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crosswords puzzle answers 27/10/2016

crosswords puzzle answers 27/10/2016

___ es Salaam
___ Darya
Word before 'Happy New Year!'
What's done in Haiti?
Welfare worker's workload
Tile in a mosaic
The 'World's Most Dangerous Group'
Ted Cruz's home: Abbr
Tap options
Take a long bath
Suriname colonizer
Suffix with hater
Suffix with drunk
Some gold rush remnants
Sister publication of 16 Magazine
Sink or swim, e.g
School assignment specification
Reunion attendees
Repeat offenses, metaphorically
Package delivery person
One may be open at the bar
One involved with underground rock bands?
Of ___ (so to speak)
More adorable
Monster film hit of 1984
Milton Berle hosted the world's first one
Midriff-showing garment
Like on Twitter, informally
Like many celebrity memoirs
Like fish and chips
Last song recorded by all four Beatles, with 'the'
Knight's ride
Joint ailment
Joe Biden's home: Abbr
It went boom, for short
It follows a curtain-raising
Ingot, e.g
Inauguration V.I.P.: Abbr
How the fashionable dress
Home of the Thunder, the Double-A affiliate of the Yankees
Grp. that brought Colbert to Baghdad
GPS lines: Abbr
German article
Full of ghosts … like four answers in this puzzle?
Fit for a queen
Fashion's ___ Saint Laurent
Fair-hiring inits
European History and Physics C: Mechanics, for two
Element #50
Early fifth-century year
Crew leader, for short
Comedian Daniel
Column on an airport screen: Abbr
Certain bug
Campfire entertainment
By way of: Abbr
Brief records, in brief
Boxing segments: Abbr
Blu-ray ancestor
Bleu expanse
Bit of dust
Berry said to have anti-aging qualities
Area ___
Aimed at
Advice between 'buy' and 'sell'
Address not found on a GPS
4,200 feet, for the Golden Gate Bridge
'This ___!' (fighting words)
'That was over the line'
'Smokey, this is not ___. This is bowling. There are rules' ('The Big Lebowski' quote)
'Now you're talking!'
'Now I ain't sayin' ___ a gold digger' (Kanye West lyric)
'Kinda sorta'
#1 hit for Bill Withers (1972) and Club Nouveau]

With 21-Down, part of a swashbuckling motto
Where some births and baptisms are recorded
Two-time Conn Smythe Trophy recipient
Try to hit
Top the toast while it's still in the toaster (Zap!)?
Those opposed
Terminate, but not wrongfully?
Take back
Suite spot
Sodium hydroxide
Soccer's Hamm
Skipjacks and bigeyes
Shady place
Shadow the suspect after a lot of procrastination?
See 42-Down
Reply to the officiant
React to a dropped pacifier, perhaps
Rabbit successor
Queen of Carthage
Performing pros
Palin's portrayer in skits
Org. that deals with breakdowns
Oldest U.S. state capital
Moving experience, of a sort
Mortarboard decorations
Mineral suffix
Menu item
McGregor of 'Big Fish'
May in London, e.g
Master, in colonial India
Many a campaign promise
Male admirer
Low in the country
LaSalle and Hudson
Kobe currency
King Abdullah I Mosque location
Kin of a BOLO
Key in
July 4 utterances
Issue an official command?
High return
He told Romeo, 'Thou art a villain'
Growler fill
Gets out while the getting is good
Feller in a forest
Fan favorites
Fall setting
Ditch's purpose
Distinctive vibe
Color-changing swimmers
Clanton who survived the O.K. Corral
Chess grandmaster Mikhail
Cardinal cap letters
Capital founded in 1535
Bar from the country
Bar code reader
Baker's supply
Augusta area
Activity for a corps
2011 film for which George Lopez voiced a toucan
'Sexual Healing' singer
'Like a Rock' singer
'Beware, my lord, of jealousy' speaker

___ Domingo
Words after 'snap,' 'bring' or 'call'
Woman from uncle?
Winged god of love
Valuable rock find
Underlying theme
Things in many closets
Thing to shift
Thing behind drywall, typically
They make waves
Takes the advice of a sidewalk preacher
Steals, old-style
Star pitcher
Spans of 60 mins
Song performed singly
Some dairy products
Some court hearings
Romance or drama, e.g
Relative of 17-Across
Quaint motel
Puzzle that's a stumper
Primary color, to a printer
Pesky little biters
Performers of plays, collectively
Partner of crafts
Part of a tape recorder
Oolong, for one
Obviously shocked
Not just wants
Negative vote
Loosen, as laces
Long time follower?
Likely to make stern orders
Kind of campus protest
It precedes an important delivery
It may be before one's time?
How inferior goods are made
Home of the Taj Mahal
Has the ___ for (is attracted to)
Grinds together, as teeth
Get off the fence
Food crumb
Fits in
Fill with happiness
Face-to-face exam
Eye with desire
Experimental place?
Ewe can say that again?
Electric fish
Editor's 'remove it'
Edible freshwater fish
Downs counterparts
Do as the doctor says
Display longevity?
Dislike, and then some
Director's shout
Certain construction girder
Castle ditches
Calls off, as a mission
Aden's land
Absolute bedlam
Abnormally active
A wee hour
A soil fertilizer
A Great Lake
'The Matrix' moniker
'The Lord of the Rings' creature
'The Cradle of Texas Liberty'
'Liberal' attachment
'Aw' follower

Witch trial town
Windows above some doors
Wind-direction indicator
West Coast wine valley
Trick-or-treaters' costume items
Title for Dash or Doubtfire
Tiny nation near Sicily
Timber-felling tool
They're designed on Broadway
The Riddler, to Batman
Tended a tot
Tell a tall tale
Telescope disk
Surname on White Label scotch bottles
Stud stake
Stratospheric gas
Sporty truck, familiarly
Spain's ill-fated force
Social satirist Mort
Skip past, as commercials
Short drive
Seashore recess
Scold severely
Saxophone type
Satyr's stare
SASE, e.g
Roasting chicken
Rhino's weapon
Radio City section
Radar gun display
Presidential emblem
Pizzeria patron
Oppressively heavy
Once owned
NRA member's stockpile
Nothing can escape from one
Nerve passage in the wrist
Needing a full recharge
Nametag greeting
Mudville's strikeout victim
More than occasionally
More impartial
Mixed grill selections
Mineral with a soapy feel
Midsummer birth sign
Maze solver's goal
Lure into crime
Loomed toweringly
Long lunches, for short
Knot-tying spot
Inside scoop
Green area on a Risk board
Great Plains grazer
Gillian's role on 'The X-Files'
Finds loathsome
Finders' payments
FedEx delivery
Faris of 'The House Bunny'
Everglades growths
Electric bill basis
Desperate, as an effort
Department store section
Defensive barrier
Decreases gradually
Cymbals sound
Curse given with a stare
Cookout crasher
Come face to face
Castaway's spot
Car radio option
Capital of Belarus
Blanc who voiced Daffy Duck
Be off the mark
Abu Dhabi dignitary
1977 Triple Crown winner Seattle ___
'It's all about me' attitude

Video display speed
Unfilled: Abbr
Tree product
Touch against
They're a pleasure for sitters
Surge of interest
Summit result, sometimes
Sudden increase
Spanish article
Sound of discomfort
Something viewed
Some New Zealanders
Smashing, in showbiz
Site of America's only royal palace
Silents genre
Seasonal shot's enemy
Rolls to the runway
Put a name to, for short
Poor Richard pronouncement
Poe title container
Piano part
Pant-leg pullers
Paintballs and snowballs
Order out
Orator's icebreaker
Orator's ice breaker
Of special elegance
NYC hub
Normal degree
Need to repeat, perhaps
Most significant
Most senior
Mobiles, e.g
Miles away
Metallurgy concerns
Let pass
Keep hidden
Job or web follower
Jimmy Kimmel employer
HDTV rival to JVC
Fondue accessory trademark
Executive perk
Executive perk
Executive perk
Executive perk
Enter a hot bath
Email options
Elec. power measure
Dossier abbr
Dickensian denouncement
Cyrano's nose
Cop-film staple
Cook quickly
Composer Gian __ Menotti
Comics canine
Collegiate sport
Coffee holder
Coffee holder
Chews (at)
Certain sleeveless top
Came across
British Columbia neighbor
Bow-to-stern beam
Big bother
Between the foul lines
Baseball team's break
Author behind lofty lines
Alternative to Glad
Active, as a security system
1990s Notre Dame football coach
"I don't like that!"

Wry twist
Works on a sub
Word on some Canadian pumps
Victorious shout
Unfounded accusation
TV handyman Bob
Tropical plant
Texas city across the border from Ciudad Juárez
Swenson of 'Benson'
Swedish automaker
Sushi bar soup
Stairway post
Spice jar holder
Sit tight
Siesta hrs
Rests on a sill, as a pie
Punctuation that may indicate parenthetical remarks
Privacy statement with a credit card bill, e.g
Prefix with Saxon
Powder mineral
Passed out cards
Parking lot mishap
Paperless journal
Paleo- opposite
One who enjoys some spare time?
One may be suppressed in class
Neckwear with a clasp
Natural balm
Much-studied critters
Mil. no-show
Mailbox opening
Looney Tunes nickname
Long gun
Long and lean
Literary middle name
Lexmark rival
Large sum needed to end some mortgages
Italian sports apparel brand
It's wet in Oaxaca
Intellectually stimulating
In need of more air time?
Hurricane ___
High-quality cotton
Gnocchi sauce
Give out, as a signal
Give life to
Freshwater fish
Freezing point, on the Celsius scale
Etching supply
Emphatic denial
Elbow-to-wrist bone
Dirty rotten scoundrel
Day care denizen
Data backup option
Creepy look
Cone-producing evergreen
Concert cry
Chewy candy
Came down
Big lug
Bat mitzvah official
Aptly named 'The Dark Knight Rises' nemesis
Algerian port east of Tangier
Accompaniment for 'And the award goes to …'
'Who Will Run the Frog Hospital?' novelist Moore
'When pigs fly, laddie!'
'The Maltese Falcon' actress Mary
'Fathers and Sons' novelist Turgenev

__ to go
Wrap around
Word with bake or fire
With 57-Across, negotiate … and what needs to be done to make sense of this puzzle's circles
Whisperer's target
War zone journalists
Walk of life
Tourney format, briefly
Sleek horse
Skin condition
Sister of Rachel
Sing-along syllable
Sing in the shower, say
See 54-Across
Secretary Thomas Perez's department
Sasquatch, for one
Sasquatch kin
Rub the wrong away
Roulette bet
Renowned '70s-'80s batting coach Charley
Promising performers
Poet Angelou
Payment required of known deadbeats
Pay a call
One with a habit
New York Harbor's __ Island
Motown flops
Mid-month time
Logician's word
Logician's 'E'
Limited portions of
Lawn maintenance accessory
Large pears
Laptop screen meas
L.A. commuter org
Jazz pianist Blake
Ideal setting
Home of the Oregon Ducks
Home of the Imagination! pavilion
Head covering
Hammarskjöld of the UN
Grain cutters
German coal region
French friar
Fingerprint feature
Film beekeeper
Extremely focused
Esq. group
Dry up
Desk space
Dench of 'Philomena'
Cookout choice
Colonial hero Silas
Chicken vindaloo go-with
Chicken serving
Certain campus newbies
CBS series with a N.Y. spin-off
Carpentry tool
Breakfast mix
Boston __
Bored with it all
Awe-ful sound?
Animation sheet
Alternative strategy
Abruzzi bell town
70-Across application
1943 penny metal
'This Is Spinal Tap' director
'That's so __!'
'Ladies First Since 1916' sneakers
'Anybody around?' response

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