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crosswords puzzle answers 28/02/2017

crosswords puzzle answers 28/02/2017

___ jacket (bit of casualwear)
___ friends (not having to be on one's guard)
Words to live by
Windy City 'L' overseer
What tryptophan is said to induce
Weather concern in 11-Down
Wagon part
Two-masted vessel
Turner or Fey
Totally fine
Topping in kosher restaurants
Took effect
Things ghosts lack
They're taken out in newspapers
Tell to 'Do it!'
Start of many a doctor's visit
Spanish girlfriend
Southernmost U.S. state
Socialist Workers Party's ideology
Sheepish look
Setting for much of the movie 'Lion'
River that feeds Lake Nasser
Riga native
Region on the Rhine
Quaint inn, informally
Powerful Renaissance family
Place to go for a 'me day'
Pi's follower
People encountered by Pizarro
Palindromic girl's name
Palindromic boy's name
Outcome that's overall unfavorable
Not on good terms (with)
Nash who wrote 'Parsley / Is gharsley'
Muffed one
Movie, informally
Morning joe
Like much music
Lead-in to a conclusion
Italy's shape
Infamous prison featured in the 1969 best seller 'Papillon'
In order
In fine fettle
In addition
In addition
Imaginary tiger friend in the comics
Honest sorts … or what the circled squares contain?
Hollywood ending?
Have dreams
Former Big Four record co
Features of some country singers
Feature of a late-night show set
Done nothing
Dish that's sometimes rated in 'alarms'
Didn't run out
Curds and ___
Cry after 'Ready!'
Class with mats
Catch sight of
Breakfast food with a rhyming slogan
Box office purchase: Abbr
Bother greatly
Area between mountains
A book collector might seek a first one
1960s activist Hoffman
'___ knew?'
'Be My Yoko ___' (first single by Barenaked Ladies) – See more at: http://crosswordpuzzleanswers.net/clue/New-York-Times-Crossword-Answers—Feb-28-2017#sthash.GgOQEcuz.dpuf

___ Moines
___ facto
Wilson's middle name
W.C.'s 'My Little Chickadee' co-star
They're allowed
Takes to task
Tag number
Sweeping story
Surpass in deception
Summary of info
Start for boy or girl
Stand for a photographer
Sonar user
Small seal
Small herrings
Skating jumps
Six-time role for Myrna
Shed things?
See 61-Across
Science fiction writer Frederik
Rubbed the wrong way
Room in a Clue game
Ringed by
Resting place
Resting place
Recipe direction
Princess of film franchise fame
Post on a ship
Pirouette pivot
Old Algerian governors
Nobel Peace Center setting
National anthem contraction
Minimal 70-Across
Levi's Stadium pro
Less chicken
Lacking excitement, and, with 40-Down, what the starred answers create
Keep busy
Java expert, say
It's only a number, they say
Island group southeast of Fiji
In a manner of speaking
Hightailed it
Gridiron marking
Elephant king of stories
Eggs on
Earth-friendly prefix
Dundee denial
Dragoon's weapons
Cut to a reporter, say
Cry weakly
Creation of some 32-Across: Abbr
Cork's country
Convention center event
Church in a 1945 Bing Crosby film
Bearded antelope
Baton Rouge-to-Jackson dir
Applied sci. professionals
Adds cubes, e.g
*See 61-Across
*See 61-Across
*See 61-Across
*See 61-Across
*See 61-Across
*See 61-Across
*See 61-Across
*See 61-Across
'Step on it!'
'Relax, recruits' – See more at: http://crosswordpuzzleanswers.net/clue/Wall-Street-Journal-Crossword-Answers—Feb-28-2017—Street-Smart#sthash.7VC0mvtF.dpuf

Winter ailments
When he works late, he does so at ..
When he has a headache, he takes ..
What a mirror can produce
Vidalia veggie
Vehicle for one last ride?
Touch or sight, e.g
Thing canceled at a post office
Talk foolishly
Sylvester Stallone's nickname
Struts like a steed
Soon, in old poetry
Sonic employee
Some fishermen with nets
Skating surface
Shooter marble
Seize power illegally
Sea close to Greece
Scarecrow's filling
Ring thing
Related on the mother's side
Recipe meas
Rampaging one
Potatoes, slangily
Polar seasonal worker
Plant used for making tequila
Places for some Christmas lights
Perimeter or border
Penchant for inflicting cruelty
P, to the Greeks
No. on a business card
NBA competitor, once
Museum acquisition
More expensive
Mark over some letters in Spanish
Make a choice
Like EE shoes
Less abundant
Large percussion instrument
Journalist's desire
It's truly puzzling
Islam deity
Is in labor?
Included with
Historic verb?
He sets his watch according to ..
He helps his neighbors by giving them ..
Handrail post
Gene stuff
Game-match link
Frequent, in old poetry
First word of 'Jabberwocky'
Fight the powers that be
Fake medicine
Extinct New Zealand bird
Dusk, poetically
Drug cops
Do some cobbling, in a way
Disorderly or untidy
Director Gibson
Dietary supplement
Crowbars, essentially
Collect sensitive material
Clark the 'Super' reporter
Change form
Cessation of breathing, for a sleeper
Certain primate
Buenos ___
Awaken suddenly
Austin-to-Baltimore dir
After the deadline
Addition conclusion
2016 Olympic site
'___ you listening?'
'___ porridge hot …'
'___ been thinking …' – See more at: http://crosswordpuzzleanswers.net/clue/Universal-Crossword-Answers—Feb-28-2017#sthash.5HXLDOji.dpuf

___ XING (street sign)
___ tai cocktail
Woodwind with a conical bore
With the bow, musically
Whodunit board game
Where Crockett fell
Web-footed mammals
Ways out
Vacation rental
Trendy Manhattan or London area
Target competitor
Student driver's paper
Struck down, old-style
Statement for a Marriott customer, say
Spanish bar tidbit
Some youth centers (Abbr.)
Slander and libel, for two
Slammed into from behind
Sang cheerfully
Sad news item, for short
Preferred berth, to most
Poker payoff
Place to purchase pucks?
Petty quarrels
Part of a kid-vid dinosaur's stove?
Out of work
Nursery bagful
Nobelist Wiesel
Neil Sedaka hit of 1959
Mob bigwig
Missouri Valley tribesman
Minor injuries, to toddlers
Minimal amount
MGM symbol
Mack Sennett's Keystone ___
Lousy grade
Location of a nephew of Donald Duck?
Like dishwater
Laugh riots
King Olaf's capital
Kid around with
Kept in custody
In running condition
Horse's hoofbeat
Haul with effort
Gin flavoring
Fish caught in pots
First family of 1909-13
Dueler's weapon
Dover delicacy
Daisy variety
Cry out loud
Constant hand-washer's condition, for short
Clear opportunity for a 2-pointer
Chevy SUV model
Caught some Z's
Broadcast online in real time
Brightest star in Aquila
Birthstone for many Libras
Big surprise for Dr. Frankenstein's creator?
Bank (on)
Axel or lutz
Auction house headquartered in New York
Atheist Madalyn Murray
'___ Angel' (Mae West movie)
'SNL' segment
'Holy moly!'
'Forget it!'
'Caddyshack' director Harold
'Alternatively,' in a tweet – See more at: http://crosswordpuzzleanswers.net/clue/USA-Today-Crossword-Answers—Feb-28-2017#sthash.HUvwnE3K.dpuf

Wide tie
Vote into office
Variety show
Urban haze
Unusually fine
Unusually fine
Unusually fine
Unusually fine
Tax form agcy
Swelled heads
Subtle glow
Stands in line
Stag or doe
Spanish bull
Secret plan
Secret agent
Scratch up
Science workshop
Sandwich filling with yolks
Saga of a story
River blocker
Resort with hot springs
Reaction to poison ivy
Pumpernickel or rye
Prepare gifts
Prefix meaning "one"
Prefix meaning "halfway"
Port-au-Prince's land
Playwright George Bernard __
Obtained admission
Mythical woman/fish
Most tame
Minor bumper damage
Make mittens, say
Lo-cal, on food labels
Licorice-flavor herb
Lamb's mom
Koran's language
Knee-support device
Kitchen shaker's contents
Item of value
In the know
Idea's foundation
Have debts
Gucci handbag rival
Glide on snow
General Robert E. __
Follower of kay
First full spring month
Fills the gas tank again
Enclosed, as an estate
Diarist __ Frank
Convenient, as shopping
Computer's data-transfer device
Coins in France
Chapter of history
Champagne, for instance
Champagne fruit
Capital of Norway
By way of
Big family
Barely defeated
Bagpiper's garment
Athlete on a salary
At that time
"Never let __ said . . ."
"Change the subject!" – See more at: http://crosswordpuzzleanswers.net/clue/Newsday.com-Crossword-Answers—Feb-28-2017#sthash.mZF9erLz.dpuf

___-dieu (kneeling bench)
Wildly popular theatrical hit, say
Website featuring crafts
Wasilla's state
Volt maker, casually
Vaulted church area
Unknown, for short
Uncontrolled anger
Tram car cargo, frequently
Too much
Start of a magician's phrase
Spoilers, often
Song for Callas
Some injections
Skyline sights
Share one's views
Sergeants and corporals (abbr.)
Scam or sham
Road sealer
River inlet
Relative of a lutz
Poker opener
PlayStation competitor
Placards, for instance
Packing up the tents and gear to leave
Notable mariner of literature
Noises heard around some tracks
Naples gateway
Mr. Olds's old vehicles
Most of the world's people
Message from MADD, e.g
Lou Gehrig's uniform number
Long, detailed account
London guy
Little biters
Little bit, slangily
Like a divining rod
Kind of candle
Kill, as a dragon
Kielbasas, e.g
Jolts, you might say
Jackson Five dos
Hunting rights lobby gp
Holiday-free mo
Guns N' Roses rocker ___ Rose
Govt. branch, e.g
Gladys Knight's backups
Farm sound
Ending for some URLs
Double-curved letter
Does a farrier's work
Dirty political tactic
Detailed account
Departs unobtrusively
DDE beat him
Condition once called 'combat fatigue,' for short
Completely cover
Comic strip prince's son
Colossal nerve
Certain music holder
Bottle alternative
Boris's cartoon partner
Be of ___ (help out)
Bankrupting all the casinos, colloquially
Baby shower rule, sometimes
Attending galas uninvited
Astronaut's drink
Almost an eternity
'Today' rival, briefly
'Riders of the Purple Sage' author
'Guilty,' for example
'GoodFellas' Oscar winner Joe
'David Copperfield' character – See more at: http://crosswordpuzzleanswers.net/clue/The-Washington-Post-Crossword-Answers—Feb-28-2017#sthash.emMtzvwM.dpuf

__ New Guinea
Zapped with a beam
Where to find a sleeper hit, perhaps
Where bovines graze
Trio member with Crosby and Stills
Three through nine, in many golf club sets
Stinging remark
Stifled laugh
Rock singer Rose
Relay race part
Put out bait, say
Put back in office
Prefix with political or logical
Popped up
Poked at, cat-style
Poet St. Vincent Millay
Per what was previously mentioned
Pearly whites
Part of a process
Pained expression, and a hint to two cries hidden in each answer to a starred clue
On the sheltered side, at sea
Old flames
Oil or gas follower
Obstinate mount
NNE opposite
Nest egg initials
Metro stop: Abbr
Makes angry, with 'up'
Long ride, for short
Leave out
Lawmaking body
Lascivious look
Intolerably confident
Hook shape
Home security giant
Hockey venue
German automaker
Frilly addition to a skirt
Fountain of jazz
Fishing poles
First sitcom episode
Failed, as a fuse
Every bit
Escorted by
Electrical pioneer Nikola
East, in Essen
Dodger Pee Wee
Divested (of)
Commuter's choice
College, to Aussies
Closest buddies, for short
Cleaning cloths
Capitol Hill lawmakers
Beau or boo
Béarnaise sauce herb
Ballet skirt
Back to square __
Adjust just a bit
Actor Cary __ of 'Kiss the Girls'
Activate, as a phone app
601, to Seneca
*Puffy Chinese dog
*In Hades, euphemistically
*Head rest on a sofa
*Bovine yogurt brand
*Auto feature that doesn't need a crank
'Way to go, sister!'
'Very cool!'
'The Daily Show' regular Black
'That's awful!'
'Sign me up!'
'Raggedy' doll
'Good point!'
'A __ Good Men' 

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