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crosswords puzzle answers 27/03/2017

crosswords puzzle answers 27/03/2017

___ Lanka
___ Juan, Puerto Rico
When planes are due to take off, for short
What Google's Ngram program tracks, for word usage
What car wheels turn on
Watch over
Villainous count in the Lemony Snicket books
Vietnamese soup
Unscripted comedy, informally
Tick off
Thorny parts of roses
Things for sale
That guy
Thanksgiving dessert
Sound to fear in the savanna
Some woodwinds
Set of pictures at a dentist's
Pull off perfectly
Problem with a shoelace
Polite affirmative
Police operation … or, when read another way, what a grammarian would like to do to 18-, 24-, 52- and 65-Across?
Planted, as discord
Perfect world
Peach pit or walnut
Peach or walnut
One might apply gloss to them
Old-fashioned wine holder
Ohio city that was once the Rubber Capital of the World
Often-unheeded advice from dentists
Obama's successor
Narrow water passage
Narrative connector
Many millennia
Lose traction on the road
License plates
Liable to tip over, maybe
Labourite's opponent, in British politics
Jealous words of congratulations
Jason's ship
Japanese soup
In the company of
Group of three
Group of books that an educated person is supposed to be familiar with
Greedy one
Fluorescent bulb alternative, for short
FedEx rival
Expressed amazement
Event for meeting new people
Enters hurriedly
Dec. celebration
Day-___ paint
Dance in which one partner might hold a rose between his teeth
Currency of France or Italy
Cultural spirit
Cuba's capital
Crow's sound
Choir member
Boxing achievements, in brief
Boaters' implements
Blue state?
Blow away
Big electronics chain
Biden and Pence, in brief
Actor Holbrook
10%-er: Abbr
'___ day now …'
'You can't joke about that yet'
'What ___, chopped liver?'
'What do you think of …?'
'The one thing that's clear to me …'
'Smoking or ___?'
'Most likely …'
'I love,' to Cato
'Fingers crossed!' – See more at: http://crosswordpuzzleanswers.net/clue/New-York-Times-Crossword-Answers—Mar-27-2017#sthash.kSdvbZBp.dpuf

Writer Bombeck
Whirl of water
West Virginia export
Transmitted copy
Tavern vessel
Take to the air
Take the title
Tag cry
Surface measure
Superman foe Luthor
Substantial snake
Start a match
Spot for sports
Slow love songs
Slam-dancing spot
Shrek, e.g
Sheep sounds
Scales back, or a hint to the starts of the starred answers
Samberg of 'Brooklyn Nine-Nine'
Ring-shaped roll
Reaches across
Potter's field?
Potential poppy
Pop star Grande
Play divisions
Orchestra leader
Opposing group
Musical Horne
Middle of summer?
Make a request
Made a surprise attack on
Look into, as a cold case
Kick back
Kenyan's neighbor
Its capital is Doha
Install, as carpeting
Hosp. sections
Hit the books
Hayworth of Hollywood
Hayloft setting
Hastily, in memos
Happy face, e.g
Han's love
Greek alphabet ender
Grating sound
Geographical high pts
Full of guile
Former reality show hosted by Joe Rogan
First caller's spot on hold
Even score
Ended a spat, in a way
Dips for chips
Court officials
Computer whiz
Circle segment
Chair part
Catch sight of
Big ox
Backyard cookouts, for short
Analyzes grammatically
Acid's opposite
*Steakhouse order
*Easy-to-make-out text
'Stop already!'
'SOS' singers
'National Velvet' author Bagnold
'I Am the Walrus,' on the 'Hello, Goodbye' single
'Bravo!' – See more at: http://crosswordpuzzleanswers.net/clue/Wall-Street-Journal-Crossword-Answers—Mar-27-2017—Descending-Order#sthash.u2QIu3AQ.dpuf

___ Kong
Word with 'plow,' 'bump' or 'break'
Weight room unit
Villain's nemesis
Vast blue thing
Type of plea filled with emotion
Type of car lights
Tofu source (var.)
Things in need of filling
Tear open
Swerve off course momentarily
Sty sound
Sound of relief
Sound of contentment
Some places to stay overnight
Some insects
Some huge ovens
Some fraternity letters
Some cookies
Some brain tissue
Skin care prefix
Sign of a big-time beer drinker
Short-tailed lemur
School for teaching horsemanship
Removes weeds, in a way
Recipe amt
Put bottom to cushion
Poker pay-ins
Play components
Perform drudgery
Pentathlon sword event
Ones finding it hard to be accepted
One willed
One that's not quite a teenager
On again, as a pilot flame
Nucleus contents
Nostalgically schmaltzy
NBA position
Native Londoner
Musical compositions that evoke rural life
Mosquitolike flies
Miss. for Mississippi, e.g
Mellowed, as wine
Made a shambles of (with 'up')
Litigation starter
Legendary singer Cooke
Legendary creatures that eat elephants
Kindly ear to lend
Kind of therapy
It's not real, but it's still tugged on
It involves a low interest rate?
It grows beneath the surface
Is remorseful about
In front
Horned African beast, briefly
Head cover
Ham surrounder, sometimes
Good dental advice
Fuses together via heat
Furbys, Beanie Babies and others
Form a mental image
Exact punishment for
English river
Diver's requirement
Common connector
City of a famous leaning tower
Certain honorific for men
Brief narrative
Beer, slangily
Band sample
'Comin' ___ the Rye' – See more at: http://crosswordpuzzleanswers.net/clue/Universal-Crossword-Answers—Mar-27-2017#sthash.H8884IfA.dpuf

Zellweger of 'Chicago'
Zebroid's parent, perhaps
Walk like an expectant father
Uncool dude
Stranded motorist's need
Stop waffling
Stage, as a historical battle
Sonic rebound
Some roll call votes
Some dental records
Size up
Silent greeting
Sign element
Sight-unseen social setup
Shelter adoptee, e.g
Shark's offering
Roadside stopovers
Riding and roping event
Raining cats and dogs
Prove useful
Prius automaker
Poet who inspired 'Cats'
Order room service, say
Onesie fastener
Once-popular social network
On pins and needles
Odom who married a Kardashian
Not merely passing
Mount Olympus dwellers
Mineral in tailor's chalk
Mary Kay competitor
Marsh growth
Longtime teammate of Babe
Longship propeller
Long, long stretches
Like yellow bananas
Like M&M's, and an apt description of 17-, 27- and 48-Across
Like handymen's jobs, often
Just slightly
Idyllic setting
High-rise unit, perhaps
Greyhound rider?
Gas bill basis
Gaming console debut of 2001
Fruity liqueur
Flew like a javelin
Emmy or Edgar
Embarrassing public to-do
Dry-as-dust sort
Dominated, in sports lingo
Dealer chaser
Deal with reality
Cry from the pews
Cover with flagstone, say
Clumps of grass
Clio hopefuls
Christian observance celebrated on Feb. 2
Carefully written
Campus hangout, for short
Bundle of energy
Builder of paper nests
Bows are made from their boughs
Blacken on a grill
Black cats, to some
Ballpoint brand
Air France hub
A sloop has just one
7/4 gathering, often
401(k) alternative
1-Acrosses for Best Upset and Best Game
'Toy Story' sheriff
'That's not good'
'So that's it!'
'Hollywood Squares' symbols
'Book of Days' New Ager
'And how!'
'A New Argentina' musical – See more at: http://crosswordpuzzleanswers.net/clue/USA-Today-Crossword-Answers—Mar-27-2017#sthash.kq2GaGGT.dpuf

__ mignon (beef dish)
Yearn for
Woodwind instruments
Whittle (down)
Used as a target
Timepiece showing a date
Stitched clothing line
Spiny desert plants
Soft-drink sipping accessories
Soft throw
Soft mineral
Small mountain
Show concern
Shout heard on a fairway
Say something
Sandal or moccasin
Sales agents, for short
Pretzel topping
Post office parcels
Piece of pizza
Pie __ mode
Patrol car driver
Party companion
Out of style
Org. for expert putters
Operatic solo
One of the Great Lakes
Not at all colorful
North African desert
Most oversentimental
Minor adjustment
Make less difficult
Make a trade
Lop off
Like a lot
Lean to one side
Large coffee dispensers
Keeps out of sight
Isn't feeling well
Illinois or Iowa
High in price
Hidden stockpiles
Having no warranty
Group of students
Grade-school support grps
Golfer's pegs
Get cash for
Garfield's pooch pal
Fishing-line spool
First part of a play
Find fault
Figure-skating surface
Double-curve letter
Dinner course with lettuce
Desktop machines showing dates
Dalai Lama's land
Daily publication showing a date
Creative thought
Consumers' receipts showing dates
Chimney dust
Cheerful and energetic
Cheddar or Swiss
Chalkboard material
Black-and-white cookie
Bird-feeder food
Bird on a birth-announcement card
Basketball great Shaquille
Arrange into stacks
Agree (to)
"__ of your business!"
"Pulled" barbecue meat
"Look before you __" – See more at: http://crosswordpuzzleanswers.net/clue/Newsday.com-Crossword-Answers—Mar-27-2017#sthash.ear7OA5t.dpuf

__ dye: food-coloring compound
Zip, in soccer
Your __ Highness
Young sensation (German)
Writer's chief work (Latin)
Wrinkle, as a brow
Word with health or day
With 42-Across, cars like BMWs and Audis … or 18-, 24-, 53- and 63-Across
Wino's woe
Weather, in poems
University fund-raising target
Traveled by bike
Tit for tat, e.g
Thoroughly absorb
Teeny colonizers
Suppose for argument's sake
Sphere of influence
Skater Lipinski
Siamese, now
Shortstop's asset
Shah of Iran, in 1979-'80
See 39-Across
San __, Italy
Roundabout, as a route
Rhett's last words
Quartet assigned to bases
Princess' headpiece
Ponzi scheme, e.g
Plumber's challenge
Part of DOE: Abbr
Oscar winner Jannings
Offend slightly
Oboist's need
Nissan model
Nabisco cracker
Miles away
Many van Goghs
Many top-rated TV shows of the late '50s/early '60s
Mai __
Lover of Euridice, in a Gluck opera
Live (in)
Legal defense mechanism?
Lagoon-enclosing isle
Kitchenware brand
Killed, as a dragon
Jeans fabric
James Joyce work
Historic period
Harvest bundle
Green soup veggie
Grammar class subject
Gordon __, 'Wall Street' antagonist
Frightened exclamation
Farm country skyline highlights
Expel from office
Entertainer who often got tied up in his work?
English, in many non-English speaking countries (Italian)
Drinking glass edges
Drilled bowling ball feature
Dreaming phase
Dracula's title
Done deal (French)
Cortés subject
Bahrain big shot
Avid about
Artist Magritte
Ambulance initials
Amazon's business
Agnus __
Abbey titles
A smaller amount of
'Wait, there's more … '
'The Godfather' novelist Mario
'Take me for a walk!'

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