
Scads, to Hamlet
Philadelphia founder
Peace Nobelist two years after Desmond
Pay (up)
Ore galore
Opposite of 57 Down
Octane Booster brand
No time at all
National airline since 1948
Name associated with cubes
Mr. Butler's last word
Mecca pilgrimage
Marla predecessor
Luxury hotel chain
It has a Mercury-with-bouquet logo
In the spirit of
Impromptu concerts
Horizontal reference lines
Hold true
Hinge (on)
Hero's 50 Down
Hernando's "happy"
Has no worries
Grapelike fruit
Fred, in Frankfurt
Flashy quality
Fictional falcon finder
ESPN licensee
Distiller's need
Derisive cry
Dance espoused by Estefan
Couleur sombre
Closing in
Carl's "Cosmos" successor
Calendar abbr
Brood leaders
Betrays eagerness
Be immodest
Agency guy
"With my little eye" game
"Still Alice" star
"Maleficent" star
"Gravity" star
"Cruise Capital of the World"
". . . window breaks" speaker
". . . Cuckoo's Nest" star – See more at: http://crosswordpuzzleanswers.net/clue/Newsday.com-Crossword-Answers—Dec-30-2016#sthash.2oPVEq7S.dpuf

Walk falteringly
Venomous snakes
Tony or Hugo
Tight end Gronkowski
They were once bummed a lot, but now not so much
The Citadel rival, briefly
That is, for Ovid
Test choice, sometimes
Tan who wrote 'The Joy Luck Club'
Take a ___ to (fancy)
Swine sounds
Sweet or split
Supplied medicine to
Squirreled away
Special event rental
Some skirts
Small battery
Silly in a bearable way
Shoot the breeze
Secondary field of study
Rocky outcrop
Rather risky
Rap artist's entourage
Radical '60s org
Qatari bigwig
Problem on the turnpike
Present, for one
Post-peseta currency
Philatelist's concern
Pension law acronym
Orbiting outpost
Old-time horror villain
Nostradamus, e.g
Memorable WWII gesture
Maker of the Rodeo and Trooper
Made-up monicker
Long-eared critter
Letter between rho and tau
Left the coop?
Largest city in Africa
Jack's fairy-tale foe
Israeli-invented gun
Indian mentor
Indian boy of film
In ___ (incubating)
Hebrew letter
Hagen of the stage
Greets casually
Gofer on the Hill
French 'thank you'
Foundation for something
First shot at a corp.'s stock
Female friend, in Lyon
Far from sophisticates
Empty words of support
Disaster film director Allen
Digs of twigs
Designer of the JFK Library
Cranberry-growing site
Cocktail crustacean
Buoyed up
Britannica's range
BIG ___ (NCAA conference)
Bela's 'Son of Frankenstein' role
Batters' cold streaks
Barrel component
Alligator shirt brand
Aberdeen negative
1950-2016 Dodger announcer Scully
'The Crimson Tide'
'Slammin' Sammy' of golf
'Hud' costar Patricia
'Alas and alack!' – See more at: http://crosswordpuzzleanswers.net/clue/The-Washington-Post-Crossword-Answers—Dec-30-2016#sthash.kU2yv3YC.dpuf

__ drop
Working parts
Words with a slash
Where to see Velázquez's 'Las Meninas'
Unfortunate sort
Tough person to bargain with
They're against it
Symbol of wisdom
Suffix indicating residency
Story of Greek origin
Soaps actress Rylan
Shooting marbles
Seats by the orchestra pit
Sallie __
RR map dot
Repair shop vehicle features
Portable ventilation option
Part of an exercise regimen
Oz. and lb
Overflowing (with)
Opera set in Egypt
Never before experienced by
Mortise partner
Miss, say
Mediator's goal … and what's found in three puzzle answers
Marketer of Medigap insurance plans
Luxuriating locales
Los Angeles region bordering Tarzana
Longtime NBC hit
Kitchen amts
Kim, to Khloé
Jerome Kern title lyric preceding 'don't ask me'
Its B-side was 'Don't Think Twice, It's All Right'
It's often found in a ball
It may be classified, briefly
Home of the Burj Khalifa: Abbr
Hardly a bon vivant
Flower part
Flip-flop revelations
Fifth-century conqueror
Etna ejection
Email status
Dump annex?
CV section
Criterion: Abbr
Cast components
British prime minister before and after Gladstone
Bony opening
Blue dye
Baltic native
Bad mark
Armada leaders?
Aristocratic newcomers
Arising from
Applied, as stucco
Actor Daniel __ Kim
A, in Augsburg
A quarter of the time?
1976 African uprising site
'Just like me'
'Hawaii Five-0' extra, perhaps
'Can we do more?'

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