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crosswords puzzle answers 27/01/2017

crosswords puzzle answers 27/01/2017

With 20-Across, relocate
Where many Loyalists resettled after the American Revolution
What a bad cold may do
Unlikely to change
TV band
Turned tail
Too-sweet sentiment
The 4-Down has millions of them
Take the edge off
Stray calf: Var
Sound of the Northwest
Someone gets belted at the end of it
Sights at a martial arts center
She created a monster
See 34-Across
Romance novelist Tami
Red stuffing?
Real name of Ben, in a sci-fi classic
Prepared, as some scallops or tuna
Places to fix flaps
Part-human gods
Part of some punt returns
Part of a press kit
One getting framed
Not bedridden
Mie ___, actress who played the Bond girl Kissy Suzuki
Many a large desk or sofa
Loafer alternative, for short
Like marriage supported by Loving v. Virginia
Land in which political parties are banned
It gets tons of traffic
Is way too introspective
Ingredients in the national drink of Puerto Rico, to Puerto Ricans
Half a ten-spot
Grave robbers
Goes from stem to stern, maybe?
For the goose, not the gander?
Flat, e.g.: Abbr
Fixer-upper, often
Fix, as some neckwear
First name in hot dogs
Figures in some univ. classes
Feature of the European Union
End of the King James Bible?
Dance bit?
Cry when un gol is scored
Course that offers mixed results?
Caves and coral reefs, for example
Camps in the wild
Brand with the flavor French Silk
Bradley with many medals
Blew a gasket
An elephant seal will fight for one
Alto clef instrument
Actress Saoirse with two Oscar nominations
Actress Mullally with two Emmys
'Told ya!'
'Definitely not THAT!'
'Be my guest!' – See more at: http://crosswordpuzzleanswers.net/clue/New-York-Times-Crossword-Answers—Jan-27-2017#sthash.QrkapO16.dpuf

With 36-Across, source of some notes
Warm and pleasant
Unpaid debt
Undefined amount
Turn abruptly
Town south of Windsor Castle
Toward sunup
The Olympic Australis, e.g
Support group formed in 1951
Subway Series side
Soccer field makeup
Singer's warm-up syllables
Shirley of 'Goldfinger'
Shakespeare's 'tricksy spirit'
Service close
Server record
Semicircular shape
See 23-Down
Potent java
Pass quickly
Orlando in Cooperstown
Missing at roll call, perhaps
Largest member of the dolphin family
King, in Calais
Kickoff aid
Khartoum's river
Jefferson modeled it after the Maison Carree in Nimes
It's for those with a score to settle
It was originally cast by the London firm of Lester and Pack
Inspires affection
Impress immensely
Historic site that was the starting point of a noted 1775 ride
Gift from Mom and Dad
Furry falsetto character
Features of luncheonettes
Exclusive seating
Energetic flair
Eagle's home
Doesn't try very hard
Does dos
Defendant's pretrial freedom: Abbr
Defaults, as on a promise
Cube of zwei
CPA's suggestion
Covered with smears
Commuting option
Commuting option
Collapse in the clutch
Celtic language of France
Camaro roof option
Burlap source
Brooks from Brooklyn
Bowling ball trio
Bit of bad judgment
Bills that may prove helpful in solving the contest
Batman portrayer between Michael and George
Barber work
Baja buddy
Argued in court
Annie Lennox or Susan Boyle
Ammo for Red Ryder guns
630-foot-tall stainless steel catenary
1993 Melissa Etheridge album
'Everybody Loves Raymond' family name
'Calm down!' – See more at: http://crosswordpuzzleanswers.net/clue/Wall-Street-Journal-Crossword-Answers—Jan-27-2017—Tender-Offer#sthash.umYqXpfl.dpuf

White as a sheet
Whirling part of a whirlybird
When major league baseball gets real
What you might see at a movie premiere
What artists at the castle do?
What a food service worker might wear
Walk inside
Voice voting choice
Voice in 14-Across
Village, hamlet or the like
Tried to avoid an accident, in a way
Totally drained
Three of a kind
Thespian's whisper
The moon's Copernicus
Tanning unit?
Tall chest of drawers with two sections
Start a mountaineering trek
Sources of some new governments
Soul ___ (facial hair feature)
Simple promissory note
Selling features
Remark made with a point?
Rebirth at the castle?
React to a horrific smell
Provider of a one-man show at the castle?
Proof of a good workout
Plant reproducers
Picked a new card
Pepsi and Coke, for two
People sharing equal status
Org. for paid tennis players
One not mistaken for an Einstein
Not in so many wds.?
Newly employed
Most powerful members in the castle?
Million-to-one, e.g
Meal spread on a blanket
Makes known
Made the grade
Made soapy
Link on the negative side
Likable prez of years ago
Large coffeepot
It's what you tell the judge
It supports food and homework
It provides bank security?
It can create quite a stir
Is much too adoring
Heckler, essentially
Have a moving part
Hard-___ (tough or unsentimental)
Greek lyric poet
Former Spanish currency
Editor's 'on second thought'
Eccentric and then some
Drifting in the Pacific
Dr. of Beats headphones fame
Dodge heavyweight
Commandment number
Closer to being a billionaire
Business part of a blade
Barcelona's country
Ballerina painter Edgar
Aquarium attraction
Animal known for impressions
Aleppo's country
5 1/2-point type size
151, in ancient Rome
'___ favor' (please)
'So ___ heard!'
'Nixon in China,' for one – See more at: http://crosswordpuzzleanswers.net/clue/Universal-Crossword-Answers—Jan-27-2017#sthash.r0BwTzLH.dpuf

Waiter in an airport queue
Vexed incessantly
Took measured steps
Tilter's wear
Tennis great Lendl
Talk like Popeye
Spreadsheet filler
Sot's utterance
Some Conestoga wagon pullers
Solo often sung in Italian
Shrimper's net
Roomy carryalls
Rival of Trump in 2016
Rationed, with 'out'
Rap sheet abbr
Put an edge on
Point on a bus map
Places for perms
Pilots' guesses, briefly
Open a tad
One-week breaks for NFL teams
OK to do
Off one's rocker
Odometer button
Night flyer that does stand-up?
Morsels in martinis
Monopoly pair
Moist towelette
Mild Dutch cheese
Many an iPhone download
Make naan, say
Made-to-order lard?
Limeade ingredient
Levine of Maroon 5
It's for openers
Ill-fated force of 1588
Hirohito and Akihito
Having the know-how
Half a colon
Groucho Marx prop
Gentle caress of an alligator pear?
Gained 'life experience'
Food for much fauna
Flow slowly
Fertility clinic cell
Fedora in a windstorm?
Faction within a faith
Explorer on Nickelodeon
Errand list heading
Elvis's swivelers
Elsinore natives
Dominant, among animals
Dithers, to Bumstead
Dies down
Concoct in a cauldron
Cochise or Geronimo
Cheesy Poofs eater on 'South Park'
Celebrity chef Paula
Carries laboriously
C sharp equivalent
Bulletproof wear
Blow a fuse, so to speak
Be paroled, say
Barbershop offerings
All thumbs
Aid in escape, perhaps
Address a convention
A whole bunch
A card-key provides it
'TMZ' twosomes
'The Shining' door buster
'Tank Engine' of kid-lit
'Survivor' group
'Sesame Street' playmate of Zoe
'My lips ___ sealed'
'Comfort and joy' season – See more at: http://crosswordpuzzleanswers.net/clue/USA-Today-Crossword-Answers—Jan-27-2017#sthash.T6HmQQ1f.dpuf,

Wings, to wrens
Wild West show prop
Where most people live
Wellness grp
Web site, at times
Walked across
Unable to sit still
Try to pull
Total fabrications
Tall order
Sudden blast
Styling procedure
Striders, in brief
Straight ahead
Stat. calculation
Something funny
Some rodeo bulls
Some petty officers
Short time, for short
See-through square
Scoop out
Scallion relative
Play title anagramming to "WORN OUT"
Phrase seen on autobiography covers
Pearl City party
Parentheses, for instance
Of the lower back
Obelisk, for instance
Ob/gyn procedure
New Providence's nation
Muscles worked by rowing
Mom of the Kardashians
MLB playoff round
Mischievous boy
Mental faculties
Living-room set accessory
Lift, as ice cubes
Language that gave us "yoga"
KOA visitors
It may mean "hugs"
Is in a buying mood
In concert
High-school study
High-heels feature
Hanseatic League language
GI Joe outfit
Former superpower
Fleecy boot brand
Film in which Streep sings
Fancy clothes
Except for
Early Chaplin employer
Cultural support org
Cowpoke's need
Comb user
Clancy protagonist
City north of Springfield
Chain that began as a donut shop
Capital of Kazakhstan
Breezy and bright
Best effort
Airport gate installations
Abacus part
1945 battleground, for short – See more at: http://crosswordpuzzleanswers.net/clue/Newsday.com-Crossword-Answers—Jan-27-2017#sthash.rfdhVnPk.dpuf,

___ y Plata (Montana's motto)
Yemeni port
Watson who played Hermione Granger
Unjust charge
The Continent
Sufficient, informally
Sporty car roof
Sound from Big Ben
Slot machine lever
Short drive
Shaped like a dunce cap
Sault ___ Marie
Rowlands of 'The Notebook'
Replay feature, briefly
Removal of a cold cloth from one's head?
Quick punch
Put up with
Prefix with -gon
Police alert, for short
Play parts
Pain in the neck
Org. with Magic and Wizards
NYC gallery
Nicholas II, for one
Meteorologist's line
Marriott rival
Malfunction, as a copier
Maine college town
Lots of mins
Lotion additive
Longs (for)
Like a flourless chocolate cake, say
Joseph of ice cream fame
Hole number
Hold up
Helpful hacks
Go on to say
Gentle one
Felipe who managed the 2003 division-winning San Francisco Giants
Falafel bread
Erie Canal mule
Double agent
Cuisine that includes tom yum goong
Cozy home
Coup d'___
Contents of a gift basket for a sick friend?
Commercial makers
Citrus quenchers
Chimes rung when a real estate agent makes a sale?
Cable company offering
Boxful handy during cold season
Bouncer with good instincts?
Bounce back
Be wild about
August, in Avignon
ATM entry data
Addresses in a browser
Acknowledge silently
'Who, me?'
'That hurts!'
'So that's it!'
'Go ahead!'
'Come in!'
'Be right there!'
'Are you ___ out?'
'Aha!' – See more at: http://crosswordpuzzleanswers.net/clue/The-Washington-Post-Crossword-Answers—Jan-27-2017#sthash.iLb3oDML.dpuf

Worn end
Wonton alternative
With 36-Across, question for the court
When Lear disinherits Cordelia
Unexpectedly by itself, as in the dryer
Under-the-sink brand
Under-the-sink brand
Throw on
Take unfair advantage of
Superhero played by Chris Hemsworth
Summer music?
Stuff in a backpack
Storybook baddie
Stopped lying
Sport with masks
Signs over
See 34-Across
Scrabble three-pointers
Programming pioneer Lovelace
Pressed for time
Pokémon Go, e.g
Poet Walter __ Mare
Physics units
Overlook, as a fault
Org. funded by FICA
Org. chart headings
Move a finger or two, maybe
Mojito ingredient
Manicurist's tool
Little stretches
Like much of the Southwest
Like Meg March, in 'Little Women'
Like ibuprofen, briefly
Large number
Lamb parent
Kenya neighbor
Intemperate speech
Ilsa portrayer
Hacker's goal
French possessive
Food thickener
Expose, with 'on'
Exercise woe
Engineering sch. on the Hudson
Emergency signals
Desktop assortment
Crack up
Common scale extreme
Cherry center
Captain Picard's counselor
Brazilian map word
Bete __
Avenue after Reading Railroad
Apple's 'Think different,' e.g
Alex Dunphy, to Luke, on 'Modern Family'
1945 Pacific battle site, familiarly
'The End of America' author Wolf
'Remington __'
'Quantum Healing' author Chopra
'Pink Friday' singer Minaj
'Paper Moon' Oscar winner
'Nothing planned that day'
'Not a problem'
'Maybe less'
'Home on the Range' verb
'A Doubter's Almanac' novelist Ethan

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