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crosswords puzzle answers 25/12/2016

crosswords puzzle answers 25/12/2016

___ Hawkins dance
Wreck, informally
Worm or fly
What spirits can do
What a lead runner sets
Website with a Watch list
Way up a bunny slope
Vigorously debate (with)
Very loud
Under the weather
Ultimately succeed
Two turtledoves, e.g
Triangular road sign
Toward the back
Toward the back
Took first
Thérèse, e.g.: Abbr
Swedish lake that's the largest in the European Union
Support, as a foundation
Suffix with beta or cyclo-
Subject to a recall, maybe
Stuck-up sort
Stows, as a banner
Stay ahead of the curve?
Spot for brooding
Sports team tally: Abbr
Soy-based frozen dessert brand
Some Bavarian brews
Setting for some aerial maneuvers
Setting for much of 'Lord Jim'
San ___ Obispo, Calif
Salty or spicy
Russian moolah
Romance writer Roberts
Roman emblem of power adopted by Mussolini
River more than 2,700 miles long that crosses the Equator twice
Rio greeting
Release from shackles
Relay segment
Red-haired biblical twin
Quaint cry of disapproval
Provider of the fizz in a gin fizz
Provider of limited coverage?
Play by heart?
Personal problems
Part of a film studio tour
Padlock's place
Onetime alternative to Facebook Messenger
One of nine for Tina Fey
Night at the museo?
Name whose Italian equivalent is Giovanni
Monastery title
Milne young 'un
Middle X or O
Metaphor for punishment
Means of death for Judas Iscariot
Mark with spots
Marco Polo crossed it
Man cave, maybe
Makes minor observations?
Maker of the fragrance Sauvage
Make available
Luau locale
Like some uncertain dates
Like a machine that prints, scans and faxes
Life force in Eastern medicine
Leave a permanent mark on
Land bordering Nepal
Kept for later
It's a 'gift'
Isn't over yet
Interest piquer
Ice carving?
Hawks' hangouts
Handle with care?
Gymnastics event
Gum that comes in Fire and Ice varieties
Grab and go?
Go (for)
Glossy fabric
Ginger ___
Get a groove on?
Former Saudi king
Flight attendant's offering
Fisher of fashion
Find common ground
Event with steeply discounted prices
Errands, e.g
Employee badges, e.g
Drive mad
Drink Gatorade after a workout, say
Dollar, in slang
Disney Channel's '___ and Maddie'
Design feature
December 31, e.g
Dara who swam at five Olympics
Cupronickel, e.g
Cry at a surprise party just before the honoree arrives
Coral bleaching locale
Common Christmas entree
Coin portraying Queen Victoria, once
Chart of the heavens
Canoe builder's bark source
Calm before the storm?
Boeing competitor
Blow it
Big purveyor of sports talk
Big name in grills
Bars for swingers?
Baja's opposite
Astrophysicist Neil deGrasse ___
A.T.M. expense
A plus average?
2007 Peace Prize recipient
1998 N.L. M.V.P
'You betcha!'
'Well, Did You ___?' (Cole Porter tune)
'Star Trek: T.N.G.' counselor
'Quite true'
'John Wick' star
'A Visit From St. Nicholas' writer – See more at: http://crosswordpuzzleanswers.net/clue/New-York-Times-Crossword-Answers—Dec-25-2016#sthash.QnS6zlZp.dpuf

What a mobile phone eliminates
Villainous expression
Venue for big-time wrestling
Type of bran
Toughen, as glass or steel
Tool for catching a calf
Texas city on the Rio Grande
Test relatives
Terrible problems, as of society
Sudden jarring movement
Stuff picked out in mines
Strong coffee drink
Spicy pepper
Snare in a web
Sharp mountain ridge
Serious about
Save from harm
Rushes to, as a celebrity
Reveal verbally
Relaxing places for the pampered
Recite a mantra
Pull up the rear
Popcorn go-with
Not yet cooked
Not rural
Mrs. Peel of 'The Avengers'
More desperately dry, as land
Military hitches
Meter relative
Mentally stable
Marine mollusk
Line to motivate Tom Hanks
Line introducing a spy
Line from a remorseful Tom Cruise
Like an angle greater than 90 degrees
Joke around
It supports your cooking endeavors
Is a shoplifter
Inserts for mortises
Hurt by a bee
Humpback hordes
Hobby shop offering
Gulf off the coast of Yemen
Forklifted platform
Express praise for
Experiment with a new room design
Expensive hotel accommodation
Elaborate prank
Despite, in old poems
Country mothers
Continue, as a subscription
City of Siberia
City in West Texas
Chocolate substitute
Change direction abruptly
Broken and then some
Breakfast staple
Black ___ (20-Across activity)
Birth veil
Bingo relative
Between 1 and 3, on a clock
Beer variety
Ban, as an attorney
Awkward goofball
Automaton, in sci-fi slang
Any LP
Address to bookmark
Abbr. for the day's two dozen
'___ we all?'
'The Pit and the ___'
'Bill & ___ Excellent Adventure' (1989 film)
'B.C.' insect – See more at: http://crosswordpuzzleanswers.net/clue/Universal-Crossword-Answers—Dec-25-2016#sthash.DxeCXFzg.dpuf

___ guy (dependable sort)
Without a partner
With 54-Across, Ore-Ida morsel
Verne submariner
Up to no good
Tilt-A-Whirl, e.g
Tabloid twosome
Stuyvesant or Minuit
Student at the Citadel
Stravinsky of music
Strauss of denim
Start of many limericks
Standing tall
Speck in the sea
See 43-Across
Seasonal employee
Rowan, to Martin
Rink leap
Right to tee off first
Reply to 'Are you hurt?'
Radiate, as charm
Prima donnas' problems
Pre-coll. exams
Pickled peppers measure
Pickle choice
Parade vehicle
Oxy 10 target
Oblong tomato variety
Norsk Folkemuseum city
Mosque official
Modify, as a bill
Model builder's need
Make even tighter, say
Make a cardigan, say
Lillian of the silents
Lena of 'Havana'
Lake source of the Mississippi
Kidvid explorer
Keep watch over
Just picked
In days of old
Importer's expense
Greyhound stop
Gooey campfire treat
Go-getter's personality
Giggling sound
Genealogist's diagram
Formal decree
Feeds, as hogs
Eye wolfishly
EOS camera maker
Engulfed by
Do cutting-room work
Did laps
Crude cartel
Court plea, for short
Corner-square piece
Cookie in some cheesecake crusts
Cleopatra biter
Caterer's fuel
Cafeteria worker's hairnet
Brings in
Bourbon Street city, informally
Bennett of 'What's My Line?'
Bakery freebie
Bake-Off contest entry, perhaps
Anemia sufferer's deficiency
Absorb, as a loss
'The Harp' constellation
'Seinfeld' goofball
'Ghostbusters' goo
'Be silent,' on a score – See more at: http://crosswordpuzzleanswers.net/clue/USA-Today-Crossword-Answers—Dec-25-2016#sthash.kHGkLZ44.dpuf

__ citato (footnote phrase)
__ "en scène" (stage setting)
Yale student
World Cup cheer
Where the Caroline Islands are
Where Caroll Spinney has been a Bird and a Grouch
Where Biden was senator
What the Carolina Hurricanes won in 2006
Web page ID
Weaver in rattan
Vessel to sail on or drink from
Very cold
Uses scissors
User-friendly feature
Use scissors
Up to now
UK defence arm
Two-time honor for Joyce Carol Oates
Transitional period
Tom Hanks, in "Sully"
Tampa Bay baseballers
Stoops suddenly
Steps off
Statistical collection
St. since 1863
Spiral-horned antelope
Spellbinding speaker
Speak unclearly
Something in the way
Some balloon animals
Social outing
Slices of a century
Sitcom where Carroll O'Connor was Helen Hunt's dad
Singer of Carole King's "You've Got a Friend"
Signal via beeper
Sigma follower
Shed tears
Shape of a rainbow
Seven-Emmy actor
Senior member
Second word of "Gone With the Wind"
Second attempts
SeaWorld orca
Roddenberry, re "Star Trek"
Robin Hood beverage
Rich soil
Religious doctrine
Range of Russia
Raise the price of, at auction
Purchase authorization
Pompeo of "Grey's Anatomy"
Performs hip-hop
Pal of Frodo
Ones in a hurry
One of Canada's First Nations
One of a carol's 11
Old-school cheer
Not as prevalent
Not as fresh
No longer squeaking
No longer happening
Mrs. Smith's rival
Move higher
Minor falling-out
Mideast airline
Lasting mark
Lasso loop
Kilo- times 1,000
Keg contents
Keel over
Karol Wojtyla's better-known name
Job bonuses
Ishmael's captain
Is downcast
In unison
In the course of
Historical French region
Have good intentions
Half of a Lewis Carroll twosome
Greenhouse pest
Greek column type
Golf course teachers
Gave seconds to
Flute, for instance
Finger pointers
Felipe VI, to his subjects
Fast punch
False show
Ex-president who swore in Hoover
Ethereal instruments
Educator Montessori
Dress carefully
Distinctive period
Direction opposite "norte"
Didn't mind donating
Desert plant
Debussy piece
Cultivating tool
Cozy retreats
Cozy retreat
Conforms (with)
Command to a canine
Classic Christmas gifts for kids
Christmas VIP
Chin adornment
Chalet spot
Carole who cowrote "Nobody Does It Better"
Cantina order
Can't do without
Burrito alternative
Bit of hearsay
Bird on the back of a buck
Believe in
Become less intense
Bass-baritone Simon
Barbecue spot
Bakers' implements
At leisure
As compared to
Aleppo's land
Act of twisting
A bit
"The Very Hungry Caterpillar" author
"Sunset Boulevard" star
"Knight of the road"
"Jurassic World" menaces
"Julius Caesar" conspirator
"I approve!"
"Coming __ going out?"
"A Christmas Carol" clerk – See more at: http://crosswordpuzzleanswers.net/clue/Newsday.com-Crossword-Answers—Dec-25-2016#sthash.JU2AXQc0.dpuf

Woody Allen film featuring cryopreservation
Trauma sufferer's goal
They represent the hunters in 'Peter and the Wolf'
That, in Tijuana
Streak on a cheek
Spinners on hi-fis
Soul food meat
Smudge heavily
Slush Puppie maker
Sign at a B'way sellout
Shakespearean fairy king
Shaken up
Seed-bearing plant organ
River through Grenoble
Reined in
Possible side effect of steroid use
Pitching staff leaders
Performed the duties of
Parting words overseas
Part of an office sched
Org. that endorsed Obamacare
Orange-and-white rentals
On the hook, legally
Obsolete PC monitor type
No greater than
Moon shot stages
Like lots of telephone operator impersonations
José Canseco or Gloria Estefan, by birth
In a funk
Hot water dispenser
Greek played by Anthony Quinn
Gloater's exclamation
Glassware flaw
German GM subsidiary
Fried snack at kosher delis
Fix, as a caned seat
First of the 'Seven Sisters' magazines to fold
Fictional writer of billets-doux to Roxane
Fawcett costar in an old Noxzema ad
Far from hip
Expose to public ridicule
Electee with a six-yr. term
Easily pranked teacher, perhaps
Dudley Do-Right's beloved
Doesn't bother with cue cards, say
Distinctive theories
Disconnected musical notes
Dessert layering fruit and cream between crunchy meringue rings
Connect Four game pieces, e.g
City on Kentucky's northeastern border
Character on HBO's 'Boardwalk Empire'
Chapter in history
Cell dweller
Cast members' initial run-through, often
California county in which Berkeley is located
Body of written work
Be relevant (to)
Anise-flavored liqueur
'You've got to be kidding me!'
'You'll ___ argument from me!'
'Soft 'n Juicy' candy aisle debut of 1975
'Jurassic Park' giants, colloquially
'Down goes Frazier!' sportscaster
'Curiously strong' mints – See more at: http://crosswordpuzzleanswers.net/clue/The-Washington-Post-Crossword-Answers—Dec-25-2016#sthash.LH8YiVt2.dpuf

__ vincit amor
__ out a living
__ bonding
WWII investment
Word before and after 'is'
With 71-Across, holiday classic
Winter pastime gear
Wide-eyed look
Where no one can sit in front of you
What you once were?
UV index monitor
UPS carton phrase
U.S. Army medal
Type of garden
TV monitor
Toledo thing
To this time
Title annual holiday character since 1965
Tiny bit
Things to open
They often include ages
Team for 24-Across
Tan relative
Syrian leader
Sweet-scented flower
Suisse peaks
Sudden move
Star Wars initials
Sri Lankan language
Spacewalks, briefly
Song from Carmen
Some Wall St. traders
Small construction piece
Slowly emerge from sleep
Sleek, in car talk
Slanted page?
Single animal-shaped candy?
Sierra Nevada vacation mecca
Shine, in ads
Sharable PC file
Sets on tracks
See 26-Across
Seasonal hangings
Salinger title choir singer
Rev (up)
Resonant barbershop sound
Really comes down
Prettify with paper
Prepared with mixed vegetables, in Chinese cooking
Popular virus remedy
Poet Levertov
Picnic drinks
PC backup key
Parish leader
Outdoor event contingency
One may end in 'ese'
Old map abbr
NFL coach Rex
Narc's employer
Narc's assignment
Monthly payment that's often more than the prin
Meat department buy
Mac OS part: Abbr
Lugosi and Karolyi
Longtime rival of Tiger
Longhorn rivals
Likely to loaf
Last ones to deal with
L.A.'s __ Center
Kiss and caress, in Kent
Julia's 'Ocean's Twelve' role
Jam on the road
Ivy support
It's bonded in bales
It might accompany a 'meh'
It may be seen to the left of venous
Indiana county or its seat
Impact sound
Hot-and-cold fits
Holiday mailing
His personal Canadian postal code is H0 H0 H0
Got together
Gets mixed up in
German university city
From that time
Found a new table for
Fort near Fayetteville
Etta of old comics
English singer Halliwell
E.T. from Melmac
Drop in the stadium
Draft category
Do-it-yourself mover
Descriptively named support
Dance and drama
Cry of revelation
Cousin of the Vulcan mind meld
Concert shirt
Composer __ Carlo Menotti
Columnist Hentoff
Climber's target
Classroom exchanges
Classic 71-Across
City on the Loire
Caterer's vessel
Cartoon shopkeeper
Carry on
Capitol feature
Barbershop sound
Bank deposit
Bagfuls for 24-Across
Author Yutang
Attend to a holiday symbol
Art expert's discovery
Allowed to ripen, as cheddar
A.L. West team, familiarly
'Right now!'
'Elements of Algebra' author
'Bearing gifts, we traverse __'

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