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crosswords puzzle answers 26/09/2016

crosswords puzzle answers 26/09/2016

___ Jima
___ fixe (menu notation)
___ Beach, Calif
Unsettled feeling
Trim, as a photograph
Swiss mountain
Stephen Colbert's Americans for a Better Tomorrow, Tomorrow, e.g
Soul singer Redding
Santa ___, Calif
Ring-shaped reef
Resident of Oman or Yemen
Refuse to admit
Protein-rich vegan staple
Prosecutors, briefly
Prima ballerina
Perpetual troublemakers
Part of the roof where icicles form
Page (through)
Old-fashioned address organizer
Number one position
Most correspondence nowadays
Mexican shawl
Mean dog sound
Like overgrown gardens
Lacking refinement
Jimmy ___, reporter for the Daily Planet
Indy 500 car
Indenting computer key
Hit one out of the park
Gram or dram
Goes out with
Former celebrity
Ford Escape or Jeep Cherokee, for short
Fifth Avenue retailer
Fertilizable cells
Fair and balanced
Disney fawn
Diminishes in intensity
Diminished in value, as a currency
Dickens's ___ Heep
Copper + zinc
Cookbook amts
Concert haul?
Complete rubbish
Chips and popcorn, in commercialese
Cheer at a fútbol match
Charming scoundrel
Carpentry pin
Came to light
Breaks you wish would end?
Bird on a birth announcement
All: Prefix
Admonition in a movie theater
Actor McKellen
72, for many golf courses
*Offer of reconciliation
*Knit headwear that may have a tufted ball at its end
*Iron Man's love interest
*Intimate chitchat
*Classic comedy set at the fictional Faber College
*Annual Thanksgiving Day run
'Singin' in the Rain' dance style
'Shut up already!' … or what you can do to the start of the answer to each starred clue
'No ___, ands or buts'
'Do ___ disturb' (motel sign)
'Deadly' offense
'Ciao' – See more at: http://crosswordpuzzleanswers.net/clue/New-York-Times-Crossword-Answers—Sep-26-2016#sthash.lo7VNHhM.dpuf

Yale student
Where Achilles killed Hector
Wheel connector
Wee kids
Wall Street order
Waldorf salad ingredients
Tries to find
Touch lightly
Top pitcher
Their miles are measured by meters
The Monkees' '___ Believer'
Text alternative
Symbol on a cellist's sheet music
Surrounding glow
Steel component
Stahl of '60 Minutes'
Samuel on the Supreme Court
Rink surface
Religious group
President born in the 1960s
Poet Pound
Peg for Pebble Beach
Numeral at the top of a clock
Not fooled by
Navy counterpart of sergeant
Navel-revealing suit
Music maker in a cathedral
Metal source
Market shopper's aid
Many a driver's ed pupil
Los Angeles footballer
Lightning producer
Letters before an alias
Letter between rho and tau
Leather shade
Kin of the saber and foil
It's often used in stir-frying
Israeli guns
Island group north of Cuba
Investor's concern
Inflict, as havoc
In the thick of
In the neighborhood
Hawaii surroundings
Hardly wordy
Glaswegian, for example
Give stars to, perhaps
Geometry class calculation
Finish a hole
Fall fruit
Expands, as a search
Did some canoodling
Determined, as an attitude
Climbing plant that can cause itching
Choir singers
Cheering cry
Bygone Toyota model
Busy activity
Bugler's call
Brewpub offerings
Auto introduced in 1904
Applied balm to
Address for a monarch
Add continuously
'___ your loss!'
'Love ___ neighbor…'
'I'll be right with you'
'Gone With the Wind' name – See more at: http://crosswordpuzzleanswers.net/clue/Wall-Street-Journal-Crossword-Answers—Sep-26-2016—P.O.-Boxes#sthash.XfNsikIN.dpuf

Volcano in Sicily
Unusual collectible?
Unnatural bread spreads
Tries to get an answer
Transportation choice in Chicago
Tractor handle?
Thing on an HO scale
Tablet brand
Societal no-nos
Sauce variety
Reward for an outstanding investor
Privilege for some producers
Prefix meaning 'false'
Place for rakes and shovels
Perlman of 'Cheers'
Part of a Happy Meal
One way to stand by
On the briny
On one's toes
Mr. Cleaver of classic TV
Most like King Solomon
Moms' relatives?
Mixes smoothly
Mexican snack
Late rhyming boxing champ
Kind of phone
Kind of battery
Jeans name
Italian money of old
Hilo feast
Hightail it
Have confidence in (with 'on')
Hard knocks upside the head
Greek cheese
Grain holder on a farm
Ghana capital
Frigid, molded dessert
Flowering ornamental shrub
Emulate a crab
Eisenhower's nickname
Eastern pooh-bah
Dress in India
Disobeyed a zoo sign?
Dietary, in ads
Developer's map
Crude dude
Con artist's operation
Color subtlety
Chinese dynasty during Confucius' time (var.)
Chickens and ducks, e.g
Certain meat cut
Certain iron, in golf
Caustic cleaning supplies
Caterpillar case
Burgundy grape
Bulk beer purchase
Break one of the Ten Commandments
Blows it
Baker's necessity
Assortment of stuff
Air force heroes
Addition column
'___ on Down the Road'
'Silly' birds
'J'accuse' author
'Eureka!' relative
'Catholic' ending
'All in the Family' producer Norman
'A Prayer for ___ Meany' – See more at: http://crosswordpuzzleanswers.net/clue/Universal-Crossword-Answers—Sep-26-2016#sthash.tCYwpw5d.dpuf

Wrote 'mispelled,' say
Woody Allen-esque emotion
Vampire's time to sleep
Tune in many a Bollywood movie
Trouble incessantly
Trait shared by 17-, 27- and 48-Across
Toddler tender
Title for Connery
Stuff to the gills
Stir fry vessels
Steers around
Sound of contentment
Soft-shell clam
Snapple competitor
Sitcom kid with a toy werewolf
Showery mo
Shopper's aid
Shallowest HOMES member
Sellout letters
Sea ___ (marine polyp)
Science officer of 1960s television
Regarding, in a memo
React to pepper, maybe
Propel a shell
Professional's payment
Presidential period
Poker declaration
Place to hang one's hat
Part of a website
Parlor furniture item
Pakistan neighbor
Old NYC lines
Occur next
Nary a soul
Missouri River tributary
Microwave, slangily
Material that rain can stain
Male turkeys
Make uneasy
Luau keepsakes
Like a pool table, ideally
Krone spender
Kickoff aid
Hunter seen through a telescope
Honking fliers
Guernsey's greeting
Greenish-blue hue
Former Mississippi Sen. Trent
Farm machinery name
Far from humble
Enjoys, to a beatnik
Elf in cookie ads
Elevator passageway
Displays abundantly, as charm
Difficult burden
Cosmonaut's country
Copier paper purchases
Conical abode
Confidential matters
Competitive advantage
Chinese chairman who hosted Nixon
Cattle drive group
Candidate's goal
Caboose's place
Bill's 'excellent adventure' pal
Bench press units
Barbecue residue
Backspaces over
Backspace over
As an alternative
Application form datum
Angry with
Acts the tattletale
'___ Almighty' (Carell comedy)
'That reminds me . . .'
'Mad Men' pool member
'Certainly!' signal – See more at: http://crosswordpuzzleanswers.net/clue/USA-Today-Crossword-Answers—Sep-26-2016#sthash.KOiD8v7k.dpuf

When morning ends
Use a loom
Uneasy feeling
Totally drenched
Tip of a Bic
Thumbs-up replies
The land along the coast
Strong longing
Squares and triangles
Spanish cheers
Skillets and woks
Ripped up
Ring-shaped reef
Right away, in memos
Retail merchant
Result of a salary raise
Pulled-down window covering
Person in a clothes ad
Performs in a play
Operatic solo
One with regrets
Old West search parties
Occupies a chair
Movie excerpt
Mine rock
Mexican resort city
Memo intro
Maple or elm
Make watertight
Make amends
Leopard marking
Land measure
Lab-maze runners
Jay once of "The Tonight Show"
Increase gradually
Grocery vehicle
Go off the path
Glove leather
Gather up, as crops
Garfield's pooch pal
Flower stalk
Find a new home
Do the driving
Didn't go out for dinner
Daytime TV drama
Dairy animals
Cry of dismay
Coke or Pepsi
China's continent
Char, as a steak
Change for a $5 bill
Carryall bags
Canyon sound
Canoe or kayak
Big family
Barracks beds
Arrange in order
Army cops, for short
Aretha Franklin performance
Apple's center
Antlered animal
After-bath footwear
"__ upon a time . . ."
"You __ kidding!"
"Me neither"
"Guided" vacation
"Green" electricity source
"At what time?" – See more at: http://crosswordpuzzleanswers.net/clue/Newsday.com-Crossword-Answers—Sep-26-2016#sthash.c9VfO4V0.dpuf

__ accompli
Yale alumni
Words meaning the same thing: Abbr
Windy City summer hrs
We, to Henri
Vital phase
Twirled sticks
Twirl or whirl
Try, as food
Top-left PC key
The jolt in joe?
Swimming in pea soup?
Surrounded by
Rye grass disease
Prepare to fly
Prefix with hit or store
Popeye's Olive
Ponder (over)
Passed-down knowledge
Often rolled-over investment
More than enough
Modern, in Munich
Marvel Comics mutants
Marquee name
Like airplane services
Jersey or Guernsey
It has 32 pieces and a 64-square board
Informal negative
In the style of, in ristorantes
Hand out cards
Grounded Aussie birds
Grand slam homer quartet, briefly
Gold bar
Given to giving orders
Get-out-of-jail money
Gentlemen's partners
Furry swimmer
Foolish, in slang
Food, in diner signs
Folk singer Joan
First assassin to attack Caesar
Feudal laborer
Family rooms
Eye surgery acronym
End that 'I face,' in Sinatra's 'My Way'
Emergency shelter beds
Easily tipped boat
Drinks with floating ice cream
Diagnostic tests
Decadent, as the snobs in a historic Agnew speech
Covert or black doings
Coffeehouse connection
Cincinnati's state
Chinese menu general
Chimney sweep's sweepings
Cats and dogs
California peak
Burn slightly
Buffalo Wild Wings nickname based on its initials
Broadway do-or-die philosophy, and a hint to the ends of 17-, 30-, 37- and 44-Across
British balderdash
Bit of trickery
Backs up in fear
Arctic or Indian
Activist Parks
'That's a shame'
'No __!': 'Easy!'
'Let's get goin'!'
'Give me __!': start of a Hoosier cheer

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