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crosswords puzzle answers 29/01/2017

crosswords puzzle answers 29/01/2017

Young swans
X-File subject
Word shortened to its last letter in texts
Word on a towel
Word after snake or sound
With 76-Across, like Arial and Helvetica
Wine barrel descriptor
Wiggle room
Venetian blind parts
Upscale bag brand
Unlikely partygoer
The 'Y' of Y.S.L
Thanksgiving dish
Tel. no. add-ons
Tabloid issue
Sushi restaurant wrap?
Superman, at other times
Super Fro-Yo seller
Suffix with acetyl
Strip of buttons
Storied workshop worker
Starting on
Standard poodle name
Speed skater Heiden
Some SAT takers: Abbr
Skype alternative
Silly Putty holder
See 125-Across
Sean Lennon's mother
Sand wedge, e.g
Samoan staple
Ruhr industrial city
Right on a map
Printer paper size: Abbr
Place where taps may be heard
Pinball wizard's hangout
Path to enlightenment
Part of a tour
Other side of the showdown
One side of a 69-Across showdown
One may get smashed
One doesn't hold stock for long
Once, at one time
Neuwirth of 'Frasier'
Neckline shape
Mother ___
Message with a subject line
Maui memento
Matchmaker of myth
Marked by futility
Marijuana, in modern slang
March Madness stage
Lost big
Linc's portrayer in 1999's 'The Mod Squad'
Like the sign of the fish
Like houseplants
Light show
Lieutenant, informally
Last mustachioed president
Laser ___
Kind of paper or test
Jane Rochester, nee ___
Item by many a reception desk
It's unreturnable
Investment seminar catchphrase
Intimate garment, for short
Infers from data
Indy 500 winner A. J
In the distance
How great minds are said to think
Hotel bill add-ons
Holiday air
Having a lot to lose, maybe
Green plant?
Game depicted in the circled squares
From square one
Feel bitter about
Famed Broadway restaurateur
Fairy tale family
Entertainment on a Jamaican cruise, perhaps
Eins + zwei
Easy-breezy tune
Dull color, in Düsseldorf
Divider in the Bible?
Digital camera mode
Developer's purchase
Delivery instructions?
Container that may have a sharpener
Confession subjects
Composer Max who was called 'the father of film music'
Company with a noted catalog
Collective works
City that's home to the Firestone Country Club
Citi rival, informally
Changed, as voting districts
Celebratory request
Carpenters with small jobs?
Cannon in movies
Campaign expense
Butcher's discards
Bullets legend Unseld
Bring in
Bottom of an LP
Blow off steam
Bit of progress
Big retailer in women's fashion
Basis of some discrimination
Artist who said 'I don't do drugs. I am drugs'
Amount of separation, in a party game
14-Across's result
1-Across's cry
'___ cheese!'
'___ Care of Business' (1974 Bachman-Turner Overdrive hit)
'What ___?'
'Up' voice actor
'Twister' actress Gertz
'The Call of the Wild' author
'O.K. by me'
'O.K. by me'
'My man'
'Lawrence of Arabia' star
'I think,' in texts
'Hava Nagila' dance
'Get lost!'
'Damn right!' – See more at: http://crosswordpuzzleanswers.net/clue/New-York-Times-Crossword-Answers—Jan-29-2017#sthash.GkORafuF.dpuf

___ pro quo
Writing style with a twist?
What to pay for irregulars
What some Irish speak
What Chris Paul floats on?
What Buck Showalter floats in?
What a couch may be preferred over a bed for
Using acid for art's sake
Urban baseball field
Unmeasured bit of hair gel
Unlikely to cheat or steal
Unhittable serve
Title for a Turkish military leader
Thing to salute
Thing in an Olympic swimming pool
Thing for a musician to read
Tennis subdivision
Tart taker of nursery rhymes
Swarming insect
Spelling of TV's 'Beverly Hills, 90210'
Sounded like someone in pain
Somewhere in the crowd
Some businesswear
Sniggler's prey
Shade close to lilac
Sewing necessity
Seasoning in an Indian restaurant
Result of basking
Result of a metallic mixture
Psychic ability
Prevent overheating, as an engine
Possessed, to Caleb or Jeremiah
Port features
Place to land with no land in sight
Peruvian empire builder
Penicillin was created from it
Parts of action films
Org. mentioned on tubes of toothpaste
One thing to get while on vacation
One doing some unearthing?
Nursery rhyme porridge
Not masc
Not here
Newspaper reviewer
Neutral possessive
Mr. X, in mysteries
Monster with 100 peepers
Mix in a kitchen
Minimal amount
Marge Simpson's neighbor
Loosen, as skates
Leaf under a bloom
Last name among boxing legends
Kabuki costume belt
Investment firm T. ___ Price
Hospital VIP, informally
High-pressure position
Hat for a stereotypical beatnik
Fond du ___, Wisconsin
Fisticuffs preceder, often
Eggs, in ancient Rome
Dreamy state for sleepers
Deconstructed grammatically
Declares openly
Date that 'stuck' with Caesar
College freshman's course, often
Cloaklike dress
Clerical errors
Captain's pronoun for a vessel
Brown-___ (human lapdog)
Bookkeeping entries in red
90-degree building addition
'___ it my way,' sang Sinatra
'Young Frankenstein' helper
'Have anything ___ up your sleeve?' – See more at: http://crosswordpuzzleanswers.net/clue/Universal-Crossword-Answers—Jan-29-2017#sthash.dPeDM3RW.dpuf

Yucatan native
You're filling one in now
With 43-Across, kind of test
Whole bunch
What one may do to 17- and 60-Across and 11- and 28-Down
Washroom, casually
Walk wearily
Uncle Remus address
Tote board figures
To boot
Tip jar insert, perhaps
Timeline divisions
The ___ (bar order)
The Gay Nineties, e.g
Stow on board
Sloth's hangout
See 53-Down
Rolling mass, as of smoke
Regular on the web
Reduce to confetti
Range that divides Eurasia
Quaking tree
Prescription unit
Prepares potatoes
Potentially dangerous exotic pet
Potato preparer
Piedmont wine center
Palette selection
One to hang with
Nebraska city
Mythical baddie
Most Beliebers
Monopoly stack
Minded Junior
Mesabi Range yield
Members of an all-female mil. group
Many English degs
Long, long time
Ladled entree
Jumped between electrodes
Joey Chestnut's 73.5 hot dogs in 10 minutes, e.g
Jobs and Wozniak start-up
Ill temper
Hot-weather fig
Highway posting
Grand Teton grazer
Good, long looks
Firms up, as muscles
Fell with an axe
Fateful March day
Enigma produced it during World War II
Did a barker's job
Cyrano's protuberance
Crow's-nest locale
Crop plentiful around 48-Down
Chest muscle, briefly
Cavern effect
Bungle big-time
Bunch of baloney
Boardwalk locale
Blowgun missile
Big name in scales
Best at phys ed, most likely
Baton-passing event
Any of the 1-Down
Alphabet enders, in Canada
Agronomists' samples
2002 Baseball All-Star Game result
'The Tempest' sprite
'Platoon' setting, briefly
'Pet' annoyance
'Killer' software programs
'Indian head' coins of old
'Dear old' one – See more at: http://crosswordpuzzleanswers.net/clue/USA-Today-Crossword-Answers—Jan-29-2017#sthash.dFyUY7oi.dpuf

__ Rupert Murdoch
WWII five-star general
Wozniak in "Steve Jobs"
Wordsworth, for one
Words of commitment
With 11 Down, fine dish-towel fabric
Where the blissful walk
What a cuff covers
Wet lowlands
Went awry
Vietnam neighbor
Very brave
Venom, for instance
Two-number stat
Try to convince
Thing with strings
Thing on a string
Take short-term
Sudden light
Start of a supposed Louis XV line
Spoke in jest
Sounded harsh
Some sneakers
Some sneakers
Sky blue, to Depardieu
Sign of seatlessness
Senator Hatch
See 53 Down
Satisfaction seekers
San Antonio landmark
Roadside offer
Religious faction
Regretful feeling
Raft wood
Racer of fable
Printed "Teh," almost certainly
Polio vaccine guy
Poke fun at
Perfumery compound
Partner in crime
Oxen harness
Orange Bowl's home
Only inanimate zodiac sign
Online message
Olympics officials
Of bees
Nutrition measures
Nosy one
Norwegian royal name
Nonstandard negative
Nautical speed measure
Narrow opening
More like slush
Mideast port
Merest traces
Longfellow's timid suitor
Liquid in some batteries
Less common
Left dreamland
Labor Day marchers
Kid-vid explorer
Jersey, e.g
Jazz accompaniment
Japanese video-game maker
Italian custardy dessert
It's all about me
Incomplete sentence
In force
Idyllic spot
Human parasite
Hourly pay
Hot stuff
Hit a horn
Hit a homer
Held back, as breath
Hardwood tree
Grant successor
Got along
Give a speech
Geographical neck
Gave off
Gardener's purchase
Frog in the throat
French 101 verb
Foolish talk
Flat hat
Financial outlays
English 101 verb
Diner side dish
Debater last October
Customary ways
Congo's former name
Compact piano
Color of honey
Clapton of rock
Città in Toscana
Church member
Cheek application
Certain game-show winner
Caterer's machine
Came to pass
Call attention to
Call attention (to)
Brontë heroine
Broccoli __ (green veggie)
Big name in baseball cards
Beginning blossoms
Be worry-free
Be real
Artist Wyeth
Animal park barriers
82 Down farewell
1990s Second Family
1910s revolutionary
"Malcolm X" director
"Exodus" novelist – See more at: http://crosswordpuzzleanswers.net/clue/Newsday.com-Crossword-Answers—Jan-29-2017#sthash.M9VclVlD.dpuf

___ Janeiro
WWII service acronym
Wings it
Way out
Wasatch Mountains ski resort
Victor at Vicksburg
Verdi aria
Underachievers are not up to it
Those, in Toledo
Tasers, say
Start to practice?
Spanish Civil War period, with 'the'
Some Nikon products, for short
Smart-sounding herbal brew
Skip the ceremony, perhaps
Skin soother
Shopaholic's destination
Schoolyard comeback
Quaint lodging
Police department watchdog unit
Part of a morning service
Orphan boy of old comics
Onetime partner of Ebert
Object of extraction
New Zealand native
Naval center?
Native Nebraskan
Movie DVD special feature, perhaps
Marquis of note
Long, long time
Like some endorsements
Like some Braten or Kraut
Kind of box
Jim Carrey persona
Jessica of 'Sin City'
It has a head and body
Identify, slangily
Groundbreaking tool
German art songs
Fraternity characters
Former NPR host Liane
Fords that didn't last
First name in 1950s TV comedy
Extremely anxious
Disgusted, with 'up'
Disappears forever
Delegates to a famous Philadelphia convention
Crawling (with)
Concern of some shooters
Children's author Blyton
Carpet feature
Bunch of, casually
Break-even scenario
Bit of action
Big name in small trains
Beehive covers
Be among the cast of
A blast
1987 Costner role
'The House of Blue Leaves' playwright
'… your flashes of merriment, that were wont to set the table on ___?' (Hamlet) – See more at: http://crosswordpuzzleanswers.net/clue/The-Washington-Post-Crossword-Answers—Jan-29-2017#sthash.BWC75O2l.dpuf

__ facto
Wrigley's in-house hip-hop group?
Worked one's fingers to the bone
Words often etched in stone
Where there's smoke
When 'eye of newt' is mentioned in 'Macbeth'
Went on and on
Wedding registry category
Villain Luthor
Union union
Undercover attire?
Two-time N.L. batting champ Lefty
Tweeting locales
TV's 'Science Guy'
Transgressions timeline?
Tony Soprano's quilt?
They may be recorded separately
They go with the flow
Supermarket chain with a red-and-white logo
Superfund agcy
Summer getaway
Succumb to gravity
Spenser's 'The __ Queene'
Scare stiff
Ruhr Valley city
Restaurateur with an honorary Tony
Reps' promotions
Relaxed pace
Record speeds, for short
Really bad
Raptor features
Puppeteer Lewis
Princess Peach creator
Prefix with hertz
Powerful power sources
Places for reflection
Pipe plastic
Picture of a picture
One may be jam-packed
Old TV knob
NYC line to the Hamptons
Nursery stock
Ninth Greek letter
New England proceedings concerning allergic reactions?
Natty neckwear
Name change indicator
Mozart's '__ fan tutte'
Mideast seaport
Medium power?
Matching food containers?
Marquee time
Lounge about
Longtime 'SNL' announcer
Like typical laundromats
Like the mythological Aesir-Vanir War
Like a pin?
Letters for 94-Across
Laundry challenge
Latish lunch hr
Kings, e.g
Just about makes, with 'out'
It's done in Paris
It feels like forever
It could be fishy
IRS agents
Indication to stop playing
HP competitor
Hosiery shade
His and hers
Hero material?
Hard thing to get out of
Happy, in Juárez
Go across
Girl who obeyed 4-Down
Get the message
Get some Intel, say
Get better
Gem for some Libras
Gardner of old Hollywood
Freezer aisle breakfast brand
Fountain fare
Fixed, as one's lipstick
First century Roman emperor
Fictional words written in currants
Feudal lord
Even smaller
Emergency supplies delivery point
Doc's pal
Digitizes, in a way
Destination for many srs
Dept. head
Crook's creations
Courtier in 'Hamlet'
Contemporary of Ella
Conclusion beginning
Christopher Paolini fantasy best-seller
Cheating millionaire?
Chateau-dotted valley
Cause of white knuckles
Canal site
Camel debris
Calming agents
Brand whose ads feature alpenhorns
Board with a room?
Blind reverence
Black kitten crossing your path?
Biz bigwig
Biblical prophet
Bakery artist
Arms treaty subjects, briefly
Area of severe industrial decline
Angler's shout
Affectionate celebration
56-Across object
2001 boxing biopic
'The Lion King' co-composer John
'Piece o' cake!'
'Not another word!'
'Movin' __': 'The Jeffersons' theme
'Let me in,' facetiously
'Jurassic Park' co-star
'Don't Bring Me Down' gp
'Boston Legal' co-star 

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