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crosswords puzzle answers 26/11/2016

crosswords puzzle answers 26/11/2016

With 1-Down, five-time winner of the British Open
The orangutan, in 'The Murders in the Rue Morgue'
Swedish pop group whose 1994 hit 'The Sign' was #1 for six weeks
Suddenly attack
Subway alternative
Stops waffling
Sticky treats
Stereotypical wear for a crackpot theorist
Stands on the hind legs, in dialect
Stand-up comedian's prop, often
Something seen on cold days
Some farm vehicles
Snackable treat on a stick
See 4-Down
Search for oneself on Google, e.g
Sci-fi hit whose tagline is 'Bring him home'
Sanders, for one: Abbr
River flowing from the Garden of Eden, in the Bible
Response to 'Gracias'
Religious period dating from A.D. 622
Reggae's Peter
Raised, as a trapdoor
Presidential middle name
Pound with sound
Playground rejoinder
Player of oldies when they were newies
Org. featured in 16-Across
Not at all sharp
Narrator of Broadway's 'Hamilton'
May honorees, colloquially
Made a bad impression on
Longfellow's 'Evangeline,' e.g
Locks in place for a while?
Like noir detective novels, typically
Like 38-Down
Leaves on the menu?
Lead-in to -drome
Kid-lit character with a 'Purple Crayon'
Just not done?
Japanese honorific
In force?
Hit the big time
Going by
General Israel of the American Revolution
Facebook acquired it in 2014 for $19.3 billion
Dungeons & Dragons class
Drinking game where each bar that's visited is considered a hole
Definitely not a city slicker
Covered area near the fingertip
Country of 180+ million people that has never participated in the Winter Olympics
Cost of fighting?
Core component
Coffee shop menu adjective
Clobbered, in British slang
Can't help but
Brazilian state capital
Birth announcement info: Abbr
Asian appetizer
Ancient playwright who specialized in New Comedy
Adolph who coined the motto 'All the News That's Fit to Print'
'You think you're soooo funny …'
'Pick me! Pick me!'
'Deal!' – See more at: http://crosswordpuzzleanswers.net/clue/New-York-Times-Crossword-Answers—Nov-26-2016#sthash.ELHFLfB5.dpuf

Words after live or give
Where the buoys are?
Water carrier
Warning sign
Volcano, sometimes
Twisty shape
Tough skin
Tolkien's Treebeard, e.g
Three-time baseball All-Star Fielder
There are 60,000 in a min
Thatcher's job
Texter's qualifier
Subject of a Barcelona museum
Stage lead?
St. Paul's architect
Source of strength
Soup sound
Sounded like a siren
Small sample
Skin swelling
Singer/actor Blades
Showed satisfaction
School statistic
Say with contempt
Rump, anatomically
Reed heard on records
Recital highlights
Rap sheet letters
Racecourse near Windsor Castle
Quick drink
Quarterback Ryan
Previously used by poets?
Porter's burden
Plantain lily
Plaintive poems
Piglet's pal
Petite pest
Peninsula of southern Asia
Paperless test
Painter Mondrian
Packed like sardines?
Originator of the phrase 'the lion's share'
Org. that fights voter suppression
Opposite of 68-Down
Opposite of 60-Down
Online appeal
One might be spotted in a western
Old adders
Official language in Vientiane
Not deviating significantly
Not a single woman
Nazareth native
More than chubby
More than bi-
Monarch before George I
Minor criticisms
Mere nonsense
Mental scratchpad
May and Major: Abbr
Like some shiny floors
Life class models
Letter after upsilon
Leader of services in the services
Last letters
King of the road
Jazz trombonist Kid ___
It may be at your fingertips
Inner Hebrides island
In the cards
In hopes of selling
Impersonating on Halloween
Hostile to
Hoppy quaff
Heckelphones' cousins
Have a sudden inspiration?
Ground cover
Garden gastropod
Ganglia components
Frozen sheet
Frankenfood, in initials
Forest's role in 'The Last King of Scotland'
Farmer's field: Abbr
False front
Exclamation from Ebenezer
Eventually became
Dutch financial giant
Domingo, por ejemplo
Dogpatch diminutive
Does a farrier's job
Despicable fellow
Dazzling works
Darrell in the House
Crowd scene participant
Cousin of Gomez Addams
Course requirement?
Counting rhyme beginning
Counterfeiter catcher
Cork's place
Cope with gerrymandering
City on the Trans-Siberian Railway
Citta del Vaticano surrounder
Chevy SUV
Check out
Challenge for seniors
Chain whose goods often come with an Allen wrench
Causing a person astonishment
Cause for a shootout
Call on
Brynner's 'The King and I' co-star
Broke bread
Braves' division
Bottom line
Bodybuilder's pride
Bingo's kin?
Beauty appreciators
Be negligent
Barack, by birth
Bakersfield-to-L.A. heading
Back on board
April, May and June, to Daisy Duck
Ancestor of Muhammad
Air show stunt
After-lunch sandwich
Advised about
Accesses silently
17th-century English poet
'___ Dreams' (Heart song)
'Got it, man' – See more at: http://crosswordpuzzleanswers.net/clue/Wall-Street-Journal-Crossword-Answers—Nov-26-2016—Share-and-Share-Alike#sthash.0sGQfOWC.dpuf

Wedge-shaped diacritical mark
Weak, excuse-wise
Was servile, in a way
Uses a divining rod
Understood without being said
Type of service
Type of liquor
Tub ritual
Tournament type for all
Three splits completed
Thing to pay
Thermometer variety
Symbol of peace
Stab from the cockpit?
Some body trunks
Sharp, narrow mountain ridge
Separate, as paper clips
Second country to develop the atom bomb
Scorpio's gemstone
Rosters of names
Ripe, as cheese
Projecting bay window
Prefix with 'violet'
Poi maker's root
Piece of mobile software
Opera highlight
One of Santa's helpers
Not quite straight
New, from the start?
Muse of lyric poetry
More stealthy or catlike
Midwest state
Miami daily
Mexican dollars
Memorization by repetition
Low-budget film
Like a proverbial bug
Like a lime
Lemonade establishment
In the ___ (informed)
In just a bit
Ice cream and cake, when dieting
Hair piece?
Grand ___ (wine appellation)
Glazier's glass piece
Gets off the fence
Genetic stuff
Further shorten a board
Four strikes completed
Four spares completed
Famous garden
Fail to be frugal
Disintegrates gradually
Cry from a sty
Common breakfast order
Color subtlety
Club choice
Chillingly spooky
Charitable organizations
Bygone music genre
Butter quantity
Bright-colored food fish
Boxing venues
Bound upward
Bob Cratchit's position
Bird of New Zealand or a fuzzy fruit
Basketball player's target
Angry feeling
'Once ___ a midnight dreary …'
'Hey, what are you waiting for?'
'Do ___ others …'
'A Star Is Born' star Kristofferson – See more at: http://crosswordpuzzleanswers.net/clue/Universal-Crossword-Answers—Nov-26-2016#sthash.OgqqwGGI.dpuf

Word from Old French for "compete"
Word associated with rules and rolls
Where Mary Barra is CEO
Titian contemporary
They draw out some NCAA contests
Taking it no more
Take on a break
Tablets taken in tribute
Symbol of grace in South Asia
Species in "Leopardus"
Sign on stage
Sheep's clothing, so to speak
Royal sister in Epcot's Norway Pavilion
Rock that underlies Manhattan
Raspy Hall of Fame rocker
Ramen cousin
Professional podcast producer
Pier group
Only character which won two actors Oscars
One of Harry's "Simpsons" voices
One of Hank's "Simpsons" voices
Offered up or handed down
Of significant impact
Nubian of operadom
NCAA institution
National Gallery attractions
Multi-rm. accommodation
Model painter's implement
Misattribution of skill, perhaps
Merest amount
Lozenge-shape pattern
Light-brown paint shade
Law school course
Lavish productions
Itinerario turistico
Hungarian-born philanthropist
How "See me" might be written
Hooted and hollered
Home of the Longhorns
Gilds the lily
Garlic for a toothache, e.g
Gargoyles, for example
Frequent flyer category
Four-test battery first developed for GIs
Formula One team since year one
Formal wear for Prince William
Florida lake invaders
Fixer's query
First Niagara Center team
Faces on screen, perhaps
Early video-game console brand
Distiller that merged with Louis Vuitton
Comic on a 2014 Canadian stamp
Cold War-era NORAD display
Club Babalu owner
Chromatically drained
Bye, essentially
Buttonwood tree
Bugs, Barney, Speedy, Sam, etc
British solo singer
Bring aboard
Brand promoting "bare skin"
Be thick (with)
Bartender's product
Abe Lincoln's dad
"The nursery of England's gentlemen" – See more at: http://crosswordpuzzleanswers.net/clue/Newsday.com-Crossword-Answers—Nov-26-2016#sthash.1oUj9cCT.dpuf

Whole alternative
Well-wisher's opposite
Weight abbr
Vodka cocktail, briefly
UK leaders
Trials and tribulations
Tree bump
Took the bait
To boot
Soundtrack musicians for a 1988 Tom Hanks movie
Sis's sib
Screen symbol
Radio feature
Pulled down
Public persona
Polymer products
Poem dedication
Pitcher Martinez inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame in 2015
Peter Graves's role in a 1980 movie comedy
Personal coach
Pedestrian extra in a 1994 Keanu Reeves movie
Outback bird
Once more
NYC punk club from 1973 to 2006
Now, in Nueva York
Next year's jr
Make sense
Lows on the farm
Louisiana county
Looks embarrassed
Look at
Knocks off
Knitted one's brows
Knightley with an Academy Award nomination for 'The Imitation Game'
JFK update
It's a wrap
Ireland's features a depiction of a harp
Infinitesimal amount
Himalayan cryptid
Had a good cry
Go one better than
Get out
Fencing swords
Dr. J's first pro league
Door handle
Doc's needle
Diamond position
Diamond Head locale
Cuzco's country
Convened another time
Compass dir
Coastal Brazilian state
Cereal grain
Camper owners, briefly
Brewer's oven
Baseball Hall of Famer ____ Wee Reese
Bad review
Author of a 1990 Demi Moore movie
Ancient fabulist
Alias preceder
Adult insect
Actress Cuthbert of '24'
Abductee in a 2008 Liam Neeson movie
1984 movie with the main antagonist Sensei John Kreese, with 'The'
'You ____ what you eat'
'Yeah, tell me another!'
'To recap …'
'As a result …' – See more at: http://crosswordpuzzleanswers.net/clue/The-Washington-Post-Crossword-Answers—Nov-26-2016#sthash.1A74wOaI.dpuf

Yangtze tributary
Worked with props?
Waterfront gp
Sushi bar selection
Stoop-shouldered, say
State of Österreich
Solo pianists often provided music for them
Side dish in a sauce
Sells off
Sch. that moved from the Mountain West Conf. to the Big 12 in 2012
Saint-Exupéry classic
Sail-extending pole
Renewable fuel source
Raised the roof
Pro Football Hall of Fame coach Levy
Prefix with Pen
Prefix with analysis
One abroad
Odd page, normally
Nature-nurturing org
Muir Woods' county
Mark of a shark
Many in España
Like stucco
Licorice-flavored liqueur
Leaf producer
Lavish supply
King pen name
Jump in the pool?
Japanese two-seater
It's a wrap
Hard labor
Gateway Arch designer
Form a political union
First child of Henry VIII to survive to adulthood
Film beeper, familiarly
FDR's Fala et al
Euripides tragedy
Easing of govt. control
Didn't stop talking
Cub, for one
Critter with tusks
Cheyenne allies
Caustic solution
Came across by chance
California's __ Bay
British potter James known for Brown Betty teapots
Bob Hope venue
Bingo call
Beersheba native
Béchamel base
Beats to the finish line
Barley wine, e.g
Author Huxley
'30s-'50s filmdom nickname
'The Empire Strikes Back' director Kershner
'Tell It to My Heart' singer Taylor __

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