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crosswords puzzle answers 27/02/2017

crosswords puzzle answers 27/02/2017

___ card (cellphone chip)
World's fair, for short
Watch or clock
Wall St. debuts
Van Gogh or Van Dyck
Unlined sheets without any writing
Tyrannosaurus ___
Trim the lawn
Sleeper's problem
Ski area near Salt Lake City
Showed in syndication, say
Sailor who's smitten by Olive Oyl
Pub game
Police dept. figure
Pig noses
Peru's capital
Period between wars
Per item
Pepsi, for one
Ones in suits?
On a lower floor
Omar of Fox's 'House'
Numbered hwy
Not as hard
Name first encountered in Genesis 2
Moses parted it
Month before Nov
Manning who was twice Super Bowl M.V.P
Male deer
Like the score 7-7
Lab eggs
Justice Kagan
Just knows
Jean ___, father of Dadaism
Island ESE of Oahu
Intimidates, in a way
Humorous Bombeck
Has supper
Hand lotion ingredient
Goes to, as a meeting
Goat's cry
Get angry
Followed a weight-loss plan
Flash mobs, once
Fired (up)
Feeling blue
Exercise in a pool
Do the breaststroke, e.g
Dickens's '___ House'
Damascus's land: Abbr
Cross-reference for further information
Crime scene barrier
Classroom missile
Circus animals that balance beach balls on their noses
Cheryl of 'Charlie's Angels'
Born: Fr
Big name in pet food
Big galoot
Beautifully strange
Artist Georgia who is known for her flower canvases
Alternative to AOL or Yahoo
Airport up the coast from LAX
Aid in storm-tracking
Abbr. before a credit card date
2016 Disney film set in Polynesia
10 and 8 for Bart and Lisa Simpson, respectively
'___ kleine Nachtmusik'
'When You Wish ___ a Star'
'Understand?,' slangily
'Science Guy' Bill
'Oh, darn!'
'No problem for me!'
'Me, too'
'Ars Amatoria' poet
'2 Broke Girls' airer – See more at: http://crosswordpuzzleanswers.net/clue/New-York-Times-Crossword-Answers—Feb-27-2017#sthash.DBSmX09q.dpuf

Walking aids
Unwanted email
Two, in Tijuana
They may fall into a bed
The one and the other
Teatime treat
Tacks on
Table in a morgue
Southernmost of the Great Lakes
Sharif of 'Doctor Zhivago'
Settings of frontal lobes
Running behind
Roman poet
River through Sudan
Recipe direction
Ready for business
Rained, but not heavily
Poor, as an excuse
Pencil part
Past, present and future
Paddle's cousin
Pack (down)
Oscar-winning Ben Affleck movie
Opposite of 'oui'
One of the Three Bears
One of the Three Bears
No longer functioning
Net makeup
Motions of oceans
Molecule part
Memory triggers, often
Member of the woodwind family
Martini garnish
March 17 honoree, familiarly
Madrid Mister
Lung fill
Love affair
Like some carrots
Large, fragrant flower
Job that may include filing
Its flag features a grizzly bear
Israeli carrier
Intended to be eaten soon after purchase
Ignored the '55 MPH' signs
Honolulu's island
Homecoming attendee, for short
Hand over
Grammy-winning singer Bonnie
Go 'poof!'
Foul caller
Forest growth
Flight between floors
Eight fluid ounces
Cruel sort
Country east of Saudi Arabia
Choral voice
Bolt partner
Blandly uncontroversial
Big drink
Bible book between Joel and Obadiah
Beat up on sports stadiums?
Beat up on some pawns?
Beat up on some medical files?
Beat up on Senator Bernie?
Beanie, boater or beret
'The soul of wit'
'Pardon me…'
'My country, ___ of thee…'
'Can it!' – See more at: http://crosswordpuzzleanswers.net/clue/Wall-Street-Journal-Crossword-Answers—Feb-27-2017—Pow!#sthash.uBUMxaOF.dpuf

Working out and watching what one eats
Where you may find an old board?
Weapon to tilt with
Vacuum cleaner part
Unreliable witness
Unflattering word with 'has'
Unflattering marks of adolescence
Tablet and PC company
Sulfuric, for one
Strand on an island
Six-toed bird
Singer's asset
Showy, flashy success
Ruler's product
Removal of harmful substances
Purposely skip over
Prod or urge
Prepared to golf (with 'up')
Prefix with 'diction'
Prefix of negativity
Poet's 'before'
Pinta companion
Paddy product
Opposite of to
Onetime ruler of Iran
Not even close to the pier
Nitro's relative
Newcomer to West Point
Name that's uplifting to many?
Muse of poets
Much-visited mausoleum
Much of Asia
Like stereotypical Chelsea galleries
Like a neat bed
Like a beaver, proverbially
Lesser of two ___
Is introduced to
In its entirety, as a film
If X=Y and Y=Z, then X=Z, e.g
Historic time periods
Hidden stockpile
Heavy weight
Grunt of skepticism
Great Lake name
Frilly and delicately patterned
Freeway off-ramp
Firstborn, typically
Filmmaker Hitchcock
Female pheasant
Eight things, collectively
Ear part
Droid kin
Drain-clearing reptile?
Does something incorrectly
Continuity problems
Common answer to 'How are you?'
Classical concert halls
City of abomination
Chopped-cabbage dish
Certain citrus
Certain caregiver
Campus mil. training
Busy at a task
Brother of Cain
Brenda, Tommy and Bruce
Beyond silly
Barracks picture of old
About 500 sheets of paper
'___ Management' (Sandler film)
'___ Christie'
'American Idol' singer Clay
'A Tale of ___ Cities' – See more at: http://crosswordpuzzleanswers.net/clue/Universal-Crossword-Answers—Feb-27-2017#sthash.0sGOWXOX.dpuf

___-fatty acids
___-existing condition
___ stick (springy toy)
Zodiac pair
Word that can follow the first parts of 17- and 55-Across and 11- and 28-Down
Wharton degs
Was in the hole
Use nitroglycerin, say
Up to, casually
Unruly crowd
Truth stretcher
Treats on sticks
Tramway vehicle
Towed-away auto, perhaps
Took the role of
Took a quick look
Too skinny
Threads, so to speak
Telecommuter's office locale
Tea party crasher of literature
Staycation alternative
Start of many French surnames
Some glass artists
Ski event with gates
Shirt with a slogan
Shade of green
Sewing machine pioneer Howe
Sensor at a checkout counter
Seasons, as firewood
Santa's reindeer, e.g
Rub out
Rods at pig roasts
Religious principle
Regatta entrants
Raft wood
Provides a crew for
Political symbol created by Nast
MIT part (Abbr.)
Mississippi's state flower
Minor disputes
Magic Eye images, e.g
Llama land
Little devil
Like a stereotypical scientist
Keenly observant
Jambalaya pod
Ill-gotten loot
Honking flock
Head of GM or GE
HDTV brand
Halloween baby's birthstone
Garden shed item
Game with a throw line
Game show VIP
Flea market unit
Finals and physicals
Felt-tip brand
Fedora reshaping, e.g
Feathery accessory
Faucet problem
Far from ordinary
Does a mall walk, e.g
Dismissed unceremoniously
Desktop debut of 1981
Court decision
Cookbook phrase
Construction site sight
Co. with brown trucks
Cantina condiment
Calligrapher's supply
Caboose's spot
Bow of silents and talkies
Bird on Australia's coat of arms
Benny Goodman's genre
30-Across surface
'Roid ___ (juicer's aggressive behavior)
'So, that's it!' – See more at: http://crosswordpuzzleanswers.net/clue/USA-Today-Crossword-Answers—Feb-27-2017#sthash.jzkM6J47.dpuf

__ Vegas, NV
__ sauce (Chinese condiment)
__ in time (right before the deadline)
__ board (manicurist's tool)
Writing implement
Walk inside
Very angry
Touch down, as a plane
Submits, as a contest entry
Stay __ (don't move)
Spaghetti and ziti
Soprano solo
Sneeze sound
Sleeps beneath the stars
Skin above a fingernail
Showing no emotion
Short skirt
Ship of 1492
Sets boundaries
Seeds in cherries
Sailor's greeting
Routine household task
Rollaway bed
Quick haircut
Pub brews
Provide special treatment for
Princess' crown
Pied __ (legendary rat catcher)
Person standing guard
Person from Teheran
Perform better than
Opening for a coin
Ocean's rise and fall
Molecule component
Look without blinking
Little devils
Large African desert
Island near Maui
International agreements
Incoming-flight stats: Abbr
Hot tubs
Home's top-floor storage area
Historical periods
Has a meal
Habitual customer
Group running a business
Gentle, as petting-zoo animals
Fortune-teller's sign
Fish's flippers
Film performer
Edge of a bread slice
Drama with sopranos
Door openers
Convent dwellers
Constellation component
Circling the earth
Career soldier
Capital of Peru
Broadway award
Boscs and Bartletts
Black-and-white Chinese bear
Big Apple island
Aware of
Available at a store
Author's typed draft
Attach with a hammer
Adam and Eve's home
Ace of clubs, for instance
Absolutely required
"Too bad!"
"Sidewalk" eatery
"Now __ seen everything"
"Hurry up!"
"Chopped" organ meat – See more at: http://crosswordpuzzleanswers.net/clue/Newsday.com-Crossword-Answers—Feb-27-2017#sthash.wcbCI6y6.dpuf

Wet suit material
Versatile, electronically
Versailles agreement
Trapeze artist
Tibia or fibula
Throw out
They might go bananas for bananas
Teen hangout
Synthetic sock fiber
Suffix with lemon or orange
Stand out
Some Art Deco pieces
Shipping container
Seat warmer?
Rum-soaked cake from a landlocked African country?
Rim attachment
Regal address
Radio output in Peking?
Radii neighbors
Pub crawl quaff
Postgame wrap-up
Playground retort
Place for a boutonniere
Phoebe portrayer on 'Friends'
Periodic table fig
Osaka assent
New Balance competitor
Mrs. Gorbachev
Movado rival
Mice, to cats
Memoir from Operation Desert Storm?
Matt widely criticized for his handling of Clinton and Trump interviews
Lowly laborer
Like the Gobi
Like take-out orders
Kitchen extension?
Karachi resident
It's got you covered
Huge, poetically
Hardly a neatnik
Hammer home?
Had a bite
Get the hang of
Get back to
Gave medicine to
Follow-up to saying 'NO'?
Ending for ethyl
Desolate region near the Persian Gulf?
Court event
Commandment verb
Church section
Canon offering, for short
Button on a fax machine
Botanist's study
Borden's milk pitcher
Blue shade
Barely manage, with 'out'
Bailout in Iberia?
Back muscles, briefly
As ___ (typically)
Arthur Miller's salesman
Actress Knightley of 'Atonement'
27-Across antonym, in Moscow
'___ Little Tenderness' (1960s hit)
'Yeah, right!'
'Xanadu' band, for short
'Nessun dorma,' notably
'Muscat by the end of the week!'?
'Definitely!' – See more at: http://crosswordpuzzleanswers.net/clue/The-Washington-Post-Crossword-Answers—Feb-27-2017#sthash.KllRNzMz.dpuf

Western chum
Walked in the woods
Virgin Islands isl
Upright wall timber
University supporter, briefly
Unifying idea
Tries to bite, puppy-style
To the __ degree
Title for Connery
Tablet downloads
Spiro ran with him
Small chess piece
Slowly withdraws
Shot the rapids, say
Shop __ you drop
Seaweed wrap resorts
San __, California
RPM gauge
Recent White House daughter
Purported UFO fliers
Plus-size supermodel
Pierced body part
Pet lovers' org
Overused expression
Mostly shaved-head style
Moral values
Mob witness' request
Military medal earner
Mets' old stadium
Medical adhesive strip … and a hint to what can precede the first word of 17-, 25-, 40- and 52-Across
Magna __
Magician's hand movement
Lucy of 'Elementary'
Lite, dietwise
Like some pizzas and apple pies
Like good gossip
Left dumbstruck
Lawn mower holder
Jewel box
Ivy League school
Hosiery thread
Homes on wheels: Abbr
Hazmat suit problem
Gronk's position on football's Patriots
Greenside golf shot
Graceland idol
Grab quickly
Give it a whirl
Flooring specialist
Filled light pastry
Expand, as a collection
Emerson works
Early whirlybird, for short
Double Delight cookie
Discouraging words
Coup d'__
Comm. system with hand motions
Comic Margaret
Civilian attire
Bottle topper
Bond portrayer Daniel
Bill of Rights-defending org
Baseball's Moises
Baby's bodysuit
Arrives after the bell
Animation still
Ab neighbor
70-Across collegian
'__ Rides Again': 1939 Western
'__ directed': medication warning
'Aladdin' prince

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