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crosswords puzzle answers 29/11/2016

crosswords puzzle answers 29/11/2016

York, for one: Abbr
World capital that celebrated its 1,000th anniversary in 2010
Words to live by
With 53-Across, a sugary treat
Where Beethoven was born
What a rain cloud over a head may represent, in comics
Voice below soprano
To the ___ degree
They're rich in omega-3 fatty acids
Sweet and tangy picnic side dish
Surgeon's insertion
Sunset's direction
Stack of sheets
Spot hit by a reflex hammer
Sorority sisters, e.g., in old lingo
Snake for a charmer
Skin cream component
Shade provider
See 24-Across
Rice-shaped pasta
Purim villain
Poker targets?
Ones to go pubbing with
One with zero chance of success
Neil who sang 'Laughter in the Rain'
Musician Brian
Muppet who co-hosted 'The Adventures of Elmo in Grouchland'
Mother ___
Morning beverage, slangily
Milwaukee brewer
Middling grade
Marmalade ingredient
Major manufacturer of soda cans
Like the Kia logo
Large amounts
Language in Bollywood films
Landing spots for Santa
It might end with an early touchdown
Image of Homer, perhaps
How telecommuters work
Historian's Muse
Himalayan grazer
Figured out
Fairy tale starter
Egg on
E.R. workers
Display of remorse
Diplomat Root
Croquet needs
Contents of the Torah
Connecticut collegian
Commit arson on
Color of raw linen
Cleans, in a way
Classic kitchen volume … or a hint to 18-, 24-/53- and 62-Across
Camp bed
Black-and-white swimmer
Bird in a magician's hat
Bark deeper than a yip
Areas at rivers' ends
Apt (to)
100° or more, say
'___ alive!'
'How brilliant!'
'Cherry Wine' rapper
'Boogie Oogie Oogie' music genre – See more at: http://crosswordpuzzleanswers.net/clue/New-York-Times-Crossword-Answers—Nov-29-2016#sthash.mYhJstyU.dpuf

___ Gras
Worker in a northern workshop
Vow from the heart
Voting no
Tolkien's tree herders
The yoke's on them
The Bruins' sch
Thaws out
Test for college srs
Sycophant's answers
Stitch up again
State capital that shares a border with Canada
Squeeze (out)
Sound from the flock
Sleeping like a thief?
Sleeping like a sycophant?
Sleeping like a linebacker?
Sleeping like a frustrated farmer?
Site of the Moana Surfrider resort hotel
Site of 1994 genocide
Simple Halloween costume
Seizes (onto)
Sault ___ Marie
Sash for a kimono
Running, or not?
Rotating engine part
Rorschach test pattern
Rip apart
Rainbow shape
Race in 'The Time Machine'
Possible cure for congestion?
Poker face?
Pennsylvania's northernmost county
Part of a castle's defenses
Old currency divided into centesimi
Neural transmitter
Mother of the royal George and Charlotte
Make some 1960s-style attire
Like Hamelin's Piper
Late July babies
Keystone 'officer'
Kevin's co-star in 'The Bodyguard'
John D. Rockefeller and J. Paul Getty
JFK gate posting
Heckler's projectile
Got 100 on
Get more People
Find abominable
Evidence of injury
Electronic invader
Electrical power units
Edible seaweed
Dance in a pit
Dada artist Max
Da Vinci, Galileo and Einstein
Crocus kin
Cowl wearer
Covert org
Catchers' catchers
Campfire seats
Campaign components
Bunkhouse fixture
Bring to mind
Boxing great's name, until 1964
Boxing great's name, after 1964
Atom with a charge
Address for the Queen
Addition column
1980 Tony winner for Best Musical
'Put Your Head on My Shoulder' singer
'Peanuts' character in a cloud of dirt
'How to Get Away With Murder' character
'Gone With the Wind' plantation – See more at: http://crosswordpuzzleanswers.net/clue/Wall-Street-Journal-Crossword-Answers—Nov-29-2016—Sleep-Talking#sthash.nh41zUPW.dpuf

What over-glued stamps and envelopes cause?
Undercover drug cop
Type of liquor
Tarzan's 'mother'
Sushi ingredient
Spirit-lifting beetle?
Some distance runners
Showy pond fish
Short part of history
Ring for a spy?
Reporter with a military unit
Recovery setback
Rapid, active commotion
Railroad worker's transport
Provides temporarily
Projectionist's need
Prefix with 'duct'
Places for wallets?
Peter or Paul, e.g
PC memory unit
Olympian who doesn't medal
Offer a view
Nose perceptions
Necklace item, sometimes
N's in Athens
More than merely like
Make a trial run
Magic carpet excursions
Linoleum cleaner
Like enclosed stadiums
Like a 'Witness' extra
Large coffee container
LAPD division?
Kind of show or band
It's spent in Mexico
It can be the limit
Inn's stablehand
Immature amphibians
Hula hoop supporter
Horse training art
Heron variety
Heavily favored, as a favorite
Grinding tooth
Genetic stuff used as evidence
Find another purpose for
Far from straight
Family photo book
English cattle breed
Do over, as a script
Deeply absorbed
Creator of an instant lawn
Crafted on a loom
Confidence man's activity
Chasers in a Western
Canonical hour
Building material that has to set
Buck's precious things?
Branch headquarters?
Big-eared small game
Bee's delight
Be expectant
Be a meddler
Baseball stat
Bambi's clique?
Anger or fury
Anesthetics of yore
'Contra' relative – See more at: http://crosswordpuzzleanswers.net/clue/Universal-Crossword-Answers—Nov-29-2016#sthash.Gz6XKsps.dpuf

Word on a lost-pet poster
Witty Mort
With 12-Down, drain for excess rainwater
Whole bunch
Very small-scale
V8 vegetable
Use Adobe PageMaker, say
Trial's companion
Triage spots, in brief
The 'm' in Einstein's formula
Tell, as a tale
Table part
Steakhouse options
Spheroid hairdo
Soup toss-in
Some deli loaves
Snack items since 1912
Sloop feature
See 33-Across
Sea-Tac guess
River of the underworld
Refinable resource
Poison ivy woe
Pin, tie or zip
Part of TGIF
Ninth-inning excitement, perhaps
Neutral shade
Make the effort
Magazine with biennial course rankings
Loyal subjects
Likely to talk back
Like odes
Land in a lake
Kitties' calls
Kids' guessing game
Job seeker's success
Jet stream heading
Jazzy Fitzgerald
Is gluttonous
Iridescent bird of the Caribbean
Infants' bodysuits
In a fresh way
Immodest look
Iced tea garnishes
Home to Oberlin College
Heredity determinants
Hedge plants
Hard to fathom
Hang loosely
Ghastly pale
Game with 'Draw Two' cards
Field of study
Feel lousy
Falsetto-voiced Muppet
English county bordering Suffolk
Diamond devaluer
Common event before a move
Christmas poem opener
Chapter 11 concern
Casino do-over
Casino disk
Bunch of baloney
Brand of shredded bubble gum
Boxer portrayed by Will Smith
BLT ingredient, informally
Apollo's twin
Ad business award
Across, in verse
911 responder, briefly
'Y'-sporting collegian
'Red Balloon' painter Paul
'I'm not the only one, right?'
'As a result . . .'
'Arachnophobia' injury – See more at: http://crosswordpuzzleanswers.net/clue/USA-Today-Crossword-Answers—Nov-29-2016#sthash.w2OfJbny.dpuf

What may delay a commute
Wallpaper adhesive
Very spacious
Vaccine fluid
Up till now
Untidy place
Turn __ (become)
Trim back, as a shrub
Toward the stern
Those other people
Takes a risk
Supposedly wise birds
Steak eater's utensil
Stage performer
Splinter groups
Span of history
Sovereign's chair
Small dot of land
Service charges
Scrabble square
Sch. near Harvard
Salesperson, for short
Rover's remark
Response to "Who's there?"
Quick swims
Prelude to some TV watching
Prefix meaning "all"
Prefix for freeze
Pop singer Céline
Pillow covering
Nuclear energy source
Not fooled by
Needing to scratch
Muscle soreness
Milking machine attachment
Male cats
Make a comment
Lower leg
Look __ (visit briefly)
Light-bulb measure
Largest Greek island
Install, as a carpet
In full agreement
Important "numero"
Ice-cream utensil
Health club
Haven in the desert
Had one's say
Grow molars
Grab a chair
Get off a chair
Fidel of Cuba
Falcon cousin
Explosive letters
Enclosures for voting
Elevations: Abbr
Drive-__ window
Deliver, as a test to a teacher
Cuddle up
Clock reading
Cave sound
Burger topping in a bottle
Belonging to 17 Across
Before, in poems
Be dressed in
Bad mood
Antiseptic liquid
"Yeah, right"
"Excuse me . . ."
"Cut it out!" – See more at: http://crosswordpuzzleanswers.net/clue/Newsday.com-Crossword-Answers—Nov-29-2016#sthash.mUSviA0j.dpuf

Wrinkle remover
Wonderland bird supposedly representing Lewis Carroll himself
Turkey neighbor
Tough to climb
Tankard contents
Swollen-headed authority figures
Stalactite producer
Soprano Harteros
Something that should be airtight
Snack once embossed with turtledoves
Sioux City's state
Shriek from the scalded
Seat of the Czech Republic's Supreme Court
Salinger in the Kennedy White House
Sacred peak in Homer (abbr.)
Rolling in dough
River through Wheeling, West Virginia
Professes once more
Prefix with bytes or bucks
Polish or tweak
Piglets' mothers
Piece of the past
Parapsychology subj
Owner of the 'pound of flesh' sought by Shylock
One end of the Batpole
Muppet wearing horizontal stripes
Mull over
Meeting point
Many a character in John Ford's 'My Darling Clementine'
Lysol target
Like some chemical bonds
Like many Nixon caricatures
Kind of clock or weight
Kimono closer
In vogue
Ibid. kin
How Steven Wright usually delivers jokes
Hosts introducing clips for rock fans, briefly
Hirsute Himalayan, reputedly
Hebrew prophet integral to Seder ritual
Have in one's head
Handkerchief fabric
Goose egg
Fred Flintstone's pet
Football series
Feathered James Bond portrayer?
Feathered creator of 'The West Wing'?
Feathered 'High Sierra' star?
Feathered 'Blue on Blue' singer?
Far from baggy
Educational tools illustrating daily life
Depilatory once pitched by John Stamos
Defeats in a squeaker
Clinton was its first gov
Clamped securely
Chuck wagon outfitters
Cheese typically soaked in brine
Cartwright who costarred in 'The Sound of Music'
Big name in debugging?
Bench in the nave
Banzai Pipeline locale
'Anything to ___?' (customs query) – See more at: http://crosswordpuzzleanswers.net/clue/The-Washington-Post-Crossword-Answers—Nov-29-2016#sthash.j1EYVw30.dpuf

['Get off the stage!']
Worked hard
Word with dog, horse or lion
What a judge may do during an arraignment
Vatican City currency
Uncanny claim
Tubular Italian pastries
Techie's hangout
Tear (into)
Suitcase tie-on
Stretch across
Speak hoarsely
Roughly 30% of Earth's land area
Rossini creation
Perfect spot
Pentel filler
Opposite of everything, in bageldom
Onetime TWA rival
Merit badge holder
Martini ingredient
Make on the job
Lucy's co-star
Like some committees
Leader with a baton
Las Vegas loser's complaint
Landmark on Missouri's state quarter
Land 'across the pond' from the U.K
Lairs of lions
Kitchen strainer
Jelly holder
Jack of nursery rhymes
Is home sick
Invoice no
Invention beginning
Ill-fated whale chaser
Grecian Formula competitor
Great Lakes natives
Grate residue
Got out of bed
Gluttony, e.g
Georgia, but not Florida
Fall zodiac sign
Explosive emotion
Exec's degree
Energizes, with 'up'
Eight, en español
Dizzy … and a hint to the starts of the answers to starred clues
Denim pioneer Strauss
Dada pioneer Jean
Critter 'in the headlights'
Crime syndicate leader
Concert milieus
Chinese-born architect I.M. __
Breakfast fruit
Big bird from Down Under
Bank acct. posting
Bakery draw
App downloaders
Analyzed, as a sentence
*Symbol of bureaucracy
*Screenwriter's work for the first episode
*Orangy Crayola color
'__ again!'
'That's so true!'
'Star Wars' princess
'Of course!'
'No bid,' in bridge
'I was home alone' isn't a very strong one
'Hold on a __!'
'Give __ chance!'
'Doggone it!' 

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