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crosswords puzzle answers 26/10/2016

crosswords puzzle answers 26/10/2016

___ fide
___ Cup
Wine bottle datum
Verbal zinger
Texter's 'ciao'
Tedious way to learn
Tatum who won an Oscar at 10
Source of start-up cash, perhaps
Shoot for
Sgt. Friday catchphrase
Sexual appetites
Sets of foot bones
Sea ___ (12-Down)
Running by itself
Roll call vote
Robin Hood, notably
Rider's handful
Restaurant guide name since 1979
Ready to pour
Prenatal test, for short
Prefix with science or intellectual
Port of Iraq
Places for hosp. scrubs
Onetime for-girls-only course, for short
Not dress overmodestly … or what 18-, 25- and 43-Across each do?
Neighbor of the funny bone
NATO part: Abbr
Month after diciembre
Makes up (for)
Low-altitude clouds
Like winter soccer, most likely
Like much Gene Wilder humor
Like Mayberry
Like cobra/mongoose encounters, to cobras
J.F.K. landers until 2003
It's a blessing
Inner Hebrides isle
Indian bread
Hot 17-Across, e.g
High fig. for a hybrid car
Guava or papaya
Good rep
Glove material
G.I. fare
Fish-eating raptor
Figure head?
Feet, slangily
Enlarges, as a hole
Countess's man
Chewed like a chipmunk
Certain pool sites, for short
Certain Indonesian
Butter maker
Bring home
Blacktop material
Blacken on a grill
Big laughs
Basic spreadsheet function
Arab Spring country
Acquire by deceit
'Too rich for me'
'No clue'
'Meet the Press' feature
'Kill Bill' co-star
'For real!'
'Fast Times' school

Words with daze or dither
Word sung by revelers
Wombat stalker
Winged archer
Wear away
Verb largely eliminated from wedding vows
Timber wolf
That person
That person
Tastelessly showy
Take up residence
Stopover spot
Station deorbited in 2001
Start for casting or commuting
Shipping destination
Senora con los ninos
Sch. for young kids
Russian ruler
Rubs out
Record of events
Pressure of dealing with a former spouse?
Play the ponies
Oscar nominee for 'Raging Bull'
Openable like some garbage cans
Not seeing the humor in something
No faster?
Negroni ingredient
Miranda and Ariel circle it
Military engagement
Mattress feature
Made of a strong wood
Longtime Bryant teammate
Like ribs and eyelashes
Like a very small fireplace?
Lessen over time
Learned sort
Laments noisily
Khan's followers
Keep close to, as the coastline
It may include four cups
It may have an ornate vault
Indulge one's itchy feet
Husking unit
Hot feeling
Having current knowledge about
First Super Bowl to be called the Super Bowl
Fingerboard dividers
Final stage of a backgammon game
Fiction expert
Feds' target
End of a celebration?
Educational opportunity for prisoners?
Duplicate a duplicate
Design of a navy vessel with different features?
Criminal charge
Complete and total
Company that composes insults for its clients?
Come into view
Carfax report?
Bus. subject
Bus. bigwig
Body damage
Bit of graft
Big bucks
Benedictine's title
Baseball bat wood
Ancient Jewish ascetic
'Dracula' author Stoker

___ del Sol
Was a passenger
Volcano in Sicily
Turned right, on a horse
They show off abs of stone
The real Citizen Kane
Tears violently
Take a wild stab
Skylit lobbies
Shelters for some animals
Scattered, as seed
Sandwich feature, often
Put on weight
Prepare to propose
Part of a TV feed
Painful thing to pull
Opera solo
Olympic powerhouse
Nutty birds?
Nightfall, poetically
Mr. T's TV unit
Mine entrance
Loose, crumbly deposit
Kind of vision
Kathmandu's locale
It's what's happening now
It represents a country
Hypnotic state
Having packed on the years
Hardware for a bulletin board
Functioned as
Flower girl, often
Flatfoot's lack
Fertile type of soil
False god
Fair share, often
Eyelid affliction
Everyday or usual
Electrical power network
Egypt's capital
Dutch dairy product
Does a bit of math
Dice dots
Debris of fallen rocks
David Blaine's art
Darjeeling, for one
Couple thousand pounds
Converted liberal, informally
Company picnic event
Colorado resort
Cleveland native
Circle section
Child's dishes
Cheat, in a way
Certain venomous snake
Cast-of-thousands film
Bring upon oneself
Branch headquarters?
Blue hue
Bitterly regret
Between ports
Bad air
Artist Chagall
Agenda entries
About to go off
Abbr. at the end of lists, sometimes
'___ you sure?'
'To ___ is human …'
'Lie' form
'Legal' prefix
'Duchess of Alba' painter
'… or ___!'

White sale item
Washer capacity
Wake Island, e.g
Visibly abashed
Up to now
Unemotional sort
Understand, slangily
Took a taxi
Take the blame for
Sudden outpouring
Steering system part
Start a rally, in tennis
Spanish bar munchies
Six-pt. plays
Sing softly
Send out
Rough it
Rorschach image
Roller coaster units
Pub array
Predator of seals
Powerful volleyball shot
Poolroom accessory
Perjure oneself
Part of a wall frame
Palin's former constituents
Out of danger
One just hanging around
O. Henry or Mark Twain
New York's locale
Neck of the woods
Mountain goat's perch
Mild-flavored onion
Mendes of 'The Other Guys'
Mean mutt
Mary Kay competitor
Magnus Carlsen's pieces
Macy's Thanksgiving Day sight
Little white 64-Down
Links rarity
Lend ___ (listen)
Knock the socks off
Is light, in a way
Hourglass contents
Gutter site
Gullible sort
Guesstimate words
Greek Bs
Golfer's target
Go public with
Espresso order
Enjoys, as benefits
Easy win
Dislike with a passion
Cuts into thin pieces
Cub Scout groups
Corporate VIP
Cello relative
Casual goodbye
Castaway's signal
Cash drawer slot
Button verb
Business school subj
Burn remedy
Built for speed
Boombox component
Bond on the run
Bobby Flay and Rachael Ray, for two
Bartlett or Bosc
Bar mitzvah reading
Amos or Spelling
Alan of 'Bridge of Spies'
A/C measure
'___ darned!'
'Peer Gynt' playwright Henrik
'Jack Reacher' star

When repeated, a South Seas island
Watson's creator
Used the turn blinker
Unwilling to listen, metaphorically
Underwater forest flora
Turns the cube, in backgammon
Touch down
Took too much, briefly
There's no I in it, according to the coach
The hairier of Isaac's sons
Start of a gossip's announcement
Star that's close to Venus?
Sports contest where the mounts have fiery breath?
Spirit brighteners on holiday bobtails
Soup scoop
Some Native Americans of the Midwest
Sixth sense (abbr.)
Scent, to an oenophile
Sanskrit teacher
Safety feature that eases a child's transition from a crib
Puts a sale sticker on, perhaps
Prefix with phone or bucks
Polish partner
Pertaining to a part of the intestine
Paradisiacal place
Pac-12's Bruins
Ozawa-Calder collaboration?
Nuclear Nobelist Niels
Nits, all grown up
New York City mayor who became a television judge
Nano or Shuffle brand
Moved just a little
Morning moisture
Mischievous fairy
Meter minder?
Meets, at the poker table
Makes a boo-boo
Lumberjacks' tools
Layer with feathers
Large number
Jean-___ Picard ('Star Trek: TNG' captain)
It's laid down by authority figures
Indian-born actor who played Mowgli in 1942's 'Jungle Book'
Hot rod rod
Honors, in a way
Harp relative
Handling the matter
Gun lovers' lobby (abbr.)
Greek ending
Golden Rule preposition
Force out
Diamond Head's island
Desktop picture
Customer trying to get the barkeep's attention?
Creature on the Australian coat of arms
Corner sitter
Communication form that has dealt a blow to the stationery industry
Comes out ahead
Bush-whacked 2000 candidate
Bentsen who told Dan Quayle he was 'no Jack Kennedy'
At the summit of
Apple aficionada of myth
43,560 square feet
1977 George Burns/John Denver comedy
'___ Boot' (1981 war movie)
'You betcha!'
'Ta-ta,' in Torino
'Gunsmoke' marshal's sticky wicket?
'Don't have ___!' (Bart Simpson expression)

What a freelancer may work on
West Coast hrs
Welcoming wreath
Wander (about)
Utter disorder
Used up
Tops by a slight margin
Stand against
Southern California team
Slim swimmers
Second person in Eden
Scot's swimming spot
Sci-fi fleet vessel
Sales meeting aid
Red 'Sesame Street' puppet
Ready to hit the hay
Pond critters
Picnic invader
Pick up with effort
One of a gallon's 16
Not at all handy
Northern California city
Newswoman Roberts
Most populous continent
Mexican Mrs
Makes trite, in a way
Maiden name preceder
Lipton rival
Lindsay of 'Mean Girls'
Like many a gray day
Like a successful business, presumably
Light beer?
Leave no doubt
Kitchen sponge brand
Kings, e.g
Inside information
Houston-to-Dallas dir
Hoff who wrote the 'Henrietta' children's books
Hits the road
Highway through the Yukon
Hearts, but not minds
Hardly fresh
GI addresses
German 'I'
Geologist's division
Geographically based trio
Gaudy trinket
Full of moxie
Fragrant bloom
Former Air France jet
Feel crummy
Euro divs
Enlargement advantage
Date night destination
Copper source
Coal __
Bit of photography equipment
Birch family tree
Biceps exercise
Ballpark snack
Anti-counterfeiting agts
Albany-to-Buffalo canal
'Trainwreck' director Judd
'MASH' setting: Abbr
'Erin Burnett OutFront' channel

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