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crosswords puzzle answers 26/01/2017

crosswords puzzle answers 26/01/2017

___ fries
Word of support
White House pets for Reagan and both Bushes
Whisky first produced for King George VI's 1939 visit to Canada
Voting requirement in some states
To wit
That guy
Supervillain in a 2015 'Avengers' sequel
Suffix with real
Subject of an 1820 compromise
Start to hesitate?
Sports star with a signed jersey in the Vatican
Secret's source … that can be found four times in this puzzle
Scoreboard figure: Abbr
Rosemary, for one
Rock follower?
Refines, in a way
Prophet who anointed Saul
Plato's 'tenth Muse'
Place where people are rushing
One whose business has a lot of overhead?
One traveling in a basket
One may be exploited
Not tip
Name of a family with a combined 7,228 hits
Le Duc ___, decliner of the 1973 Nobel Peace Prize
It keeps a team together
Ice cream ___
Ice cream purchase
Ice cream purchase
Give up
Fortune 500 company founded in 1995
Feature of many a minion in 'Despicable Me'
Exceeds 21, in a way
End of some business names
Dec. 31
Cool people
Common spot for a sunburn
Club alternative
Bowled over
Black ___
Bibliography abbr
Best Picture subject nine inches shorter than the actor who portrayed him
Ancient symbols of sovereignty
All that is left?
Afternoon hour in Italy
Aeschylus tragedy
Actress Benaderet
Actor Culkin of 'Igby Goes Down'
1 chain x 1 furlong
'___ alive!'
'___ & Duke at the Côte D'Azur' (1966 jazz album)
'The ___ of the moral universe is long, but it bends toward justice': M.L.K
'The Name of the Rose' author
'Spit it out!'
'Let's go someplace private'
'Huh! No kidding!' – See more at: http://crosswordpuzzleanswers.net/clue/New-York-Times-Crossword-Answers—Jan-26-2017#sthash.BZ5WqkKp.dpuf

Yonder, at sea
Workable wood
Water cooler
Top for Che
They played their first season at the Polo Grounds
Teddy descriptor
Tango moves
Talladega decal letters
Surname of the Rochester governess
Starchy tuber
Singing Sledge
School group
Schedule opening
Ringside cry
Resort on the Roaring Fork River
Prom night woe
Prime number factor
Peer group?
Pam Tillis's dad
Pack bearer
Pack bearer
Organ knob
Oliver's request
Norton's utility?
Ninotchka's portrayer
Nicholas II's charisma?
NHL player in Rogers Place
Neighbor of Monoceros and Lepus
Move up and down
Mattress supporter
Makes a lot of
Maker of Regenerist products
Make like a beaver
Like a thumping preacher compared to others?
Lawn pests
It breaks every morning
Hot-tempered sort
Hieroglyphics bird
He may work at home
Harbor, say
Goads an army bigwig?
Give up
Frat vowel
Frat vowel
Esthetic expert's province?
Emphatic refusal
Drink-ordering choice
Dizzying designs
Disturbingly different
Dines after dark
Demonstrate devotion
Crude measurements
Cowpoke colleague
Conrad who walked on the moon
Chick tenders
Chapel feature
Bounding stride
Bond-buying comparison
Big busyness
Bench press targets
Beer bash buy
Becomes quite unpleasant
Bakery selections
Amherst school, familiarly
A couple, say
'Don't look ___!'
'30 Minute Meals' host – See more at: http://crosswordpuzzleanswers.net/clue/Wall-Street-Journal-Crossword-Answers—Jan-26-2017—Slate#sthash.cK1YlQLK.dpuf

X-ray discoverer
Word often with 'neither'
White-tailed raptor
Track setting?
Tokyo currency
Surrealist Salvador
Suitable for the circumstances
Sprouted like a weed
Some Russian fighter jets
Some relatives
Some print shop measures
Some new dads
Soft 'hey, you'
Society page word
Skim milk trimming
Shark piece
Saying little on purpose
Russell or Saldana of Hollywood
Put in harmony
Presidential first name, twice
Photo ___ (campaign P.R. events)
Petty officer on a merchant ship
Pester constantly
Opposite of a neatnik
One with a nest egg?
One paid to deliver
Olympic jacket letters, for some
Number of years in a decade
Nine-day prayer ritual
Name on a book jacket
Midwestern landscape
Make a valiant effort
Lorne of 'Bonanza'
Lonely way to attend prom
Like many bathroom floors
Light bulb thread
Legendary movie star Poitier
Leaves leaving an addiction?
Lacking in physical strength
Kind of plant or lunch
Kind of blanket or eel
It may tingle when one is frightened
High-quality rating
Having no warranty
Forest fluid
Flower associated with Easter
Fill with high spirits
Facial expression of scorn
Exhibit a clerical skill
Evidence that's tough to dispute
Early fur baron of note
Drum kit essential
Did freezer maintenance
Dental space?
Come by or acquire
City in Scotland
Chloroform relative
Ceremonial ashes receptacle
Calls the shots?
Brinker of the silver skates
Branch offshoots
Blows minds
Bit of history
Big ___ (WW1 howitzer)
Bibliography notation
Bee collectible
Beach in Florida
Any animated character
Anger or choler
Address to a king
Account that's way overdrawn?
'___ porridge hot …'
'The ___ of Pooh'
'Me ___!' – See more at: http://crosswordpuzzleanswers.net/clue/Universal-Crossword-Answers—Jan-26-2017#sthash.ScB2XTt6.dpuf

Yankee teammate of Babe
Wizards' org
With 56-Down, low-calorie drinks
Walk in galoshes, maybe
URL intro
Title for the person named at the ends of 17-, 24-, 40- and 51-Across
Tiny bit, slangily
Taj Mahal feature
Sulky-puller's gait, perhaps
Skye of 'Say Anything . . .'
Silent assent
Shrub with pink flowers and scarlet fruit
See 23-Across
Sedgwick of 'The Closer'
Sea plea
Salve ingredient
Printer's proof, for short
Pricing word
Plus more (Abbr.)
Pig squeal syllable
PC 'oops' key
Part of WASP
Paris, to Romeo
One who may work without a net
One way to store data
Not-for-sale CD, say
Not constructed by machine
Muscle below a delt
More complex, as a problem
Miners' finds
Millrose Games runner
Mil. mail center
Mess up on
Little rascal
Like software accessed with a browser
Leisurely stroll
Layered hairdo
Kravitz with four Grammys
Ketchum of country music
Justice who succeeded O'Connor
Journals on YouTube, say
Islamic decree
Hydrotherapy locale
Hefty volume
Hebrew alphabet opener
Harmon of 'Law & Order'
German king called 'the Great'
Fries or slaw, typically
Freak out
Frank Zappa's 'Shut Up 'n Play ___ Guitar'
False fronts
Extreme severity
Dish creators
Decline, with 'out'
Dallas-based hotel chain
Culture Club frontman
Cry a river
Coverage plan, in brief
Common tomato-paste tomato
Bus. card info
Bit of deceit
Big fuss
Basilica bench
Ball-bearing item
Aquafina alternative
Ants' creation
Adams who draws 'Dilbert'
A8 automaker
2003 Michael Douglas comedy
2003 Ben Affleck bomb
'Vissi d'arte' is one
'Take your pick'
'Stardust' novelist Gaiman
'Hostel' director Roth
'Encore presentation'
'Don't think so'
'Babes in Toyland' composer – See more at: http://crosswordpuzzleanswers.net/clue/USA-Today-Crossword-Answers—Jan-26-2017#sthash.6l7gXNn7.dpuf

__ cit. (footnote notation)
Zebra cousin
Whirling water
What the Marines' motto means
What most donuts don't have
Uneasy feeling
Travel plan
Train of thought
The Big Easy, alternatively
Telltale signs
Tart-tasting, perhaps
Some haberdashery
Solemn ceremonies
Skyline hider
Shoreline scavenger
Santa __, CA
Repurposed bedsheet, maybe
Refrain from
Prefix for legal
Perfumery products
Overly theatrical
Next stop after most greens
Naval commandos
Natural soother
Musical syllables
Moderate pace
Mineral abundant in kale
Mimic's work
Mani-pedi implement
Make rhapsodic
Looking down from
Long skirt
Lloyd Webber score subject
Little ones
Little guy
Lithuanian adoption of 2015
Large library volume
Keep out
It will often follow you
Inventor Bell's nickname
Insurance specialty
In the air
In a crowd of
Houses and land
Holiday brink
Hiccup, for example
Hasty flight
Hacked-off fairway
Gravy ingredient
Encyclopedia qualifier
Elbow room
Dr. Pavlov
Comment owning up to unfamiliarity
Chipped away at
Centers of pride
Campsite fare
Brutish boss
Bobbin, e.g
Blondie's young neighbor
Bellhop, at times
Baby elephant
Administrative branches
Actress Page or Barkin
43rd st
"War of the Worlds" foe
"Misty" singer
"Miss Saigon" setting
"Just what I was hoping for!"
"Go Set a Watchman" author
"Get busy!" – See more at: http://crosswordpuzzleanswers.net/clue/Newsday.com-Crossword-Answers—Jan-26-2017#sthash.Sgo8Z6Oi.dpuf

Word before or after pack
Winder on a watch
Where Adam met Eve
Weight lifter
Toolshed tool
Tezcatlipoca worshiper
Tennis champ Agassi
Tasteless porridge
Syrah, for one
Superman portrayer Christopher
Steaming mad
Spider manufacturer
Small trace
Short and sweet
Salon sound
Rogen of 'Steve Jobs'
Richard of 'American Gigolo'
Rain forest wildcat
Pointy feature of Mr. Spock
Pitching aid
Pink Floyd song on 'The Dark Side of the Moon'
Opening bet
Noted bankruptcy of 2001
Nosey Parker
Mysterious glow
Miss America accessory
Minor complaints
Losers to the Royals in the 2015 World Series
Like many a dorm room
Latest sensation
Intersection point
In a funk
Hole in the head
Highest-grossing movie of 1986
Hertz rival
Henry or watt
He played Moses in 'The Ten Commandments'
Having a restless night, say
Greeting from a greeter
Great bargain
Google result
Globetrotters' home
Getting off, in court
Fox musical with the New Directions singers
For a specific purpose
Fashionable again
Dessert ingredient with butterfat
Close contest
Cleaning substance
Canal to the Red Sea
Cab alternative
Black eye
Begin to bawl out
Beam of light
Baggins in 'The Hobbit'
Astronaut's drink
Animal 'in the headlights'
Al Jazeera viewer, typically
Actor LaBeouf
1996 Madonna film
'___ Old House'
'Wicked ___' (reality TV series about fishing)
'When hell freezeth over!'
'The Age of Innocence' author Wharton
'The African Queen' screenwriter James
'Misty' crooner Johnny
'It ___ to Be You'
'If only!'
'I'm finally done!' – See more at: http://crosswordpuzzleanswers.net/clue/The-Washington-Post-Crossword-Answers—Jan-26-2017#sthash.tPfulOkP.dpuf

Words in praiseful titles
What rattlers that never bask in the sun may get?
What berets cover?
Wee battery
Vegetable __
Vacation plan
Trident-shaped letters
Track component
Top story
They get carried away
Take to the cleaners
Suffrage, with 'the'
Strikebreakers at a brewery?
Stray sounds?
State on the Colorado Plateau
Sneakily seek, with 'for'
Shows one's feelings
Rum cake
Restaurant in the same corporate group as Applebee's
Quaker in the forest
Pudding snack cup maker
Pro __
Pool element
Odorless gas
Not quite right
Name for a poodle
Moved carefully
Moorish palace of southern Spain
Military wind
Miles off
Lunch order with 'special sauce'
Lost traction
Like pastrami
Lady's company?
It may come after you
Hindu noble
High point
Grammy category
Fine __
Fifth Avenue store
Farmyard noises
Fall back (on)
Epic __
Doesn't care for
Dodge Aries, e.g
Diarist Frank
Demonstrators, often
Controversial sightings
Comic actor Jacques
Cold War letters
By way of
Budgetary waste
Bone below the sacrum
Before, in verse
Be of use to
Angry looks in the hayloft?
Allen who managed the Beatles and Stones
African herbivore
Adele's brother
'This __ test'
'SNL' alum Cheri
'O no! it is an __-fixed mark … ': Shak
'May I speak?'
'I get it' sounds
'Curb Your Enthusiasm' creator
'48 HRS.' co-star

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