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crosswords puzzle answers 27/11/2016

crosswords puzzle answers 27/11/2016

___ Minor
___ Chris Steak House
What germs may turn into
Was ahead
Violinist Zimbalist
Verb from which 'suis' and 'sommes' are conjugated
Urban woe + squirms = pool accessory
Untuned, say
Time for una siesta
They often have small tables
The time of Nick?
The 'F' in F = ma
Takes a chance
Sushi go-with
Suck it up?
Stars-and-stripes land, informally
Stable arrival
Squeal on
Spanish she-bear
Spa, e.g
Someone never seen in 'Peanuts'
Some needlework, informally?
Some Great Plains residents
Social worker?
Simple truth
Show, informally + African capital = Adonis
See + umbrella alternative = warming option
Santa ___
Results of icy breakups?
Resell quickly
Remote land in the Pacific
Remain + 'Hmm …' = R&B great
Relatives on the father's side
Regarding + undercoat = network with 303 stations
Recall cause, maybe
Radial alternative
Pulls (out of)
Prefix with byte
Possible destination for un inmigrante, with 'el'
Poetic Muse
Pasty + vacation expense, maybe = hospital specialty
Pandora release
Org. authorized by the 16th Amendment
Old World lizard
October option
New pop of 1924
Nevada gold-mining town
Negev native
Nasty sort
Mrs. Gorbachev
Moved at a crawl
Move, as a plant
Minimal diamond margin
Milk container
Mariners' aids
Many a charity tournament
Makes it?
Maiden name preceder
Lisa, to Bart
Letter at the end of three other letters
Less polite + wildly unconventional = epicenter
Lead-in to maniac
Last part of the country to report election results
Kind of chair
Keeps safe
Jazzes (up)
Island whose volcanic eruption is rumored to have destroyed Atlantis
Infant + straying = noted coach
In years past
In Tahitian it means 'good'
Impress deeply
Hulk Hogan trademark
Hollywood, with 'the'
Heavy metal band with 1980s hits
Green of 'The Italian Job'
For two
Follower of an Alaskan team
Finally put an end to?
Feudal lord
Familiar with
Eye part
Epps of 'House'
Do pretty well gradewise
Director Lee
Delay + dodos = some compromises
Del ___ (fast-food chain)
Deeply offended
Day of the month + succeed = some recital pieces
Currently airing
Court affirmation
Counterpart of 'stand'
Correo ___ (foreign mail stamp)
Computer hookups
Classic Icelandic literary works
Cheri formerly of 'S.N.L.'
Chain that sells chains
Cat that epitomizes finickiness
Carter/Brezhnev agreement
Capital where Robert Louis Stevenson died
Bygone boomers, for short
Birthday girl's wear
Bill producers + Western wear = info for events
Big Ten sch
Big name in root beer
Base men?
Attention, for some
Area to defend
Approached apace
After Rainier, highest peak in the Pacific Northwest
Adorn brilliantly
Actress Hatcher
Accomplished everything
Absolutely awesome
'___ not!'
'The Highwayman' poet
'The doctor ___'
'My Cup Runneth Over' crooner
'Jinx' breakers of 2016
'Hold on ___!'
'Back to the Future' antagonist – See more at: http://crosswordpuzzleanswers.net/clue/New-York-Times-Crossword-Answers—Nov-27-2016#sthash.OiAECG5V.dpuf

Why the truant officer apologized?
What a single-use 3-D printer can do?
What a kinda hungry caveman might do?
Tennille or Braxton
Teem with
Space org
Smelling organ
Sharpened, as a blade
Round farm building
Quite angry
Queen of the hill?
Puts one's back against a wall
Prefix with 'European' or 'China'
Port city in Ghana
Plane divider
Pigeon's abode
Packed tightly
Old record label
Ocean eagles
Noon couple?
Minstrel's instrument
Mind-reading ability, briefly
Middle Eastern theocratic republic
Make sense
Make imperfect
Madeline of 'Paper Moon'
Line on a graph
Like ___ of potatoes
Like courtroom testimony
Like a break-in at a police station
Kremlin VIP, once
Kind of bearer
It causes a 'Maalox moment'
It carries a small charge
High school class
Hides from view
Heavy-metal rock?
Guacamole ingredients
Group of eight
Groove for a carpenter
Golf course transport
Fishing rod attachment
Fight against authority
Fence material
Evening, in Rome
Earth tone
Do as a hypnotist orders
Definitely not a six-pack
Declare definitively
Cowboy, at times
Cornell's ___ Taylor Hall
Confab for clerics
Commission generators
College in New Rochelle, N.Y
Chip seasoning
Charles Dutton sitcom
Brother of Michael Jackson
Bravery in battle
Blow volcanically
Bettor stats
Being of service
Be concerned
Alternatives to emails
Altered by a tailor
Addresses to large groups
Actress Miles
301, In Old Rome
'Why ___ you tell me!'
'What ___ could it be?'
'Stand By Me' singer ___ King
'So ___, so good'
'Out of many, ___'
'Chestnuts roasting ___ open fire …' – See more at: http://crosswordpuzzleanswers.net/clue/Universal-Crossword-Answers—Nov-27-2016#sthash.Ip8oiYm3.dpuf

___-g suit
___ yoga
___ Mayer (Wienermobile company)
___ Four (the Beatles)
Wooden shoe
Without a date
With 37-Down, muffin type
Way out there
Visibly ashamed
Tourney for all
Toaster-waffle brand
To-do list entry
Sweater eaters
Suddenly regain attention
Sudden attacks
Stretched tight
Started to make sense
Spiced tea beverage
Smoke-conveying pipes, e.g
Sharpens, as an appetite
See 40-Down
Seal off
Schedule opening
Roger who played 007
Re-emergent NYC site
Put on hold
Prefix with sphere
Powerful shark
Polygraph detection
Pete Seeger's genre
Pet restraints
Pep rally participant
Pad ___ (Asian noodle dish)
Model builder's buy
Minstrels' instruments
Mideast sultanate
Many a JV player
MADD members
Lot measure
Lock of hair
Litmus or Rorschach
Grillmaster's wear
Gaining prominence
Fluid-filled sac
Fez and fedora
Fertility clinic cells
Extra NFL periods
Equipped for battle
Drill sergeant's chant
Domino half with a single pip
Collectors' completions
Check the ID of
Carpal tunnel locale
Carolers' song
Car with a four-ring logo
Canyon effect
Campus URL ender
Bryant of NBA fame
Brush-off to a solicitor
Broken, as a bronc
Brewer's ingredient
Bow-wielding god
Bit of sunlight
Be nuts about
Be a witness to
Bacterial source of some food poisoning
Await the arrival of
Argentite, to silver
Arboreal animal's home
Apply sparingly
Alan of 'The Aviator'
44-Across, for one
1960s Israeli prime minister Levi
'___ we there yet?'
'What's ___ for me?'
'Quo Vadis' costumes
'Pong' producer – See more at: http://crosswordpuzzleanswers.net/clue/USA-Today-Crossword-Answers—Nov-27-2016#sthash.V41m6Ir3.dpuf

__ Gold (pretzel brand)
Youngest of a literary trio
Yogi of the Yankees
Works a banquet
Women's tour org
Western exhibition
Ward off
Walkman successors
Unpleasant task
Unenviable grade
Try out
Trojan War warrior
Trash bag closer
Train station adjunct
Title given to Gielgud
Title character of King's first novel
Tight-lipped one
Think ahead
Theater facility
Storage area
St. Peter's, for one
St. Peter's roster
Spot for a bracelet
Singer Krall
Sign before Taurus
Shoves off
Shoppe descriptor
Seismology concern
Scurries away
Sci-fi author __ Scott Card
Sail supporter
Right around the corner
Reunion group
Really long time
Rather resonant consonant
Quaint oath
Princeton athlete
Place for protons
Place for pictures
Pitchfork parts
Pass, as legislation
Partner of Charles Rolls
Organic compound
Notre Dame coaching great
Nintendo consoles
Neutral colors
Mortgage lender's stat
Minor anomaly
Metallic mixture
Martini's partner
Make mention of
Lunar landing prelude
Lose crispness
Leave for a bit
Leap on a rink
Lazy one
Language of Pakistan
Lace into
Kid-lit author Judy
Key akin to C
Japanese honorific
Industrious ones
Hungarian sheepdogs
Hilarious skits
High points of South America
Have a meal
Half of an "Unforgettable" duet
Gotham City VIP
Glinda portrayer
Glasgow girls
Gives off
GI hangout
Fourth-down play
Fleet of foot
First two-Nobel recipient
Financial claim
Feel the heat
Fails to be
Fabric bundles
Extremely cold
Escape from
Ending for nectar
Electrical accessory
Eat in style
Dull sword
Dante or Dickinson
Curt denial
Crop up
Core group
Combat flight
Cognac designation
Christie sleuth
Chop down
Choir contingent
Chief Norse god
Central points
Cartoonist Groening
Cannon ancestor
Call for help
Cajun staple
Burns' nighttime
Broadcast network staple
Breakfast serving
Bonus, in ads
Blooms from bulbs
Bishop or lama
Billiard bounce
Big name at the Prado
Bee Gees' surname
Becomes tiresome
Be of use to
Barely move
Band rattlers
Avenging spirits of myth
Attractive stuff
Attempt for attention
At full speed
Art school supplies
Actor Kevin
35 Down equipment
1970s tennis star
1930s tennis star
"Sesame Street" roommate
"Right back __!"
"No need to remind me"
"New World Symphony" composer
"It's my turn"
"Beauty and the Beast" girl
"Are you __ out?"
"Alphabet Suite" artist – See more at: http://crosswordpuzzleanswers.net/clue/Newsday.com-Crossword-Answers—Nov-27-2016#sthash.3YSzkScy.dpuf

What something that doesn't figure makes
Vinyl players
Very wide shoe spec
Verb ending?
Underworld character
Tightened, as a baseball glove
Soothing succulent
Save, as for a rainy day
Requirement for many scanned forms
React to a punch, perhaps
Range components (abbr.)
Product prototypes
Overly optimistic
Name synonymous with dictatorships
Monk's title
Miss Trueheart of 'Dick Tracy'
Minneapolis suburb
Mexican fare
Main route?
Loggins's 1970s singing partner
Lock-picking implement
Like a falcon of fiction
Len Deighton's 'The ___ File'
Kipling's 'Follow Me ___'
Joy who raised Elsa
Jannings who won the first Best Actor Oscar
How crowds move
Gazelle, at times
Game with a 32-card deck
French connections
Former Sanyo competitor
Follow a dietitian's advice
Flatter excessively
Fix firmly (var.)
Fills to the gills
Falsified, as a check
Expert finish?
Epitome of versatility
Earliest time
Dugout VIP
Do ___ (perform alone)
Crazy notion
Cozy one
Concession closer?
Comparably lovable
Comic actor Cole of 'Angie Tribeca' and 'black-ish'
Close to home, in a way
Chinese 'way'
Broad valley
Biblical name thought to mean 'father of many'
Avril Lavigne's 'Sk8er ___'
Architect intimately connected to Barcelona
1951 Polo Grounds hero Bobby
'___ ain't broke …'
'Yadda, yadda, yadda'
'What'd I tell you!'
'Orphan Black' star Maslany
'I'll believe that when I see it!'
'Contact' acronym – See more at: http://crosswordpuzzleanswers.net/clue/The-Washington-Post-Crossword-Answers—Nov-27-2016#sthash.2ALVqq6E.dpuf

Zero out, say
Yankee manager before Girardi
Work on a course
Weather the storm
Waterman product
Vehicle usage record
Udon cousin
TV awareness-raiser
Transfer to a new city, briefly
Training routines
Till stack
Tiling job supply
Throw a feast for
They may be cracked
Swindle, in slang
Surprise in a skit
Sun blocker
Styling product hidden in eight long puzzle answers
Started war?
Sports venue
Sports statistic
Sound of the Northwest
Sonic Dash publisher
Something to shoot for
Sits on the line
Site of the Princess Margaret Stakes
Short bond?
Shaggy-haired bovine
Serving on a jury, e.g
Serious trend
Seemingly can't lose
Ruffle feathers, so to speak
Room access
River in Spain
Presidential nickname
Poseidon, e.g
Poker pro's concern
Petty of 'A League of Their Own'
Period of time
Paper or plastic
Paddock parent
Outdoor clothing entrepreneur Eddie
One way to get dinner
Not just bargain
Not at all
National Bike Month
Mutual agreement
Musical with the song 'Willkommen'
Minimum-range tide
Mind matter
Mideast president elected the same year as the younger Bush
Mental wherewithal
Masonry mixture
Mason of 'The Goodbye Girl'
Mannerless sort
Macbeth, when the play began
Looked for
Look daggers (at)
Linney of 'The Savages'
Like some speeches, it seems
Lifetime chum
Let it all out
Legendary prophet
Left hanging
Leave, with 'off'
Latin 101 verb
Lack of continuity
Kolkata's locale
Ketch pair
Irish lullaby start
IPA component
Internet connectivity annoyance
Instrument that doesn't need tuning
Illegal mil. status
How many raises are given
Hot times abroad
Home of Heartland of America Park
Heavy ref
Heads and tails
Handled bag
Gridiron figure
Godiva alternative
Generous offer
From around here
French royal
Fail to share
Elevated lines?
Early gaming name
Director Allen who was dubbed the 'Master of Disaster'
Decorative outdoor fixture
Decorates mischievously, for short
Curbside check-in freebie
Craftsman outdoor tools
Cookie shaped like two of its letters
Construction site sight
Comparison words
Colorful pet store purchase
Collie collar danglers
Coil on a reel
Champagne flute feature
Cause to fluctuate
Category including spacing and margins
Catcher on the range
Café order
Bus station compartment
Broadway director's concern
Breakfast item
Blade holder
Birthday card rack subsection
Biker's headgear, maybe
Big wheel's wheels
Big shoes to fill?
Bar menu heading
Athlete's supplement
Ancient manuscripts
Albéniz piano work
Action film props
1984 Nobel Peace Prize winner
'Un Ballo in Maschera' aria
'That's a fact!'
'Leaving Las Vegas' co-star
'He loves me' pieces
'Do __?'
'College GameDay' number
'But of course!'
'At Wit's End' author Bombeck
'American Graffiti' director
'Always by their side' org 

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