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crosswords puzzle answers 25/05/2017

crosswords puzzle answers 25/05/2017

___ Nashville (major country label)
Year that Michelangelo started 'David'
Word between 'facts' and 'facts'
Wood that doesn't burn easily
Way through une ville
Wait in a strategic location, in video game lingo
Trailblazer's declaration … or a hint to 17-, 19-, 34- and 51-Across
Toast option
Tips, e.g
Thespian's quest
That is to say
Symbol gotten by typing Ctrl+Alt+E, in Microsoft Word
Start of many a chain email
Sporting chant
Space science, for short
Some derivative drawings
Shakespeare title word
Service symbolized by a dot and three curved lines
Renowned Harlem venue
Record label for Usher, Pitbull and Pink
Public relations pivot
Promote shamelessly
Prefix meaning 'internal'
Possible result of spilling grape juice on a map of the Middle East?
Pet with a dewlap and a beret?
Pantheon list?
Org. with Card games
One who might get down to Alabama?
Mexican shawl
Many a Trump property
Maker of Almay cosmetics
Letters on a bottle at the beach
Less welcoming
Just in case
In haste
Heavily engaged (in)
Guard the 2001 N.B.A. M.V.P.?
Goes high
Go on a little too long
Faux ___
Emmy-nominated Lucy
Drug cop
Dogie, e.g
Direction to which a pointer may point
Cool Ranch chip
Consumer advocate Brockovich
Cobb salad ingredient
Challenges for movers
Central Italian river
Cameo role at the end of 'Rogue One: A Star Wars Story'
Blue Angels performances
Barbecue dish
Back to?
Anti-bullying ad, e.g., for short
Another go
2010 title role for Denzel Washington
'___ Sings Gershwin' (1950 jazz album)
'___ favor'
'___ Comedy Jam'
'Moonlight' star Mahershala
'Love & Basketball' co-star, 2000
'Jeopardy!' boardful
'How do you ___?'
'Hamilton' duelist – See more at: http://crosswordpuzzleanswers.net/clue/New-York-Times-Crossword-Answers—May-25-2017#sthash.GSYMFlm4.dpuf

Wyatt Earp's portrayer in 'My Darling Clementine'
Up to, informally
Trillion: Prefix
Trendy boot brand
Tree-lined walkway
Texter's 'It seems to me…'
Suitable standard?
Snake dance participant
Slip setting
Shop alternative
Set, as a price
Seed benefit
Second, say
Romeo said the lark was its herald
Retro copier
Requires much from
Ransom from Ohio
Queens' domains
Prez before Jack
Playoff games
Person who works with figures
November symbol
Not excluded from
Montreal Expos' first star player
Mathematician Turing
Market indicator
Maker of many bar code scanners
Lucy and Ricky's landlord
Like the blood in the pulmonary veins
Like pastrami
Jovovich of 'The Fifth Element'
Joined a stock exchange?
It's formed by a glacier
It requires taking turns
It may be smoldering
Hybrid vehicle for use on the water?
Hybrid vehicle for use on streets and lakes?
Hybrid vehicle for use on city rails?
Hybrid vehicle for use by Venetian carabinieri?
Human or ostrich, e.g
Helvetica look-alike
Go after
Glacier Bay National Park location
Give an honorable mention
Garden center buy
GameCube successor
Fountain drinks
Floor plan extra
Fine print
FDR based it on Britain's MI6
Extraction target
Even one
Enjoy a run, say
Domestic dust-up
Dog disease
Cross the stream, perhaps
Court figure
Chuck of 'Meet the Press'
Chihuahua chum
Carry on
California's Van ___
Broad player
Britt Reid's valet
Bouquet source
BLT side
Area of common interest
Adult naiad
'The Ponder Heart' author
'That makes sense now'
'Gypsy' composer Styne – See more at: http://crosswordpuzzleanswers.net/clue/Wall-Street-Journal-Crossword-Answers—May-25-2017—Hybrids#sthash.MsblfQPR.dpuf

Words repeated in 'Turn! Turn! Turn!'
What buffalo do, in song
Utter nonsense
Use a Kindle, say
Unwanted engine sound
Unfit for farming
TV's 'Science Guy'
TV spot creators
TV chef who says 'Bam!'
TurboTax option
Tuition check recipient
Tom Joad, notably
Third-and-long play, usually
Stud spot
Strauss of denim
Start a pot
Star's intermediary
Speed trap device
Snuffy Smith or Li'l Abner
Silent-screen siren
Seasonal ditty
Resort isle off the Spanish coast
Questionnaire datum
Printer's copy, briefly
Presidential oath of office time
Prefix with con
Potions professor at Hogwarts
Philip who wrote 'American Pastoral'
Part of a Lionel set
Oxeye ___
One of TV's Crane brothers
Official OK
Newsboy's cry of yore
Music royalties org
Much of Elton John's music
Monaco casino locale
Mimicking sort
Marked, as a jar
Many a JV player
Manxmen, e.g
Lantern-jawed former TV host
King's address
It may be tidy or paltry
Irrational fear
Invite for coffee, say
Inedible orange
God's gift to Abraham
French newspaper since 1944
Flight component
FBI investigation, e.g
Family reunion attendees
Expert, and what's in motion in 1-, 20-, 40-, 57- and 71-Across
Excellent, in passe slang
Envelope fastener
Director Kurosawa
Difficult-to-please songstress
Derisive chuckle
Crystal-lined stone
Competed like Usain Bolt
Command to Fido
Chromite, to chromium
Chicago mayor Emanuel
Cause of a slip, in slapstick
Carry-on item
Brownish-green eye color
Bridge bid, briefly
Big-picture format
Be under the weather
Any of three O.K. Corral figures
All-night bash
A 13-Down may form in this
'The Apostle' author Sholem
'That's my cue!'
'Saved' score in golf
'Meet John Doe' director Frank
'It's a deal!'
'Good as gold' et al – See more at: http://crosswordpuzzleanswers.net/clue/USA-Today-Crossword-Answers—May-25-2017#sthash.w5riUXz0.dpuf

___ wait (prepare to ambush)
___ out (distribute)
Words before 'precedent' or 'record'
Without the 'P,' the place you get your meds ..
Without the 'P,' radio hosts would have to ..
Without the 'P,' a catfishing web locale would be a … (var.)
White, cold coat
Wayne of Westerns
Turner and Knight
Throws in
Three, in directions
Thing to do at a red light
Tests one's metal?
Teatime biscuit
Subway gate
Stage dressing
Small amount of liquid
Shuttle org
Rhyming, fashionable London area
Poetic form
Poe's bird
Plastic ___ Band
Perfume's feature
Parker of 'Superman Returns'
Paged, old-style
Night's counterpart
Ms. Krabappel on 'The Simpsons'
Maternally related
Make coffee or beer
Look for
Little quick touches, as of paint
Like some exams
Leered at
Large wine holder
Lab bottle
Kill, as a dragon
Jupiter's alias
Jewish leaders
It's the limit
Instructions part
Hotel employees
Hearty soup
Have no reason to argue
Half a ballroom dance
Hairy Biblical twin
Gun aimed at speeders
Guinness or Baldwin
Frozen surface
Fortune-teller's food root?
Former Russian ruler
Fit well together
Feeds hogs
Farmer's locale, in song
Early arrival in the maternity ward (var.)
Divinely favored (var.)
Delta 88 maker, briefly
Creature from outer space
Cheshire Cat, famously
Car ad stat
Buenos ___
Brother of Fidel
Broadway offerings
Brilliant, creative thought
Bird's habitat
Be in contradiction with
Atlantic or Pacific
Actress Heche
'Rush!' on an order
'One-___ Jacks' (1961 film)
'Give that ___ cigar!'
'Fool me once, ___ …' – See more at: http://crosswordpuzzleanswers.net/clue/Universal-Crossword-Answers—May-25-2017#sthash.dOmxRAP7.dpuf

__-3 fatty acids
__ Romeo
Would-be thieves
Work force
Winter bug
Wee amount
Wee amount
Twiddling one's thumbs
Toothpaste tube letters
Thick rug
The Cowboys, on scoreboards
Tennis accessories
Tedious task
Strong criticisms
Stone of "La La Land"
Spring singer
Spring shapes
Something served with scones
Smart outfit
Settle by mail
Rosa Parks' birthplace
Ref's call
Real long time
Raking it in
Prophetic sign
Penal code verb
Peak near Palermo
Patriotic symbol
Part of AD
Out of whack
Novelist Louis L'__
Not as intensely
No change at retail
Much enjoyed
Merchandiser's mecca
Men's bash
Melodrama mainstay
Marquee name
Lure into lawbreaking
Low number
Lizardlike creature
Largest US union
Jeweler's inventory
Homeland Security agcy
Heel style
Handed-down tales
Golf course equipment
Full of vigor
Friend in the 'hood
Farm female
Fail to be
Express relief
Elemental form
Club collection
Clever scoundrel
Canine covering
Call off
Bracket shapes
Awning's offering
Auto document
Asian cuisine
Affectedly highbrow
Acting like
25 Across-for-25 Across deal
"__ be my pleasure"
"Reliable Sources" airer
"Field of Dreams" setting
"Downton Abbey" designation
"Cool" amount
"101 Dalmatians" dog – See more at: http://crosswordpuzzleanswers.net/clue/Newsday.com-Crossword-Answers—May-25-2017#sthash.CK2JRiL1.dpuf

__ Testamento
__ order
__ Lingus
Where 'Ratatouille' was cooked up
Weightlifter's unit
Walk through puddles
Vital supply line
Virginia politician for whom a university is named
Uphill climb
Throat dangler
Sushi topper
Structural support
Sought answers
Set up for a drive
Seaweed product
Ride on runners
Reggae relative
Prince Valiant's son
Pres. title
Polynesian intoxicant
Pet peeve?
Parish house
Pal around (with)
Oscar-nominated director DuVernay
One in an airport line
Old World Style sauce
Not at all trustworthy
Nile hazards
Mrs., in Madrid
Micronesian republic
Meeting vote
Make different
Magical literary orphan
Lute kin
Like the name 'Will,' for an estate lawyer
Letters between names
Knight who co-founded Nike
It isn't really a bear
It is really a bear
If-then-__: programmer's flow
Hwy., e.g
Home of Stephen King's alma mater
Günther's gripe
Glacial ridge
Get behind
Formal orders
Falls phenomena
Effective, as a rule
Dress rehearsals
Director Anderson
D-Day city
Custard base
Chemical suffix
Camel relative
Came together
Bran source
Big night
Beyoncé's 'I Am… __ Fierce'
Analyze, in a way
Amount before deductions
Amount after deductions
Agency creations
1960 Olympic boxing gold medalist (who complements 24-Across?)
'Westworld' actress (who complements 33-Across?)
'U R funny!'
'Think of it as an indulgence'
'I Am of Ireland' poet
'How do __ thee?'
'Full House' star Bob
'Close to You' singer
'Basic Instinct' star (who complements 18-Across?)

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