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crosswords puzzle answers 29/04/2017

crosswords puzzle answers 29/04/2017

Writer with the given names Robert Lawrence
Whine lover?
Unit of explosive capacity
Undeceived by
Trick-taking card game
Title of politeness
Tick off
Swimmer's woe
Strong, as a bond
Step on a scale
Spent a season in the sun?
Source of feedback
Some fertilized eggs
Shade of green
Setting for Sergei Eisenstein's 'Battleship Potemkin'
Rubbery compounds
Result of a firing
Pro ___
PIN money?
Palace of Nations locale
Ones carrying babies on their backs
New Left org
Mystery in the fossil record
Modeling medium
Middle Earth?
Many a Dallas cowboy
Made a big scene?
Long-lasting, in commercial names
Like M. Poirot
It's pretty obvious
It's poorly written
Illustrator Thomas
Hooter's location
Has a home-cooked meal
Hannibal's men
Guinness adjective
Gridlock consequence
Good earth
Go the right way?
Fist pumper's cry
Fictional spy who first appeared in 'Call for the Dead'
Fault line?
Famed Pop Art subject
English channel
Competitive, in a way
Comments that lead people to repeat themselves
Clear brandy
Chanel No. 5 competitor
Certain finish
Certain eruption
Capital for King Zog
Brisk competitor
Bind with a belt
Augmenting, old-style
About 252 cals
1962 Best Picture setting
'___ joke'
'Jeez Louise!' – See more at: http://crosswordpuzzleanswers.net/clue/New-York-Times-Crossword-Answers—Apr-29-2017#sthash.VH1NUePq.dpuf

___ long way
___ hunch
___ glance
Yoga studio buy
Yellowstone resident
Window units, for short
Wet weather report in Egypt?
Weather report about a blizzard?
VP Pence's home
Used for prayers
Unusual Mexican weather forecast?
Truly would rather not
The big picture?
Tankard fill
Take-out order
Syria's began in March 2011
Subject of una composizione musicale
Story line
Sticky spot
Steep climb
Starbucks size
Spot checker
South American weather forecast?
Son of Noah
Some are covert
Sofa site
Sister brand of Dr Pepper
She, in Sicilia
She came between Lou and Bess
Sex starter
Sen. Kaine once headed it
Scrapes by
Saskatchewan native
Salon staffers
Ring tactic
Response to a rodent
Respected veterans
Removes from the Windows taskbar
Ready to proceed
Reaction to a magic trick
Rapper born Artis Leon Ivey Jr
Ranger rival
Prediction of impending arctic weather?
Point the finger at
Plugs away
Plenty, informally
Play parts
Pirouette point
Piper with horns
Part of a big belt
Palmer of 'The Boys From Brazil'
Out of concern that
Oracle workers
On the way
NYPD squad portrayed on TV
Metric prefix?
Messy mass of hair
Megalomaniac's motivation
Many a time
Makes a decent living
Major work
Lustful looker
Look at lustfully
Letters on a product's 'Organic' label
Latin altar
Japanese technology giant
Itinerary word
Internal combustion device
Inside info
Initial payment
Indignant denial
Indians' rivals
Hover craft?
Home of Parmenides and Zeno
Hold stuff
High regard
Hepburn's 'The Lion in Winter' co-star
He came between Jimmy and George
Great distress
Graffiti artist's collection
Frightening weather?
French I infinitive
Forecast for improving winter weather?
Everything in Austria
Evening person?
Enjoyed some national park recreation
Drives poorly
Dissenter's response
Didn't need an alarm
Description of a very small town
Database command
Daffy Dame
Convention center event
Constant critics
Coins for Putin
Co. co-founded by Michael Ovitz
Club whose members use clubs at clubs: Abbr
Chris Hemsworth role
Chophouse choices
Checked out by
Causes pain, as some bad weather might?
Carriageway vehicles
Carnegie cohorts
Calculus calculations
Business move, for short
Burn soother
Break in continuity
Bold promise
Bind securely
Bill Bobstay, on the H.M.S. Pinafore
Big butte
Bear up?
Army group
Adrenaline trigger
Absence of messy winter weather in the Northwest?
About 10% of Californians
A year in the Yucatan
A few bricks shy of a load
7th century start
1918 battle site
'___ Town'
'There's ___ in team'
'The Owl and the Pussycat' poet
'The Bachelor' prop
'Double Fantasy' singer
'Comin' through!'
'Breaking Up Is Hard to Do' singer – See more at: http://crosswordpuzzleanswers.net/clue/Wall-Street-Journal-Crossword-Answers—Apr-29-2017—Weather-Update#sthash.iuI4YgJo.dpuf

___-Wan Kenobi
Worry for an illegal after-hours club
Wish granter of stories
Wise one
What many bars contain
What lenses can help you do better
What any first-place finisher did
Wave or shoulder shrug, e.g
Very hard to capture
Uptight, stuffy sort
Tries to win more things at an auction
Thing that can serve quite a bit of coffee
They may be eaten, counted or spilled
Texas shrine (with 'The')
Surface that's difficult to stop on
Streaker in space
Sound reverberation
Solar ___ (stomach nerves)
Sneak ___ (steal a glimpse)
Skewered food
Simple cheerleading cry
Sack material, sometimes
Ryan of 'The Beverly Hillbillies'
Ring great Joe
Removable throat tissue
Quinto follower
Poet John
Pod dweller
Played hoops and how
Place a title on
Pigeon murmur
One seeking a date
One Manning of the NFL
Not completely vertical
Narrow shelf of a building
MasterCard alternative, informally
Martini garnishes
Male razorback
Male honorific
Main artery from the heart
Literary spoofs
Less cloudy, as the sky
Least tight-fitting
Jazz singing style
Its floor is never dry
It leaves nothing
It covers plenty of road
If he gets the slightest ache, Tylenol sends him ..
Hr. fragment
His photos are so awesome, his camera features ..
He's such a great tipper, restaurants designated noon as ..
He's such a great boss, all his workers earn ..
Hazardous construction material
Global currency grp
French school
French farewell
Feature of a crossword
Famous twin
Drive-in restaurant company
Cordwood measures
Collegiate fire prevention program?
Canonized person
Came to pass, old-style
Call before a court
Buenos ___
Bit of grain
Beyond's partner
Apartment, to a landlord
Any vast plain of South America
Admirals, captains, generals and such
Abbr. for a person running out of list space
A first lady's first 30-Across
'In God We ___' – See more at: http://crosswordpuzzleanswers.net/clue/Universal-Crossword-Answers—Apr-29-2017#sthash.JLUpWi6n.dpuf

Word of surrender
Woody's folksy son
Where Washington surprised the Hessians
What one might do to the last parts of 17- and 60-Across and 11- and 28-Down
Was nostalgic
Verne submariner
Transvaal trekker
Theater ticket datum
Template used in drafting
Taffeta or satin quality
Susan of 'L.A. Law'
Sticking point, metaphorically
State that was once a republic
Sporty Toyotas of yore
Spitting bullets
Soon, to poets
Some smartphone messages
Some salon paintings
Skit bit
Shaver's faceful
Shannon who sang 'Runaway'
Setting for many van Goghs
Seamster's creation
Scott Joplin piece
Saint Teresa's city
River spanned by Ponte Vecchio
Reason to cram
Read, but never post
Ralph who bashed the Corvair
Poor, as chances go
Petty criticism, slangily
PBS thank-you gift, often
Patsy who sang 'Crazy'
Part of the name of one nicknamed 'Trey,' perhaps
Owner-player go-between
One of three articles
Most meager, as a diet
Mendes of 'Hitch'
Like Perot's presidential runs
LGBT rights-defending org
Led, as a meeting
KOA patron
Kerouac's 'Big ___'
Italy's Via ___
Is worth it
In range
Hybrid golf garment
Hendrix hairdo
Half the 'I Got You Babe' duo
Guinness suffix
Gobbled, with 'down'
George C. who played Patton
Gadgets used with cutting boards
Feathers adhesive of old
Exacta player, e.g
EOS camera maker
Early release
Dust-creating tools
Dull as dishwater
Drooling dog of comics
Didn't just sit
Delaying strategy
Deep passion
Consults a crystal ball
Comfortable, like some jeans
Cockpit fig
Claiborne of fashion
Cheese in a red coat
Carpet or street cleaner
Bombeck who wrote 'At Wit's End'
Bit of hair gel
Baseball's Dizzy or Daffy
Activated, as an alarm
Aberdeen miss
1984 loser to Reagan
'Terrible twos,' e.g
'Inferno' poet
'Aqualung' band Jethro ___ – See more at: http://crosswordpuzzleanswers.net/clue/USA-Today-Crossword-Answers—Apr-29-2017#sthash.YczS2uyt.dpuf

Yogi Berra 15-time acquisition
Work with a company, say
Word from the Spanish for "courtyard"
Why movie popcorn costs so much
Whom "The Muppet Movie" was dedicated to
What may motivate zingers
What Beowulf never had for dinner
Users of the HEART Pathway app
Uranian moon named for a queen
Union Pacific's headquarters
Third doll in the Barbie line
The ultimate in flagrancy
Symbol of France
Subordinates, for short
Speechless, maybe
Section of Disney's Animal Kingdom park
Scuba meas
Russian name given to Tolstoy
Rayon alternative
People that a state was named for
Pentagram-pendant wearers' practice
Pass, slangily
Parent of some zebroids
One of Marmee's girls
Objective of an anger management course
Music class
Means to an end
Made like some wooden stencils
Longtime Web browser
Likely to travel well, in a way
Layers of song
IRA payees
How some HDTVs are made
Home of Musk's SolarCity
Hispanas particulares
Golfing gear
Galley supply
Flower-bud shielders
Flag (down)
First drink in aluminum cans
Fancy __
Faces at luaus
Engagement enders
Crowd that's expected
Creature-feature opening
Cover subject for "Seventeen," "Golf" and "Forbes"
Contents of some mortars
Comic strip with "four basic guilt groups"
Coinmaking tool
Character "with thy sharp teeth"
Cart fillers
Basis for many a Pokémon
Bad egg
Audacious Jesuit of French fiction
Abraham in-law
1938 "Time" cover subject at 23
1000+ members of the "Seventy-Six Trombones" band
"__ not offence that indiscretion finds": "King Lear"
"Sweetest one" in "Jambalaya"
"Law floats in __ of ethics": Earl Warren – See more at: http://crosswordpuzzleanswers.net/clue/Newsday.com-Crossword-Answers—Apr-29-2017#sthash.jWLSTyTP.dpuf

Word with block or screen
With equanimity
Vaulted alcoves
The Home Depot rival
Sushi fish
Suit goal
Stirrup site
Spark producers
Some caretakers, for short
Short rule?
Service provider?
Service provider
Ring sites
Result of poor ventilation
Provide room for growth, in a way
Projection in the sky, briefly
Pleat feature
Org. concerned with climate change
One of the Visayan Islands
One involved in a plot?
Off one's rocker?
National park SE of Bangor
Monthly reading
Minority legal filing
Message medium
Long of 'In Too Deep'
Least accessible areas
Jewish star
Its site has tracking tools
It was founded to build engines for The Bull Tractor Company
Household current
Hawthorne heroine
Get off easy, perhaps
Gave up
Garage sale buys
Frozen formation
First AFL-CIO president
Find another way
Fields with multiple 'Ed Sullivan Show' appearances
Feature of a two-ltr. monogram
Express __
Dietary restriction
Descriptor akin to shiny, in song
Contractual arrangement
Confined, as quarters
Classic dessert
City near Vance Air Force Base
Childhood playmate, perhaps
Carnival follower
Body shop convenience
Becomes unproductive
Adriatic resort
'Two Years Before the Mast' star
'So there!' 

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