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crosswords puzzle answers 28/12/2016

crosswords puzzle answers 28/12/2016

[Surely you can't mean …!]
Wound, as thread
Worry after a raccoon attack
Word with blind or expiration
Where you might get rubbed the right way
Where gymnast Simone Biles won Olympic gold
Vehicle for the later years, for short?
Tudor symbol
There might be a spat about this
Text to which one might respond 'im gr8'
Some pears
Some decorative containers
Runner-advancing action
Run, as colors
Renaissance Faire quaff
Really enjoys
Real heel
Ready to go
Quickly detachable
Pumping station
Pop group suggested by 17-, 25-, 47- and 58-Across
Poet who wrote 'If you want to be loved, be lovable'
Playfully obtuse, maybe
Player of Frodo in 'The Lord of the Rings'
Part of a Facebook feed
Oscar winner Jannings
One with a phony passport, maybe
Nickname for baseball manager Terry Francona
New England state sch
Moving about
More sinuous and graceful
Minnesota team, for short
Many a hockey shot
Lose, as a coat
Looked over
Lethal injection providers?
Land west of Eng
Joyous wedding dance
It can decrease value
Housing expansions
Home in the forest
Hiking signal
Hesitating sounds
Gutter cleaner's work area
Guideline for a freelancer, for short
Finsteraarhorn, e.g
Electrified, as a Christmas tree
Dressmaking aids
Dollar alternative
Dog command
Detective whose first book was 'I, the Jury'
Country singer Martina
Collapse in frustration
Boston Celtics coach beginning in 2013
Big party
Beat (off)
Bad mark
Ate something
Ate by candlelight, say
America's Cup competitor
1981 thriller whose title character is a St. Bernard
'___ plaisir'
'Your point being …?'
'The Good War' Pulitzer Prize winner
'Skip it'
'Now ___ heard everything'
'Like I'm supposed to believe THAT!'
'I don't want to hear any of your excuses'
'Game over!' – See more at: http://crosswordpuzzleanswers.net/clue/New-York-Times-Crossword-Answers—Dec-28-2016#sthash.M3XcNXjZ.dpuf

___ Gatos
Zac of 'Neighbors'
With skill
Welcomed at the door
Veiled dancer
U.S. Open stadium name
Turn over
Turn on the waterworks
Trireme tool
Toddler's punishment
Those to keep closer
They're not company men
The King of Pop, in tabloids
Surfing equipment
Solo in space
Skater Midori
Showy pageantry
Shore up
San Antonio landmark
Rock in a band
Right away
Reject nowadays, and a hint to the puzzle's theme
Pretentious person
Precursors to texts
Porter's head
Play portions
Oman man, most likely
Mountain pass
Middling mark
Make a fine impression
Like the Arctic
Like Gala apples
Intentionally lost
Instrument for Orpheus
Identify on Instagram, say
Hardly relaxed
Guru Granth Sahib followers
Group of wise guys?
Gorilla skilled in sign language
Go to bat for somebody
Gets a glimpse of
Game akin to Crazy Eights
Gallic girlfriend
First of two choices
Fez's place
Far from windy
Dull as dishwater
Deejay's collection
Crane-creating art
Corp. honchos
Compact container
Chest muscle, for short
Call's counterpart
Cabby's query
Builder of a hanging nest
Brand sold at PetSmart
Big klutz
Baseballer Bando
Bartender's tool
Bad start?
Andy Warhol portrait subject
And others, briefly
1963 role for Liz
'___ but known…'
'You're gonna need a bigger boat' movie
'Yellow Submarine' singer
'Two thumbs up!'
'Haven't the foggiest'
'Breaking Bad' product
'Biggest Little City in the World' – See more at: http://crosswordpuzzleanswers.net/clue/Wall-Street-Journal-Crossword-Answers—Dec-28-2016—Crime-Wave#sthash.0dFMfacd.dpuf

Zero, to soccer enthusiasts
Woman of Troy
Went around the world?
Victimized brother in Genesis
Type of scout
Tibet's capital
Things present at a fishing hole
Thing to do to a turkey
They drink too much
Stuff in a first aid kit
Street material of yore
Steeped beverage
Sorbet formation
Some golf irons
Small handbill (Var.)
Silk-producing Indian state
Scrambled egg facilitator
Related on mom's side
Putting locales
Product of a disrespectful mouth
Prince of the opera
Predict from omens
Possessive pronoun for many?
Possesseth no more
Place for a co-star?
Overly inquisitive one
Nonconformist's prefix?
Non-union workplace
No-travel business meeting
Natalie in 'West Side Story'
More peculiar
Mekong River native
Mauna ___ (Hawaiian peak)
Like once-popular jeans
Like firm pasta
Life histories, briefly
It comes from the hearth
In solitary confinement
In an underhanded way
High-nosed group
Having been around longer than most
Haul off to the police station
Hard thing to find in a haystack
Hammer a nail at an angle
Guitar of old
Gremlin maker, once
Foreigner's giveaway
Floating high in the air
Farm creature with a glass ceiling?
Facial blemish
Earth warmer
Dull impact sound
Dug some drainage areas
Down in the dumps
D.C.-to-Baltimore dir
Country in West Africa
Corn coverings
Cool thing on a hot day
Chinese chairman, once
Bizarre or freakish
Beyond the need for water
Bell-shaped flower that smells lovely
Articles of clothing
Any baseball player on defense
Activated, as a fuse
'___ other questions?'
'Long ___, in a galaxy …' – See more at: http://crosswordpuzzleanswers.net/clue/Universal-Crossword-Answers—Dec-28-2016#sthash.DdTpbKRj.dpuf

Word before eye or Empire
Wing tip's tip
Waist-length jacket
Vodka brand, familiarly
Vietnam neighbor
Versatile blackjack cards
Urban renewal area
Upholsterer's target, perhaps
Unwashed English guy?
Turkey recipe word
Trio on some Christmas cards
Traditional dog name
Throw in the towel
Things to wear
Spaces under skylights
Some Connecticut collegians
Ski lift for two
Simba's coif
Signs up
Seized auto
Say with certainty
Roast turkey's allure
Records over, say
Quieted, as a hinge
Pushed forward
Prone to prying
President pro ___
President after Richard
Periods in history books
Paint can direction
Paddy product
Out of harm's way
Open a crack
On the bus
NYSE debut
Lucy and Ricky's landlady
Londoner or Liverpudlian
Like the Kia Soul's body
Knight's aide
Just make, with 'out'
Insulation on an electric eel?
Indispensible item
In an uncluttered way
ID on a food package
Humble origin, symbolically
Housebreaking lesson for a shapeless monster?
Halloween baby's birthstone
Greased auto part
Go head-to-head
George who played Sulu
Fritzi Ritz, to Nancy
Foie ___ (liver delicacy)
Fixes, as a fight
First sound in MGM movies
Feathers used to absorb ink?
Eye rudely
Enthusiastic, plus
Dracula's desire
Does a fun run
Deli loaves
Clydesdale controllers
Chuck E. Cheese coin
Catch the flu, say
Brace for a broken finger
Bit of baloney
Bird feeder morsels
Beverage with a bouquet
Began a call
Beauty's beloved
Bear with a hard bed
Attack dog command word
Amphitheater's shape
About to give birth
'You bet!'
'On cloud nine' feeling
'Go back' command – See more at: http://crosswordpuzzleanswers.net/clue/USA-Today-Crossword-Answers—Dec-28-2016#sthash.tAnhrakm.dpuf

__ manner of speaking
Zodiac feline
With 52 Across, electric-guitar pioneer
With 31 Down, Dickens lad
Weightlifter's exercise
Trash hauler
The Louvre's locale
Texter's "I've heard enough!"
Step inside
Steinway & __ (piano company)
Starch in sushi
Stage signal
Small singing group
See after
See 58 Down
See 26 Down
Sausage ingredient
Sandbox scooper
Rock guitarists' plug-ins
Rip to shreds
Remove the peel from
Rang loudly
Prepared to be knighted
Placed in a schedule
Placed a levy on
Penalty caller
Part of Miss Muffet's meal
Oscar actress Berry
Online bidding center
On one's toes
Old saying
Numero __ (first-rate)
Noisy piglet
Muss, as hair
More fashionable
Melodrama predicament
Made the first bet
Made public
Initial favor, in a saying
Indy participant
Hit with a palm
Guys, so to speak
Graceful waterbird
Girder material
Get __ of (discard)
Gear tooth
Folklore fiend
First American in orbit
Fezzes and fedoras
Fancy home
Faces the pitcher
Elves and pixies
Elks' meeting place
Dry as dust
Drive briefly
Dickens lad
Currier's partner
Conditional release
Common practice
Circus clown's prop
Certain navel
Cannonballs, for short
Can't do without
Bus station
Bowl over
Blissful places
Betray boredom
Beehive State collegian
Auth. unknown
Assert as fact
Alphabetizer's omission
Ahead by a point
Actor Alda
"Time to eat!" – See more at: http://crosswordpuzzleanswers.net/clue/Newsday.com-Crossword-Answers—Dec-28-2016#sthash.41plhXXi.dpuf

Will beneficiary
Where the breakers are out of this world?
Wheel attachment
Wanting company
Vardalos or Long
Topper for Che Guevara
Three, in Tuscany
Theater production
Stage instruction
Squeak squelcher
Sporty Ford, to aficionados
Short member of the family?
Role for Bert in 'The Wizard of Oz'
Recipe meas
Rand McNally book
R&B artist Des'___
Purse parts
Plow-pulling pair
Place for a pupil
Pitcher's stat
Perfect places
Penn in NYC, e.g
Onetime Texaco rival
Onetime Soviet propaganda source
Once in a blue moon
On edge
Old tar's tipple
News pieces
Neighbor of Braz
Mural depicting Kate's royal husband?
Mix it up
Mature, as a mango
Lustrous flickers
Levels, as a building
It's much sooner than later
It may be junk or registered
Hosp. surgery sites
Home of Iowa State University
Hems' partners
Hardly encouraging
Gold rush purchase
Giant fan
Ghosts from the first 'Star Wars' episode?
Full of smudges
Friend of Queen Elizabeth II?
French females
Free of four-letter words
Former New York City mayor Abe
Forensic science facility
Folk wisdom
Every 24 hours
Double helix letters
Do away with
Disney's 'Little Mermaid'
Delivery doc
Country bordering Tibet
Corp. honcho
Conservative leader?
Conciliatory gestures
Complex units, perhaps
Chicken ___ king
Canadian coin, familiarly
Bunyan's blade
Brown in the sun
Big fuss
Bands of blacktop
AAA recommendation, at times
157.5 degrees from N
'___ Louise!'
'I've been ___!'
'Guitar Town' singer Steve
'Go ___' (Pet Shop Boys hit of 1993)
'Cocoon' director Howard
'Ain't that the truth!' – See more at: http://crosswordpuzzleanswers.net/clue/The-Washington-Post-Crossword-Answers—Dec-28-2016#sthash.wIv0AyVu.dpuf

Wolfish stares
Wild speech
Western wine region
Waits in traffic
Vision-correcting surgery
Veinlike deposits
Twins legend who was the first DH to hit a home run
Try to hit, as a mosquito
Top card
Tip of a wingtip
Teahouse mat
Syst. with a Buffalo campus
Support during exercise
Sun blockers
Steinbeck's 'East of __'
Specially formed
Spanish bear
Some flowery works
Show with 'Weekend Update' skits, initially
Set in stone, say
Scat legend, familiarly
Rubbish holder
Proposal conditions … and what the first parts of the answers to starred clues all can have
Pavement warning
One step __ time
On the defensive
Made faces
Look after
Like a lamb
Knock on
King who turned his daughter into gold
Juice provider
It may be crude
It comes before one
Iris layer
Iditarod racer
Hot under the collar
Home of most of Sawtooth National Forest
Hiking map line
Harsh Athenian lawmaker
Govt. aid for the disabled
GM's Mary Barra, for one
Give no stars to
Give for a while
Former #1 LPGA golfer Lorena
Doesn't go along
Director's shout
Demi of 'A Few Good Men'
December number
Crème de la crème
Computer support?
Colo. setting
Circle components
Busy pro in tax season
Booking agent?
Big shots
Big name in beauty products
Become established
BB shooter
Asian noodle dish
Arab bigwig
Appt. book slots
A year in Provence
*With 41-Across, 'How to Get Away With Murder' Emmy winner
*See 38-Across
*Reasons for refinancing
*Marshall Islands nuclear test site
*Inconsistent nutrition plan
'Top Gun' org
'That feels amazing'
'Roots' writer
'None for me, thanks'

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