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crosswords puzzle answers 28/05/2017

crosswords puzzle answers 28/05/2017

___ rock
___ Picchu
___ film
___ asst
Zoology class
Zac of 'Dirty Grandpa'
Without forethought
With 18-Down, distribution limitation, informally
William who wrote 'The Confessions of Nat Turner'
Wild guess
Whom Kala reared
Where 84-Down is, colloquially
When doubled, a drink with vodka, peach schnapps and cranberry juice
What 27-, 39-, 56-, 66-, 79- and 96-Across together make up?
West Coast news inits
Vertical part of a plane
Venusian or Jovian
Undecided, on a sked
Tweets, e.g
TV-watching option
Trump spokesman Spicer
Totally believes
Targets of a cleanse
Talent seekers
Sundance Film Festival local
Stream coming down a mountain?
Step 5: Look pretty schlubby
Step 4: Be a financial wastrel
Step 3: Devote energy to something hopeless
Step 2: Make some literary gaffes
Step 1: Raise hell
Soprano on TV
Some money set aside
Some lookout notices, for short
Some G.I. wear, for short
Shaded growth
See 17-Down
Scales span them
Running track part
Rules and ___
Response that's often repeated
Resort in the Wasatch Mountains
Reciprocal in trigonometry
Really not O.K
Pulitzer winner Armantrout and others
Prepare to take off
Prefix with second
Pound sound
Pope who initiated the First Crusade
Pointer for a weather person?
Pickle brand
Partner of hems
Part of a musical
Ovine : sheep :: cervine : ___
Org. involved in a probe
Opus ___
One who's been tapped on the shoulder
One thrown for a loop?
One crossing the line?
Numbers after a decimal point: Abbr
Nouveau-Mexique, e.g
Nonvoting member in the U.S. House of Representatives
Navigator's aid
Napping, so to speak
Musical genre for 'Gangnam Style'
Movie release day, often: Abbr
More, in ads
Medieval toiler
Many residents of Holmes County, Ohio
Major before going to B-school, maybe
Made some calls
Little hellions
Like minor celebrities
Like a bronze medalist
Lee on a set
James who wrote 'The Secret Life of Walter Mitty'
It spans 11 time zones
It has a noted school of theater, film and television
Israeli magazine holders
Hospital opening?
High-grade cotton
Handle roughly
Had pants?
Growl like a dog
Grand viziers, e.g
Figure out
Family in a computer game
Employer of the Bond girl in 'The Spy Who Loved Me,' for short
Eliot's 'Silas ___'
Drifting sort
Doxycycline target
Company with a lightning bolt in its logo
Chimpanzee variety
Character with the aria 'When I am laid in earth'
C.E.O. of the Planetary Society starting in 2010
Buddha, for one
Brooke or Brooks
Big figure in Manhattan?
Best-selling Canadian singer of all time (with 200+ million record sales)
Begin fighting
Be swarming (with)
Bank deposit?
Bagel topper
And finally: Has divided loyalties
America's Cup, e.g
Altar approaches
Address not in a phone book
Ad Council output, for short
Actress Gardner
Activewear brand
A Wayans brother
1990s tennis phenom
'___ Davis Eyes,' 1981 #1 hit
'The Complete Works of William Shakespeare,' e.g
'Such is life'
'Oh, nuts!'
'Hop-o'-My-Thumb' villain
'Frozen' princess
'Ain't I sumthin'!' – See more at: http://crosswordpuzzleanswers.net/clue/New-York-Times-Crossword-Answers—May-28-2017#sthash.hYfFQe2D.dpuf

___ pie (sweetheart)
___ and crafts
Worrywart's phrase
Words of rejection
Words after 'Ready!'
Witch in 'The Odyssey'
Used, as a kitchen table
Train station
Three hundred, in Roman numerals
Testy garden flowers with faces like fire-breathers
Take ___ of silence
Stupefy or wow
Spreadsheet material
Sounds of teeth in the cold
Sonnet divisions
Small sofa
Slowly disappear
Scrap of cloth
Scrabble and Sorry! for two
Scatters about
Saintly sister
Pretentious, as a display
Poker items
Plateau slope
Pig's place
Pass on the hill
Painter's canvas holder
One dumbbell curl
Naval fleet
Natural whole number
Monopoly card
Mix?%82? up or confuse
Midshipman's counterpart
Med. ticker tape
Man-shaped mug
Lustrous, smooth and glossy
Like hot fudge or S'mores
Like Easter eggs and Christmas cards
Levin or Gershwin
Last words of an engagement
Large bracelet
Korean capital
Instrument played with a bow
Improve, as a blade edge
Huge in scale
Hereditary material
Hamilton's opponent
Ham it up
Gesture fit for a queen?
Fit to be tried?
Famed scientist Marie
Elicit or make appear
Dugout boats
Cow calls
Continuing for infinity
Command to a guest
Civil War gp
City in Tennessee
Bridal accessory
Break at the Indy 500
Arm of Israel?
Arafat's gp., once
'Where the Wild Things ___'
'What do you mean?'
'Wake up!'
'Lift every ___ and sing …'
'Immediately!' letters
'Beetle Bailey' order-barker
'And so on' – See more at: http://crosswordpuzzleanswers.net/clue/Universal-Crossword-Answers—May-28-2017#sthash.O6bPXQnz.dpuf

Without peers
Winter coating
Verdi slave girl
V-formation fliers
U.S. attorney general, 2009-15, and a hint to 16-Across and 15- and 28-Down
Tribal history
Toppled from the throne
Toon character ___ E. Coyote
The Koh-i-___ diamond
Take a nosedive
Tabloid twosomes
Swing on an axis
Starts to snooze
Stage after larval
Social goofball
Skin bordering a fingernail
Schroeder's instrument
Puritanical sort
Publicity, slangily
Pound of poetry
Poker chip or puck
Places to graze
Places for mani-pedis
Pet Rock or Hula Hoop
Paul who sang 'Puppy Love'
Partner of rank and serial number
Page of 'X-Men' movies
Overhead rails
Open with a church key
One-eyed Norse god
New England catch
Neon tetra's home
Museum tour director
Leprechauns' land, in poem
Legendary Chicago cow owner
Lady's escort, for short
Lacoste of tennis
Japanese dog with a curly tail
In good health
Importer's expense
Hockey face-off spot
High tea goodie
Heart of ancient Rome
Have a feeling
Gomer Pyle's service branch
Gingery cookie
Gilbert & Sullivan princess
Game of world domination
Gads about
Fuss, to Shakespeare
Finishes second
Fateful day for Caesar
Eluded a tag, perhaps
Element in meteorites
DVR button
Dust Bowl refugee
Doorbell-ringing cosmetics company
Does a lexicographer's job
Do penance
Devious sorts
Depot posting, informally
Danny who played Walter Mitty
Crude cartel
Cribbage marker
Citrus cocktail made with gin or bourbon
Christian Scientist Mary Baker ___
Chopin selection
Chip away at
Chinese takeout freebie, often
Cathedral topper
BOGOF part
Big name in polo shirts
Beehive State natives
ATF agents, e.g
Area sheltered from the wind
5K or 10K participant
'Oh, what's the ___?'
'Alternatively . . .' to a texter – See more at: http://crosswordpuzzleanswers.net/clue/USA-Today-Crossword-Answers—May-28-2017#sthash.2c066wjQ.dpuf

Zinc or zirconium
Wrote with thumbs, quite possibly
Write in a diary
Wordsworth, for instance
Wishes undone
Whirling water
What to call a clipper
Webmaster's creation
Weave together
Twain kid
Trade shows, for short
Top of the head
Tool with teeth
Toil, so to speak
Timeline segment
Ticked off
Three-Pulitzer playwright
Telltale sign
Stash away
Start to tire
Start over on
Stare at
Spheres of influence
Sound loudly
Some Winter Olympians
Small liquid measures
Small cardinal
Showed a preference for
Show scorn
Set up for a selfie
Schedule gap
Royal proxy
River of Orléans
Ricci of fashion
Revered figure
Reminiscent of bagpipes
Rained ice
Punch server
Project, as charm
Pringles competitor
Prefix for center
Port of Yemen
Plymouth landmark
Passover meal
Part of LDS
Oscar-winning Berry
Opposite of "uplift"
Oktoberfest tune
Observe closely
November honoree
Nautical hazard
Narrowly defeated
Much of the time
Move effortlessly
More rare, as a roast
Michael of handbags
Many minerals
Making no sense
Makeup of some chains
Lots of
Loretta Lynn mentor
Links warning
Legal wrong
Latvia's capital
Julie Andrews title
Joins the team
John __ Lennon
It's west of Cyprus
Irish New Age singer
In the attic, perhaps
Homer's neighbor
Homeowner's voice in "Up"
Home to many El Grecos
Hit a high point
Highly decorated
High-tech drone, essentially
High-calorie cake
Helping hand
Hello __ (Japanese product line)
GPs' org
Gold, to conquistadors
Go far and wide
Go astray
Genesis antagonist
Gender abbr
Fuel economy no
French Revolution figure
Forty follower
Food plans
First word in the Declaration
Fine furniture wood
Farm structure
Fail to mention
Engraving tools
Ends' companions
Edmonton's prov
Derrick or crane
Delete data from
Crop up
Crib cry
Cranial flash
Crammed in
County fair favorite
Confucian principle
Chemical suffix
Chanel contemporary
Chance to get a hit
Certain DHL delivery
Cargo hold
Calmed down
Bublé or Sinatra
Body art, for short
Barrels into
Bake-sale org
Badger cousins
Average Joe
All hosts of "The View"
Additional stipulations
Accept, as a credit card
1950s headline nickname
14 Down patron
"War Horse" actor
"The Horse Whisperer" actor
"The Family Circus" cartoonist
"That's a laugh!"
"Secretariat" actor
"Seabiscuit" actor
"National Velvet" actor
"My Pal Trigger" actor
"My Friend Flicka" actor
"A Day at the Races" actor – See more at: http://crosswordpuzzleanswers.net/clue/Newsday.com-Crossword-Answers—May-28-2017#sthash.lkA2JuwQ.dpuf

__ luxury
Yemeni seaport
Yellow Sea peninsula: Abbr
Yank's foe
Workout set
Whence Icarus fled
What's up at the end of an exam?
What may replace you?
Wedding reception highlight
Watch using bugs
Underground systems
Typeface choices
Three-star mil. officer
The same, in Paris
Tan shades
Sticky situation
Stepped (on)
Steinway competitor
Stabbing feeling
Spring for lunch, say
Space travel meas
Solstice mo
Show impatience
Seek ambitiously
Sandpaper descriptor
Run together
Royals manager Ned
Retired NBA big man Ming
Replaceable tire part
Really pushes
Read carefully (over)
Put back into the company, as profits
Privy to
Prefix with functional
Practice lines
Poker holdings
Poem title following 'Gin a body meet a body'
Plugging away
Platte River people
Pinball problem
Pan, in filmdom
Paid informants
One with convictions
One who'd like to forget, maybe
One of the Balearic Islands
Oil source
No longer used
Nightclub of song
Needing assistance, maybe
Nav. rank
Nancy Drew series author
MS. enclosures
More than half of Israel
More painful
Mona Lisa, e.g
Modernists, for short
Mideast ruling family name
Memphis middle name
Makes a judicial decision
Madre's hermana
Lured (in)
Like many Ariz. residents
Lester's bluegrass partner
Legendary fabulist
It meant nothing to Ravel
Indian author Santha Rama __
In danger of being towed
Impaired from disuse
House-warming buys
House Speaker after Boehner
Hospital emergency units
Holmes adversary Irene
Head set?
Hawk's home
Gp. with arms
Good buddy
Go off
GM navigation system
Give off
Gillette Mach3 predecessor
Garr of 'Young Frankenstein'
French possessive
Fr. holy woman
Founding member of pro soccer's Washington Freedom
Food service giant
Flamenco shout
First name in skin care
Film with a saloon
Film noir hat
Fellow 'I can't be torn apart from,' in a 1964 #1 hit
Eye sore
Epitome of sharpness
End of __
Eliza's greeting
Earthy pigment
Early U.S.'s Northwest __
Droop-nosed flier
Draw a bead on, with 'at'
Director Kazan
Dietitian's recommendations
Diciembre follower
Descriptive dance
Demands it
Cymbals with a foot pedal
Cut __: dance, in old slang
Company name that aptly begins with a periodic table symbol
Clearing house?
Chow down
Cheap cigar
Bring in
Bridge ancestor
Brahms and Clara Schumann, by most accounts
Before, poetically
Andean capital
Actress Kunis
A/C units
1987 Beatty/Hoffman flop
1944 loser to FDR
1912 Olympic legend
'What You Need' rockers
'Death in Venice' author
'A Tiger Walks' star

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