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crosswords puzzle answers 29/10/2016

crosswords puzzle answers 29/10/2016

Winemaking byproduct
White sheets
To some degree
Ticket waster
They're put in barrels
Symptoms of guilt
Starter follower
Start of a Spanish greeting
Something played at 1980s parties
Some prizes on 'The Price Is Right'
Smuggler's hideaway
Small carp
Sitcom mom whose kids were named Becky, Darlene and D.J
Single-rotation skating jumps
Show some leniency
Second part of a historic trio
Ruins the reputation of
Protégé of Stalin
Pitch, e.g
Pickup trucks from a foreign-owned company made and sold only in North America
Not staged
Niche religions
Niche religions
Moon, in Montreuil
Monetary resources
Monarch's reign, perhaps
Metallic stickers
Low lament
Liqueur in a margarita
Land line?
Keeps a mock rivalry going, say
Jugged ___ (old British delicacy)
Jazzman Montgomery
Is a quick learner?
Hit hard
His house in Giverny is a now a museum
Goes no further
Go down toward home?
Funereal tempo
Ford contemporary
Familiar story line
Entertainment Weekly interviewee
Eat fast, slangily
Durable, as a wristwatch
Dresses down
Dovekies, e.g
Dance with high kicks
Cool ___
Compiler of an 1855 reference work
Campus newbie
Bready bunch?
Australian monitor lizard
Air spirit, in folklore
Affirmed's rival for the Triple Crown
Add value to
'___ in Moscow' (1959 children's book)
'This is ___'
'The Jack ___ Show,' 1959-85
'Golly Gosh Oh ___' (Conway Twitty song)
$100 purchase in Monopoly

Weasel cousin
Wealthy kid of the comics
Water damage problem
Unclean place
Two-time portrayer of King Henry II
Two stars of the 1942 comedy 'The Talk of the Town'
Two Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductees
Two Ritas
Two brothers who founded a Fortune 500 company
Two automobiles
Two airports
Two 1950s Hollywood sex symbols
Turner on turntables
Tree with aboveground roots
Trailing behind
Thin as ___
They may have it, in Congress
Theater district
Terra ___
Term of office
Teaching deg
Sushi bar tuna
StubHub owner
Sounds familiar
Sot's sound
Some TVs
Site of the Shalimar Gardens
Siren, e.g
Sinatra venue in Vegas
Set free
Senatorial attire
Semi colon?
Scope user
Rumor purveyor
Roman holidays
Role for Damon
PX patron
Pulls down
Presidential staffer
Pres.'s domain
Potting soils, for example
Polonius was killed behind one
Played the siren
Pilot producer
Peppershrikes and greenlets
Patella's place
Particle with a strangeness of +1 or -1
Pac-12 overseer
Oscar Robertson's nickname
Organizational rules
Org. with a lot of strikes
Olympic medalist Torres
Ode title starter
NY setting in winter
Not multiple-choice
Move like a penguin
Mmes. across the Pyrenees
MLB defensive stat
McDonald in makeup
Maxim in England, e.g
Magic city
Loss signifier
Loose overcoat
Longtime Chicago Symphony maestro
Lock changer?
Like many a new car
Light from land
Kristen of 'Masterminds'
KO go-between
Keeps down
June honorees
Jefferson Starship and Bush
Jazz singer who's a British dame
Jay rival
ISIS foe
Hoops holders, at times
Historic beginning
High-topped hairstyle
High point of a European trip
Greek peak
Gets too large
Future fly
Frappuccino accessory
First name in jazz
Finish for ethyl or methyl
Finish for auditor or consort
Fewer than few
Entomologist's specimen
Emulated 63-Down
Emulate the Mongols
Draftable status
Downtown, e.g
Crest competitor
Composer Webern
Coffee shop selection
Club for country kids
Clotho and her colleagues
Christmas tree figure
Check out, in a way
Cape near Cod
Business cycle description
Bound to get
Betamax developer
Berlin brewski
Bag attachments
ATM button
Apple for Apple and target for Target
Animal that might be mistaken for you
Aircraft designer Clyde
1920s blues song that was a 1966 hit for the Animals
1917 newsmaker
'___ Town'
'Nashville' director
'Mork and Mindy' neologism
'Leaving on ___ Plane'
'Impression, Sunrise' painter
'Got it'

With the ability
Widespread craze
Tidal bore
That thing's
Suffix cousin of 'trix'
Something snakes do
Some woodland deities
Shoe parts
Shakespeare's river
Seven, on a grandfather clock
Santa ___, California
Relaxing health facility
Prime-time hour
Player of a double reed instrument
Place for a pig
Parts of a healthy diet
Part of any profit calculation
Pago Pago's place
One putting people in their places
One of the major networks
On edge
Not wholesale
Mafia head
Like stadium rows
Like half-melted snow
Like bone-dry land
Lake seen from Toledo
Kleenex, e.g
It has points in the desert
Increasing a store's merchandise
In a Mideast headdress
Guinea pigs and hamsters, often
Gofers and such
Getting hyped for the weekend
Formally surrender
Extreme anger
Easter basket item
Dubai dignitary
Door part
Dirt for a garden
Delivery vehicle
Definitely not later
Debris at the base of a mountain
Dead to the world
Cut at an angle
Crumbs leftover from dinner
Creative painter, e.g
Correct, as text
Communicate silently
Comfort verbally
Church part
Christmas mo
Chimney parts
Chilean range
Charon and others
Cathedral city of England
Burning result
Boxers and retrievers
Bombard, as with water balloons
Bit of buckshot
Becoming allies
Analyst's chemical
Alternative to .net
Affirm positively
1990 World Series champs
'Be it___so humble …'

Words of confidence
Word before nose or candle
When repeated, the Road Runner's call
Web-crawling software
Vaulter's need
Used an obsolescent modem
Use the kiddie pool
Underground molten rock
To this point
Three-pointer, in hoops lingo
Theme park company
Take third place
Take the plunge
Take in or let out
SVU part
Stiller of 'Meet the Fockers'
Stack-selling chain
Squad car, by another name
Spain's Costa del ___
Skyline obscurer
Sideshow worker, slangily
School for princes
Sandwich shop order, maybe
Sachet quality
River of Aragon
Raincoat, to a Brit
Pre-fight psych job
Polo shirt brand
Polecat's defense
Picnic competition
Penultimate fairy tale word
Partner of 'improved'
Out of the way
One-named Somali model
One may shake hands on it
One crossing the plate
Negligible amount
Need ibuprofen
Muslim holy man
Miller's product
Mexican president Enrique ___ Nieto
Mean mutt
Master, in colonial India
Letter after epsilon
Laugh syllable
Lamb-and-pita sandwich
Lacoste of tennis
Kerouac's 'Big ___'
Home cooler of sorts
Ham it up
Grain used in some beers
Give the slip to
GI's denial
Gemologist's weight
Extreme degree
Explorer Tasman
Exec's 'Fast!'
Dixie bread
Deliverer of snail mail
Cuba's monetary unit
Composer Stravinsky
Color of some ales
Chagall of art
Can't stomach
Boxer Max or journalist Bugs
Bitter discord
Barbecue grill brand
Admit defeat
Actor's aid
2012 presidential candidate Herman
1-Across, when above ground
'___ Complicated' (Streep movie)
'Sesame Street' basics
'Rag Mop' singers the ___ Brothers
'Nothing but net' sound
'Big Three' summit site of 1945

Work parodied by Duchamp
With obstructive buildup
What six bells can signify
Type of wind shield
Theorist on the "Sgt. Pepper" cover
Swimming stroke descriptor
Start of multiple Colette titles
Spaghetti western accessory
Something stuffed for lunch
Some unions
Singer voicing Gazelle in "Zootopia"
Showed excitement, maybe
Score keeper
Sacred soloist
Party to extremes
Part of a listing to the right
Oceanic force
Not forthcoming
Name on J'Adore boxes
Name meaning "hairy" in Hebrew
Mideast's "radiant city"
Mesmeric manipulator
Menu section
Member of the tuba family
Marks as complete, maybe
Manipulative interviews
Liqueur/wine concoction
Interpret as
Homie address
High Mass starter
Herbal beverage
Guard initiation
Great pride
Goal of some seeders
Givers of Friday sermons
Formerly popular peripheral
First prophet, to the Bahá'í
Finishing touches
End __
End of some tour-de-force solos
Disney brown bouncer
Dirty blanket
Diamond traders
Coups in bowls
Capoluogo della Sicilia
Calcium-rich side
Buster in numerous films
Bizarre accumulation
Band aids
Auctioned for education, say
Anyone living near North Pole
An inspiration for PDQ Bach
Amin's '70s headquarters
2015's fastest-growing music format
"The Economist" coinage of 2012
"My voice is not a bellows unto __": Keats
"Merry Wives . . ." complaint

Will of 'The Waltons'
What bacon will do in a skillet
Tuscany city
Tool partner
Tips off
They flock together
Sun Valley locale
Succotash bean
Student working on an English essay?
Stories of the ages
Splinter group
Spanish rivers
Some have a nonstick surface
Snoopy, notably
Slumbered loudly
Second word of 'The Raven'
Rotunda topper
Real heels
Qatari ruler
Put a stop to
Push for
Player nicknamed 'The King of Clay'
Persian Gulf port
Pastel shade
Pages with viewpoints
One way to pack fish
One way to go
Olympus competitor
Old Testament sanctuary
Not straight
Non-PC product
Mezzanine, e.g
Matter of debate
Major exam
List component
Liquid measures (abbr.)
Like a limited-option question
Jon Hamm won his first one for 'Mad Men'
Jaguar, e.g
It may add feeling to a text
Inventor's inspiration
Inflation letters
Illusory display
Have the nerve
Golfer Isao
Gardener's test with a moisture meter?
Flavor enhancer
European country featured in 'Eat Pray Love'
Draft pick?
Docking spot
Do some smooching
Deceptive operators
Cowl wearers
Coward who was knighted
Country with a Caspian coastline
Confront aggressively
Confirmation, e.g
Confining structure
Comparative word
Chicago, for one
Calm and peaceful
Burgundy, e.g
Bread often brushed with ghee
Berth place
Aromatic garlands
Ancestral group
Adequate space
25-cent tote bag?
'That ___ lie!'
'That was the right choice'
'Seven Gothic Tales' author Dinesen
'In that case …'
'Hopelessly Devoted to You' musical

__ citizenship
Yoga command
What adults with youthful faces often get
Weight machine feature
Urgent call
They may be upset about being upset
Texas-based tech giant
Symbol that increases a musical note's duration
Stumbling sounds
Star, in verse
Something on a disk
Snowman in 'Frozen'
Sight from the Oval Office
Shot stopper
Series of classes
Send to the cloud
Roman commoner
Ristorante herb
Quarterback's asset
Put out in the open
Put forward
Prepare for a crossing, perhaps
Place to see Santa
Picture appropriate for Valentine's Day
Penultimate Greek letters
Open-textured fabric
One of the Ringling brothers
Nursery purchase
Nape covering
Musée de l'Orangerie collection
Mazda sports car
Marx work
Marked by uproar
Like most ears
Lie quietly?
Leavers of pheromone trails
In conflict with, with 'of'
Hotel dining room option
Hose holder
Home of A. Wyeth's 'Christina's World'
Goes on to say
Get very close
Future, e.g
Cutlass competitors
Couldn't remain still
Conform to
Company makeup, largely
Closes a hole, say
Chipped in from off the green, perhaps
Childish rebuttal
Chatted with, briefly
Certain explorer
Bowl sections
Blacks out
Banned pesticide
2012 Nintendo debut
2011 revolution locale
1996 gold medalist in men's singles
'You can trust me'
'Pretty much goes without saying'
'Murder in the First' gp

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