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crosswords puzzle answers 28/11/2016

crosswords puzzle answers 28/11/2016

Wiccan or Druid
What the Forbes 400 measures
What lions and big engines do
What a knife wound might leave
Venue for a rock concert
Tony ___, 1990s-2000s British P.M
Things pushed around a supermarket
That, in Tabasco
Take forcibly
T. S. Eliot's Rum ___ Tugger
Southern corn breads
Shoshone or Sioux
Shell out
Senegal's capital
Senate staffers
Razor brand
Rain jackets
Quick swim
Part of an archipelago
Multiple-choice options
McKellen who played Gandalf
Makes a blanket, e.g
Majestic Yellowstone creature
Literature Nobelist Gordimer
Links org
Like most consignment shop items
Letter-shaped metal fastener
Klein of Vox.com
It may have 40, 60 or 75 watts
Inventor of a 'code'
In close proximity
Ice cream brand known as Dreyer's west of the Rockies
I.S.P. with a butterfly logo
Huffed and puffed
Homer Simpson's neighbor
Hole in one
Group that included Demi Moore and Emilio Estevez
Go ___ (no longer follow orders)
Flower that's also a girl's name
Floating block of ice
Fit for the job
Economist Smith
Dressed to the nines
Draw out
Diamond officials, informally
Common play on fourth down
Chum, in Chihuahua
Children's game … or the circled words in 20-, 28- and 48-Across
Chicken ___ king
Catch sight of
Broadway offerings
Bitter rivals
Bill with Hamilton's visage
Be extremely frugal
Balkan country once part of Yugoslavia
Appear, as problems
Allay, as fears
After curfew
Adobe material
Actress Kirsten of 'Spider-Man'
1948-94, in South Africa
'___ Thurman' (Fall Out Boy song)
'___ goes nothin'!'
'Our Gang' dog
'I know! I know!'
'Dear old' person
'Bowiemania' and 'Come Together: America Salutes the Beatles'
'Ben-___' – See more at: http://crosswordpuzzleanswers.net/clue/New-York-Times-Crossword-Answers—Nov-28-2016#sthash.BadSBDo4.dpuf

Vacuum cleaner component
Used, as one's experience
Typical taxpayer in April
Treat everyone at the bar
To a certain extent
Timber wolf
That woman
Stately tree
Shut down, as a winter harbor
Sales pitches
Ride-for-hire service
Research settings
Quite disagreeable
Quaint poem
Psychic Edgar
Prepared to capture, perhaps
PC key
Paris subway
Oscar-nominated Brad Pitt movie
Opposed to
Once more
Ocean motion
Nick Charles's wife
Musical Merman
Mexican peninsula
Mex. neighbor
Luau neckwear
Like seven sins
Like Popular Science
Like items in attics, often
Leave off
Knight's equivalent
Kite attachment
Key with three sharps
Justice symbol
Jumbo shrimp
Horseshoe material
Guinness of 'Star Wars'
Flatten, informally
First numero
Exactly as rules dictate
Drink with crumpets
Diminish to nothing
Decorative designs
Cuts the hay
Conk out
Coffee container with a tap
Coastal indentations
Club used on a diamond
Certain deliveries
Celebrity lawyer Melvin
Bowl game setting
Beame and Lincoln
Arrid competitor
Arizona city
Amorphous mass
Ambient music whiz Brian
Alabama city famous in civil rights history
Address for a king
'___ No Mountain High Enough'
'___ brillig…'
'Yeah, right!'
'Um, excuse me…'
'See if ___!'
'Quit your complaining!'
'Put on a Happy Face' musical
'Dancing Queen' group – See more at: http://crosswordpuzzleanswers.net/clue/Wall-Street-Journal-Crossword-Answers—Nov-28-2016—Cyber-Monday#sthash.wEHqCEjd.dpuf

Turn yellow, as a banana
Trunk item
Trucker's burden
Tribal historian in West Africa
Tit for ___
Throat ailment, for short
They change a bloom into a blossom?
Strip of wood
Sparkling wine
South American republic
Some singers at the Met
Seat fit for a king
Rev. Roberts
Quail clusters
President known for honesty
Preschool break
Pigeon's home
Pertaining to hearing
Pepper with a punch
Parisian's country
Palindromic comics canine
Overflowing with water
Numbered highway
Not exciting at all
No-see-um, for one
Neck part
Name-calling over a loudspeaker?
Lake near Cleveland
It adds a little to a foot
Issued decree
In a while, in poetry
Hunt of TV and film
Hook used for the one that got away
Hole borers
Girl Scouts units
Formal agreements
For each one
Folded sheet of paper
Flat, as a soda
Feeling low
Feeling even worse than yesterday
Expanded a balloon
Ending for 'land' or 'sea'
Continental cash
Commands a horse to turn right
Come into prominence
Collected stories
Clapton of music
Christopher Columbus' hometown
Chop shop projects
Cause a big stink?
Cancel a rocket launch
Campbell of music
Campbell of fashion
Brink or edge
Blood channel
Babe in the woods?
And others, in a list
Again in a fresh way
African antelope
Add to one's staff
Adamant one's stance (Part 3)
Adamant one's stance (Part 2)
Adamant one's stance (Part 1)
'The Way We ___'
'Pilot' starter
'Meet Me ___ Louis'
'I' of 'The King and I'
'Blue' tree
'Ben-Hur'author Wallace – See more at: http://crosswordpuzzleanswers.net/clue/Universal-Crossword-Answers—Nov-28-2016#sthash.WQ3jc1wE.dpuf

Verizon competitor
Up, in the standings
Totally absurd
The Skins Game sport
The Crimson Tide, informally
Tell a whopper
Stink to high heaven
Skin care substance
Sharp as a tack
Sewing basket items
Serves to be done over
Secures, as a ship
Rose garden pest
Revealing skirts
Radical 1960s org
Qualifying race
Pub pint
Proctor ___ (appliance brand)
Prefix with sonic or violet
Pay, as a bill
Pastrami purveyor
Olympian's blade
Old sideshow attraction
Oboes, clarinets et al
North Carolina athletes
Monetary outlay
Miner's pay dirt
Milieu for some wrestlers
Met highlight
Lions and Tigers and Bears
Like a crime-ridden neighborhood
Lang of Smallville
JFK postings
James Watt's development
It's celebrated in Cooperstown
Issue a rejection
Informal gathering
In good shape
Hawke of 'Boyhood'
Hard-to-refute information
Get-acquainted event
Forest female
Fix at the vet's office
Financially solvent
Event with rapping and hand-holding
Euro fraction
Ernest J. Keebler, e.g
Enjoy the kiddie pool
Elicit a smile from
Eddie Rickenbacker, notably
Dumb as a rock
Domain of Mars and Ares
Decaf brand
Dating from
Cry from a crib
Cowboy's moniker
Common punch-in hr
Coming up soon
Cobra venom, e.g
City bisectors, perhaps
Cheesy sandwich
Catch a glimpse of
Campaign poster word
Bit of body art, slangily
Big test for a student
Become one
Aunt Bee's charge
Apple tablet
'You must be kidding!' (and a hint to 20-, 28- and 46-Across
'Stick ’em up!'
'Social contract' philosopher John
'Ready ___ . . .'
'Black gold'
'All kidding ___ . . .' – See more at: http://crosswordpuzzleanswers.net/clue/USA-Today-Crossword-Answers—Nov-28-2016#sthash.MP7eRd66.dpuf

__ and crafts
Wined and dined
Where Lima is capital
Where Honolulu is
Weapons warehouse
Voice-mail signal
Verse writers
Urge on
Tire in the trunk
Throat-clearing sound
Three-tier cookie
Start of many book titles
Start of a stage play
Stand up
St. Paul's state: Abbr
Slightly hot
Single or home run
Short skirts
Senior citizens group
Searches (for)
Scarecrow filling
Safe and __ (out of danger)
Reduced-price event
Ready for a rest
Rains cats and dogs
Prefix meaning "three"
Poker token
Pie à la __
Performed in a choir
Outer boundary
Oil-drilling equipment
Minestrone, for example
Men's business attire
Matures, as wine
Manuscript enclosure: Abbr
Made an attempt
Lowest in quality
Living-room seatings
Live and breathe
Kind and considerate
Kind and considerate
Kind and considerate
Kind and considerate
IRS form pro
In ringlets, as hair
Harbor town
Getting chilled, as champagne
Fry lightly
Fishing-line holder
Fireplace residue
Engrave with acid
Drove too fast
Coupe or sedan
Coral ridge
Cook in a barbecue
Computer buyer
Clumsy person
Centers of apples
Cavalry swords
Cape Canaveral org
Calculates a total
Cakes of soap
Butcher's weighing machine
British nobleman
Biological duplicate
Big inconvenience
Be introduced to
Basketball arbiter
Bartlett or Bosc
Adam and Eve's home
24-hr. cash devices
1:00 a.m. or 2:00 a.m
"__ it?" (door-knock reply)
"So __, so good" – See more at: http://crosswordpuzzleanswers.net/clue/Newsday.com-Crossword-Answers—Nov-28-2016#sthash.4qwcKnyJ.dpuf

Zion National Park site
Writes 'rite' instead of 'write,' say
Where to enter this clue's answer
What breaks a camel's back, it's said
Venue for vows
Toss here and there
Tommy Hilfiger rival
Thumbs-down voter
Threatener's final word, perhaps
They employ the construction materials at the ends of 17-, 26-, and 46-Across
Takes as a spouse
Strait near the Arctic Circle
Square's foursome
Spot for soup and a sandwich
Some have centimeter marks
Snakelike swimmer
Smooth talker's quality
Short lapdog?
Share a side with
Royal rods
Rehearse rights and roundhouses
Reasons for cram sessions
Pronto, in poetry
Plays the interviewer
Oreo variety since 2015
One slain by Cain
Not currently available
Nielsen known for spoofs
Most pallid
Michelle and Cass, in a 1960s group
Many an iTunes offering
Manet's mastery
Lose one's five o'clock shadow
Like sumo wrestlers
Librarian's gadget
Knock flat
Keep an appointment with
Joint put on a prayer rug
Jackie famed for doing his own film stunts
It may be 'on the barrelhead'
Insults savagely
Initials said to an oversharer
Hue for 'Baywatch' extras
Hound in whodunits
Have ___ (be connected)
Garden tunneler
Gaming table manager
First phase
Drive-through sign
Defensive post
Defendant's reply
Declare unblinkingly
Dark red hue
Daredevil Robbie's father
D-day invasion city
Construct quickly
Column heading in a financial statement
Christening concern
Channel-choking deposit
Carefree capers
Car dealership option
Brought back to mind
Blame-dodging excuse
Birthplace of Bahaism
Belief basis
Barbecue sauce trait
Aviation velocity
Anchor's reading
Amazon.com review symbol
'___ fallen, and I can't get up!'
'Xanadu' band, in headlines
'Spiked-Up Look' hair gel brand
'Scram!' – See more at: http://crosswordpuzzleanswers.net/clue/The-Washington-Post-Crossword-Answers—Nov-28-2016#sthash.RuLAhUx4.dpuf

Trailblazing Daniel
TiVo predecessors
Tiny biting insect
They may clash on a movie set
Texas A&M athlete
Suffix with joke or pun
Southern side dish
Source of quick cash, briefly
Sock hop site
Smile shape
Ruth with bats
Roundheaded Fudd
Regretful sort
Punt or field goal
Poet Khayyám
Plum's title in Clue, briefly
Player referenced in 57-Across' clue, briefly
Physics particle
Pack (down)
One of 100 between end zones
Old studio letters
Old Rus. state
Native New Zealander
Mosque leader
Mixer with gin
Mine, to Marcel
Make amends (for)
Lily pad squatter
Jungian inner self
Jotted down
Iroquoian people, or a hair style named for them
Hotel room cleaner
Home of the player at the ends of the answers to starred clues
Head, to Henri
Hay bundles
Having one flat, musically
Google __: geographical app
Going on, to Sherlock
Giraffe kin
Fred or Ethel of old TV
Forget to include
For nothing
Follow, as a tip
Film on stagnant water
Film credits list
Father or son New York governor
Exec's asst
Environmental sci
Eight-musician group
Egypt's capital
Cleveland cager, for short
Calf-roping event
Butterfly catchers
Bulleted list entry
Boats with double-bladed paddles
Blue or black water of filmdom
Billy the __
Be complicit in, as a caper
Barbecue fare
Andes, e.g.: Abbr
Address for Bovary
Actor Estrada
19th-century master of the macabre
*Power source that plugs into a computer port
*Castle gate-busting weapon
*Carl Icahn or Michael Milken
*'Airplane!' flight number, to the control tower
'The Mod Squad' cop
'Get lost!'
'Get lost!'
'Easy as' letters

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