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crosswords puzzle answers 30/01/2017

crosswords puzzle answers 30/01/2017

___-chic (fashion style)
Yank living overseas
Whom R-rated movies are intended for
Whirrer on a muggy day
Where clouds are
What chess is played on
Vision-correcting procedure
Views as
Venerable London theater
Valuable mine rock
Uno + due
Univ. degree for Romney and Bloomberg
Top 10 song, say
Time before dinner for socializing
Targets for a college fund-raising drive, informally
Swimming unit
Swell up
Summer, in Soissons
Starting on
Stand-up comic Schumer
Spray for self-defense
Special access for celebs
Spare change?
Source of most of Google's revenue
Something in the plus column
Sarcastic laugh sound
Santaland worker
Repeated parts of songs
Reebok competitor
Protection for a police officer
Praise enthusiastically
Place, as a wager
Online network admin
Ohio's nickname
Newspapers, magazines, etc
Med. school subject
Marx who wasn't one of the Marx Brothers
Maker of Mashed Potato Bites
Luxury resort amenities
Locale of Phelps's last five gold medals
Like the Chinese and Hebrew calendars
Like chip shots
Letter-shaped girder
Items on an Indian necklace
In a fitting manner
Huge blunder
Hero war pilots
Heavy burden
Hate with a passion
Got stuck in a rut
Give out one's address?
Gibbon or gorilla
Every last bit
Declares invalid
Companion ship for the Niña and Santa Maria
Colorado winter hrs
Color of beets
City in upstate New York
Certain Hollywood stars … or an apt title for this puzzle
Cartoon frames
Card with two pips
Bête ___ (pet peeve)
Agile for one's age
2004 event for Google, for short
'___ the Knife'
'Skip to My ___'
'Right away!,' in the E.R
'No bid from me'
'Be ___!' ('Help me out here!') – See more at: http://crosswordpuzzleanswers.net/clue/New-York-Times-Crossword-Answers—Jan-30-2017#sthash.i7QW4PAs.dpuf

___ out (barely make)
Word on a bill
Violinist who gave over 200 performances at Carnegie Hall
Vampire's weapon
Uses up
Unbreakable, as a rule
Truly impressive
Traffic jam sound
Title for Nero or Napoleon: Abbr
Thin beef cut for sauteing
The Trojans' sch
Talk nonstop
Systems of belief
Store event
Stage constructions
Shower alternative
Shipping line that owned the Titanic
Ride at a child's party
Richard of 'American Gigolo'
Requiring overtime
Painter Degas
Orange discard
Old comic strip character who visited Slumberland
Obsessed captain of the Pequod
Nickname for South Dakota
Nabokov title heroine
Microbrewery brew
Master's degree candidate
Mamie's mate
Mailroom gadget
Like supervillains
Light metal
Letters on an ambulance
Language of southeast Asia
Infamous marquis
Hoops legend Shaquille
Hit the slopes
He surrendered to Grant in 1865
Happen as a result
Hand cream additive
Grueling, as a battle
Full finger count
Fruit in many a gift basket
Fizzle out
Evening affair
Electrical power unit
Drink with crumpets
Disappearing sound
Dangerous dog
Cut-rate, slangily
Convent dweller
Class ordeal hidden in five Across answers
Chewed stimulant
ChapStick target
Cereal consisting of grains, fruit and nuts
Cassis-flavored cocktail
Calendar reminder: Abbr
Cake cut
Brooklyn cagers
Bouncing off the walls
Bookkeeping chore
Big name in ready-to-assemble furniture
Bento box staple
Baby shower gift
Artist's inspiration
Apple desktop
Annoy constantly
'La Traviata' composer
'Incidentally…' in texts
'Get your hands off me!' – See more at: http://crosswordpuzzleanswers.net/clue/Wall-Street-Journal-Crossword-Answers—Jan-30-2017—Class-Act#sthash.6dFU7Ujr.dpuf

___ Six-Pack
___ Park, Colo
___ broche (on a skewer)
Zhivago's love
Workbench attachment
Word combined with 'British' in 2016 headlines
Word after black or photo
Whistler's output
Where spear carriers perform
Wet-Nap, e.g
Waken rudely
Wade through mud
Use Listerine, perhaps
Titter on Twitter
That certain something
Thank-you for waiting
Source of bubbly
Sound from the bullpen
Sign of summer
Shaving cream additive
Serpentine shape
Realtor's estimate
Ranking higher than
Rain dance, e.g
Quick to catch on
Potato-filled treat
Postal creed word
Pepper variety
Pave anew
Osprey's gripper
OR hookups
One squat, say
Oktoberfest containers
Not as naughty
NL East city (Abbr.)
Neighbors of snares
Minds Junior
Military leader found on Chinese menus
Michigan's nickname
McMuffin ingredient
Marina del ___, Calif
Mammals that enjoy waterslides
Luke's sister in 'Star Wars'
Inked design, for short
India ___ ale
Highest of MLB's minors
Headline like 'MEN WALK ON MOON'
He 'used to be the next president'
Grassy area
Get bushed
Forum greeting
Fork over
Florists' cuttings
Fit for farming
Feller's need
Eight uninterrupted hours, maybe
Dr. Seuss title turtle
Domed dwelling
Cracked, in a way
Couch potatoes' essentials
Closely related
Chosen number?
Catchall abbr
Call at Wimbledon
Butter-baked cod or haddock, say
Builder of paper nests
Bohr model depiction
Blue Monopoly bills, now
Baseball or basketball statistics
25-Across ballplayer
1974 hit whose title translates to 'It Is You'
'What ___ is new?'
'The Power to Surprise' automaker
'The King'
'Rome ___ built . . .' – See more at: http://crosswordpuzzleanswers.net/clue/USA-Today-Crossword-Answers—Jan-30-2017#sthash.6k9Vtpok.dpuf

__ mater
Yoga class surfaces
Worth the same amount
Wall St. market
Waist strap
Valentine sentiment
Undergrad history degs
UFO pilots
TV award
Theatrical accessory
The Red Planet
Tedious task
Suspect's excuse
Stray urban felines
Stick around
Spring month
Soup eater's utensil
Soup cook's vessels
Snuggle up
Sharp knock
Shape of a penny
Shakespearean poem
Rooms in a jail
Resigner's shout
Republicans, for short
Postal delivery
Pop, as a balloon
Person chosen
Pennsylvania sect
Parsley or sage
Parent's sisters
One-person performances
Occupies a chair
Maternity ward events
Major cable sports channel
Lump of sugar
Litters' smallest ones
Leisure period
Larger cousin of the viola
Kick out
Japanese wrestling
Himalayan country
Highly principled
Highest poker cards
Garden of Eden guy
Garbanzo or lima
Function properly
Freight train rider
Fingerless winter gloves
Family history
Falls behind
Fallback strategy
Fairy tale monster
Disinfectant's target
Creative thought
Cowboy's rope
Come to an end
Car's beeper
Butter portions
Bulky old PC screens
Big heap
Be very successful, informally
Barbecue briquette
Bad weather for a parade
Argue over minor matters
"__ Baba and the 40 Thieves"
"Piece of cake!"
"It's dinner time!"
"Hey, you!" – See more at: http://crosswordpuzzleanswers.net/clue/Newsday.com-Crossword-Answers—Jan-30-2017#sthash.BCj93rQQ.dpuf

Word that's 'shifted' in the first four letters of the four longest answers
Woeful tone
Took a long look
Tigris and Euphrates juncture locale
Thigh-slapping story
They may follow close elections
The X-Men, e.g
Thailand neighbor
Terminal points
Subdue with a stun
Stroking group
Stops permitting
Stopover with a keeper
Start a volleyball game
Spot for cheap chow
Skip past
Significant follower?
Sci-fi saucer steerer
Runs for the health of it?
Run a snake through
Royal flush card
Rock candy's only ingredient
Resident at 123 Sesame Street
Rapper in 'Johnny Mnemonic'
Put a damper on
Publish or perish
Popeye cartoonist Elzie
Poetry slam performers, for example
One with unerring aim
NYC area with many galleries
Numbers on some birthday cards
Mutually approved
Moves a mite
Mound in the Mojave
Mark Antony's great-grandson
Mai ___
Little guys
Lisbon lady
Level at La Scala
Legendary tentmaker
Leader born Leslie King, Jr
Keebler cookie creator, in ads
Joined in an ovation, perhaps
Item with a duel purpose?
High-ranking types
Gumbo tidbit
Gets a few winks
Gardener's gatherer
Frequent Edward G. Robinson role
First day cover feature
Fabric under a cue ball
Extinguish, with 'out'
Exhibit generosity
Everglades wader
Enjoy some hammock time
Earthenware pieces
Do some pruning
Display on the runway
Demolish utterly
Debater's position, perhaps
Cymbal sound
Congregation's location
Chariot pullers
Brokerage charges
Book before Nehemiah
Beverage that's Italian for 'milk'
Barcelona 'Bravo!'
Australia's largest native bird
Arabian Peninsula nation
Adjective for the Cratchits
Absconds with
'Like' suffix
'Every wall is ___' (Emerson)
'Conan' carrier
'Any Woman's Blues' author Erica – See more at: http://crosswordpuzzleanswers.net/clue/The-Washington-Post-Crossword-Answers—Jan-30-2017#sthash.hteWIVrw.dpuf

__ Lingus: Irish carrier
Zambia neighbor
Yale collegian
X, to Cato
What we breathe
Update factory machinery
Unspecified number
Univ. near Harvard
Tylenol alternative
Tracey on whose show 'The Simpsons' debuted
There's __ in 'team'
Suffix with east
Stylish vigor
Speedometer reading: Abbr
Song of praise
Ship, to a sailor
Sentence subject, as a rule
Request for the latest update
Property encumbrance
Places to buy stamps: Abbr
Pastoral poem
Palm starch
On the loose
Ocean State sch
Native of Damascus
Mork's sign-off
More orderly
Massachusetts witch trial town
Male or female
Make a decision
Madagascar primate
Last Olds model
Language of Chile
Kitchen implements
Kind of Boy Scout badge
In favor of
Home with drones
Hollywood's Hedy
Had the best record in
GOP fundraising org
Golden Arches egg sandwich
Give a hand to
Flammable hydrocarbon
Fiber-__ cable
Eight plus one, to aviators
Eastside Manhattan thoroughfare
Disdainful grin
Dinner plate scrap
Dijon darling
Defining quality
Dan of old MGM musicals
Cute Aussie 'bear'
Cozy cat seat
Confidentially, in Cannes
Chirpy bird
Chinese menu letters
Cast a spell on
Café chalkboard listing
Caesar salad lettuce
Bully's threat ender
Brain scan: Abbr
Boat made from a hollowed tree trunk
Ancient region of Asia Minor
2000s crime drama set in Baltimore
1990 Stallone boxing film which at the time was thought to be the conclusion of its series
'Sure thing'
'Norma __'
'Lux' composer Brian
'Lust for Life' punk rocker
'Later, bro'
'Filthy' moolah
'Breaking Bad' channel – See more at: http://crosswordpuzzleanswers.net/clue/L.A.-Times-Daily-Crossword-Answers—Jan-30-2017#sthash.hqkoTSQx.dpuf

___ on (put trust in)
Where you may catch my drift?
What's black, Jacques?
What Simon does
What love at a campfire produces?
Vietnamese city
Uses a chair
Unnamed ones
Type of bargain
Treasoning is their reasoning
Three o'clock, in directions
The javelin toss, e.g
That man's
That is to say, formally
Tartan wearers
Striker's foe
Santa's handouts
Sandler of the movies
Register drawers
Proves to be a foodie
Positive responses
Popular potato, or its source
Peter or Ivan the Terrible, e.g
One of a common couple
New walker
Needing directions
Meek, quiet and timid
Make amends
Long-range weapon
Like a mechanic's rags
Italian 'dollars' no more
It starts a nice day?
It goes ’round and ’round in woodshop
It can keep one from going to jail
Inventor Elisha
Insect's adult stage
Infamous emperor
Ice cream holders
Hindu royal
Head 'do
General vicinity
French valley known for wine
Foot bones in astir?
Fitzgerald of jazz
Farm cry
Drug bust units, often
Divides evenly
Deep-six or eighty-six
Comedian Silverman
Collection of miscellaneous pieces
Climb up
Classified thing
Cheap imitation
Cause affection for
Bosc, for one
Boot part
Blend in a bowl
Because of this
Beat, as a heart
Be under the weather
Be it?
Bay of Naples isle
Any MLB player
Alternative to magic mushrooms
Act too dramatically
Abbreviation for Potter on 'M*A*S*H'
'OK, class, in order, OT words'
'OK, class, in order, IT words'
'OK, class, in order, AT words'
'I almost forgot …'

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