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crosswords puzzle answers 26/12/2016

crosswords puzzle answers 26/12/2016

Yoko who loved Lennon
What meditators try to live in
Violent protests
Use for an attic or the cloud
U.S.P.S. assignment: Abbr
TV warrior princess
Try, as a case
Track events
Tour de France stage
This: Sp
Theologian Reinhold who wrote the Serenity Prayer
The 'p' in m.p.g
Sushi bar finger food
Summer treat that melts in the sun
Suffix with valid
Stockpiling, in a way, as feed
Stockholm's home: Abbr
Stare slack-jawed
St. John the ___
Soviet premier Khrushchev
Some PCs
Ship with smokestacks
Scrubbed, as a NASA mission
Reply to a captain
Reflective sorts
Ram's mate
Raised, as a building
Race loser in an Aesop fable
Proportional to the surroundings
Present time in England? … or a hint to each set of circled squares
Pennsylvania city or the lake it's on
Partner of neither
Part of a wolf or a lobster
Org. that targets traffickers
On the ___ (fleeing)
Naval engineers
Mountain on which you might yodel
Massachusetts' Mount ___ College
Martial ___ (judo and others)
Mafia big
Lobster ___ diavolo (Italian dish)
Literary critic Broyard
Lispers' banes
Like the Venus de Milo
Letters in a personals ad
It's usually behind a viola in an orchestra
Ilie who won both the U.S. and French Opens
Hit pay dirt
Gymnastics floor cover
Gossipy sorts
Go out, as the tide
Get out of bed
Get older
Fur wraps
Flexible Flyers, e.g
Directive for additional information
Cry upon arriving
Country whose currency, RUBLES, is almost an anagram of its name
Container for dirty clothes
Common ingredient in pasta
Chi-town squad
Cartoon pic
C.I.A. precursor
Bygone point-to-point communication
Bruno Mars or Freddie Mercury
Brewpub offering, for short
Bear witness (to)
Be ___ equal footing
Batting helmet part
Airport screening grp
Actress Thurman
'You ___!' ('Absolutely!') – See more at: http://crosswordpuzzleanswers.net/clue/New-York-Times-Crossword-Answers—Dec-26-2016#sthash.0Kdd2i31.dpuf

___ impasse (stalled)
Written protests
Words before 'upswing' or 'even keel'
Welcome or farewell, to Caesar
Vientiane's land
Type of rug
Tracks on an album
Tickled pink
Those needing rehab
Things for rustic cabin walls
Thing on a to-do list
Strike with a whip
Speech of a stereotypical mobster
Ski resort lift
Shoelace frustration
Security breaches
Russian beer
Repeat sign of music
Red-ink figure
Protruding navel, in slang
Port city of Norway
Orange coat
Or ___ (ultimatum words)
Opera legend Callas
One doing a clean and jerk
On the trail of
Muse of romantic verse
Models of excellence
Match component
Like cakes and casseroles
Like an apple for applesauce
Lighthouse locale
Laundry device
Late-night hour
Kickoffs or initial stages
Ireland, by another name
Inspire to love
Inclined sharply, as a hill
Huge sheet of floating ice
Huge reference books
How some music is sold
Hopes of those ordering online
Heroine of 'Merchant of Venice'
Heart-transplant patient, e.g
Great balls of fire
Gave one's lungs a break
Final Four org
Fabled storyteller
Expose, as the soul
Esteem highly
Enveloping atmosphere
Dares say
Currently traveling
Crock-Pot creations
Corn portions
Cookout with ukulele music
Continental cash
Common sleeping disorder
Cary or Hugh of films
Came into the world
Caboose's locale
Bread from a tandoor
Boys, girls, women and men
Bee with no sting
Bedframe strip
Become accustomed to
Bald head, in slang
Backyard item for many
Avian Australians
Anything in the plus column
'Serpico' author Peter – See more at: http://crosswordpuzzleanswers.net/clue/Universal-Crossword-Answers—Dec-26-2016#sthash.Z1zqGN44.dpuf

Work like the Coen brothers
Waterfront structures
Watched a wee one
Warren Beatty gangster movie
TV star's statuette
Toy whose components are the last parts of 17- and 52-Across and 11- and 24-Down
Tours in Tanzania
Title at the Round Table
Talked like Popeye
Sudden burst
Sturgeon yield
Stooge who says 'Soitenly!'
Starting players
Southern Africa natives
Slacken off
Skier's wake
Sharpening aids
Self-evident truths
Satisfy the munchies
Salad or dessert, say
Rice source
Projection room item, once
Place to sleep, slangily
Photoshop company
Parka or mackinaw
Orange Free State inhabitant
Olive ___ (M*A*S*H wear)
Nurse's offering
Notable loch
Not quite shut
NBA whistle blower
Movie popcorn buy
Mortals, according to Puck
Morsel for a mare
Marks another birthday
Mariner's mop
Make public
Luau finger food
Lipstick color
Like a beer's head
Less agitated
Leave slack-jawed
Leave slack-jawed
It may be tough to follow
Interior designer's hangings
Inoculation location
Hoarded treasures
Having the aptitude
Had the competitive edge
Gutter adjoiners
Guinness Book suffix
Got tighter
Frosty's eyes
Forfeit voluntarily
Flip out
Field yields
Fact fudgers
Facebook entry
Driver's assignment (Abbr.)
Dismal attendance count
Deodorant buyer's option
Dana's 'forbidden fragrance'
Daisy Mae's man
Corners, say
College areas, briefly
Clingy wrap brand
Brings to ruin
Breaks down, as a sentence
Big English assignment
Belieber, to Bieber
Advocate strongly
A bit bonkers
'Window of opportunity' period
'The Hunger Games' missiles
'Insert here' symbol
'Gladiator' city
'Dig what I mean?' – See more at: http://crosswordpuzzleanswers.net/clue/USA-Today-Crossword-Answers—Dec-26-2016#sthash.gRVrUgWz.dpuf

__-haw (donkey's sound)
__ for (chose)
__ down (write quickly)
__ Antoinette (French queen)
Wear away
Used a doorbell
The __ Ranger (Western hero)
Student's field-trip form
Staircase part
Spherical hairdo
Small dog, for short
Slow-moving creature in a shell
Sleeper Van Winkle
Showy flower
Sharpshooter Oakley
Salon coloring
Runs amok
Puts into words
Providence, __ Island
Positive replies
Perfume bottle
Payments to workers
On edge
Old-fashioned "Cool!"
Of humble status
Network with an eye logo
Nation north of Mex
Mountain in Exodus
Most important "numero"
Messy one
Memo's "regarding"
Loafer or sneaker
Light-bulb measure
Later than
Large family
Jacket sleeve
In a biased way
Heats in the microwave
Glance at
Gig for a soprano
Finish up
Female sibling
Female pigs
Electrical adapter letters
Dispel the doubts of
Declares frankly
Cleopatra's snake
Chest muscles, for short
Champagne and Chablis
Cab-fare calculator
Blossom piece
Bit of mistletoe
Being chilled, as 24 Across
Be inattentive
Be deceitful
Baby kangaroos
Apply, as lotion
Actor Sean
24-hr. cash dispensers
2,000 pounds
"__ upon a time . . ."
"Understand me?"
"Turn up the air conditioning!"
"That's the way __"
"Sign me up!"
"Electric" fish
"All kidding __ . . ." – See more at: http://crosswordpuzzleanswers.net/clue/Newsday.com-Crossword-Answers—Dec-26-2016#sthash.KksH7fhe.dpuf

Wetlands growth
Underestimate the depth, maybe
Type of cosmetic surgery, briefly
Totally lose patience
Tool with plenty of teeth
Think persistently (about)
Tapped symbol
Tampico tanner
Take in again
Switch on a radio
Sprouting 'pet'
Sound heard in a herd
Slot insert
Skirt length
Shopping with counterfeit money?
Shakespearean rebuke
Secretly form a union
Right off the vine
Reference containing insets
Quaint oath
Prone to snooping
Prefix for formal or furnished
Pentagon org
Peach preserves container
Out for the evening?
Online site specializing in handmade crafts
Offhand greeting
Note from one who's short
No longer happening
New Balance competitor
Muscle that merges with the Achilles tendon
Most important
Molecule parts
Masqueraded (as)
Machu Picchu's range
Long Island town
Literary sleuth Vance
Like many Victoria's Secret products
Lhasa's location
It's usually graded
It gives new life to a rubber stamp
In a way, slangily
He preceded JFK
Had an evening meal
Guy who repairs toothed wheels on bicycles?
Golf rarities
Give away temporarily
First name in country music
First name in beauty products
Family tree members
Elastic tie-down strap
Ebenezer's nephew in 'A Christmas Carol'
Draped garment
Doctor's follow-up look at an ankle injury?
Do a bakery job
Cultural funding gp
Cultivating tool
Created fiction?
Computer store supply
City near Scottsdale
Chef Bayless of Mexican cuisine
Chain with stacks
Bus driver's assignment
Bulky bovids
Bored by it all
Big Apple letters
Acapulco cohort
'This blasted rotisserie rod isn't working!'?
'Dibs!' – See more at: http://crosswordpuzzleanswers.net/clue/The-Washington-Post-Crossword-Answers—Dec-26-2016#sthash.pCYxPtiX.dpuf

Word in a bride's bio
With 10-Across, 'Open sesame' sayer
Voice above tenor
Unconvincing, excuse-wise
Uncle Remus rabbit's title
Tropical hardwood
Totally tanks
Tire inflators
The three monkeys' taboos
Tests of knowledge
Tee shots into the hole
Sultan's group
Sound system part
Sophisticated-sounding hair treatment product
Smells awful
Slacks holder-upper
Singer Rawls
Shrinking Asian lake
See 13-Down
Sea eagles
Say further
Rural building with big doors
Ready in the keg
React to a bad pun, perhaps
Porthole view
Plowed ground for crop-raising
Plot mechanism
Once-sacred snakes
Often ___: about half the time
Nesting site, perhaps
Nautical journal
Most stylish
Mariner Ericson
Major tourist draws
Longfellow's 'The Bell of __'
Long kiss
Like old bread
Like old apples
Key with one sharp
It's a long story
Internet destination
Huff and puff
Guernsey greeting
Furtive summons
Frighten, as a horse
Former Iranian despot
Fills with dismay
Fabric with a slight sheen
Ex-slugger and Fox Sports analyst, familiarly
Early Beatle Sutcliffe
Deal with adversity
Cubicle furnishing
Crib or cot
Completely, after 'from'
Commando weapons
Command from a bailiff
Coffee sweetener
Closes with force
Clay pigeon sport
Classic clown
Carrier to Tel Aviv
Butterlike spread
BP merger partner
Blissful regions
Bears and Grizzlies
Baker's verb
Apple or pear
African country whose name is contained in the name of its southern neighbor
'Spider-Man' actor Willem
'Norma __'
'It's __ you': 'Your call'
'I have no clue'
'A Death in the Family' author James

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