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crosswords puzzle answers 30/11/2016

crosswords puzzle answers 30/11/2016

___ purse
___ pinch
Writer Jaffe
What Pac-Man eats
What might make a nose wrinkle
Thomas who wrote 'Buddenbrooks'
Tedious task
Some mutterings
So, so cute
Seed cover
Season ticket holder, e.g
Scrap, with 'of'
Scones go-with
Rings up?
Pruning tools
Preceder of Barbara or Clara
Plenty angry, with 'off'
Orwell's 'Animal Farm' and Kafka's 'The Metamorphosis,' for two
Not looking good at all
New whip from Apple?
New tracking device from Apple?
New sports equipment from Apple?
New push-up bra from Apple?
New parachute from Apple?
New colander from Apple?
Money makers
Miners dig it
Massage joints
Many a time
Magazine with a fold-in back cover
List in movie credits
Like some cheeks and outlooks
Like some albums and skills
Like 49-Across
Leaves high and dry
Leather bag for wine
Kind of talk
It can help you get a leg up
Iraq war danger, for short
Insides of coats
In good physical condition
In addition
Having the least fat
Having a baby makes one
Having a baby makes one
Ham on ___
Groovy things, for short?
Great Dane?
Golf goal
Goes out for a bit?
Get up
Garlicky mayonnaise
Funny outtake
Friendly relationship
Footnote abbr
First state to declare Christmas a legal holiday
Eggs rich in omega-3 fatty acids
Doctor's order for recuperation
Cries of surprise
Contract add-on
Casual greetings
British P.M. between Churchill and Macmillan
Ambrose who wrote 'The Devil's Dictionary'
Acidity measures
'Get. Out. Of. Here!' – See more at: http://crosswordpuzzleanswers.net/clue/New-York-Times-Crossword-Answers—Nov-30-2016#sthash.RNVOLUeI.dpuf

Worker with a flashlight
Word represented by its last letter in many songs
Where the Bulldogs play
Water source
Vaping product
Toledo native, e.g
Strike forces?
Starting place
Spinners in a blender
Shapiro of 'All Things Considered'
Sequin, e.g
Schwarber of the Cubs
Quick drink
Queens airport code
Pound sound
Polygon calculation
Pokemon Go and the like
Place for pesos
Peg for Pebble Beach
Passover ceremonies
Nirvana, e.g
Mucky home
Moon vehicle, for short
Master of plot twists
Many a family car
Major corn producer
Lots and lots
Longtime Letterman rival
Lip luster
Leaves at the altar
Lady lobsters
Justin Timberlake's record label
Junkyard protector
Its flag bears a condor
It comes with no charge
Ikura, on a sushi menu
Homes for squirrels
Hiking trail display
Heart throbs
Greek-born instrumentalist
Greasy spoon offering
Go back, as on a contract
Girl in a Beethoven opus
From Phuket
Even a little
Designer Pierre
Data-mining gp
Curry on TV
Corporate makeover, for short
Chinese philosophical forces, and a hint to what's hidden in the starred answers
Cause of a winter fender bender
Cargo compartment
Business interest
Browser page
Biting remark
Big gulf
Bat wood
Baseball's Felipe, Matty, Jesus or Moises
Awfully long stretch
All there, in a way
*Combined into a complete system
*Chain named for a Bing Crosby film
*1962 #1 hit for Shelley Fabares
*'La La Land' star
'Very well then!'
'Takin' Care of Business' band, for short
'Pas ___' (Dijon denial)
'In a minute'
'I win! I win!'
'Bring on the weekend!'
'Around the Horn' network
'All the same…' – See more at: http://crosswordpuzzleanswers.net/clue/Wall-Street-Journal-Crossword-Answers—Nov-30-2016—Well-Balanced#sthash.7AYs2JFs.dpuf

When repeated, it means pretentious
What's typically tied together by the second act
What a sinking graph line indicates
What a computer reads
Voluminous hairstyle
Umlaut components
Trifled (with)
Traveler's stretch
Things in suggestion boxes
Taste tester, essentially
Sudden gush
Straight, briefly
Stimulus that causes tension
Start of a popular New Year's song
Some voice votes
Sac that aids motion
Rickrack, e.g
Positioned a golf ball
Pitchers' stats
Pennsylvania or Park
Parks in front of a bus?
Parade about, as a rooster
Organic coat
O, in a love letter
Noisemakers after a wedding
New York canal
Muse of astronomy
Mock playfully
Minnesota athlete
Map detail
Male church members
Locale for a trophy display, often
Like the Robinsons of shipwreck fame
Like some Louisiana cuisine
Like some loads
Kimono cincher
It produces visions
It joins in a sentence
Is in possession of
Involving the largest human artery
Home to some animals
Home for wallowing
Hems and ___
For each
Eyelid swelling
Engage in cartography
Emasculated, as a horse
Disrespected a pledge?
Date destinations, often
Cultured thing to eat?
Credits as a source
Cordwood delivery unit
Combines together
Capable assistant
Buenos ___
Buddy from the old days
Blade in water
Bikini part
Big cheeses
Big burdens
Biblical tower
Biblical suffix
Become holey?
Alter, as by-laws
All tucked in
Affirm solemnly
'Spare me!' e.g
'Hallow' add-on
'Bio' attachment – See more at: http://crosswordpuzzleanswers.net/clue/Universal-Crossword-Answers—Nov-30-2016#sthash.l2JutCe0.dpuf

Worried needlessly
Word before will or wind
Wisely cautious
Univ. aides
Tune also known as 'Jimmy Crack Corn'
Timothy Leary's hallucinogen
TD signalers
Taker of shore leave
Supreme Court justices, at full strength
Still on the plate
Spill a secret
Slow-witted sort
Simba's father in 'The Lion King'
Silent approval
Show scorn toward
Shoo-___ (certain winners)
Schedule opening
Risk-taking type
Response akin to 'Oh yeah?'
Recipe direction
Reception problem
Ramps up
Ralph Kramden's job
Prospector's pack animal
Pooped out
Politico with a six-year term
Plays boisterously
Phil who sang 'Draft Dodger Rag'
PC command under 'Edit'
Palm tree yield
Overhead trains
One of the Jenner girls
Nose-in-the-air sort
Musher's ride
Mr. Potato Head piece
Mr. Potato Head piece
Minn. neighbor
Mineo of moviedom
Men, in teenspeak
Manage the cost of
Lower in dignity
London's Metropolitan Police Service headquarters
Literary orphan Jane
Like an unwiped dipstick
Leave no doubt
Kennel cry
Jamboree-hosting org
Honda's luxury brand
Homer's mustachioed neighbor
Hendrix hairdo
Graphic on the Weather Channel
Game with mallets and mounts
Frozen fries brand
Foreboding sign
Fashion label founded in Milan
Day care enrollee
Curtain holder
Cowboy boot add-ons
Cottage or cabin
Colombia's capital
Christopher of 'Taxi'
Captured via cassette
Bummed out
Bruce or Laura of movies
Brought in from the field
Breast-beating beast
Brand of plastic cups
Become bloated
Become an ex-bachelor
Australian runner
Alternative to .tif or .jpg
Air rifle ammo
Ad-___ (go off-script)
1980s new wave band ___ Tuesday
'Wrong!' on the playground
'Now,' to a nurse – See more at: http://crosswordpuzzleanswers.net/clue/USA-Today-Crossword-Answers—Nov-30-2016#sthash.oNqngssd.dpuf

Yodeler's perch
Wine, in France
Walk softly
Volcanic flow
Update the décor
Try for a job
Tire-pressure meas
Thinner, as clouds
Stage production
Spain's peninsula
Sooner or later
Significant difference
Settle up in advance
Roth plan, briefly
Puts in the bank
Prima donna
Prefix for dynamic
Play the horses
Person from London
Night sch. class
New York lake
New "Sesame Street" channel
Neglecting one's duties
Mexican money
Medium's claim
McGregor of "Star Wars" movies
Martini garnish
Locket shape
Jeans and khakis
Japanese money
Italics feature
Investor's cost calculation
In the know
Ice-cream parlor order
Hard to find
Good name, briefly
Golf course standard
Goes to a lot of trouble
Glossy paints
Furniture wood
Fulton's power source
From Israel or India
Friend in battle
Four-star review
Fern leaves
Empty space
Electric car company
Eagle's nail
Dry as a desert
Disney World shuttle
Dean's List fig
Datebook entry: Abbr
Daredevil's feats
Crop up
Cozy inn, for short
Could possibly
Caterer's coffeepots
Cartoonist's liquid
Biblical paradise
Beaver's handiwork
Baseball great Ruth
Astaire or Flintstone
Annoying one
Actress Jessica
506, to Caesar
2015 World Series team
"__ we forget!"
"You've got mail" service – See more at: http://crosswordpuzzleanswers.net/clue/Newsday.com-Crossword-Answers—Nov-30-2016#sthash.KodvxhH5.dpuf

Walled city of Spain
Up in the air
Travelocity rival
Traffic jam
Tiny bit
Texas leaguer paths
Tel ___, Israel
Tamale wrapper
Sloppy place
Shell mover
Shaving scrapes
Scored 100 on
Scantron answers
Salt is applied to it in the winter
Roan remark
Refer to, as a research paper
Qui-Gon Jinn, notably
Prison division
Port barrels
Point of view
Plastic wrap brand
Peter of 'Young Frankenstein'
Peruvian pack animal
Parliamentary votes
Olfactory stimulus
Normandy battle site
New Guinea port from which Amelia Earhart left on her last flight
N.J. town on the Hudson
Museum piece
Mr. and Mrs
Masculine side
Lots of mins
Jimmy Carter or Dwight Eisenhower
Hoedown locale
Having five sharps
Have the sniffles
Hanoi holiday
Greek letter
Grammy winner from Ireland
Golfer Ernie
Goes hang gliding
Girder material
Former Chinese premier Zhou
Fitzgerald of jazz
First family son
Fictional Georgia plantation
Everglades wader
Drops by a waterfall?
Down the hatch
Delhi royal
Crack up
Broken mirror, to some
Blackthorn fruit
Beer bust buys
Basket Weaving 101, say
Barclays Center hoopsters
Andy Murray, for one
2004 Brad Pitt film
1980 David Bowie song
1970 Blues Image song
1969 Bob Dylan song
1968 Beatles song
1966 Los Bravos song
'You didn't fool me'
'What's there to lose?'
'The Wanderings of Oisin' poet
'That cracks me up!'
'R.U.R.' playwright Capek
'It gets ___ early out there' (Yogi Berra)
'Fanfare for the Common Man' composer Copland – See more at: http://crosswordpuzzleanswers.net/clue/The-Washington-Post-Crossword-Answers—Nov-30-2016#sthash.k60sObCS.dpuf

__ Creed
Words of lament
Wish for
Wild way to run
Wild way to run
White-coated weasels
Website offering
Vacation spot
Typed in again
Take on holes 10 through 18 … and a hint to a letter sequence hidden in 17-, 27- and 45-Across
Swell treatment
Sweet-smelling garland
Suggested actions
Studio renter
Stock in company producing solar panels, e.g
Standing hospitable offer
Stalactite sites
Sound of frustration, often
Rough guess
Ready to draw, as beer
Put a handle on
Pre-coll. catchall
Physics particle
Parceled (out)
Oklahoma city
No __ traffic
Mule's father
Loses firmness
Logger's contest
Jack's value, sometimes
Inventive types?
Initial stage
In-flight fig
Home of college football's Ducks
Golf ball positions
Frees (of)
Former Iowa Straw Poll city
Fixture that may have claw feet
Five-time Olympic swimming gold medalist Ledecky
Fish that can swim backwards
Far from friendly
Exonerated by the evidence
Early assembly-line autos
Dwelling fit for a queen
Driving needs?
Dancer Charisse
Copied, in a way
Company that developed the first aluminum teakettle
Clothes line
Closed in on
Church-owned Dallas sch
Cato, for one
Capone cohort
Cape Cod community
Canal past Rochester
Called the whole thing off
California rolls and such
Bud holder?
Boxer Laila
Black, in verse
Apple Watch assistant
A.L. West pro, informally
50-50 wager
'One more thing … '
'Inside Politics' airer


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