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crosswords puzzle answers 26/05/2017

crosswords puzzle answers 26/05/2017

___ mocha
Writer's deg
Woven trap
What doesn't have a second to lose?
Victoria, e.g.: Abbr
Unknowingly reveal
Tunes to accompany dimmed lights
To God, in a hymn
They're tender
They're often installed in the spring, for short
They're hailed on Broadway
The ___ Marbles (British Museum holding)
Terse admission of guilt
Talk show hosted by a Harvard grad
Taking away
Surgical tool
Stayed out when you shouldn't have?
Sport for rikishi
Sport featuring clay disks
Something ring-shaped
Something ring-shaped
Some tracks
Some plum tomatoes
Some Caltech alums: Abbr
Smart ___
River or dynasty name
Quinine, for malaria
Puma parts
Places to keep 9-Down: Abbr
Part of E.S.T.: Abbr
Org. that promotes Energy Star Day
Neighbor of N.Y
Mother of Helen of Troy
More than concerned
Lumbering sorts
Living end
Like clarinets
How some YouTube videos go
Honda's luxury brand
Highway sign abbr
Highly inflationary
Hanukkah serving
Glass with bubbles
Fragrant wood
Finished up, as cupcakes
Feta sources
Feature of some digital photos
Dora the Explorer, for one: Abbr
Donnie of a 2001 cult film
Cruet contents
Cricket, to a grasshopper, or vice versa
Coronation, e.g
Content often written by lawyers
Choir part
Chief justice in the Dred Scott verdict
Bible belt?
Bear in 'The Jungle Book'
Amusing bits of trivia
A back-seat driver can't do this
'Tell me more …'
'Strange Magic' band, for short
'I'm pleasantly surprised'
'Here's one example …' – See more at: http://crosswordpuzzleanswers.net/clue/New-York-Times-Crossword-Answers—May-26-2017#sthash.GNzpS6RL.dpuf

Word with 'hitching' or 'scratching'
Wife of an Indian prince
Wedding vow
Vagabond's wanderings
Two-tone cookie
To stay poised
Tip of Mexico?
Thrown ___ loss
Thing listed on a playbill
The Queen Mary, for one
Surgeon's instrument
Straight-bladed daggers
Spins yarns
Speak like a drunk
Skinny, slithering fish
Say 'y'all,' e.g
Rough files
Reached the ground safely
Place for Homer and family
Place for a man to become super
Place for a fake wizard
Pastor relative, informally
Part of an egg
Paper unit
P, on fraternity row
Owned apartment, briefly
On ___ (without a contract)
Nautical yeses
Mythical giant with 100 eyes
Myanmar money
Mental inspiration
Machine gun syllable
Low-value card
Little Bo sound?
Lip shiner
Like some golf balls
Late boxing legend
Island to the east of Java
Humorous play on words
Historic Alabama city known
Hawaiian giveaway
Hard spare to pick up
Give gratis
Genesis twin
From where to get back to the future
Foils used in competitions
Flying toy
Fit of bad temper
First one to try new wings?
Filler of a black well
Ferrari, for example
Feel sorry for
Doo-wop group ___ Na Na
Does a secondhand store job
Do very easy math
Dickens' Heep
Defame in print
Danish bills
Corn unit
Classic violin, briefly
Chevy car of old
Catch in a con
Carpenter's tool
Bits of land for development
Between jobs
Beaver's home
Batman foe
Baseball score
Bakery offering
1/16 of a cup (abbr.)
'Trooper' start
'The Gold-Bug' author
'Sonnet' or 'puppet' ending
'Darn!' kin – See more at: http://crosswordpuzzleanswers.net/clue/Universal-Crossword-Answers—May-26-2017#sthash.1lJg7Ss3.dpuf

Whipping up
Wee bit
Walks off
Vampires' targets
UV ray-blocking gas
Tourists' neckwear, perhaps
Topping for deviled eggs
The Home Depot array
Terse response to 'Why?'
Tails off
Symbolic barrier named by Churchill
Swarming pest
Subject of some splicing
Stick up
Stereotypically green creatures
Sport ___ (versatile vehicle)
Sound at a shearing
Smears frosting on
Show contempt toward
Restaurant's summoning device
Restaurant chalkboard listing
Places for seaside strolls
Place for vows
Place for pampering
Paper cup brand
More mirthful
Miss one's exit, say
Minnelli of 'Arthur'
Mind-to-mind messaging, for short
Marley or Old Yeller
Major advances
Like the worm-catching bird
Like most crossword diagrams
Leslie of 'Gigi'
Joker and Riddler, to Batman
Join the office pool
Jazz combo instruments
Horatio who created Tattered Tom
Homage in verse
Highest Boy Scout rank
Hearty enjoyment
Guy's square dance partner
Graph points denoted
Get under the skin of
Get the point
Gate receipts
Forefront, as of innovation
For face value, as a stock
Fix, as a horse race
Feed, as a furnace
Factor in wine pricing
Factions in turf wars
Excessive hurry
Entry on a social calendar
El Chapo, to Joaquin Guzman
Diamond in Peter Sellers movies, with 'the'
Deal-killing responses
Day trip, say
Dances to Cab Calloway music, say
Covered with glassphalt, e.g
Composer's creation
Common summer camp locale
Cocktail party trayful
Chinese lap dog, briefly
Cards above deuces
Calamari source
Bloom with hairlike growths
Blaster's supply
Bill who sells 'Science Is Universal' T-shirts
Big name in 41-Down, once
Be among the cast of
BB propellant
Approximate flight hr
Appendage that a barber might nick
Aids in a caper
About to explode
'This tastes awful!'
'Many moons ___ . . .' – See more at: http://crosswordpuzzleanswers.net/clue/USA-Today-Crossword-Answers—May-26-2017#sthash.8ObymCRb.dpuf

Yew, for one
Written opinion
Word before pie and roast
What's tried first
Wasn't steady
Votes for
Viral sensation
Venue of many Winter Olympics
Universal Studios tour vehicle
Tops off, in a way
Theme of the puzzle
Tetra- less one
Supportive, so to speak
Spring sign
Sorority letter
Skid starter
Shine, in brand names
Second half of a hoo-ha
Scrabble owner
Pull back
Progress metaphor
Part of an Uncle Sam costume
Owl's weapon
Outplays consistently
Oral encouragement
Oral encouragement
Online arcade offerer
Not likely to collapse
Not a whit
Nautical nose
Name on 1000+ theaters
Much, with "of"
Minor worker
Michelle successor
Mellow out
London-to-Paris dir
Last person named in "A Christmas Carol"
It holds a bit of Yellowstone
Honshu's high point
Ham radio oversight grp
Gospel triad
French wine-list heading
Foils, for instance
First half of a hoo-ha
Facebook area
Explosive sound
Ends' predecessor
Easter lead-in
Drive away, as a comic
Crafter's cutter
Court name since 2009
Chaucer pilgrim
Center of a black key trio
California zinfandel center
Buy and sell
Broncos' first big win
Brit __ (Hardy category)
Bouquet decoration
Board meeting attendee
Biathlon gear
Bard's preposition
Apology starter
Aphrodite's heroic son
Agcy. in "The Martian"
A bit open
"She's the one"
"I __ noticed"
"Cosmic" jazz keyboardist
#5 nation by population – See more at: http://crosswordpuzzleanswers.net/clue/Newsday.com-Crossword-Answers—May-26-2017#sthash.3jKOxPU6.dpuf

__ Gay
Words needed to complete four puzzle answers
Vermouth bottle name
Unpleasant chores
Umpire's call
Ukr. and Lith., formerly
UHF component
Treat roughly
Street of mystery
Stayed in shape
Square placed on a square board
Sports __
Smelling __
Slope of loose stones
Showing off a pedi, perhaps
Shouldn't be ignored
Sch. with a live tiger mascot
Scaled diagram
Reverse, e.g
Prioritizes self-interest
Printed again
Paving goo
Ones working together on a farm
Olympic racers
Object of a serious hunt
Numbered rd
Not susceptible
Not free, with 'for'
Nissan models
Nicholas and Peter
Name for a help file
Nala, notably
Missile from Venus?
McGwire's 1998 rival
Matched office accessories
Like spreadsheets
Levy on liquor
Laugh-a-minute sort
Julie who voices Marge Simpson
It was originally established as the Royal Coburg Theatre
Grill-cleaning solution
Fetching employees?
Fallback provision
Emmy winner Jeffrey of 'Transparent'
Duck-billed mammals
Dispatch boat
Diamond mine?
Dedicated works
Creator of Q and M
Concert souvenir
Championship team cheer
Bygone 'SNL' rival
Blue character
Altruist's opposite
Alternative to throwing out
Aired anew
'Timecop' star
'Let's Make a Deal' choice
'It's __!': 'We've been tricked'
'Evil Woman' band
'At Last' singer James

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