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crosswords puzzle answers 29/12/2016

crosswords puzzle answers 29/12/2016

___ Ziegler, Richard Schiff's Emmy-winning role on 'The West Wing'
Younger Trump daughter
Word on a towel
With 14-Across, 'Meet the Parents' co-star
Wasp's nest site
Unloaded on
Turntable speeds, briefly
Tied to a particular time
The last 'Back to the Future'
The 'ipso' in ipso facto
Sushi plate item
Stepmom of Mitchell and Claire on 'Modern Family'
Small drum
Show one's appreciation, in a way
Show happiness or sadness, say
Semester, e.g
See 16-Across
Rests atop
Relatives of sabers
Record label for Miley Cyrus and Pitbull
Qualifier in texts
One title for this puzzle's subject, spelled in order by the circled letters
One of the Furies
One may run through a park
Often-swirled food, informally
Narrow estuaries
Material in the game Minecraft
Many a techno concert attendee
Many a SpaceX worker: Abbr
Many a one-star Yelp review
Many a college interviewer, in brief
Little guy
Like some extreme diets
Jazz with rapid chord changes
In the distance
High wind
Has a mortgage, say
Halloween decoration letters
Grendel in 'Beowulf,' e.g
Foreign title of address
Fingers-in-ears sounds
English poet laureate Nahum
Educ. supporter
Doughnuts, in topology
Disturber of the peace
Crimson rival
Control+Y on a PC or Command+Y on a Mac
Common pendant shape
Colonel's chain
Climate change subj
Certain assailants
Burkina ___ (African land)
Broccoli ___
Being in the dark, maybe, and others
Baseball's Felipe
Antarctic waters
Another title for this puzzle's subject
Another title for this puzzle's subject
Another title for this puzzle's subject
Adderall target, briefly
A lot
A is the best one
1998 Masters champion Mark
'Sherlock' airer
'Send me'
'Goes' – See more at: http://crosswordpuzzleanswers.net/clue/New-York-Times-Crossword-Answers—Dec-29-2016#sthash.bu0kCIe3.dpuf

___ esprit (clever person)
Would. Not. Shut. Up
With 64-Across, long odds
Winter home, for some
Winner over HHH
Where Stonewall Jackson earned his nickname
Waits on stage
University of California campus location
Turn blue
Treebeard's kin
To-do list list
Three-match connection
Sublime summits?
Sounds at the clinic
Sound, e.g
Soul seller
Soothes a guilty conscience
She collaborated on a 'Porgy and Bess' album with Louis
Sewing aids
See 32-Across
Savanna tree
Relate to
Quidditch position
Punt path
Power of film
Piles in the yard, maybe
Phishing target, briefly
Old flames, as found in this puzzle's theme answers
Old Chevy model that translates to 'the road'
Octopus ejection
Nivea rival
Monastery garments
Minn. neighbor
Mgr.'s subordinate
Memorable times
Melancholy sound
Long of 'The Best Man'
Lobbyist Grover
Llamas' cousins
Lit ___
Like jeans before distressing
Letters with a zero
Lend a hand
Lady Grantham's first name
Jordanian port
It flows past the Hermitage Museum
Indicated one's choice
Human activity, reportedly
Headliner of the first WrestleMania
Green with five Grammys
Grappler's victory
Foreman's job
For instance
European Mrs
Eco-conscious gas station?
Court stunner
Charming hottie?
Campus org. in 1960s news
Berkshire school
Be audacious
Bar in the back
Apt trophy for a baker
Activity for buff collegians on vacation?
2001 biopic
1881 Gilbert and Sullivan opera
'This Is Us' network
'Idiot's Delight' heroine – See more at: http://crosswordpuzzleanswers.net/clue/Wall-Street-Journal-Crossword-Answers—Dec-29-2016—Old-Flames#sthash.NhMezy2r.dpuf

___ Gras
You-here separator
Word of addition?
What the fishy cryptologist enjoys doing?
What an actor plays
What a friendly dog offers
Vegetable that brings tears
Unnatural lack of skin color
Turtledove utterance
Tied up tightly
The thole thing
The best score, in golf
Thanksgiving mo
Tap or tango
Table crumb
Susan who played one of the Partridges
Styles or manners
Sound from an old floorboard
Soothing bubble bath ingredient
Servile toady
Serve the purpose
Sentence extenders
Seemingly cuddly bear
Sea eagles
Reproductive cells
Remove apple skins
Regard as wonderful
Poem of homage
Place for a thoroughbred
Parked it
One way to be free
One of Snow White's friends
Odometer increment
Not away
Not at all difficult
Mr. Lincoln's first name, casually
Money, informally
Massive wine containers
Little bit of food
Like the best security guards
Like some campfire stories
Like a dirty chimney
It goes on the dotted line
Island of 45-Down
Impede or hinder
Homer's next-door neighbor
He sang 'On the Road Again'
Having a common ancestor
Having 'I' problems?
Ham sandwich option
Habitually misbehaving child
Greetings in Hawaii
GI on the run
Floating biblical sanctuary
Fishy shout to a wallflower?
Fishy shout from a frustrated couple?
Fishy plea for mercy?
Fertile bit of desert land
Feature of an opera
Fabray or Goldin
Edmonton football team
Eases up or off
Conclusion for 'psych'
Competitor with a sword
City known for rubber
Buttery pasta sauce
Brief time period, briefly
Be an unruly prisoner
Barely make, as a living (with 'out')
Ball of yarn
Apologetic board game?
Aerodynamically designed
'___-face!' (military shout)
'___ been a while'
'Later, amigo'
'As ___ instructions' – See more at: http://crosswordpuzzleanswers.net/clue/Universal-Crossword-Answers—Dec-29-2016#sthash.07GcdwXI.dpuf

Worse than bad
The whole kit and caboodle
Telegraphic code co-developer
Summons from the boss
Suffix with luncheon
Striking workers' tactic
Stand the test of time
Spicy application to ribs, say
Snowman in 'Frozen'
Smelling a rat
Skipper's place
Show curiosity
Shirt picturing a band, perhaps
Set of beliefs
Seat with a kneeler
Sandwich breads
Samuel of the Supreme Court
Rile up
Quarterback Manning
Put a stop to
Provide funding for
Posting that may go viral
Pollen gatherer
Play with, kitten-style
Period of poor performance
Pave over
Part of a wall frame
Parris Island training regimen
Naval pronoun
Mrs. Mertz on 'I Love Lucy'
Motivated to succeed
More apt to play hard-to-get
Monotonous routine
Menu phrase
Maritime law-enforcing org
Laugh heartily
Knock for a loop
Japanese pitcher for the Texas Rangers
Interior designer's asset
In the past
Holey footwear
Hobbyist's wood
Hasty escapes
Hangs onto
Group of conifers with colorful berries
Give a valedictory, say
Gazpacho or minestrone
Flight-related prefix
Feeling sad
Exchanges good-natured taunts
Dramatist Coward
Door attachment
Do an impression of
Deserving an X rating, perhaps
Defeated, barely
Cornered, as a wild animal
Consigliere's boss
Commonly shared PC files
Comment often made with an elbow nudge
Combat group
Cheez Whiz maker
Caterer's dispenser
Beauty salon supply
Bawl out
Bad way to run a boat
Avoids, as capture
Apple spray withdrawn in 1989
Airport shuttle, often
Advil alternative
Add to the staff
'What's the ___?' ('Who cares?')
'If you can't enlist, invest' investment
'Grey's Anatomy' network
'Cutthroat Kitchen' competitor
'Aw, shucks!'
'. . . man ___ mouse?' – See more at: http://crosswordpuzzleanswers.net/clue/USA-Today-Crossword-Answers—Dec-29-2016#sthash.0M1NESwY.dpuf\

[Uncorrected by me]
Yawning chasm
Worthy of worship
Woman in "Dilbert"
What some inboxes hold
Vise gripper
Unchanging order
Type of TV display
Turk neighbor
Totally wreck
Took the initiative
Tenzing's partner in climbing
State-certified rescuer
State-certified auditor
Sorry state
Small scrape
Sleep-cycle acronym
Shopping cart part
Security threat
Rush order
Ruminate (over)
Ringed by
Put in a nutshell
Polish dumplings
Point of view, so to speak
Pile on praise for
Peak performance
Org. offering pocket Constitutions
Old-school lament
Nonliteral expression
Medicine measures
Light weight
Large crustacean
Lander of 1492
Jolt with volts
Honshu port
High enthusiasm
Hershey peanut product
Henry Ford contemporary
Hemmed with hands
Heist's collection
Hawaiian peak
Goldsmith's measure
Glittery piece in Pueblo pottery
Glasgow's river
General meaning
Gate closers
Far from polite
Erstwhile Atlantic crosser
Duke University locale
Dorian's creator
Does an impression of
Delineate deeply
Cowpoke's polite assent
Chain selling Swedish meatballs
Browser's bookmark
Betrayed to Mom, perhaps
Be liable
Barn neighbor, perhaps
Audio interference
Annoying inconvenience
19 Across offerers, for short
"__ that something?"
"Pride and Prejudice" guy
"Family Circle" rival
"Equal" starter
"Anybody home?" – See more at: http://crosswordpuzzleanswers.net/clue/Newsday.com-Crossword-Answers—Dec-29-2016#sthash.elVXfbNg.dpuf

___-free (food packaging info)
Weaselly animals from a French wine region?
Vino vessel
Usher's domain
Total jerk
Tiny complaints
Test versions
Targeted, as with a mailing
Tabloid fodder, briefly
Stick out
Spoil through ineptitude
Simba's mate
Sickening aftertaste of a certain honey drink?
Shower sponge
Shake alternative
Sector part, in geometry
Schoolyard comeback
Runs the show, for short
Rick's, in 'Casablanca'
Put the kibosh on
Put away, in a way
Provide comfort to
Prepare for battle
Polish composer of polonaises
Othello, for one
Object of some urban hailing
Monogram in 1950s presidential races
Little something to eat
Like the Parthenon
Like 'The Outer Limits'
Life insurance category
Kind of salad
It may provide site access
It may be picked up in a bar
Iowa college town
Increase in the study of fundamental physics particles?
Illuminating device
Hip finish?
Guinness suffix
Grant involved with filmmaking
Gold on 'The Good Wife'
Go weak in the knees
Glowing bit on an andiron
Gets better
Geena's 'Thelma & Louise' costar
Gave the once-over
Fresh start
Foreman weapon
Fairway position
Eucalyptus muncher
Ethically challenged
Disney character voiced by Idina Menzel
Diploma word
Crete's highest pt
Craving for Hanukkah?
Contract addendum
Cheshire Cat specialty
Cass, notably
Candle feature
Camembert kin
Call at home
Biggie ___ (rapper aka The Notorious B.I.G.)
Altar figure
'Typee' sequel
'That was no empty promise'
'Let's call it a night'
'It was worth ___'
'Couldn't find it'
'Amazing!' – See more at: http://crosswordpuzzleanswers.net/clue/The-Washington-Post-Crossword-Answers—Dec-29-2016#sthash.nrtJwQNu.dpuf

Zeno's home
Years in Rome
Where everything turns out all right
Track divisions
Struck (out)
Statuettes that were made of painted plaster during WWII
Starter's stat
Start of a kid's rhyme
Stand up for
Spring bloom
Splint site
Smelly sealant
Shop tag
Sheltered at sea
Self-named 2002 country album
Seeping slowly
Render senseless
Producer of lavish revues
Privileged information demonstrated by this puzzle's circles
Pollutant concentration meas
Part of Great Britain
Out of control
One often seen with a crook
One of 33-Across' national emblems
Old Sprint rival
Number after dix
New Orleans spectacle
More than enough
Morales of 'NYPD Blue'
Mike supports
Mauna __
Made public
Lunch order
Little bit of progress
Like a magician's hands
Lawyer's job
Jersey, for one
Irish Rose's guy
Internet greeting
International economic bloc
Highbrow, perhaps
Ham may be seen on it
Hall of Famer Reese
Ground-breaking team, at times
Great-grandfather of Noah
Goes around
From an earlier time
French Toaster Sticks brand
Former goslings
Epitome of slipperiness
Element #10
Edged (out)
Dutch export
Drain swirl
Coolidge Dam's river
Chop __
Certain dieter's concern
Catch some rays
Carnivore's target
Capitol cap
Buzzing cloud
Bucky Beaver's toothpaste
British tennis star Murray
Bring up
Boil over
Best Championship Performance and Best Team
1939 Leigh role
'__ and Louis': 1956 jazz album
'What I dream of is __ of balance … ': Matisse
'The Purloined Letter' writer
'Family Guy' mom

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